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  1. Elusive Target Suit Suggestion
  2. [Personal Opinion] Reasons why HITMAN is the “best“ and “worst“ Hitman game yet
  3. Elusive Target Replay Suggestion (or content creator)
  4. Regarding the Steam forums
  5. Contract: any disguise, any weapon only?
  6. Dino bosco will still not move
  7. Questions concerning purchase
  8. Leaderboards for featured contracts reset?
  9. Elusive Target #7: Gary Busey (Mini-Movie Mode)
  10. HITMAN Fake Surveys?
  11. Elusive target time limits - Let me play when I want!
  12. Unable to connect since 2 weeks ago
  13. Please, do it awesome
  14. More custom standing animations please!
  15. Elusive Target #7-B: Gary Cole (The Ace of Spades)
  16. The Lupei Sensitivity
  17. Speedrun Thread
  18. Will Contracts mode ever be improved?
  19. Emetic Poison
  20. Hitman Experience the Elusive Game
  21. Will we ever get DUAL SILVERBALLERS?
  22. Lack of communication
  23. Some constructive criticism
  24. The Class -Are We Stars THAILAND trailer
  25. Problem with summer bonus
  26. Why do doors shut themselves? O.o
  27. Mines-escalation
  28. Progression System broken
  29. Finish button now working
  30. why the hell am i having "unable to connect hitman server" error for hours
  31. Please IOI, Add Walking toggle Key To The PC keyboard! (Adjustable Walking Speed)
  32. Elusive Contracts Buy Back In? Replay?
  33. Season 2 & 3 coming? :O
  34. You may NOT get your SUIT after 13 elusive target comes out
  35. HITMAN Season 1
  36. Anyone else unable to save custom contracts?
  37. FPS Issues (PC)
  38. Wildcard Uncompleted while completed
  39. Hitman (2016) really important things to add!
  40. Agent Smith ever returning?
  41. I Have A Concern With The Story, So Far
  42. Game crashes in the same spot all the time
  43. Why does it keep saying "there was an error while publishing your contract"?
  44. Something I'd Like To See In A Future Contract
  45. Thank You For The "Detailed Weapons View" upgrade.
  46. Native Accents
  47. Will We See A "Playground" level?
  48. Summer bonus
  49. Hitman Full Experience listed in steam - new
  50. Does this mean there will be no more LAG for the GTX 1070?
  51. Is it just me or......
  52. The Highmoore Family
  53. Silverballer Not The Default Pistol?
  54. Hitman en español, señores por favor.!!!
  55. Blood Decals Still Black- Screenshots inside
  56. Wtf IO
  57. Constant Crashing/Unplayable Now
  58. 47 playing drums...oh come on already!
