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  1. Square Enix announces its own E3 press conference
  2. ROTTR or TR10?
  3. *Answers Live!* Official forums exclusive dev Q&A session #23
  4. la survie? : Impossible !
  5. Crystal Dynamics Newsletter #29
  6. Wanted: Fan artists for commissioned portrait!
  7. ROTTR at E3 Square Enix or ' Microsoft?
  8. ROTTR is a Complete Exclusive, Says Xbox Australia
  9. Differences between 360 and One edition?
  10. Novel: Lara Croft and the Blade of Gwynnever.
  11. Something's coming! Find The Legend Within trailer & Box Art Reveal
  12. Developing of the 360 version stopped?
  13. Box art official?
  14. Language and pronounce discussion thread (swearing, cursing)
  15. Best TR CGI Trailers.
  16. Pre-ordering the game for Xbox 360
  17. Official E3 2015 Ambassador Program
  18. 2015 Ambassador Program - Q&A Thread
  19. E3 2015 General Chat Thread | OP updated June 25
  20. 2015 Ambassador Program - ROTTR Demo Thread | UPDATE: impressions live!
  21. Forum comp #20 - public voting thread
  22. Crystal Dynamics Newsletter #30
  23. Your Latest Games, Gaming Merch and Memorabilia
  24. Would you still buy the 'Underworld' DLC?
  25. Future TR Games Wishlist
  26. Rumoured Rise of the Tomb Raider release date
  27. ROTTR E3 5Min Gameplay
  28. Delay the game
  29. So is Rise of the Tomb Raider going to get a Collector's Edition?
  30. Anymore gameplay?
  31. Boycott of Square Enix games
  32. One Crucial Question for Crystal and Square and i mean this is Important
  33. How old is Lara Croft in Rise of the Tomb Raider?
  34. Rise Of The Tomb Raider villain Discussion
  35. Your style of playing
  36. My Tomb Raider Series fan theory
  37. Jenn Croft Cosplay at E3 2015 with Brian Horton and Meagan Marie
  38. Brian Horton, Noah Hughes E3 GameSpot Award & Message for Fans
  39. E3 Siberian Wilderness Bear Fight 15 Minute Gameplay Demo 1080p
  40. Brian Horton Sits Down with The Know
  41. Lara Catering the Player - Please Crystal/Square make her Stop with Options
  42. The E3 2015 Experience Video Highlight Reel
  43. Daddy Mentioned in ROTTR but what about Mommy - Please not this again Crystal/Square
  44. Polygon live - Rise of the Tomb raider E3 interview
  45. Any Standees or Posters showing up?
  46. No more exclusivity deals
  47. Tomb Raider Rise of,PS4.
  48. Brian Horton Video Interview Square Enix Presents E3 2015 Edited with New Footage
  49. (Rumor) ROTTR coming to PS4 late 2016
  50. Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen, Comic series
  51. Photo Mode in ROTTR
  52. Tomb Raider Community Ambassadors at E3 2015 video impressions
  53. Tomb Raider @ SDCC | Custom TR10 Xbox
  54. Is that the Main Trinity Boss Constantine
  55. E3 Ambassador Blogs [Updated: July 28]
  56. The future of Lara's hair
  57. Thoughts on CD, MS and the timed exclusive deal from a fan and E3 ambassador
  58. Official forums exclusive dev Q&A session #25
  59. Rise of the Tomb Raider Art Book
  60. The reconstruction of Lara Croft
  61. Collector's Edition Announcement?
  62. Notice: Xbox deal discussions
  63. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Dies at 55
  64. My E3 Video Recap (Tomb Raider Ambassador at E3 2015)
  65. Two TR Games - Would you want it
  66. Square Enix Announces ROTTR for PlayStation and PC
  67. Xbox 360 development
  68. What did you think of the trailers?
  69. For the love of Jonah!
  70. PlayStation Plus - Temple Of Osiris Free In August
