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  1. Hitman HDR support
  2. DX12 performance became worse
  3. Latest patch ruined this game for me
  4. How to reset mouse sensitivity to default 0.75
  5. Hitman: All live content no sound in game
  6. What ports do I need to forward?
  7. Is there an end to Elusive Target releases?
  8. MINI NINJAS Easter Egg
  9. HITMAN Companion
  10. Elusive Target# 15 - POT YOUR RUNS!
  11. Holy S*!t. Nowhere can I find an explanation/ instructions on melee combat
  12. Annoying sound on kill - recent addition or bug?
  13. WHERE has everything gone? PS4 version is missing things we had before last update.
  14. One Question what "The Complete First Season Owners" means
  15. A Letter From 47...
  16. "City of Light" Paris Mastery Level 20 Achievement Not Unlocking (Xbox One)
  17. New bullet proof glass?
  18. Agent 47's wrist watch...
  19. Hitman Companion App Enhancement Ideas
  20. Is this a bug?
  21. Elusive Target Reward Concepts
  22. Please add "Complications" from Escelations to Contracts Mode
  23. Elusive Target 16 - POST YOUR RUNS!
  24. Patch made game unplayable
  25. Please make the game prefer the "legal" option when opening locked doors.
  26. Santa 47 has no arms.
  27. Should shooting Propane Canisters really count as accident kills?
  28. Stuck in Colorado Tornado Shelter
  29. Steam overlay doesn't work
  30. Completed Master Vampire Challenge but there is no costume
  31. Add Civilian Ability to pick up a Weapon
  32. Marrakesh - 'Drama Queen' Illegal Items Problem
  33. Challenges/objectives not registering, occasional infinite load, empty rating screen.
  34. My Playthrough of Episode 6 - Hokkaido PS4 PRO
  35. Missing key features from Alpha of the game.
  36. New missions,.
  37. Elusive Target #18 - POST YOUR RUNS!
  38. HITMAN
  39. ETA for HDR on Xbox
  40. Why a new mask on Ezra Berg?
  41. Connection Failed
  42. Blew up myself with Breaching Charge and Failed ET #18! WTF?
  43. Small Request for a Sound Fix/Change
  44. More vibration instances for controller welcome (and other minor feedback)
  45. Elusive Target 18
  46. Custom Challenge "Kill Everyone AT ONCE"
  47. Hit Orders You Would Like 2 See in the Game
  48. Problem with Hitman challenges
  49. "One Night In Bangkok" achievement not unlocking
  50. A mission in a prison would be great
  51. 47 vs The Clones (all unique NPCs)
  52. Blood Patch or Mod
  53. Intro Pack with no Paris
  54. Multi Player potential
  55. Square-Enix have stolen my Love this Game...
  56. Weapon Suggestions for Season 2
  57. Funniest glitch ever?
  58. Voices
  59. Square enix support, please help! No response from ticket
  60. Xbox One Issue, after the January Update (Updated: Fixed)
  61. How to buy bonus episodes?
  62. Where can I find official game soundtrack and documentary?
  63. LEGIT QUESTION dont delete.
  64. Disgusted
  66. PRO difficulty / Jan. update - good and bad
  67. Platinum trophy
  69. Why did legshots get removed? Here's why.
  70. [XBOX ONE] Hitman keeps crashing after trying to connect to the servers.
