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  1. Blood Ties/Laras Nightmare/Endurance Co-op Achievenments\Trophies
  2. Does it worth having PS4 Pro on HD TV?
  3. Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration Launch Trailer
  4. 20 Year Celebration Medley
  5. Rise weapon list ps4
  6. 20 Year Celebration Collector's Edition comes two weeks later!
  7. Blood Ties Discussion
  8. How to DL the Free copy of TR Definitive Edition with Rise of TR in PSN??
  9. ROTTR ps4 huge graphical glitch
  10. Lara's Nightmare Discussion
  11. Extreme Survivor
  12. No classic skins in main game? PS4
  13. About PS4 Limited edition "Artbook"
  14. Full Explorable Croft Manor in TR11
  15. Short Review about Rise of the Tomb Raider (Spoilers)
  16. ROTR collectors edition for PS4?
  17. I preordered ROTTR, where is the code to download Tomb Raider???
  18. Rise,Best time to play the DLC
  19. List your bugs/glitches with the PS4 version
  20. ROTTR collectors edition
  21. Some statements and some questions. (Ps4)
  22. Meagan's '20 Years of Tomb Raider' book
  23. Crystal/Square, THIS is how Reboot Lara should be in TR11
  24. Tomb Raider Scavenger Hunt Receipt upload missing
  25. Lara Skins from the Classics - Trilogy - Two Reboots - New Ones For TR11
  26. No Classic Outfits? (PS4)
  27. All Gear Unlocked?
  28. Played Croft Manor - Blood Ties, thoughts and wishes
  29. Request for a PS3/PS4 TR 20 Year Celebration Theme
  30. (Spoilers) Lara's Therapist
  31. Genuine Exclusivity Question
  32. Bold ties in PSVR. How to activate?
  33. give-away: free digital copy of Rise 20y edition for PS4 NA
  34. Dark tank top
  35. Adventure Besties Achievement
  36. Was Anyone Else A Little Disappointed With The Classic Outfits Unlocked After Winning
  37. 20 Year Celebration Edition - PS4 - shaky camera bug
  38. Funny or Interesting Trophies You Got In Rise
  39. Endurance mode as standalone.
  40. Why is combat so terrible in this game?
  41. Square Enix Servers Down?
  42. Why doesn't Lara have any muscles?
  43. Diving challenge.
  44. Swan dive challenge problem
  45. How can I get out of the Copper Mill?
  46. Stuck in Copper Mill
  47. Tomb Raider was released for Sega Saturn on Oct 25th 1996 (20 years ago today)
  48. Rise of the Tomb Raider: is there a 4th relic in the Siberian Wilderness?
  49. 20 years on, the Tomb Raider story told by the people who were there
  50. Only 3 save slots on PS4?
  51. pls more info about the ps4 pro enriched visuals mode..
  52. Game stuck "installing" a few minutes into the game on PS4
  53. Snowflake rifle skin on PS4
  54. Problem with launching Rise of The Tomb Raider
  55. Baba Yaga Challenge required to achieve 100% completion?
  56. New TR title leaked...?
  57. Are There Glitches With Reaching 100% For Finding Collectibles?
  58. Question about Lara's rope/spool
  59. Cistern! Awesome flashback to 1996.
  60. "Team Survival" achievement
  61. Stuck in crypt, literally. Please Help.
  62. Update for HDR on XBOX ONE-S
  63. Adding a 'new' option in the Options Menu
  64. Flooded Archives ( Statue bug )
  65. ps3
  66. Pack of cards glitch?
  67. Patch 1.05 framerate issues on ps4 standard
  68. Running at 4k on PS4 Pro ALWAYS results in crash!
  69. My impressions about the 3 visual modes of RotTR on the PS4 Pro
  70. Add-ons not showing in marketplace (Xbox 360)
  71. PS4 Players' Opinions
  72. Rise of the Tomb Raider, Reminent Resistance only ONE map?
  73. Reminant resistance level creator?
  74. Baba Yaga bug for PS4
  75. Major glitch
  76. Empty art book
  77. Flooded archives new game breaking bug. I think
  78. Rise of the Tomb Raider for PC is moving very slowly
  79. Light Source - Light Source - Light Source
  80. 20 Years (For Me)...
  81. game goes black
  82. Got Ripped Off
  83. Stop with all the parents stuff already
  84. Lara Croft falling instead of latching on
  85. A Great Deal In Oz...
  86. dlc
  87. dlc
  88. Square Enix server is not available, please try again later.
  89. Forum Comp #23 - What Does Lara Mean To You?
  90. Has support been axed for PS4?
  91. Merry Xmas, everyone :)
  92. PLEASE FIX: PS4 Update 1.06 Framerate Issues!!!!!
  93. Missing audio in higher frame rate mode for PS4 Pro
  94. [Xbox One] arabic subtitles
  95. 4K (PS4 Pro) Question - Different graphic quality on camera move/does not move