  59. Q&A thread
  60. Lets make HITMAN better(constructive criticism)
  61. So somehow a microphone withdrawn in the 1960s was responsible for an electrocution
  62. Please fix Marrakesh school yard crash 17.08.16
  63. Challenge hints
  64. Ideas for new weapons and items, lets make IO see what we want
  65. USA location confirmed by Sarajevo Six's own John Stubbs
  66. Last up date messed my game up
  67. Hitman Sniper (android) tokens
  68. contracts mode
  69. Hitman Episode 4 - Bangkok Lucky 47 Can play drums! [Video]
  70. Tuppence a Wish challenge
  71. Bangkok feedback
  72. Question for PC owners
  73. Should this HITMAN be darker? so as the old days?
  74. Getting bonus episodes on XBOX?
  75. Differences in Hitman 2016 Sapienza From Youtube Videos
  76. A MrFreeze2244 Escalation Idea
  77. Some new ideas for small animations (adding more imersion to the 47 caracter).
  78. Will there be any other way to get the unlockable suits?
  79. Bugs bugs bugs
  80. Bring back Blood Money features...seriously please.
  81. To the sheeple on HMF
  82. Hitman Movie
  83. Most used / Least used unlocked weapons so far? Idea
  84. ~~Future Elusive Target Idea for IOI~~
  85. Can I Buy Episode 5 if i havnt purchased 2, 3 and 4???
  86. Hey jimbianco, your Elusive Target Challenge.
  87. Elusive Target #9: The Black Hat (Briefing Video)
  88. the cinematics only brief and tell victims story
  89. Why I killed 5 targets without unlocking the clothes Is it out of BUG
  90. Why I killed 5 ET targets without unlocking the clothes
  91. There are Three Kinds of Assassins in this World...
  92. Can't play: connects to server but menu doesn't load.
  94. Post your Bangkok Runs!
  95. Hitman S2 & 3 Target suggestions
  97. USA Release
  98. Will the briefcase happen? I doubt it.
  99. Where's the News?
  100. Hitman - Bangkok SA/SO 1:17 WORLD RECORD
  101. My 47 & Cinematic Episodes
  102. Hitman: Summer Bonus Episode - A House Built On Sand
  103. Will season 2 be any different?
  104. Here Are Some Free Suggestions!
  105. Everything wrong with HITMAN™ (subjective opinion)
  106. Complete 10 escalations challenge for TAC-SMG Covert didn't unlock
  107. Even more content for full exp owners
  108. Episode 5: Freedom Fighters Officially Announced
  109. What about Service for early adopters/supporters of Hitman ?
  110. Elusive Target 9 Black Hat completed but challenge didnt unlock
  111. What You're Doing Right: An Open Letter to Square Enix
  112. Rumours about Japan....
  113. Is 47 a Professional Hitman?
  114. Suits
  115. Community Created Contracts: let's challenge each other here.
  116. Contracts in Absoultion discontinued?
  117. Default Loadout preset
  118. Let's speculate about Episode 5 mastery unlocks
  119. Contracts creation- I just wasted an hour!
  120. asking for help on framerate issues, more ram will change anything?
  121. what WAS all those fashion models wearing anyway?
  122. 안전놀이터【UPS79ㆍC@M】CODE『SEXY』해외안전놀&#
  123. Still so many things wrong with this retarded game!!!!
  124. The Kotti Paradigm - great example of what contracts mode should be
  125. Hitman short film titled The Pharmacist
  126. Hitman won't won't go past launcher (pc)
  127. why i can't play contract mode on my mac
  128. Get some Voice Actors with accents !!!
  129. Easter Eggs
  130. The house of sand contract need help !!!
  131. Episode 5: COLORADO Teaser Trailer
  132. Master Fortune Teller Challenges Thread
  133. Permanent connection problem from yesterday
  134. Question about Purchase
  135. HITMAN at EGX (25+ new COLORADO screenshots vid inside)
  136. Came Back After Months of Not Playing... Can't Play
  138. Question about new locations?
  139. Colorado-episode download ask for 9,99 euros money, although I have already paid Upgr
  140. Episode 5: Colorado, USA - preview (briefing + gameplay)
  141. Hitman episode 5 colorado
  142. Has the black blood for bullet holes been fixed with the latest update?
  143. Blood Money Suit
  144. why is it asking me to pay for ep 5
  145. Colorado Cockneye?
  146. Still unable to access Episode 5 via Full Experience
  147. Your Thoughts On Episode 5 Colorado....
  148. Hitman Colorado: 2:28 Silent Assassin Speedrun With Commentary (PS4)
  149. No more updates?
  150. "Concealable Baton" held the wrong way?
  151. Level suggestion. Canada: Edmonton
  152. Colorodo Exit Point Help
  153. Episode 5 - Colorado Video
  154. Why am I paying extra for this game?
  155. Colorado Combo Challenge: Wicker Man / No Birds Here
  156. Getting closer to seasson 1 final episode
  157. when will the Marrakesh Summer Bonus mission be available to us??
  158. trophy mastery level 20 Colorado does not unlock
  159. Giddy Up Trophy
  160. 47 Gets his hands on REP TIRES
  161. Platinum Trophy?
  162. Jumbled letters
  163. Game wont launch
  164. I can't run hitman in 1080 because my monitor is 4K
  165. Episode 6: Hokkaido - First Details and Release Date!
  166. W2000 IS BACK!! season finale
  167. Constant crashes since Colorado release
  168. ELusive target #11 bittersweet
  169. Cannot connect to hitman servers
  170. IDEA: A powerful DevKit ?
  171. id love a Hotel expansion...
