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  1. Remove the instinct please.
  2. Why Squere Enix does not translate the games for Portuguese in Brazil?
  3. Big backslash concerning the release format.
  4. Big backslash concerning the release format.
  5. Please don't call it "HITMAN"
  6. Rifle sling
  7. Hitman 2015 Where are the Silverballers?
  8. close th
  9. Hitman 6 new
  10. Hitman Beta
  11. No Idea ?
  12. The Game Growth
  13. No First Person option?
  14. this is not fair !
  15. What go wrong
  16. HITMAN Q&A Blog Post [July 2015]
  17. Please bring back the "First Person View"!!!!
  18. Dont make him look like that
  19. Question!!!
  20. Dear developers, would you kindly answer to a few questions
  21. I've seen early gameplay, and here are the problems I see
  22. Please don't use Absolution's disguise system
  23. All good things about early alpha leaked footage
  24. The mini map feature: good or bad for gameplay
  25. HITMAN - Music Discussion
  26. I don't think I've seen anyone else mention this...
  27. Hitman 6 - Languages //@IO
  28. Where is 47's Silverballers and black gloves?
  29. PS4 digital realease (12/08/15) language selection
  30. What Hitman can learn from Dark Souls
  31. Classic Mission DLC in the future
  32. What about the stars above a head?
  33. White outline in leaked alpha footage..
  34. Worries about Hitman's AI (video showing off AI)
  35. Absolution's Change Cover Annimation In Hitman 6
  36. My two cents
  37. Hitman Beta
  38. Hitman- Exclusivity
  39. Hitman at Gamescom 2015
  40. Can we actually travel all around the globe, or just an exaggeration?
  41. [Blog Post] Hitman at gamescom 2015
  42. Hitman can be unique again
  43. Hitman: Agent 47 Movie Screening this week in NYC!
  44. The Music of HITMAN - To the audio team at IOI
  45. Question about Contracts
  46. Two important things about Cutscenes!
  48. Feedback for the new game
  49. New Nova Crystallis Hitman interview @Gamescom
  50. Feedback on HITMAN (from playing the Alpha)
  51. Square Enix & The Hitman Rip Off.
  52. "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice..."
  53. First impression of Hitman (Alpha)
  54. Hitman: Agent 47 (movie) has officially been panned by the critics!
  55. Hitman Absolution!!!!
  56. HITMAN at PAX Prime - The Art of Assassination
  57. Scoring system
  58. Problem with contracts
  59. Official "Showstopper" mission playthrough (video)
  60. Optimistic impression of the gameplay trailer 6/28
  61. Has IO Ruled Out The Gun Wall Collection?
  62. Song at Catwalk called?
  63. My First Impressions
  64. IO Interactive say they are taking advantage of this digital age.
  65. Hitmans supreme ageing cream!
  66. Offline functionality for the Contracts mode ?
  67. Price of game increase???
  68. Will Hitman be delayed?
  69. Russian language in HITMAN
  70. Hitman Anthology speedrun
  71. Paris Games Week?
  72. Hitman is xbox one and Russian language
  73. HITMAN Delayed Until March 2016!
  74. Delay on release day?
  75. (Was supposed to) have 7 missions at launch
  76. Defects In Hitman 6
  78. Attention Devs: In regards to the title "HITMAN" gimmick
  79. Hitman at EGX 2015
  80. 6 Sandbox Locations confirmed for HITMAN. 3 Locations at Launch!
  81. About the release format...
  82. UK Law: Game Refunds Allowed for 30 Days if Expectations Aren’t Met!
  83. 47's new look?
  84. IO ruined the Sniper Suitcase !!
  85. Exclusive content / Content Lockout, anti-consumer practices.
  86. Hitman E3 2015 "Song"
  87. New HITMAN Trailer at Paris Games Week (October 28)
  88. Hitman Symbol
  89. Celebrating 15 Years of Hitman
  90. Join the HITMAN Community (New Video)
  91. you tube videos N/A in USA ???
  92. Hitman Hurt
  93. 47's Singnature Sniper
  94. New Video: HITMAN at EGX with David Bateson
  95. Is Vivienne McKee voicing Diana in Hitman 6?
  96. online idea for hitman
  99. Wallpaper for this new hitman
  100. Hitman 2 gratis: does it work? Nope...
  101. The HITMAN Beta trailer is...here!
  102. Hitman digital only?
  103. Hitman Pre Order. Beta download "Server Error? PS4
  104. question about The Sarajevo Six mission. Travis?
  105. Hitman MultyPlayer?
  106. Help needed in getting hit man Blood money to work
  107. Help needed in getting hit man Blood money to work
  108. Beta and online? Really?
  109. Facial animations for incapacitated npc's?
  110. SLI/Crossfire support for the upcoming Hitman game
  111. Randomly Generated Events, 24/7 Schedule and Realistic Levels...
  112. Not everyone hates HITMAN
  113. Hitman: 7/8: Parasite (Personal Game Suggestions)
  114. Digital preorder no longer available ps4
  115. Hitman: Blood Money Won't Save a new Profile
  116. PS4 Preorder Canceled by Sony 13/01/15
  117. Beware of fake beta sign-up links
  118. Pre-order on PS4 cancelled by Sony.
  119. HITMAN New Year Update
  120. Sniper challange
  121. any info about the USA level???