  71. Escalation Submissions ?
  72. PC Dualshock4 messed up now
  73. Question for Hitman oweners! let me decide.
  74. (PC) My game is crashing when trying to connect to the servers
  75. Colorado EXPLODE em all
  76. [XBox One] "Fast Target" and "Auto Aim" do not work
  77. False patch notes !
  78. Hitman Ranking Bug
  79. Shooting without shoulder aim...
  80. Unlock please PRO difficulty
  81. I wanted to thank you for the Steelbox BluRay (plus creepy inspiration for Season 2)
  82. Pay full price get the full game (elusive targets)
  83. [Xbox One] Reinstalled Intro Pack Doesnt Have Paris
  84. IOI, an added idea for pro mode
  85. Guard weapon box error/problem
  86. WTF i can not login into HITMAN
  87. To devs (idea and request)
  88. The videocard is not fully loaded
  89. PC - unable to connect to hitman service. Failed to authorize your account
  90. Ragdoll physics while dragging is very choppy, shooting feels weak and cheap
  91. Illusive target - usb key fall off under the bookcase
  92. Landslide has Sadative Syringe. Why can't we get this unlockable? (Video inside)
  93. Question about the Complete First Season game
  94. IO-I, the fiber wire should be 100% silent. (Videos)
  95. Breaching charge is just a "little" too strong, don't you think? (Video)
  96. How to get episode 5 and bonus missions?
  97. I am really enjoying HITMAN...now that I know how to play it ("Opportunities")
  98. How to install Hitman complete first season from the disc ?
  99. Hitman X-Axis inversion
  100. Installation Summer Bonue Episode PS4
  101. IO-I Please Fix the Body Dragging Animation/Physics Hitchinga & Choppyness
  102. New Game Idea
  103. Issue with guards suddenly attacking 47
  104. Can you PLEASE remove the auto-pausing of the game when the steam overlay is up?
  105. Ane ETA on Seasson 2?
  106. Ideas for next suits? :)
  107. Request: give us professional mode on landslide mission
  108. Necessary additions to proffesional \ normal mode
  109. Crash, Crash and crash again. Hitman unplayable on PS4
  110. Maps too big/Target walk cycles too long
  111. Is Hitman Season 1 a Success?
  112. Drop the Bass Achievement stuck at 66%
  113. Request: Elevators for in-game play
  114. Xbox one: colardo fix
  115. Will there be a beta for 2nd Season? This article makes me think otherwise
  116. Elusive Target #21: The Surgeons - BURN IN HELL SILENT ASSASSIN
  117. Hitman : The Complete First Saison on Gamamort
  118. "Guns Blazing" for +5000 Mastery Points
  119. Idea for mission
  120. Pre Order Content Requiem Pack Missing On Steam Account Help Needed
  121. Trading For honor (steam) for this game(steam)
  122. Request: editing and deleting contracts
  123. Hitman ps4 voucher print for wrong platform
  124. The Running Man is BACK!!!
  125. 中文版 Chinese Version
  126. File Size Concern - Question's for IOI and Travis
  127. Can't unlock bonus mission in PS4? how to trigger these missions
  128. Hitman season 2
  129. Request: Elevators for in-game play
  130. Elusive Target: The Bookkeeper | Silent Assassin/Suit Only/Accident
  131. No Steelbook Edition? (PC)
  132. Moderators of the discussion of the game in Steam.
  133. hitman steelbook edition can't be installed from physical disc (pc)
  134. hitman steelbook edition can't be installed from physical disc (pc)
  135. Hitman PC start new game
  136. Gait of Hitman
  137. HITMAN causing huge fps drops on lowest setting even with recommended specs
  138. "One Year of Hitman" on home page
  139. PS4 Achievement Bug???
  140. HITMAN vs Physics
  141. No online mode EVER :(
  142. PC installation
  143. Crash bug in Paris? Need confirmation.
  144. No online mode EVER :(
  145. Elusive Target 23: The Paparazzo - Silent Assassin/Suit Only/Accident
  146. Showstopper Complaint
  147. Hitman Complaint
  148. Global ranked #1 Hitman
  149. Hitman error on launch
  150. Problem with the game
  152. request for an overview of personal rankings for all missions and contracts
  153. Achievement perfecionist not unlocking - please HELP
  154. Achievement perfectionist unlocked
  155. Elusive Target: The Paparazzo playthrough
  156. Installed main game and first 4 missions But....
  157. I don't show up on my friends leaderboard but I can see him
  158. Where is the voice of characters?
  159. Elusive Target 24 fail due to disconnect
  160. Elusive Target #24: The Badboy - Silent Assassin/Suit Only/Fiber Wire/No KO
  161. Elusive Target 24 disconnect
  162. Anybody ever played this on professional difficulty mode?
  163. Winter Suit not unlocking
  164. Amalfi Pearl achievement wont unlock
  165. No season 2 or any other seasons?. Told you so
  166. Connection Failed
  167. 100% crash on Hokkaido/ PS4
  168. Hey
  169. Wrong DLC code in Hitman Steelbook PS4
  170. Try HITMAN for FREE
  171. I accidentally cancelled download for bonus episode that came via steelbook-help?(X1)
  172. Bought Season 1 but Episode 1 is missing
  173. IOI, why have you made 47 a tank....literally? (Video inside)
  174. I can not add the game.
  175. Neck Snap Sound And Ragdoll
  176. Neck Snap Sound And Ragdoll
  177. Elusive Target: The Fugitive (Vids inside)
  179. I was finally able to pick up this game and.. Elusive Targets are done?
  180. Some 21:9 wallpapers
  181. "We've fixed other minor issues across the board to keep the game in fantastic shape"
  182. Hitman first season episode 1 problem
  183. The entertainer Kill/PDF escape and objective glitch
  184. Glitches on Elusive Target number 26
  185. Question about season one elusive targets
  186. "unable to identify downloadble content" ET 26
  187. lost data
  188. stranger things
  190. End of Season - Idea for ETs
  191. Stupid fails
  192. My Hitman Complete Silent Assassin, Suit Only Professional Difficulty Walkthrough
  193. Didn't get the last suit
  195. HITMAN could be so better...
  196. Saving Problem
  198. FOV is too low, I'm seasick
  199. Hey Design Team, give us hitman with cheats NOW
  200. 98% Installed Help
  201. Sarajevo Six: 20 min SA/SO/Combat Knife Only Challenge
  202. Sarajevo Six: Veteran/SA/Stalker/Masamune & Extractor/SA/Prisoner/Masamune
  203. control setting gone nuts
  204. Hitman suddenly unplayable
  205. No levels
  206. I brought the Steelbook Edition for XBox One and its broken
  208. GOTY edition upgrade not working.
  209. Hitman GOTY edition upgrade not working.
  210. Security Bypass challenge - different layout makes it much harder!
  211. i can't get the game on steam
  212. Bug I'm experiencing
  213. Elusive Target Glitches
  214. Help! Accidentally spent money on requiem blood money pack when i had it. refund? PS4
  215. HitmanPro Launched Latest Version of Hitman Pro Antivirus HitmanPro 3.8.