  172. good job with elusive target 11
  173. Discount on disc release
  174. Elusive Target# 12 - He stole Ric Flair's Identity!
  175. Connection Failed
  176. Elusive targets game changer
  177. Colorado and Bangkok escalations
  178. [Seached] What Location and Level of Mastery can the Silenced Sniper Rifle be?
  179. Bug Found: Colorado - Collision Primitives blocking paths
  180. Feature Request: Save Game Player Location as Starting Location
  181. Hitman Season 1 download
  182. There WILL be 2nd season of HITMAN
  183. Himmapan Horror Challenge Pack
  184. Elusive target # 13 in Hokkaido?
  185. PS4 Shareplay?
  186. Liked the suggestion of being able to save and load into player chosen location
  187. What time for japan download?
  189. HITMAN review(Episode 1: The Showstopper (Paris)
  190. Inversion axis X
  191. Unlock elusives target
  192. HITMAN review, Episode 2: World of Tomorrow (Sapienza)
  193. HITMAN review, Episode 3: A Gilded Cage (Marrakesh)
  194. Killing 13th ET did not unlocked new suit
  195. SLI performance is odd
  196. The cost of season two
  197. Will have the Platinum trophy?
  198. HITMAN review, Episode 4: Club 27 (Bangkok)
  199. BUG (Cannot Kill the male target in HOKKAIDO Mission)
  200. HITMAN review, Episode 5: Freedom Fighters (Colorado)
  201. HITMAN review, Episode 6: Situs Inversus (Hokkaido)
  202. Hokkaido Horror! (Episode 6 Easter Egg)
  203. HITMAN review (season1)
  204. COLORADO BUG - Can't "Investigate" in Tornado Shelter
  205. Episodic Buyer's Bonus Missions?
  206. Where is Escalations tab?
  207. More loadout slots
  208. we need chinese!
  209. The ICA Deathsquad takes down "The Class"!
  210. Hitman's AI Logic - Developers take a look please
  211. Connection Issues - Forced to play offline - PS4
  212. Jimbianco, FREEDOM of choice. (Video inside)
  213. Cant unlock the Colorado Mastery trophy anymore
  214. Hitman absolution countdown mission
  215. Steam launcher option to bypass logo movies?
  216. A Big Thank You to IO-Interactive For The PS4 Pro Update
  217. ICA Deathsquad: Vengeance!
  218. Starting A New Game? PS4
  219. Severe graphical issues in Sapienza
  221. Elusive Target #14 - POST YOUR RUNS!
  222. Main Menu very slow.
  223. Crash Startup
  224. HITMAN Missing Escalation Menu?
  225. Way to many "interaction" keys
  226. Silent Assassin on The Chef did not unlock Silent Assassin suit.
  227. Elusive target and suit questions.
  228. DX12/Multi GPU Flickering
  229. HITMAN wont start from launcher
  230. "Wrong platform" error (Steam)
  231. Who wnats Jesper Kyd back?
  232. Hitman in 4k - Playstation Pro
  233. Please fix the gamebreaking controller bug already.
  234. Question About - Bonus Episode
  235. Add a Photomode / Video Editor
  236. Paris Fashion Show end timing
  237. Problem With DLC content
  238. Hitman 2016 load save problem
  239. Elusive Targets
  240. Connection Failed!
  241. Episode Not Included with Full Game Purchase
  242. The 'November Update' arrives today (Monday 28th)
  243. Anyone is using reshade with the game??
  244. Autumn Bonus Episode Concept: Colorado: The Tornado
  245. Weapon Customization???
  246. HITMAN ps4 pro
  247. Hokkaido - no golden trophy unlocked (PS4)
  248. Where'd my performance go?
  249. Will Elusive Target suits that you've earned carry over to season 2 and season 3
  250. Paris mission - crash after November Update