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  1. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris announced.
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  4. What about making low-poly Laras costumes this time ?
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  6. Lara Croft and Temple of Osiris announced - 4 player coop #1
  7. Question/request for the Temple of Osiris team...
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  9. Why is not gold edition on xbox one ?
  10. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Gold Edition info
  11. Composers Wilbert Roget, II & Paul Houseman for Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
  12. Whats in the PC Season Pass?
  13. Temple of Osiris will have equipable LOOT
  14. Any PS4/PC fans willing to do me a favour?
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  18. Scot Amos and Brenoch Adams on designing Lara for LCTOO
  19. A word from Character Artist Kam Yu
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  22. Not available in my region (Steam)
  23. Official forums exclusive dev Q&A session #19
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  25. Gold Edition pre-orders NA?
  26. TOMB RAIDERS (unreleased)
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  29. Adventures of Lara Croft: Early Guardian of Light Explorations
  30. TF2-Tomb Raider contest, need your advice
  31. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Has Gone Gold
  32. Live Q&A session with Scot Amos about LCTOO
  33. The Co-Op Buddies List
  34. Unboxing: Temple of Osiris Gold Edition
  35. First impressions - spoilertags applied
  36. What does "Treasure Hunter" & "Supply Hunter" do?
  37. Edition for xbox 360
  38. Post technical issues in the Technical forum
  39. Temple of Osiris Official Soundtrack *FREE*
  40. Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris - ALL CUTSCENES
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  42. Too much information on screen
  43. Temple of Osiris Review by Blacktron
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  45. Let's Co-OP! (PC/Steam)
  46. Tomb of the ferryman
  47. Lara's Outfits (and her companions) - screenshots and discussion
  48. Every Cutscenes + Ending (Spoilers)
  49. Minor issues with ToO, hoping for a patch
  50. Getting uncommon items from 1000 gem chests.
  51. Question regarding open world challenges
  52. Farming Gems; How do you do it?
  53. Every Legendary Item (Minor spoilers)
  54. LC:ToO General Discussion Thread (Opinions, questions, feedback, etc)
  55. Want a free LCTOO full game download code for Steam?
  56. HELP Outfits what I have to activate them?
  57. Community Challenge #2 Farm Spot (Also a nice spot for gems)
  58. Local 2 players requires psn plus?
  59. Do enhancements from rings and amulets...
  60. Unable to trigger the Final Boss in Set's Tomb
  61. Latest patch..
  62. Let's Play by Xtreme Rage
  63. Time-based leaderboards?
  64. Something that would be really helpful...
  65. Need to save 3 seconds in defeating Sobek
  66. Help! Tomb of The Torturer
  67. Need help setting up a 4-player match on PC
  68. Is Local & Internet Coop Simultaneously Possible?
  69. Complete lists of Temple of Osiris gear now available
  70. Lightning-based weapons?
  71. LCTOO - Lara's new face - Tips
  72. This game was real fun!
  73. How to use Season Pass !
  74. Icy Death DLC and pre-order incentive packs now available
  75. Icy Death Pack DLC
  76. Facebook Community Response to LCTOO
  77. Ice Aura? Ice Armor?
  78. Season pass
  79. Best way to provide feedback about the game?
  80. Since when is PlaystationPlus mandatory for local buddy?
  81. Scorpions?
  82. Co-op anyone?
  83. Tomb Of The Embalmer DLC Red Skulls missing 1 HELP!!!!
  84. Gear Pakc DLC **spoilers** to ask if something is a BUG
  85. Reactive Armor?
  86. Dumb question?
  87. Icy Death / Tomb of Hoarfrost challenge issue (braziers)
  88. Help please with Gold Trophy on PS4
  89. Collecting all items efficiently...
  90. Any chance we could get a Wave 2 of DLC?
  91. Single player?
  92. Maximising points
  93. Add me to play coop on PS4! PSN ID: HRB-LetsPlay
  94. Temple of Osiris free for PlayStation Plus users this August
  95. Did you wait until 'T.O.O' was on PS+ before playing it?
  96. LCTOO 67% discount this week on Xbox
  97. First Level: Time Challenge 6:00 (PS4)
  98. This game is so underrated