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  1. Hitman Fail (Video)
  2. !Travis! Gunplay Issues: Game becomes unstable when shooting!
  3. Oh Hitman Oh Dear. Elusive
  4. PS4 - Please add a playable Remote Play control setup
  5. Thoughts and improvements to the game
  6. Trying to play stuck at main menu
  7. I know i shouldnt have done but..
  8. This Week in HITMAN
  9. More bad news:Hitman's monthly release's are "subject to change!"
  10. Hey IO...
  11. New Escalation Mission Not Working
  12. This game looks bad now, but it Will Shine in long terms
  13. Hitman is a failure and square enix should disband IO
  14. I'd like to see a return of the Pentagon Knife, anyone else?
  15. Is this done on purpose? (Video inside)
  16. Please could you help make this a challenge. Video included.
  17. "Master Assassin" Challenge/Feat Not Unlocking
  18. 210.000 still bugs
  19. Administrator. What happened with Hitman service and/or server?
  20. Bug with explosives
  21. Blood / Violence - Discussion (Pictures included)
  22. Question About Experience
  23. hitman freez
  24. Excalation contract: Deleting video evidence
  25. Mr. Norfolk kidnaps................Mr. Norfolk?? WTF?? LOL!!!
  26. Escalation: 5 Little Ducks
  27. Load Game Issues
  28. HELP - This game is a terrible mess -.-
  29. Hitman on Alienware 780M SLI
  30. To the people defending non-fatal headshots (Incl. Pictures)
  31. What's in a Level? - HITMAN's Revolutionary Tutorials
  32. If you are getting bored...
  34. Lost previously completed assasination challenges
  35. Rubber Ducky
  36. After PS4 update v3.50 hitman not work
  37. Featured Contracts Submission Thread
  38. The Perkins Disarray - Buged?
  39. Another week in HITMAN - Blog Post
  40. Guards can't lose weapons?
  41. No "REAL" story makes this game kinda bland....to me, at least.
  42. HITMAN and the obvious DOOOOM
  43. silent assassin (almost!) PARIS
  44. The Granville Curiosity Level 2 Escalation - Silent Assassin Run
  45. Master Assassin?
  46. Always crashes when loading
  47. Update on Load Game bug
  48. New survey sent out for next episode.
  49. Yacht, Base & Paris meet The running man.
  51. Another Look at Early Play
  52. Unable to connect to server for days
  53. Game breaking bug report for AMD r9 280
  54. Sapienza SPOILERS!
  55. Update enabled on 4/18? i didnt log in until today and it's stuck.
  56. If you're experiencing technical issues, go here!
  57. Question about Opportunities
  58. achievement and driver issue
  59. A few questions on Hitman as a newcomer to the series
  60. Sapienza Release Specifics
  61. 7th & Final Map Revealed? (Spoilers?)
  62. HITMAN. No connection.
  63. The Off Topic Thread
  64. What To Do When You Finish Paris
  65. Sapienza Launch Trailer and Release Notes
  66. Let's write our own Hitman movie.
  68. ISSUE: Accident Kills and bodies found
  69. Is there any way to undo todays patch?
  70. New patch is giving me problems with internet connection
  71. bug list thread (SPOILERS)
  72. so when will Sapienza be available for pre-load???
  73. Escalations completed....
  74. Bug: Error in planning phase
  75. KernelBase.dll Windows 10
  76. Please make the map available during planning
  77. Discovery "A Drink to Die For" not unlocking
  78. idea for new level
  79. What happens if I activate a full game over the intro pack?
  80. HITMAN - Photo Mode?????
  81. Where's the Elusive Target?
  82. Cant access Episode Two but paid 4 it
  83. Happy HITMAN
  84. Subdue Bug
  85. 2nd Paris Mission?
  86. Was Hitman: Absolution Really That Bad?
  87. "Hammer time" not unlocking ps4
  88. Music bug (PC)
  89. Cannot access Italy!?
  90. Master Vampire challenge still shows that it's not completed
  91. Crashes load game
  92. Hitman: The Fallen Sparrow
  93. TRAVIS!--HITMAN is unplayable after updating to 1.04 (PS4)
  94. What's up with the FPS boost?
  95. Not purchased
  96. [Connection lost] Impossible to play since Sapienza patch
  97. Double jointed
  98. cannot play world of tomorrow but buy full version already
  99. PS4 cannot buy Ep 2 only
  100. Where can I buy the 2nd episode?
  101. HItman Episode2 install problem
  102. HITMAN - unplayable after last update (PC)
  103. Escalation contracts don't unlock
  104. Lost connection
  105. The game is saying I need to buy episode #2. I own full game.
  106. No AA, vsync, background music upon latest patch
  107. Developers please add finally gloves to "Classic outfit 47". I can not already wait
  108. So What Do You Think About Sapienza???
  109. Sarajevo Six Sapienza Rock On Challenge Not Unlocking
  110. Sapienza very buggy!
  111. Stuttering Problem and Several Bug (PC - 1.1.0)
  112. Episode 2- ''An error occured attempting to load...'' upon mission completion HELP
  114. Ep2 Italy - Best Hitman level so far?
  115. Offline sucks, got no career credit for Sapienza
  116. Can't connect to server
  117. Sapienza Launch Problems !
  118. Sapienza - Silent Assassin 15 Challenges 38K Mastery Walkthrough
  119. opportunity revealing bug?
