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  1. TR Community Photo Gallery
  2. Happy Birthday to Lara Croft !!!!!!!!
  3. If Lara walked past you on the street what would you say????
  4. XNA Lara Images HERE!
  5. The Humble Abode (Thread of Randomness)
  6. TR Forum Welcome & Navigation Thread | Introduce yourself here!
  7. Crystal Compass Podcasts | update Aug 26 - Episode #30 live!
  8. Fan Art and Cosplay Gallery
  9. Tomb Raider Tours (Show us your TR Merchandise!)
  10. The "Uncanny Valley", a place Lara should not explore
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  12. Game Expo & Community Events (been to one? post your pics here!)
  13. Croft Couture
  14. Your TR adorned desktops
  15. References to Lara in Unexpected Places?
  16. Show off your NEW forum signature
  17. Friday goodies day!
  18. Steam / PSN / XBOX Live Gamertags
  19. The official forum members birthday thread (and other big celebrations)
  20. How TR changed your life | Post your stories here!
  21. TR10 speculation thread / Deciphering Lara's Journal (WARNING - SPOILERS & KITTENS)
  22. Official TR10 Outfit Suggestion Thread
  23. forum competition ideas
  24. The Official TR10 Wish List
  25. Xbox One & PS4
  26. TR in the news
  27. Do you want to see Croft Manor (Lara's mansion) back in TR10 or later?
  28. Gadget Ideas For TR10
  29. Isn't it time to visit Mesopotamia?
  30. Next-Gen Sequel to Tomb Raider Confirmed!
  31. What do you think the next Tomb Raider should be called?
  32. What's your favorite TR game? Now incl. TR9!
  33. Welcome to the brand new TR10 forum!
  34. What should be Lara's iconic/main weapon in TR10?
  35. Tomb Raider 10 Multiplayer Discussion Thread
  36. Which TR9 side characters should stay in TR10?
  37. What's your preferred health option for TR10?
  38. Option to turn off blood
  39. Chat window on the forum?
  40. Crystal Tidbits
  41. Crystal Dynamics is developing TR10 Multiplayer
  42. That Good Old TR Feeling
  43. Project proposal for TR's 20th anniversary; helloooo Meagan Marie, LOOK here
  44. Control you must learn Control
  45. Would You Like To See Lara Age?
  46. Less is more?
  47. Why Tomb Raider should be a First Person Simulation
  48. The Story for TR10 - watch out Rhianna Pratchett, this Amateur got a Better Idea
  49. Tomb Raider 10 Collector's Edition - your wishes and feedback to Crystal Dynamics
  50. Treat ALL Fanbases Equally
  51. Lara's Doll - the new vision of a legend
  52. When will we hear more about this sequel.
  53. Lara's look for Next Gen Sequel
  54. What are you most looking forward to?
  55. Globetrotting ?
  56. Custom Co-op
  57. What are we expecting?
  58. The Times (TR news and updates)
  59. Tomb Raider Sequel is ‘Next chapter of Lara’s development’ - Brian Horton
  60. TOMB RAIDER possible future: platform exclusive???
  61. Hardcore/Realistic Damage Mode?
  62. My idea for immersive action combat with regenerative health (CD can use for free!)
  63. Puzzles of Varying Difficulty
  64. News: SquareEnix register ''TR:Reflections'' in Europe!!
  65. SuperNatural Element
  66. Tomb Raider at VGX 2013
  67. What vehicles do we want to see?
  68. Lara's new face is perfect!
  69. [WARNING! spoilers from page 8 onwards!] Dark Horse Tomb Raider Comics (2014)
