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  1. PC Pre order information
  2. Abysmal game design. Unable to proceed. Very disappointed. Options?
  3. New DLC Outfits not part of Season Pass ?
  4. Expedition cards missing.
  5. Fix the Fighting
  6. Endurance unplayable. Crashes every single time. Want my money back!
  7. DLC
  8. PC Pre order information
  9. Tomb Raider Steam Pre-Order Purchase
  10. Some permanent card not appearing!
  11. Baba Yaga DLC out on Tuesday 26th Jan 2016
  12. HELP.... 99% Game Complete
  13. Rise of Tomb Raider (BUG)
  14. Baba Yaga for XBOX 360???
  15. I want to aks a question
  16. If you didn't know, if yes SORRY, Baba Yaga achievements
  17. Collector's Edition Packaging
  18. What are you most excited for in Baba Yaga!?
  19. PC DVD still doesn't say needs steam
  20. Denuvo Protection, really?
  21. season pass
  22. Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch - DLC Review
  23. TR series in Hall of Fame
  24. no go baba yaga
  25. Rise of the tomb raider pc graphics analysis
  26. baba yaga glitch on xbox one
  27. CONTEST: Win Rise of the Tomb Raider (Digital Deluxe) for PC!
  28. Steam helps cheat denuvo
  29. [PC] Steam activation key
  30. Windows Store £6 more expensive than Steam or Direct from Square
  31. Error Launching game.
  32. Possible to save more than one game at a time?
  33. Please help! Achievement trouble
  34. [FAN REQUEST] Photomode for Rise of the Tomb Raider
  35. bought the game from SE, cannot download?
  36. What do you think of a tomb raider/uncharted crossover?
  37. Random ROTTR "patch" found
  38. Sounds easy, but how to get Spanish (Iberian) language ?
  39. is 50 fps good?
  40. PC Benchmark on GTX 760 & i5-6600k High settings !
  41. XBOX ONE Beim Einlösen dieses Packs ist eun unbekannter Fehler aufgetreten!
  42. ROTTR xbox 360
  43. XBOX ONE - This gift has already been redeemed
  44. Verbindung zum Server fehlgeschlagen
  45. deactivate message over screen during gameplay
  46. How the heck do you craft explosives?
  47. Completion Percentage Glitch
  48. No confirmation mail /no activation code - Help
  49. Well done Crystal Dynamics Well done
  50. This game needs a new game+ mode
  51. Excavation shaft optional tomb
  52. PC version Laura locks in loop at same place checkpoint everytime.
  53. (PC) Gamebraking Bug Second Catapult Lost City
  54. Rise of the tomb raider PC Steam Key on sale! Only $45!
  55. How did you get activation code.
  56. [PC] How to create a Remnant Resistance mission? (tasks are locked)
  57. unknown error after purchasing season pass
  58. Nest challenge of water Baba Yaga
  59. Pure Hair problem
  60. Can not open any packs
  61. PC: Game breaking bug in Soviet Installation (screenshot included)
  62. Lack of VSync and Fullscreen Options Needs to be Addressed
  63. Map goes black till I wave the curser around a lot
  64. [PC] Map does not show icons
  65. Ultra settings with G752VY, 980m, i7-6700HQ, 16gb ram, G-sync?
  66. Acropolis Bug Fix Please
  67. Holster Weapon - Handgun switch! BUG?
  68. Is there any way to mute Lara's breathing?
  69. Need help improving FPS in Geothermal Valley and Soviet Installation
  70. Got season pass but how can i find it and play
  71. Gift Question
  72. Really?? no Sam in the game, not even a mention about her?? Really?? *pro Sam Thread*
  73. Wildlife bug (PC)
  74. How not to do your job when you're creating a game with foreign languages
  75. Can´t find 15 strongbox
  76. Endurance Mode change request
  77. Where is the 3D and Direct X 12 support
  78. Bug Rise of The Tomb Raider
  79. Killing the boss at ending
  80. Graphics, Running RoTR
  81. [PC Wilderness DLC] Got outfit, got cards, no Deathsong Hatchet!!!!