  122. I'll buy this game only if...
  123. I'd be happy with Blood Money 2.0 at this point..
  124. HITMAN Episodic release
  125. Hitman CE with no physical disc = NO BUY!
  126. Got HITMAN physical pre-order.
  127. Please stop whining!
  128. I'm okay with it. :)
  129. HITMAN sandboxes
  130. Hitman Requiem Blood Money Bonus on amazon?
  131. Hitman 2016 and MAC OS X
  132. Canadian collectors edition?
  133. Collector’s Edition...but preorder has done
  134. No collector's edition on PC?
  135. Apply for beta?
  136. How to Contact the Devs/publishers about canceling my order
  137. When will PS4 pre-orders return?
  138. Four questions for the devs
  139. Is the new Hitman really an ALWAYS online game??
  140. I'm okay with the release format
  141. @SE: what DRM with Hitman?
  142. When will the PS4 Preorders be up again? Update on the beta?
  143. HITMAN Beta - FAQ
  144. Hitman Beta Code from Amazon
  145. HITMAN - "World of Assassination" Trailer
  146. Can anyone confirm weapon customization?
  147. Will Hitman 6 be playable with an Xbox controller?
  148. Hitman BETA after the release of the game
  149. Will preordering the digital copy at Best Buy grant beta access?
  150. Question with pre-order so I understand it
  151. Little bit of rant IO!
  152. PS Plus
  153. German Audio ??
  154. Is the Requiem Pack PS4 only?
  155. is this a prequel or sequel to absolution ?
  156. Question about Pre order bonuses
  157. Hitman Collectors Edition Pre Order - no beta access included
  158. Who is the guy narrating the World of Assassination trailer?
  159. I don't think i've ever seen a game get so much hate before!
  160. Hitman Collectors Edition
  161. HITMAN Hands-on Impressions
  162. The Beta trailer was great
  163. German previews
  164. Hitman beta
  165. How to connect the game to Square Enix Members account to give Beta feedback
  166. Pre-Order Cancelled again. WTF? (2/9/2016)
  167. Lead Platform
  168. I'm Not The Only One Right?
  169. Where tf is my code?!
  170. Beta feedback
  171. Question for Devs: What's up with Agent 47's hands?
  172. Still No Code from Square Enix
  173. There is something very fishy going on..
  174. Ps4 beta download
  175. 8:23 PST NO BETA (PSN)
  176. WTF is the beta?
  177. PS4 Beta FIX if still not on store for you in US.
  178. Beta problem solved (PSN).
  179. Pre-ordered ce on amazon, got beta code, "not available for purchase"
  180. Hitman BETA help!!
  181. Digital Foundry - Hitman PS4 Beta Frame-Rate Test [Work in Progress]
  182. Missing Beta Key for HITMAN Collector's Edition
  183. HITMAN Beta - My playthrough of the "Safety First" outcome
  184. Lack of charm!
  185. Hitman Beta Bugs.
  186. concerning what to expect as far as file sizes and other questions
  187. Idea for a rating system
  188. where is the German voice acting?
  189. SCRIPTED EVENTS ,,NO!!!!!!!
  190. Are you in LA? Take part in a unique HITMAN experience.
  192. Hitman maps
  193. Hitman improvements. The Game everyone wants.
  194. The Final Test - Unscripted Freeplay, No Disguises (With Video)
  195. Hitman: Sniper weekend event: Connect, Share and Get Free Rifles
  196. Say yes or no Russian language in HITMAN
  197. Beta still accessible!
  198. Problems in the HITMAN Beta (PS4)
  199. Beta still playable!
  200. Slow-mo on headshots
  201. My experience with HITMAN beta (PS4)
  202. Hitman music ( soundtrack )
  203. HITMAN BETA: AUDIO/VIDEO ( Letter to the Developers)
  204. Silenced Tactical Pistol - Some Tricks (With Video)
  205. Hitman Collectors edition in the uk?
  206. Anyone have any CREATIVE kills in beta? Here are mine.
  207. Can my future PC run this game ?
  208. Help haven't received my beta code for PC yet
  209. Difficulty settings in HITMAN?
  210. Assurez moi-Make me
  211. Talking HITMAN: Level Design
  212. Playstation Exclusive Contracts?
  213. What does 'Fast Target' mean?
  214. ****MUST SEE: best hit approach ever. (No disguise, no map, no instinct)
  215. What is the "Live" component of HITMAN? - Details Released
  216. looks to easy
  217. Online connexion
  218. Controller sensitivity
  219. Manual Saves first
  220. ICA Facility training mission bugs/issues PC
  221. PC Xbox-360 Controller Issue
  222. Option to disable head-shot slow-mo would be more than welcome.
  223. Rotating endlessly to the right as soon as you get in to the game
  224. Hitman Beta Wrong Monitor bug
  226. Compilation of fan reactions towards the BETA on Steam .
  227. Request: Clean UI
  228. Bug: Graphics Settings menu doesn't scroll to bottom
  229. "Something went wrong" error
  230. Наконец то сделали нормальную внешность
  231. Beta crashes when loading first mission
  232. What's wrong with the scripts triggers?
  233. Anyone get subtitles working?
  234. Hitmna Beta suggestion
  235. Hitman Beta review - Is it more BM or Absolution or maybe something new?
  236. my PC version beta feedback
  237. What's your fastest speed run: Yacht
  238. Does anyone know... with certainty....
  239. Hitman Beta PC Feedback
  240. The dark music of a place both old and new; warm and cold. (BETA) X2
  241. Server not Reachable HITMAN BETA
  242. Mouse on PC not working
  243. I'm a little confused about the US pricing.
  245. PC Collector's Edition
  246. Glitches and general feedback
  247. Sniping from the edge of the map as an option
  248. 2 time-lapse ghost runs on both levels of beta
  249. Devil in the detail
  250. cursor & mouse control trouble