  71. FGD July 31st 2015 | Free code give-aways!
  72. Gamescom 2015
  73. Bringing Lara To Life
  74. Rise of the Tomb Raider Much Larger Than Last Game, Won't Have Loading Screens
  75. Pre-order Packs thread
  76. The myths of RotTR - your speculations?
  77. Big Tombs Are Back in Rise of the Tomb Raider
  78. Bringing back Lara's iconic dual guns
  79. Lara Croft GO Art Contest
  80. Tomb Raider reboot is a Trilogy arc!!!
  81. Rise Of The Tomb Raider PS4 is Now Up For Pre-order on Amazon.com
  82. Lara Gets To Learn Greek (+ Interesting GamesRadar Video)
  83. Reality vs. The Matrix
  84. Syria Demo! [Could Contain Spoilers!]
  85. Event in Toronto, Canada
  86. money money money
  87. Playing on Xbox One.
  88. Gamescom Q&A
  89. 2015 Event Thread
  90. Rise of the Tomb Raider Tribute - The Savage Side of Me
  91. RotTR / Uncharted
  92. RotTR Collectors Edition Strategy Guide revealed!
  93. Will you be taking forum hiatus after the launch?
  94. Gamescom Stage Demo - Alternate "Advancing Storms" Stealth Version
  95. Looking to make friends
  96. Launch is approaching.
  97. Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for Free with Xbox Games with Gold
  98. Rise of the Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition Announced!
  99. Official ROTTR Retailers and Pre-Order Database / FAQ
  100. Rise of The Tomb Raider resolution and framerate confirmed.
  101. TR10 Language Options
  102. PAX Prime
  103. Please enhance the water simulation
  104. What's the deal with Camilla Luddington?
  105. What is the Supernatural element?
  106. Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox 360 images released.
  107. Xbox One magazine reports no multiplayer in TR10
  108. Ignorant cretins!
  109. ROTTR International Voice Actors
  110. Collectors edition Question...so pumped!
  111. So pumped for Tomb Raider i made this video, have a look see!
  112. Forum comp #21 - The David Irvine Paintover contest
  113. New Rise of The Tomb Raider Xbox One gameplay.
  114. Official Rise of the Tomb Raider Countdown & Launch Party Thread!
  115. test
  116. "Descent into Legend" trailer.
  117. NEW ROTTR gameplay by me! Ft. London Outfit on Seasoned Raider difficulty
  118. Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Rise of the Tomb Raider
  119. Another great preview video!
  120. Tomb gameplay videos
  121. Achievement List
  122. SPOILERS: CD Lead Designer discusses new gameplay features video
  123. New (?) gameplay video [Spoiler]
  124. Xbox One / Xbox 360 differences
  125. Difficulties + controls revealed!
  126. Official forums exclusive dev Q&A session #26
  127. Camera Shake ?
  128. Rise of the Cosplay - Becoming Lara Croft
  129. Dev Blogs
  130. Rise of the Tomb Raider Holiday Bundle confirmed for $399 USD on November 3rd !
  131. MS Digital Pre-orders now available - Season Pass confirmed.
  132. Rise of the Tomb Raider - Tombs, Translation and Training
  133. Xbox Store Lists Additional Card Packs for RotTR
  134. RotTR Extra Game Modes confirmed
  135. Rise of the Tomb Raider composer, Bobby Tahouri: Soundtrack preview.
  136. Rise of the Tomb Raider Has Gone Gold!
  137. Option to disable all QTE's on the PC version.
  138. Microtransactions in ROTTR
  139. 14 Minutes of Rise of the Tomb Raider Gameplay (spoilers)
  140. GameSpot's week of reveals.
  141. What platform are you planning to play TR10 Rise on first?
  142. Holy Fire Card Pack
  143. [Possible Spoilers] The First 27 Minutes of Rise of the Tomb Raider.