  82. Any real support for this or any Square Enix game?
  83. Let's Play Rise of the Tomb Raider!
  84. Why I dislike the new Tomb Raider games.
  85. [PC] BUG: Spike Pits at Crypt Enterances glitchy
  86. POV Changing as soon i'm shooting...
  87. Exclusive Valiant Explorer Pack codes available now
  88. Endurance Mode
  89. Question about buying additional areas
  90. Will Score Attack/Leaderboards ever be competitive on PC?
  91. Happy Birthday to Lara Croft - Rise And Shine
  92. Problème d'installation de Rise of the Tomb Rider
  93. Lara's Home - [Remake]
  94. Where's the globe trotting like back in the good old days?
  95. Problem cards Nature Siberian Shipments (not received).
  96. Has This Glitch Been Fixed Yet? (XBOX 360)
  97. Collectibles Glitch: On Bears appearing as not collected
  98. Benchmark WIP?
  99. Cant Get Picklock
  100. Why can not I use the code to install the game that I bought yesterday
  101. Cannot start the game anymore...
  102. Unused map area.
  103. XBOX ONE - The Chosen Few Achievement Glitch
  104. please how to delete the auto save of the game Rise of the Tomb Raider online mode ?
  105. how to fabric a moltov cocktail in xboxone ??
  106. COMMENT ACCéDER * l inventaire ??
  107. Welcome Robin Huey to the team!
  108. Why, when you get the machine gun, does the game suddenly stop?
  109. Should Future TR Games Stick to the Survival Theme?
  110. Stuck in Path of the Deathless
  111. test post
  112. Remnant Resistance mode - where those big rewards coming from?
  113. Check out my Let's play and leave some thoughts on it!
  114. did not get a 100%
  115. XBox One Achievements not unlocking and progress tracker froze
  116. ROTTR Voice Actor Interviews!
  117. Game is consistenly hanging after adding "Yaya Babba"
  118. Rise Of The Tomb Raider Save Game Error Offline Mod
  119. ROTTR PC save game file limit?
  120. Outfits
  121. Rise of the Tomb Raider doesnt start anymore
  122. GAME PLAY Me and my GIRLFRIEND :D - br
  123. Can't free Jacob Bug
  124. This is one of the best looking PC game yet.
  125. Remnant Resistance is pointless with PC cheating
  126. Official forums exclusive dev Q&A session #27
  128. ROTTR Twitch Chat Interaction question (votes not triggering)
  130. Ambient Occlusion Comparison Screenshots
  131. Just got ROTTR PC Win7
  132. The ROTTR Market System
  133. Help ROTR Bink video choppy playback!!
  134. This is the official wishlist for the next TR game (TR11)
  135. 20% discount voucher for free
  136. Cold Darkness Awakened DLC due next week
  137. The Future of Tomb Raider
  138. Game Crashes
  139. Carnivore Mission Endurance Mode
  140. Where are the saved games in PC?
  141. Over 1 Million Score Attack Video (Prophet's Tomb)
  142. Who wants a free download code for Tomb Raider Cold Darkness Awakened DLC?
  143. Celebrating 20 Years of an Icon, Lara Croft
  144. RotTR camp area problem
  145. Problem Buying Cold Darkness Awakened Win 10 Store
  146. Game won't work on XBOX One
  147. Your video games Hall of Fame
  148. The New Tomb Raider Travels the High Road - Please Continue
  149. Latest xbox 360 patch disables map controls!!!
  150. Please revert the change to Score Attack card bonus rules
  151. How to download the game?
  152. APPCRASH Immediately After Launcher
  153. Problemas con actualizacion para xbox 360
  154. How to Score Big in Remnant Resistance mode
  155. Xbox One Endurance Mode NO ANIMALS
  156. New TR10 Play Arts KAI Figure
  157. Quick ? about Syria campsites.
  158. Problem solving
  159. Call for Tomb Raider Magazine Covers!
  160. Glitch on Soviet Installation
  161. Forum Comp #22 - Caption Challenge!
  162. Live streaming Panel from PAX East
  163. Valenka's Adventure to PAX East 2016 (Photos Within!)
  164. Can't move map anymore.....
  165. Rise of the Tomb Raider Critique
  166. 20th Anniversary: What are your best TR moments of the 20 years?