  96. ERROR Buying Cards
  97. Please add X-Axis Inversion in Patch 1.06. A love letter.
  98. Did patch 1.06 fix the crashing on ps pro?
  99. Audio issue in higher frame rate mode still exist
  100. PS4 Sales figures?
  101. Annoying Trebuchet bug!
  102. Patch 1.06 input lag is back...
  103. Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration BABA YAGA GLITCH
  104. Download savefile for Xbox360 to get pass Grenade Arrow-bug
  106. Tomb Raider Suite
  107. Other Missions/ Tombs
  108. 20 year celeb. artbook edit. question
  109. Please forward to tech team. Patch 1.06 has ruined ROTTR on PS4 Pro.
  110. PS4 Pro Crashes are still alive and kicking(v1.06) - My findings
  111. PS4 Pro should have better anti-aliasing.
  112. Can't open any of my Marketplace gifts from Season Pass - Xbox One
  113. Can Nixxies/SE just fix this once and forall?
  114. Collectibles not showing on map
  115. Lara Croft Funko Pop Figure and Rock Candy Figure On amazon for preorder
  116. New Delhi, India Trip
  117. HELP- STUCK Rise of the Tomb Raider
  118. Rhianna Pratchett leaving TR
  119. Levels, hubs or open-world?
  120. Best section of Rise?
  121. Nathan McCree should be hired to do the music for the next TR
  122. CD working on Avengers game but still no announcement on SotTR
  123. Base Game Not Available on Steam?
  124. Flooded Archives Statue Bug - PS4
  125. Will there be new locations for Endurance / Cold Darkness?
  126. Help needed
  127. tomb raider 3
  128. Cave of the Witch -- HELP!!!
  129. Rise of Tombraider - problem with fast swimming
  130. Shadow of the tomb raider
  131. Tinkling of the metal tools at her belt
  132. My Second Playthrough For Rise, Can't Get Into It, Is That Bad?
  133. First Look At New Lara Croft courtesy of msn.com
  134. Happy Birthday Lara
  136. So What's Next For TR 3 Game-Wise?
  137. Tomb Raider : Legend, Anniversary & Underworld on PS4 ?
  138. Tomb Raider : Legend, Anniversary & Underworld on PS4
  139. Square Enix, please work on Facial Expressions for SOTTR
  140. Major bug rescue Johna mission
  141. For the love of Christ, shut Lara the hell up
  142. Stuck on tombraider a way out
  143. The Dagger Of Xian Remake by Nicobass
  144. Rise of tomb raider for old pcs
  145. SOTTR - Realism Or Supernatural Illusions
  146. Combine the ULTIMATE Lara
  147. Where is my steam activate Code?
  148. TR 2013 Superior to Rise
  149. Stuck in game
  150. Stuck in game
  151. Question. How many people are active on the Rise of the Tomb Raider forum?
  152. "Season pass"
  153. Restrictions
  154. Currently installing bug
  155. Arabic Language
  156. Shadow of the Tomb Raider concept art
  157. Aim assistance have to be a personal choice.
  158. Burn Baby Burn - Challenge GLITCH???
  159. Lara's Outfits in SOTTR
  160. Camera for film
  161. Camera for film
  163. Co-op achievements Xbox One
  164. Problem after opening the gift from baby yaga
  165. Problem after opening the gift from baby yaga
  166. New Player -> Question about DLC Weapons and more
  167. Camera Shake - Cannot Aim
  168. Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 Pro no 3D?
  169. Season Pass information
  170. HDR?
  171. Rise of the Tomb Raider Launches on Xbox One X this November
  172. Missing weapon after the patch update?
  173. Wicked vale
  174. Weird bars on the screen (lighting bug?)
  175. I cant activate and run Rise of The Tomb Rider / ISO HELP PLZ
  176. I cant activate and run Rise of the Tomb Rider / ISO HELP PLZ
  177. A New Tomb Raider Game Is Coming
  178. ROTTR achievements not popping
  179. I cant activate and run Rise of the Tomb Rider / HELP PLZ
  180. Will HDR ever come to PS4?
  182. help, game controls
  183. Navigational Design in RotTR | Bachelor Thesis Survey
  184. Way to go & Golden Child achievements stuck at 93% (xbox one)
  185. TR suite confirmed for May 1st and it is outstanding
  186. Mountain Peak Chapter Replay - speed runner challenges possible?
  187. Flame Thrower Boss (Geothermal Valley)
  188. Climbing to the top
  189. Gulag Fighters
  190. So what novels and comics are canon to the current timeline?
  191. So Trinity...
  192. Lara Croft face 2013 vs 2015
  193. I'm sick of Lord & Lady Croft / bring back British Lara!
  195. ROTTR item counts, specifically the pink cylinders / jars
  196. game crashing in 63%
  197. Stuck in game
  198. Rise of the Tomb Raider
  199. Do You Think Jacob Knew Lara Would Be Coming? Also Jacob Aging Question...
  200. RoTR Help. No fast travel and stuck in the research base
  201. Worth a go?
  203. Female power fantasy
  204. Can't exit witch boss fight Baba Yaga DLC
  205. Difficulty Levels
  206. ROTTR Download Link ?
  207. Aqueduct Ruins
  208. 99% Gameplay ! BUG?? I need help
  209. Stuck in "Shortcut" chapter