  144. New ROTTR 360 screenshots!
  145. Xbox One Achievement Tiles revealed
  146. Seriously cool, but nothing for Rise?
  147. Woman vs. Wild - Episode 1, 2 & 3 SPOILERS AHOY!
  148. Rise of the Tomb Raider Instagram Experience
  149. Rise of the Tomb Raider Online Experience - Lara's Research / Obsession Wall
  150. Rise "Video Puzzle"
  151. Freely-licensed media sources for use in other sites
  152. Survival Billboard?
  153. Collector's Edition Unboxing!
  154. IGN's Rise Of The Tomb Raider Coverage (Puzzle spoiler alert )
  155. Rise of the Tomb Raider Ps4 collectors edition?
  156. quick note
  157. Deals, Bundles & In Store Displays
  158. Rise of the Tomb Raider Launch Trailer
  159. Yeah Yeah Yeahs Frontwoman Writes and Records Original Song for ROTTR
  160. My Fan-Made Rise of the Tomb Raider Launch Trailer
  161. If anyone is interested [Gameplay]
  162. Win a one of a kind custom crafted Xbox One console
  163. Tomb Raider - Lara Croft's Top 5 Dangerous Moments
  164. *** Note: new dedicated spoilers forum section ***
  165. Exclusive edition art book ??
  166. Xbox 360 Gameplay
  167. Rise of The Tomb Raider Season Pass Available to Buy (UK).
  168. Rise of the Tomb Raider - "Legend Within" Television Ad
  169. Rise of the Tomb Raider - "Confident" Launch Trailer (Fanmade)
  170. Any Chance the Classic outfits make a return ?
  171. The ROTTR Review Discussion Thread
  172. Lara Croft: Feminist Hero - Interview with Rhianna Pratchette
  173. Hack The Ice event in Hong Kong with Meagan Marie & Jenn Croft, live on Twitch
  174. Collector's Edition Shipping Issues
  175. Karen O - I Shall Rise [Rise of the Tomb Raider Theme Song Music Video]
  176. Season Pass Issues?
  177. FREE Revolver Skin
  178. Melonie Mac is streaming Rise at Crystal Dynamics
  179. Real Lara(s)
  180. I don't know how you gamepaders do it
  181. Interactive Broadcasting Features
  182. Lara Croft GO - 60% off to celebrate Rise
  183. Head Bobbing
  184. If I have both digital and physical copies on Xbox One, would they conflict ?
  185. Explorer card pack issue.
  186. [Possible Spoilers] Best Kills in Rise of The Tomb Raider
  187. Rise Pop-Up Sleeve?!
  188. Escape from Siberia - Real Life Rise of the Tomb Raider
  189. RotTR Pre-order DLC issue - help please.
  190. Anyone got the ROTTR XBox One bundle? Request
  191. All I can say is.....
  192. The quality of the Collector's Edition is a bit disappointing.
  193. Steelbook Edition Disappointment
  194. Is it possible to get 100% after completing the story?
  195. Just beat the game
  196. Very disappointed with the ROTTR CE
  197. Finished ROTTR and boy did i like it
  198. Ugh
  199. Rise of The Tomb Raider Xbox One Windows 10 Oculus Rift VR dual head trackers
  200. Tomb Raider Memes
  201. RoTTR Collector's Edition is the biggest middle finger Square Enix has ever given.
  202. Avid Shopper Achievement
  203. Score Attack mode
  204. The strangest game review I have ever read is for ROTTR!
  205. Ideas for DLC items from the season pass.
  206. Will Conan review Rise?
  207. Rise of the TR is awesome
  208. ROTTR advertisement french TV ZOMG
  209. Creating Lara Croft in The Sims 4
  210. Rope ice Pick
  211. For Achievement hunters - warning!
  212. Square don't care
  213. Community Screenshots
  214. The ROTTR DLC Discussion Thread
  215. Petition to release the game for PS3
  216. Can anyone explain to me why the game's Siberians seem to have been raised in Iowa?
  217. Rise of Tomb Raider Season Pass
  218. [Official TR10 Praise & Thanks Thread] Man... ROTTR was such a joy to play through
  219. Online Download on xbox360 not in german
  220. Tomb Raider Black Friday Sales - Comics, CE, T-Shirts, Hoodies!
  221. In game message "received life and death pack go to the marketplace to redeem"
  222. how exactly do double shot and triple shot work?
  223. How do you craft the Siberian Ranger Outfit?
  224. My ROTTR Review
  225. TR10 Sales Discussion Thread
  226. Rise's Baba Yaga Story DLC to Debut at Game Awards
  227. Gear Up Guides - Outfits in Rise of the Tomb Raider
  228. What's in the Square Enix Online Store 2015 Holiday Surprise Box?
  229. Good game, characters are a bit of a letdown
  230. Endurance Mode achievements released
  231. Valenka's Review for Rise of the Tomb Raider (9.5/10)
  232. What you did of bad Yuri Gagarin?
  233. New outfit available: Blue Henley
  234. Rise of the Tomb Raider (Voice) Actors question
  235. DLC outfits taken down after accidental early release
  236. Rise Demo now available on the Xbox store
  237. Preorder DLC still available
  238. Liana K's "A Closer Look At Lara Croft"
  239. Merry Christmas Card from Crystal Dynamics
  240. Are Tomb Raider reboots trying to do to much?
  241. Lara & Me :D
  242. Steam gives PC release month as January 2016
  243. G.I.'s "Afterwords: 'Rise of the Tomb Raider'"
  244. More maps for Endurance Mode
  245. Rise comes to PC on January 28
  246. I have a question about supported languages for PC Version of ROTTR.
  247. Thank you for releasing a PC DVD version
  248. Tomb Raider Steam Pre-Order Purchase
  249. is my xbox disc faulty??
  250. I need help with collector edition PC