  120. Questions on destroying the virus
  121. Disguise issue
  122. Why have you not added "Accident kill" in the new hitman?
  123. Some questions on SAP
  124. Weird glitch introduced 2 patches ago. Someone help?
  125. Remote audio distraction
  126. Bug trophée ps4 magicien vampire
  127. Plague Doctor Disguise in Contract mode!
  128. Where's the Reconnect option the patch supposedly added?
  129. Sapienza Italy Speed Run: 4 Minutes 22 Seconds.
  130. Hitman Locked at 24 FPS
  131. How many FPS are u getting with a GeForce GTX TITAN X?
  132. Game breaking bug report
  133. Let's do some math with these episodes......
  134. Someone please identity this song....
  135. New voices maybe?
  136. The cannonball run
  137. Glitch - NO WATER in the level
  138. AMD Sapienza Game bugs blue screen (with screenshots) HELP!
  139. Optimization is still crap
  140. Mario bros EE
  141. [Bug]Opportunity Revealing Sometime not progressing and stuck.
  142. Where would you like to go?
  143. Update 27/04 low FPS
  144. FYI, dnt exit in car while man in yellow t-shirt is standing in the road
  145. Some immersion breakers
  146. My game crashes, crashes and crashes
  147. BUG: Subduing NPCs Kills Them!
  148. Where's everyone from?
  149. Strange Bug: Game Wont Start
  150. Escalation contract: what am I doing wrong? Possible glitch?
  151. User created Contracts.
  152. [Suggestion] Ability to Throw Firearms weapon (Guns, SMG, Sniper, Shotgun,etc)
  153. New update 1.05 reset all my progress to 0% WTF!!
  154. Time for maintenance server
  156. Random Crashing
  157. Bought Full version for $60. Still cannot play episode 2 on 4-29.
  158. a few more ideas i'd like to see
  159. Can't start the game in DX12
  160. Two random questions about Sapienza.
  161. Desafio proeza asesino maestro Paris no se marca como completado.
  162. Can we get more guns?
  163. Sapienza - Unknown songs
  164. Why don't the cafe and the mime get suspicious about you stealing their tips?
  165. Why don't they let you sit in the confession box at church
  166. What is the gameplay use of those cannons in Sapienza?
  167. That hairdresser in Sapienza doesn't care if you take his scissors in full view??
  168. Why is EVERYTHING still a proximity trigger ....
  169. Save the gear you select in planning mode?
  170. Where is ur so called promised improvements?!
  171. GPU / CPU not loaded even close to full, still drops to 30-40 fps
  172. Any way to increase the performance?
  173. ON PS4 slit throats appear on chest.
  174. Does one npc could kill another npc?
  175. Edit Graphics Settings? Increase FPS Performance
  176. 47 Facts About Agent 47
  177. When will DX12 be fixed?
  178. [SUGGESTION] Add Animation Detail (Realistic Movement & Holstering)
  179. Game always crashes at one certain spot in paris
  180. Are you using full screen or exclusive full screen?
  181. Perkins Disarray Escalation
  182. Should I use opportunities at minimal?
  183. New Hitman Story Idea's?
  184. Yandere Simulator Was Inspired By Hitman
  185. BUGS: coin REpickup & subdue = non-target kill
  186. Have they fixed the always online DRM crap yet?
  187. Hitman confirms his age (video inside)
  188. Subtitles
  189. Disguise list under Chameleon challenge
  190. The constant problem with the server
  191. My game will not go online
  192. Watching Travis play on live stream..
  193. Deleting my profil
  194. who is starting the class action lawsuit? The game has been down all day
  195. You guys will never get another penny from me
  196. Will not let me connet only ofline
  197. Glitched Achievements/Statistics
  198. When are the servers going to be back online?
  199. Escalation contracts SHOULD have been the main game.
  200. "NPC Threats"
  201. The game now starts in DX12—DX12 still completely broken
  202. Impossible to connect
  203. A couple more bugs (me). Vids inside.
  204. Subdues are still killing people
  205. Silent Assassin, Suit Only, NKOs
  206. A quick challenge for you....
  207. I Need A Mode Where Waves Of Enemies Attack Relentlessly....
  208. The Very Elusive Targets
  209. Help: Paris assault rifle? (Pic inside)
  210. thank you
  211. Damn you IO...I wish I could enjoy this game
  212. Contract search
  213. What Mastery Level of Sapienza unlocks variable zoom sniper rifle?
  214. Silent Assassin Suit Only No KO Walkthrough, All Missions
  215. Hitman Sapienza Speedrun - 1:53 - 194,807 - "Silent Assassin"
  217. Experiencing performance issues (Would appreciate help!)
  218. peep hole...
  219. More hit damage BS: does anyone accept this? (Vid inside)
  220. Hitman keeps crashing - unplayable and broken
  221. New Mode for Contracts
  222. so....Morocco.....
  224. If you're one that believes blood isn't red, see inside.
  225. Spotted glitch?
  226. Who's still onboard with Hitman?
  227. Black Texture in building
  228. Questions about 'Creating' a contract
  229. Not returned
  230. Sarajevo Six Is it ever gonna be released on Xbox
  231. Refund requested...
  232. Kind of funny...
  233. BUG: NPC's still can see me through walls
  234. I think I found a glitch in the Freeform training level
  235. This Week in HITMAN - 11.5.16 (Elusive Target Details)
  236. Vsync on HDTVs is still stuck at 24hz after recent update
  237. Why Jesper Kyd not received an invitation to write music?
  238. Please add Quicksave and Quickload
  239. what do you listen to while you HITMAN???
  240. Completely Unplayable.
  241. Crashed the game on PS4 5 times from doing the same thing
  242. Anybody seen my sniper suitcase?!? Pls
  243. Are elusive targets coming out today or what??
  244. The remote audio distracting device doesn't work as intended
  245. Paris' New Redacted Challenges
  246. And so it ends
  247. Elusive Target: The Forger is giving me problems with the challenges...
  248. Elusive target missed because of disconnect....thats unfair
  249. Elusive failed because guard saw me through the wall
  250. Silent Assassin for The Forger.