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  8. This game is amazing
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  13. When are they all done?
  15. Concept Art Max better than In-game Max
  16. The music is excellent!
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  19. The future
  20. Compelling and wonderful
  21. Two Whales Diner | Off-topic Chat
  22. Very underrated(for me atleast)
  23. Arcadia: What's In A Name
  24. Great game! Thank you!
  25. Max should appear to teleport
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  28. "Open letter" about this Games
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  32. Traduzione italiana! Italian translation!
  33. Observations That I have Noted Thus Far.
  34. Max and the Doe
  35. Oops! There Goes The Neighbourhood!
  36. What is important in a game? **Minor spoilers, ep1**
  37. Can I Just Say Thank You?
  38. FAn theory links from the net.
  39. Life IS Strange
  40. Theory about Samuel the janitor
  41. I don't trust Samuel (Spoilers just in case)
  42. Questions On the Rewind Power
  43. Max Needs to Get Out of This School!
  44. Marathon Mode?
  45. Any Entomologists Out There?
  46. Choices not following through
  47. Are there any plans to put Life is Strange on mobile platforms?
  48. Just bought the season pass, can someone please help?
  49. Also want to thank you for this special game
  50. Episode 5 happened before the first 4 episodes?
  51. Screenshots
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  53. Butterfly Photo
  54. Rachel In The Dark Room
  55. I need help after finishing the 3. Episode of Life Is strange
  56. Groundhog Week -> Solar Eclipse (Spoilers 1-3)
  57. IGN Teaching us how to get the best ending?
  58. im scared to play this game again. advice please
  59. Samuel and Mr. Jefferson
  60. Life is Strange Soundtrack links
  61. funny thing just happened to me!
  62. Advice for a novice guitar player?
  63. [spoilers] Red binders and the whodunit
  64. See my gameplay?
  65. Life imitates Art
  66. Katesvid.com was real
  67. #FriendsForLife
  68. I'm loving the freedom to reverse time.
  69. Thoughts on the Possible Ending to Life is Strange
  70. Placeholder for Destiny
  71. So I've been twisting Life is Strange into having a non-canon character...me.
  72. Life Is Strange Comic Book?
  73. Loving it!
  74. [spoiler] The gun?!
  75. Chloe's Spirit Animal
  76. Life is Strange on E3
  77. If Anyone is Confused on the Term: Polarized...
  78. Ambiguity and Limitations of Max's powers
  79. Favorite Line?
  80. Favourite character?
  81. first post and first LIS art attempt...Max and Spock
  82. Hmmm. Anyone This Timeline Is The Least Bit Good? SPOILERS
  83. Rachel's 20th birthday!
  84. Minor plothole?
  85. I Am Crying Right Now (Just Watched the Trailer) (Trailer Sorta Analysis)
  86. Retail Disc Collection
  87. Rachel Story DLC
  88. Max's Shirt (SPOILERS)
  89. A Newbie's Fan Theory
  90. Missed Opportunity
  91. Life is Strange Episode 4 release times
  92. Thank you!
  93. Couple o' suggestions (& DLC?)
  94. Danas baby...mr jefferson
  95. Life is Strange and Twin Peaks share the same universe.
  96. What about a community marathon of episode 1-4?
  97. Russian subtitles in Life is Strange
  98. A love letter to the makers.
  99. Siding with David
  100. Alyssa to the Rescue?
  101. Life is Strange Episodes in 10 Minutes
  102. Life is Strange season 2 plot!
  103. OST
  104. Warren and Max *Spoiler*
  105. 4k Screenshots
  106. 1 month 29 days
  107. Post Your Screenshots!
  108. This game saved my life
  109. A Song That I Would LOVE To Hear In The 5th Episode
  110. Theories? No! Just Sticky Toffee!
  111. Buying "Life is Strange" as a gift?
  112. Is Mr. Jefferson really 46!?
  113. Merchandise
  114. Some things that irritate me about this game.
  115. A thank you letter for the devs!
  116. Life is Strange in your language
  117. Imagine if episode 5 opened like this...
  118. Max VS Nathan in Overgrowth mod (WIP)
  119. Max's camera
  120. Save File Help Please!
  121. My own thoughts for Life is Strange
  122. Theory
  123. This song NEEDS to be in Episode 5!!!
  124. Max's Powers
  125. What a MASTERPIECE
  126. Parallels and similarities. *Spoilers*
  127. this is why you need to revoke my photoshop priveleges
  128. so how many times has everyone replayed this game?
