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  1. HITMAN 1.02 Release Notes [14 March 2016]
  2. Graphics option are locked
  3. Weapon wheel FIX: listen to me!
  4. Dragging_bug
  5. Contracts Mode - why aren't Contracts timed?
  6. Hitman: discrimination on the consoles?
  8. Online Only DRM has done more harm than good!.
  9. Good video summing up the state of the game
  10. In lieu of all the Hate HITMAN is getting
  11. I think Hitman is a great game.
  12. Not too happy about the $140.00 PS4 CE...
  13. Challenges Issues / BUG ? or intended ?
  14. Who is the voice actor for Kalvin Ritter?
  15. The Good, the bad and the requests.
  16. Next episodes ??
  19. Looking at the IO hitman twitter
  20. Will the physical version allow you to unlock things offline?
  21. Always online DRM - Get a refund on PC, don`t buy it on consoles!
  22. where is ((The Legacy suit))
  23. Please remove the stupid online requirement.
  24. Please fix/add in the upcoming Patches!
  25. Open Letter for IO-Interactive
  26. I would like to use Hitman:Blood Money music
  27. Saving Bug
  28. Am I the only one who's happy with this game?
  29. Wow does this game STINK!!!
  30. Annoying autosave
  31. Issue in game!!!!!
  32. Hitman Interface problems
  33. SweetFX - Graphical enhancement [Presets]
  34. Automatic crouching, and npc's dont notice they're on fire.
  35. Server Disconnects Feeback for IO
  36. 2 Things you need to fix about the score system.
  37. [VIDEO]Paris, basement bug!!!!
  38. Question regarding to Contract Assassin Trophy
  39. Massive Graphical Glitch
  40. Requiem Pack not showing up...
  41. Elusive targets
  42. Hitmen beta
  43. Post your Contract
  44. Fibre wire too loud
  45. Hitman Disconnects me from everything
  46. Where GLOVES 47 in Hitman 2016 ????????? WHEEERE???
  47. Ether Seditive Poison question.
  48. PS4 Beta saves question
  49. done
  51. PATCH 1.02 VIDEOS
  52. Hiding weapons does nothing
  53. Wait, so SE's official response to all this criticism is to...
  54. Errors, Crashes, Glitches and Annoyances in the first 12 hours.
  55. BUG - PS4: Colonel's accent
  56. Paris escalated
  57. No human shield?
  58. Elusive targets and preloads etc
  59. Hitman launch options / start options
  60. First Live Content added to HITMAN
  61. Game crashes/challenges not registering
  62. Requiem Pack Content not available since the update
  63. Travis IO a question please
  64. Mine Disarm Device
  65. VITALLY IMPORTANT!: The Firearms in Hitman
  66. Crashes stopped yet?
  67. SEM link
  68. Articles... the beginning
  69. Pre order items
  70. how do you unlock the sniper?