  70. National diversity
  71. What should be the Focus for Tomb Raider's main Pillars?
  72. Plot Over Gameplay?
  73. Harder/More In Depth Puzzles!
  74. Camilla Luddington returning and face scanned?
  75. Giving Lara some muscle mass?
  76. Braid Business
  77. Would you like Peter Connelly to be back?
  78. Tomb Raider 10 (2014) Release date?
  79. PC features that must be added to the PC version of Tomb Raider 10
  80. Tomb Raider DE only 30 fps? Why bother?
  81. PC controls
  82. Tomb Raider 10 - Skyrim? Open World? Scot Amos...
  83. A fan tribute to a great game. Hope you like..
  84. x-axis inversion for ps4 game
  85. Parkour and hand to hand combat
  86. Reducing Lara's breast size is misguided and wrong.
  87. Reduce the minimum number of players in Ranked match PC
  88. Fast travel at base camps
  89. Gay Awareness
  90. Disabled game Play
  91. Where would you like Lara to visit next?
  92. tomb raider problem
  93. My Ideas for the sequel of Tomb Raider reboot
  94. french
  95. Tomb Raider 10 Cover Leaked?? *_*
  96. Tomb Raider 10 - any news?
  97. TR10 Leak??? D:
  98. Forum Comp #16 - TR Dark Horse Comics [winners announced in post #29]
  99. Young TR2013 Lara in TR10
  100. TR10 - Lara's Face | Dan Roarty confirmed as Lead Character Artist
  101. Ideas for a new tomb raider gane
  102. Things that should be in TR10
  103. The History Book (thread of funny member conversations)
  104. [forum game] Community Fan Fic Story
  105. cheaters in tomb raider definitive edition xbox one
  106. Rise of the Tomb Raider & Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris domain registered by SE
  107. Tomb Raider 10 - a name confirmation for E3?
  108. What to Expect in ROTTR
  109. Requesting Square Enix for a Transcript from the TR10 Wishlist - Whats in ROTTR
  110. Nooooooooo!
  111. How Far Are We In Development?
  112. Community Manager and official material
  113. Official Lara's looks discussion thread
  114. My Only Fear
  115. SURVIVOR - Fan-Made Banner
  116. Xbox exclusive?
  117. Default Byzantine Ruin- Hint to possible location
  118. Official TR10 Media (trailers, renders, screenshots, concept art, etc)
  119. Which platform would you buy ROTTR for?
  120. Women are weak, and therapy is for losers.
  121. Lara Croft Tomb Raider!!!!!!!!!! Anniversary?
  122. TR10 plot speculation *possible spoilers*
  123. Will there be another Anniversary?
  124. Important Question about the Endurance Crew - CD/SE Pay Attention
  125. Rise Of The Tomb Raider: Release Date
  126. Use of sword-like weapons in Rise of the Tomb Raider/other games?
  127. Suggestions and other nonsense
  128. DLC Maps for ROTTR - Single or Multi
  129. What Memory Sequences should be in ROTTR from the Classics as in Easter Eggs
  130. Rise of the Tomb Raider | Cover Art
  131. forum server switch - feedback requested
  132. new forum skins
  133. Should we have a Creation Kit for ROTTR
  134. Less of a Movie, More of a Game
  135. Less cheaty enemy AI (No more xray please!)
  136. Community Q&A – Camilla answers your questions about “Rise of the Tomb Raider”
  137. The first artworks for Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One
  138. CD/SE if possible...
  139. Tomb Raider: Ten Thousand Immortals (Novel)
  140. GROS - Get Rid Of Sam
  141. BID - Bring In Danny
  142. Racing activities in RotTR/next games?
  143. This just in on Channel 5 News...
  144. Are you Jaffa Cake? (Sam/LaraxSam fans unite)
  145. First TR2 Gameplay detalis leaked!!
  146. Out of Character Creatures in ROTTR
  147. Tomb Raider copied Sayid's theme from Lost
  148. The 4 Elements in ROTTR
  149. How should Lara Traverse on Obstacles
  150. Inside Lara's mind
  151. This woman is Real Life Lara Croft - total badass
  152. Rise of the Tomb Raider will have very realistic faces
  153. POLL: Should the title of "Rise of the Tomb Raider" be changed?
  154. RotTR is a timed XBox exclusive | MS publishing for Xbox | PS+PC release confirmed
  155. ROTTR 60 FPS on Xbox One?
  156. Will you be buying RotTR on Xbox One?
  157. Crystal Dynamics: Bring Rise of the Tomb Raider to other platforms!
  158. Coming to PC eventually!
  159. Don't let down your fans, Crystal Dynamics...you'll be sorry you did!
  160. time to boycott temple of osiris
  161. glad it's xbox one only!!