  129. Retail release?
  131. Few website updates
  132. So the voice acting so far...
  133. Potential Diagnosis for Nathan Prescott
  134. How did Mr. Jefferson get there so fast?
  135. Chloe lives? Chloe dies?
  136. An Idea to help Intel HD Graphics users with the Focus Issue
  137. Is Max the only one with the power to rewind? **SPOILER**
  138. Tourist Geek
  139. Life is Strange - Golden Joystick Awards
  140. The forum gets a new look!
  141. Still haven't played the 4th episode...But I don't want this game to end !!!
  142. Important Decisions
  143. OST Life is Strange Cover by DOLKINS
  144. The strange dreams of Life is Strange
  145. Life is Strange Pictures
  146. My thoughts.. Life is Strange
  147. [Idea] Life is Strange in VR
  148. Chloe's death was all a dream... Max has just woken up from it.
  149. An amazing Life is Strange ASMR.
  150. [Video Tribute] MISSING (Spoilers)
  151. Jefferson / Chloe Relationship
  152. Late to the party.
  153. Interview with Ms. Hannah Telle. Audio.
  154. Life Is Strange - TIGA Games Industry Awards
  155. Merchandising Products?
  156. [spoiler] ep5 dig scene glitch
  157. Chloe's debt (3000 dollars) question - money from future?
  158. Introduce Yourself
  159. Max causing disasters? or Disasters causing Max's powers? [Spoilers]
  160. Happy Birthday Max!
  161. My ramblings on Life is Strange
  162. Polarized to be released October 20th
  163. Live Action series based on Life is Strange
  164. Tribute to Chloe Price
  165. Young Max's memory (spoiler)
  166. Main Theme (Life Is Strange) Guitar Tab
  167. Drawing of Max
  168. Life is Strange : Chloe has to Die Mini-Theory
  169. Personal interactions with Characters. (Spoilers?)
  170. Something's been bothering me about Rachel...
  171. Composition "End Of Chaos" (Life is Strange)
  172. End Of The World Party REMIX!
  173. Native American Myth
  174. Paint footprints
  175. Video edits
  176. Theories and more!
  177. Music pack
  178. Achievement Photos Question
  179. Is there a transcript of this game anywhere?
  180. Thank you guys: an open letter to Dontnod and Square Enix [SPOILER INSIDE]
  181. Dear developers ...
  182. Episode 1-5 Optional Photos Collectible Guide
  183. Maybe there is a chance we get a Director's cut at some point in the future? :)
  184. Life Is Strange Official Merchandise! RANT!!
  185. Max's Powers Explained (Sort Of)
  186. Favorite outfit for Max?
  187. Tribute to Dontnod and personal reviews [May contain Spoilers]
  188. The devs are quiet?
  189. [Spoilers] Disappointment.
  190. Narrative though environment.
  191. Head-Cannon Ships
  192. How many times did you play each episode?
  193. Some thoughts on my experiences with the game.
  194. Finale was great, BUT... [spoilers]
  195. Give Ashly Burch and Oscar
  196. Extended ending/additional content for Life is Strange change.org petition
  197. How would you rate the whole game, after finishing episode 5?
  198. POLL: Life is Strange season 2/DLC
  199. A Well Deserved Thank You to the makers of this game.
  200. Most favorite moment in the game?
  201. Thelma and Louise references?
  202. "Real" Arcadia Bay
  203. Interesting Photo inspiration for LiS?
  204. I don't think that Max and Chloe are lesbians. (SPOILERS)
  205. Physical console release?
  206. after finishing the game, i think i need some help.. [spoiler]
  207. EMPTY
  208. Interview with Ashly Burch
  209. Favourite song from the game?
  210. POLL: You would like a prequel/sequel based in Max becoming Rachel?
  211. Chloe & Max Tribute (Hans Zimmer)
  212. Third ending (spoiler)
  213. Vidoe to Chloe and Max
  214. End Of The World Party REMIX!
  215. i don't think there's hope of a change..
  216. Hoping for a physical copy release
  217. Game science
  218. Relating to our protagonist.
  219. IMHO about shortcomings of LiS...
  220. Plot twist for season two if using season 1 cast
  221. Life is Strange in zombie apocalypse?
  222. This game made me cry, but not from what you might expect. (Spoilers)
  223. Questions about Jefferson and plot (big spoilers)
  224. Life is Strange Extra Life Contest Terms US
  225. Life is Strange Extra Life Contest Terms EU
  226. The future Maxine Caulfield.
  227. Rachel's letter confirmed individual.
  228. What should be the Life is Strange Season Two.
  229. Some guy's been playing LIS with his non-gamer mother and recording it.
  230. Life is Strange Limited Edition listed on Amazon
  231. LiS 2?
  232. Life is Strange 2 confirmed by Dontnod.
  233. After seeing the Ltd Edition,
  234. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the main antagonist; Mr. Jefferson
  235. Congratz to devs on making it solid at Global Game Awards
  236. Limited edition PC version will have Trophies in Steam?
  237. Masterpiece
  238. Limited Edition Question
  239. New Game + with third ending (spoilers)
  240. Great LiS Cosplay/Fan video
  241. No more life is strange?
  242. Preview video of Japanese Dub
  243. limited edition question
  244. Merry Christmas
  245. consequences of rewind? (Time travelling) (ep.1 spoilers.)
  246. Life is Strange-Unreal Engine 4-Playable Level
  247. Life is Strange Funfictions - must read!
  248. Make more games like Life is Strange Please
  249. Life is Strange Sequel- Where Would Max Go From Here?
  250. A blind playthrough of Life Is Strange