  71. My native screen resolution not available
  72. Worst part of this game is the load times
  73. Reset?
  74. Got a full refund by Microsoft.
  76. Suggestion - better ingame description of the oprotunities
  77. What was the 256mb update for xbox one about?
  78. I've paid 60$ for a one level demo?
  79. How do you save challenges?
  80. Someone here said on IOs twitter they wont take away the DRM
  81. Completed 10 Paris Escalation Missions, No Tac SMG Covert
  82. Got my money's worth
  83. Purchased Hitman collectors edition, just onr issue
  84. Game freezing on mission launch
  85. Full refunds via Steam
  86. AI finds dead body - although not in the same room
  87. I love this franchise but this is outrageous
  88. Symbols Next to Weapons
  89. Refund from Sony
  90. The Weapon Thread - Discussing the Weapons of Hitman
  91. How Many NPCs
  92. When does PATCH 1.03 comes?
  93. Why is it not possible to create Contracts in the yacht tutorial area?
  94. One week later...
  95. Huge Disapoint
  96. Mandelbulb Level 5 - Did they really expect us to search the whole fricking palace?
  97. Please speed up ledge traversing animation
  98. What happened to the pre-order items!?
  99. I completed Lv 5 Mandelbulb, not registering in Feats though...
  100. Why on earth would you not let Jesper Kyd make the soundtrack for this game?
  101. My graphics settings keep reseting
  102. How does the time bonus work?
  103. Contract questions general
  104. Positive feedback
  105. Where is the SE to user discussion or any PR effort?
  106. Where can we find the survey? + Someone know how Elusive unlock will work?
  107. Freezing during The Holmwood Disturbance
  108. Why can't I save?!
  109. Video: Paris Walkthrough with unnoticed kill and accident
  110. Isn't my inventory too limited?
  111. The Division (Ubisoft) Gameplay Director for Hitman...
  112. Getting weird lighting issues randomly leading to purple or blue glows on objects
  113. Crash before mission (3 Monitor Setup)
  114. I want a refund, HITMAN ONLINE DRM IS GARBAGE!
  115. Not buying Hitman 7
  116. Found a game that should be even better than Hitman and without the always online DRM
  118. Not sure why this game gets so much hate
  119. Challenges not unlocking on ps4 version.
  120. Extreme Performance Issues
  121. Hide Body icons are not showing on trunks. Second floor stage near target
  122. No spray blood?
  123. Common bugs
  124. Images are not loading at the Menu.
  125. PS4 users having problems with escalation challenges registering please read
  126. How to prevent getting kicked from the servers on the PS4
  127. PC - Unable to start Paris - game freezes on autosave
  128. Had to cheat to win
  129. The Voices of 47
  130. Tech and Decision issues will kill this game for the year....
  131. Bug : NPC sight - can see throug walls !!!
  132. Sarajevo Six for PC?
  133. Do you think Hitman now it close to the old Professional/Expert Difficulty?
  134. Hitman should be at least have 12 Mission
  135. All Oportunitys Trophy ?
  136. PC patch?
  137. New Contract Created: Hitman 47: Toxic Waste...
  138. When Sapienza will be Available?In April?yeah but when? First Week of April?
  139. Soo... how many maps are we getting in the end?
  140. The Holmwood Disturbance and Mandelbulb Requiem Level 5 Escalation Runs/Walkthroughs
  141. Bug: PC 1.02 German version level Paris
  142. Improvment for Contract mode
  143. My top feature for Hitman after a week
  144. Why I love it
  145. Check out my youtube channel I upload dailly hitman videos
  146. PC Collector's Edition for Europe
  148. Idle hands creating some dubious contract material
  149. Does anyone else miss the newspaper articles?
  150. Helmut Kruger without a cell phone!?
  151. Important conversations through subtitles?
  152. Blood Money Pack ? When will it be back on ps4 ?
  153. Blog Post: New Escalations, news on Elusive Targets & Vampire Magician Challenge Pack
  154. Sony wouldnt refund or downgrade my full experience purchase
  155. Sniper Assassin and In Plain Sight Walkthrough
  156. Show me the money
  157. Sheik's Radio - Bug?
  158. Weird Controls and Unable to Customise Controls on PS4
  159. NPCs should become injured from being shot
  160. Yacht Mission: sending Fiancé, Calista a message. (Video inside)
  161. Challenges Not registering...
  162. Hitman story line with only one mission, AWESOME!!!!
  163. Killing Gary ABusey or Bill Lumbergh?
  164. Steam achievement for the highest score in a contract...
  165. A little bit feedback from the community manager would be helpful
  166. How do you become Gamer?
  167. Hitman 7 Icon...
  168. Escalation completion not registering
  169. BUG: Cook gets stuck on stove
  170. Can we make it a little more grapihic?
  171. Headshots: please watch this video and vote.
  172. hitman always crashes whenever mission start
  173. No center speaker sound with Dolby Digital Live 5.1 home theater
  174. Has anyone delt with the fact the HITMAN team need sleep?
  175. Targets and clients need more personality
  176. Sniper Rifle ZOOM
  177. Bug posts here
  178. Are we going to see weapon customization?
  179. Lets vote for the most disappointing animation:
  180. Map Guide
  181. "Unable to Connect to the Hitman Service"
  182. Montly change Whislist
  183. Hitman Collector's Edition
  184. Contract mode idea
  185. Game crashes after loading a savee game (PS4)
  186. Images showing roughly how to achieve opportunity/feat
  187. How we would we ever know that the saber was a sword?
  188. Sniper Briefcase
  189. These Levels Need A Schedule And A Time Limit....
  190. Square Enix and IO need to be boycotted, but how?
  191. Best Hitman Game Yet.
  192. Daily reminder we were lied to about launch content.
  193. IO Interactive confirm that online component will NOT be removed.
  194. Lost momentum or enthusiasm?
  195. Leaderboards, Scoring and Time Bonus ... Sigh
  196. Sales and the pursuit to stay afloat
  197. Cannot Play Escalaions
  198. Anyone Still Playing?
  199. Let's stop for a moment with the whining and look in the future of Hitmanfor a sec.
  200. Annoying Bug Press X will result 47 Attack guard, instead showing The Invintation
  201. Contract Mission Creation Tips
  202. Maybe he's so elusive they lost him!
  203. Game Lagging On The Showstopper Mission
  204. Contracts mode - marking sniper targets through scope? Suggested fix.
  205. Still don't have my preorder bonus
  206. Random Crashes/Game freezes
  208. Bored? Try Puddle Body Pile!
  209. Showstopper Speed Run 98 SECONDS!!! current world record????
  210. Editor
  211. So... This "Choose your target" thing
  212. So, lets keep beating this dead horse
  213. New Escalartion: The Marsden Isotopy - IS THIS A JOKE?
  214. Hitman - Blood Money - Suit
  215. Requiem Pack?
  216. Connecting problems
  217. Contract Mode NEW Feature Ideas / Requests for Devs
  218. Travis, your attention please?
  219. Should getting spotted by just your target still affect your score if you kill him?
  220. City of Light Achievement Not Popping (Xbox One)
  221. Sapienza will release April 29th. (Rumour)
  222. Challenge idea
  223. Hitman disappointments ... just a list ... without an (happy)end?
  224. HUD Issue
  225. If you think that shooting/fighting power is fine....think again.
  226. Game Update 1.03 - Discussion Thread
  227. Hitman Damage Model
  229. 100% off topic. BUT FF is back
  230. Unplayable; Game Crash!
  231. Connection error
  232. im staying up until 3am for the Sapienza episode to appear on PSN :D
  233. (Thank You) Sooo fed up!!
  234. "Always Online" is not a feature.
  235. do the training escalation missions also count to unlock the tac-smg covert ?
  236. Add some variation to Contracts.
  237. IO Interactive & Christian Elverdam delusional, in denial?
  238. Challanges still not registering
  239. Vampire pack
  240. Enemy AI
  241. The Sapienza Misson(s)
  242. Graphic issues Hitman 2016
  243. New challenges
  244. So where is the Vampire Magician pack?
  245. Sapienza Released on 26 April !? (Youtube Video Unlisted)
  246. Suggestion: Time-Records Sticky
  247. "Master Vampire" Challenge/Feat Not Unlocking
  248. Coin physics are problematic
  249. Savegames issues
  250. Silent Assassin Suit Only Walkthrough All Missions