  162. We Will Fix You
  163. Crystal Dynamics has to be the ******* stupidest *******s
  164. Start an online storm to make it available for ALL to play
  165. We do have a say!
  166. Disappointed at the news of TR:RoT being an XBOne exlcusive
  167. An open letter to Crystal Dynamics
  168. So CD and SE expect me to buy a Xbox to play ROTTR?!?!?!
  169. Terrible terrible PR
  170. "Fall" of the Tomb Raider?
  171. Vote With Your Wallet And Don't Allow Third Party Exclusivity In The Industry. Enough
  172. This series will never recover
  173. Lara Croft: Simified
  174. Why ROTTR should not be exclusive
  175. When will ROTTR PS4/PC come out?
  176. This game does NOT need multiplayer!!!
  177. A way to break the deal?
  178. Will you walk away?
  179. Not to add more fuel to the fire but I have a concern...
  180. I support tomb raider
  181. Xbox boss Phil Spencer makes case for exclusivity deal
  182. Tomb Raider Exclusive for 2 months ?!
  183. Official FAQ on TR10 Xbox exclusivity
  184. [Features/Ideas] What would you like to see?
  185. Lara Croft: The RPG
  186. I challenge camilla luddington and keeley hawes & cd to the ALS ice bucket challenge
  187. if rise of tomb raider come to PC but not PS4
  188. Why are there pre-orders being taken for RoTTR on PS4?
  189. Are we supposed to believe that Sam is okay?
  190. BOYCOTT this game
  191. Cinematic action vs horror elements
  192. Is The Gaming Community Getting "Burnt Out"?
  193. a message from Crystal's community manager
  194. What did the reboot add to the Tomb Raider series
  195. Trinity
  196. By the Numbers
  197. heads up! something coming...
  198. Extra, extra! Get an early, FREE copy of the new TR novel!
  199. Rise of the Tomb Raider trailer coming on December 5, 2014?
  200. What do you still think about ROTTB being an exclusive?
  201. I was disappointed with TR, Please fix.
  202. Tomb Raider Figures
  203. Our New Home! | New forum test thread
  204. Reminder - Live forum Q&A with Scot Amos today!
  205. Best TR Game Story
  206. Favorite NON-GAME story
  207. Forum comp #17 - Holiday season decorations!
  208. New Items in TR Store?
  209. FGD Dec 5, 2014 - Who wants a free TR2 iOS code!
  210. A mini series that will lead into Rise of the Tomb Raider
  211. Ha ha nay luck
  212. FGD Dec 12, 2014 - LCTOO codes giveaway!
  213. Attention Driber
  214. Your favorite relic/artifct?
  215. 20th Anniversary
  216. TR Series Review Archives
  217. Great memories...
  218. Another 'Lets go save Sam' game? -_-
  219. How can they improve multiplayer for rise of the tomb raider.
  220. Merchandising
  221. Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Replica of Mythical Tomb of Osiris
  222. Should I Abandon Hope?
  223. CD/SE/MS Please watch and take note...
  224. December 15, 2015?
  225. New TR Tweet; Hint at whats to come?
  226. Forum comp #18 - ♥♥♥ Spread The Love ♥♥♥
  227. Official forums exclusive dev Q&A session #20
  228. Game Informer #263: Rise of the Tomb Raider
  229. Welcome Robin to the TR Team!
  230. Anyone else just not feeling it?
  231. The bridge between games
  232. Official TR10 FAQ
  233. TR2013 makes me sick
  234. Do people like the shaky camera?
  235. Give us a Game not a Movie.
  236. TR10 development started before TR9 launch
  237. Official forums exclusive dev Q&A session #21
  238. Forum comp #19 - Spring Into Action! [winners announced on page 3!]
  239. Keep the "negative" QTE. (aka "stress-free" QTE) for TR10
  240. Condolences
  241. GameRadar: Five days of exclusive access to Rise of the Tomb Raider
  242. Forum comp #19 - public voting thread
  243. TR1 for Android is here
  244. Tomb Raider newsletter every friday - How to join my email?
  245. Would you like to play this for the 20th Anniversary?
  246. Official forums exclusive dev Q&A session #22 [ended; answers on page 2]
  247. I have a question
  248. What are your favorite Easter Eggs from the Tomb Raider franchise? (Podcast Ideas)
  249. Player Choices
  250. Forum Comp #20 - Adventure Motivational Posters