  167. What Rise of the Tomb Raider Can Learn From Uncharted 4
  168. Rise of the Tomb Raider: Bug found in Soviet Installation
  169. Tomb Raider Store no longer available?
  170. Registering Digital Copies
  171. Finding the Gulag Recon mission giver.
  172. 20YearsAnIcon | Which of these classic Tomb Raider moments is your favorite? - TR1
  173. Score attack missing level ? Profile corrupt ?
  174. Game Crash in Baba Yaga dlc
  175. Problems with DX 12
  176. Pls make ROTTR look better than uncharted on ps4!!
  177. Which reboot era game is your favourite
  178. Which reboot era game is your favourite? (with poll)
  179. More DLC on the way?
  180. Setting and plot predictions for next Tomb Raider?
  181. 20YearsAnIcon | Which of these classic Tomb Raider moments is your favorite? - TR2
  182. rise of the tomb raider
  183. Come PS launch what version of Rise will you get?
  184. Tomb Raider 20 Statue Collection
  185. GAME ISSUE and firt impressions.
  186. GTX 1070 DirectX 11 vs DirectX 12
  187. rise of the tombraider xbox one freeze
  188. Digital is not loading
  189. Rise at 60 FPS on PS4
  190. Celebrate #TombRaider20 at the San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Square Enix Experience
  191. (RUMOUR) ROTTR Release Date on PS4 Leaked
  192. FAQ - Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration
  193. Rise of the Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary PS4 Release
  194. Blood Ties DLC Xbox 360?
  195. Help with Pre-Ordering 20 Year Celebration Edition on SE Store
  196. Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration Announcement Trailer
  197. How Do You Feel?
  198. A PS4 Better Collectors Edition?
  199. Game Issue Fix Request
  200. Presale for Nathan McCree's Tomb Raider - Live in Concert
  201. TR Expedition Cards?
  202. Gear acquired from side (ally) quests not showing in the menu
  203. A kind plea for sensitivity (Warning: Spoilers)
  204. Tomb Raider: 20 years of an Icon, 20 years of Fan Art
  205. So that extra mission for Playstation 4 users...
  206. The bow in this and the previous game is hot garbage
  207. Technical improvements of ROTTR on PS4?
  208. Invalid Key - Help (steam)
  209. Feature Ideas: New Game Plus & Cutscene Viewer
  210. Rise of the Tomb Raider: "Blood Ties" Announcement Trailer
  211. Feature Request for ROTR 20 Year Celebration Edition/Update
  212. Is the Price Right?
  213. How would you feel about Classic Remakes with the Reboot Style (spoilers!)
  214. Gamescom 2016
  215. Official forums exclusive dev Q&A session #28 | 20 year edition questions
  216. Best Stealth kills I've ever had
  217. Xbox one rise of tombraider dlc bug
  218. Hands on with PS4 Rise of the Tomb Raider
  219. Bug impossible démarrer le jeu Xbox One
  220. Rise Of The Tomb Raider - Croft Manor Footage
  221. rise of tomb raider celebrate 20 years
  222. Tomb Raider or Zombie Raider
  223. Gamescom 2016 - TR at the Sony stage
  224. Dead Space's Ian Milham will direct the next Tomb Raider
  225. Will my spec run this game adequately?
  226. Ludonarrative dissonance in tomb raider
  227. Still seeing prompts with Show button hints Off
  228. Samiko Conclusion with Spoilers involving TR11
  229. ROTTR: 20 Year Celebration - 11 Minutes Gamescom Blood Ties Gameplay Demo
  230. Patch Fix or Add On for ROTTR till October 11th
  231. Q&A with Gamescom Theatre Demo
  232. Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 Collector'S Edition on the Horizon?
  233. Upcoming Events
  234. Rise of the Tomb Raider with PS4 Pro mode confirmed!
  235. The Lucky Compromise
  236. Woman Vs. Wild Episode #4: Croft Manor
  237. Help please! What are those yellow broken lines on map?
  238. Playstation Pro 4k Trailer Screeenshots
  239. Endurance Mode... Huh?
  240. Rise of the Tomb Raider 20th Anniversary PC Retail Question
  241. Rise on PS4 - First look!
  242. Whats the reason behind the different Lara faces in one game?
  243. Question About The Artbook You Get With Rise PS4 Preorder
  244. Lara's Nightmare DLC Gameplay
  245. Doubts about the endurance mode co-op
  246. Rise PS4's Abundance of Trophies
  247. Acropolis Grenade Arrow Bug
  248. Rise PS4 launch. Who's excited!!
  249. Co-op Endurance Mode: The Hunger Games
  250. Artbook Edition is a digipack?