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  1. Potential Delay
  2. Connection failed ?
  3. any 1 wanna make some contracts for eachother?
  4. hitman beta for ps4 not available anymore
  5. Travis or Nick @ Io. any plans for a hitman edition of the PS4 Console?
  7. HITMAN - 'Legacy' Opening Cinematic
  8. Without instinct
  9. WTF is wrong with SE & IO FFS
  10. Agent 47's watch
  11. Headshots..what would you rather have? Video and vote.
  12. New Study Shows Why Gamers are Put OFF by Digital Games.
  13. HITMAN Storyline
  14. Funniest dialog in any game. (Video inside)
  15. How does 47 spend his money?
  16. The game giving you a step by step guide on how to kill your targets
  17. xbox hitman pre order
  18. I did not recieve my Beta key.
  19. Xbox Preorders...where are they?
  20. bug post
  21. About loadouts & unlockables
  22. IO & Square Enix should finance a CG Hitman movie
  23. Norfolk drowns Ritter
  24. Hitman Beta Issues
  25. Agent 47 Trolls whole operation then....
  26. Weapon upgrade
  27. $139.99 Hitman collector's edition. Is it worth it ?
  28. HITMAN "Season Premiere" Trailer
  29. Xbox One UK Intro Pack release?
  30. important question...
  31. Double agent & double kill w/up close confirmation.
  32. Hitman Beta- Freeform Training Yacht- Ballsy Move, quick ending...
  33. Does the "live component" of the game require ps+?
  34. Concerns about the Offline Experience, please put my worries to rest lol
  35. HITMAN Now Available on Xbox Store
  36. Gamestop UK Requiem Blood Money Pack
  37. I hate the suspicion system in Hitman 6
  38. Post your glitches: funny or not.
  39. Bug in Beta: Target or Person of Interest Promximity bug in Hitman: VIDEO INSIDE:
  40. Prologue Mish-Mash of youtiube tactics= one happy ending ;).
  41. Bug or intended? (Challenge unlocking)
  42. Congratulations on the Premiere Trailer
  43. Silent Assassin Issue - The Final Test
  44. Confusion
  45. Hitman episodes vs full game cost
  46. PS4 Graphics Glitch
  47. Hitman Collectors Edition UK for PC
  48. No Season Pass...?
  49. AMD Bundle
  50. Glitch to go though fence (Final Test)
  51. Instinct from Absolution
  52. The Beta and this episodic content thing has put me right off.
  53. Leaked Paris footage on you tube
  54. New Hitman Ad Campaign Backfires.
  55. Real Life Hitman -- miss perry ?
  56. 2gb VRAM = low quality texture
  57. Collectors edition for PC
  58. Countdown to reviews! Embargo lifts tomorrow!
  59. So that "Silenced ICA-19 Chrome Pistol" in the pre-order DLC..
  60. HITMAN File Sizes
  61. PS4 Hitman CE, ordered at Gamestop.
  62. Release Time
  63. UK Release Time
  64. Global Launch Times
  66. Giant Bomb playing through the game.
  67. First reviews in - Gamespot gave it 7, while Absolutions gets 7.5
  69. Bugs and feedback. [Bit too late tho']
  70. Player triggered script events? No return to the "clockwork" system? Disappointed.
  71. "Offline Play"
  73. ICA Silverballer Confirmed
  74. HITMAN Facebook Group
  75. More accurate classification?
  76. Saravejo Six
  77. Online Manual
  78. It's 11 March - Steam says I can't play yet
  79. Online problems
  80. Scammed by Square Enix Store. Invalid code.
  81. Which character is Traci Lords voicing this time?
  82. You are in Paris yet everyone has an American accent???
  83. The full experience only in one language (audio)??
  84. Mouse not working correctly
  85. IO, please, add an opportunity to sort contracts
  86. PC - Can't move bodies...
  87. why this game crashing on first mission ??????????
  88. Crash on Startup
  89. Losing Connection to Hitman Servers
  90. Game Crash on First Mission
  91. Can't access paris mission
  92. Long-time fan of Hitman, Very disappointed
  93. Paris mission loading screen at 75%
  94. Poison not working...
  95. Hitman full experiance
  96. Game says I don't own any of the (non-beta) missions, but I bought the complete game?
  97. Game doesnt even start
  98. Possible bug regarding challenges.
  99. Hitman game ruining bug.
  100. Why Haven't IO Interactive Addressed Connection Issues?
  101. Monitors Native Resolution grayed out in video settings
  102. PC - Steam - Startup crash
  103. Offline/Online Connectivity Issues
  104. Paris, Betting on items
  105. The Final Test- "Suit Only" challenge bug?
  106. No point shooting?
  107. New Hitman crashing same spot every time on yacht
  108. Did I really just pay $60.00 for one episode?
  109. Longtime fan - impressions so far and suggestions for improvement. Please feel free t
  110. Feedback Bug: Master Challenges:
  111. Error has occurred while attempting to load this content.
  112. Off to a rocky start then?
  113. ONLINE CONNECTION NOT NEEDED ?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!
  114. Everybody relax...It will be ok...
  115. http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/images/custom/smilies/mad.pngServers down?
  116. Failed connection?
  117. Bought this game because I love the franchise, but...
  118. Paid My $60, Sat Down To Play, Servers down. Awesome!!!!
  119. There needs to be mode blood and more kill animations in the game
  120. Unable to connect to hitman service
  121. Launcher crashes
  122. Am i crazy, or?
  123. Requiem Bonus, Did anyone get the items?
  124. Cant play or download the Paris mission on PS4 (it says i dont own it)
  125. Wtf
  126. Impressions of the gunplay in the new Hitman
  127. How do you get the Contract Assassin Trophy/Achievement
  128. 120 Hz, PLEASE!
  129. Guys for the god sake, remove "HUNTED" feature.
  130. some idea's to improve the hitman experience sqare enix you ask for feed back
  131. Am I the only one that is very disappointed?
  132. Framerate issue with mirrors..
  133. Ps4 edition is not available in south east Asia :(
  134. Server crashing PS4 in Aus
  135. weapon customization?
  136. CAM overlay will not work with this game.
  137. Only english audio?!? Why???
  138. Game will not start?
  139. Problems dragging the bodies
  140. Does anyone know if Hitman will be available in PS Store Hong Kong recently?
  141. The only thing that irks me...
  142. Reflections still cause huge framerate drops, PLEASE FIX THIS.
  143. An unfinished piece of a game. Wait for the full version.
  144. Elusive Targets and Connection
  145. where is the tech forum to report bugs we find? I will start here.
  146. Servers keep crashing!! North America.
  147. Why does single player content require an online connection to work?
  148. Unable to play - Controller issues
  149. Kicked out of the game and not able to log back in
  150. Contracts Mode Problem
  151. Refund Time
  152. SE, let us access basic content offline! Sign here if you agree
  153. Blood Decals-PLEASE FIX
  154. Says I Didnt owned the mission
  155. Episodic + Pre-Order - Not fair to those that pre-ordered
  156. WARNING! This game requires always online for single player content. DO NOT PURCHASE
  157. Rate or search for player made contracts?
  158. Paris is like a beta. Thoughts to help improve things.
  159. If it were whole...
  160. Challenges Not Saving
  161. DX12 - Win10x64 - Nvidia 980m - Error
  162. Contracts - rewards?
  163. BIG BUG ??
  164. Loadout/Planning "favourite" or "make default" suggestion
  165. PSA: This game requires an "always online" connection for single player functions
  166. A pretty challenging Contracts for you (Xbox One)
  167. Hitman 6 has stopped working
  168. HITMAN - great game for showcasing AI capabilities
  169. PETITION!!!!***Please Release The Next Episode This Month****
  170. Some constructive feedback regarding contracts
  171. I think Hitman doesn't deserve so much hate
  172. This is just the demo right?
  173. (BUG) How do I turn off controller mode?
  174. 2gb download?
  175. How did that name work out?
  176. The taboo art of death
  177. Improvements for contrats mode - more conditions/complication options...
  178. Escilation bug, timing glitch giving max score.
  179. I fixed the Hitman Q/A from September!
  180. All Challenges Must Be Locked
  181. Always online ruins this game. Episodic format not working.
  182. Good Start, but some suggestions.
  183. Guide to Paris Assassinations/Discoveries/Chameleon
  184. Anyone Else Experiencing Glitches?
  185. Saves crashing immediately when loaded - more information inside
  186. Lag On Dx12 GTX 970 (Show Area)
  187. Are you going to release a manual in the future?
  188. Audio Problems
  189. Voice Actors? Improvements/Opinions/SPOILER
  190. FRAMERATE ISSUES. Please include MSAA and reflections settings!
  191. Snorrason Ascension Escalation contract Feat not registering
  192. SEM Link not working (Email address is not confirmed)
  193. How do I find contacts other than featured and most recent?
  194. I'm loving it - THANKS so much I.O.
  195. Anyone made any interesting videos yet?
  196. Feedback about game (Glitches)
  197. DLC Idea and NPC actions
  198. 2016 or 2018 ? Or Reboot?
  199. I hope the developers will avoid raisin maps.
  200. Will not purchase upgrade if server issue isn't resolve soon Xbox...
  201. Escalation mode should have different challenges for each stage instead of repeating
  202. Completed challenges are not saving!
  203. Disconnections from Hitman Servers constantly
  204. Dumbed down wounding system..
  205. doublage Fran├žais ?????
  206. AI should react to dead bodies much more aggressively
  207. I just paid $60 for two maps? Wat?
  208. Game starts crashing after explosions
  209. In-game Conversations problem
  210. Rewarding difficulty
  211. Always online ruined this game.
  212. End of mission cut scene?
  213. Hitman (2016) Contracts changes.
  214. [SUGGESTION]Contracts mode needs another layer of player-creativity to it.
  215. IO claimed the episodic structure allows them to "listen and react" to fanbase
  216. Paris Location - Laptop Dongle
  217. Where's the Blood ??
  218. PlayNow : Hitman (2016)
  219. To IO_Gun Play BAD compared to previous games.
  220. [BUGS]- Dragging bodies and attacking
  221. Sarejevo Six: The Director Silent Assassin challenge not unlocking.
  223. Opportunities not saving?!?
  224. Such A Fun Game!!
  225. Where are contracts?
  226. Who is the voice actor for Kalvin Ritter?
  227. My bug report
  228. Stupid question - zoom with Sniper
  229. How many more problems? Minor contracts (Tren Po, etc.) can't be saved.
  230. Problems with 3DConnexion Spacemouse
  231. SEDATIVE VILE- How do you use it?
  232. An Error occurred while attempt to load this content
  233. Contracts Mode needs a search function
  234. Add weapon customisation
  235. HITMAN SUPPORT (2016 - XXXX)
  237. Pre-order bonus has disappeared
  238. Stopped working
  239. after the 1.02 update
  240. Bullets are retarded in this game
  242. Did the new patch fix the offline issues and content?
  243. Constant disconnection to server HITMAN(PS4,Russia)
  244. Assasination challenges lost!
  245. The media are now starting to tell people not to buy the game.
  246. Why this new Hitman is still amazing (SPOILERS)
  247. A Review, A Critique, & A Few Suggestions
  248. Where is the sweet Hitman tracking app
  249. Please make that ugly gray weapon icon togglable