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  1. PS4 load times...
  2. Thief Technical Forum - Read First
  3. Game crashes upon completing wait bar after starting a new game.
  4. Controls and FOV
  5. Crash on New Game or Benchmark
  6. Nothing in Brazilian Portuguese?
  7. Theif (steam) crashes on launch without error message.
  8. Fixed my crashing problems
  9. general bug reporting thread
  10. Text glitch with AMD Crossfire enabled
  11. Crashing
  12. FPS issues (avg 6.4).
  13. Stuck *Spoilers*
  14. Crashes when I click play
  15. Crashing on Startup
  16. Bug? Sounds missing?
  17. Stuck in the Intro
  18. inkingSquare Enix message
  19. Can you say "cold shower"?
  20. Config Files, Ultra Low Custom Settings?
  21. [PC] Thief - Can't get past certain spot in Chpt. 4 [SPOILERS]
  22. Thief stuck at "This game uses an auto-save feature"
  23. cutscens bug
  24. Stuck
  25. Forcing game to use DirectX 10
  26. thief 0xc000007b
  27. PS3 Sound is Very Bad
  28. [Xbox One] Freezes in the prologue
  29. Horrible performance (PC)
  30. Xbox One Cutscenes audio issues
  31. Can not draw Bow
  32. [PS4] FPS Unlock
  33. PC Freezes on chapter 2
  34. Sound missing from Cutscenes.
  35. Where is Thief support on the official Square Enix Support Center?
  36. Excessive Choppiness, Lag, Stuttering & Slow Performance on PC
  37. Install Thief to 360 Hard Drive?
  38. House of Blossoms Podium Bug
  39. Refresh rate issue.
  40. no replys
  41. Unable to proceed (XBOX 360)
  42. I won't stop swooping/dashing when moving
  43. Massive slowdown issues - patch?
  44. Sound Propagation on PC Really Poor?
  45. PS3 R2 Button not working randomly
  46. Strange loading on PC
  47. Things in crouch mode are closer than they appear
  48. PS4 Framrate dips and studders (b4 and after day 1 patch)
  49. Sound whining/buzzing
  50. Garrett's got sticky feet
  51. Unable to jump down [PC]
  52. FPS & Benchmark on Notebook MSI GT70 20D
  53. Keymapping issue and loading
  54. Mouse Cursor Issue
  55. PC Bugs List
  56. Game drops at loading screen
  57. Adjusting bightness XBox One
  58. Big Safe in Chapter 8
  59. Objectives update popups and Getting caught
  60. Horrible performance on PC.
  61. Official THIEF Game Manuals
  62. Chapter 2 Freezing Xbox One
  63. Shadow Glitch
  64. Stuck in the intro
  65. Headbob + Camera shake
  66. Display Glitch (PC)
  67. Pre-load Complete; unreleased
  68. Cutscenes very lagging, off sync and game is way too choppy and slow. CPU uses 100%
  69. Cannot load game next to sleeping guard
  70. [PS4] Bank Heist Code doesn't work
  71. Text bug
  72. Physically Stuck in a Vent (Spoiler)
  73. chapter 3 loading screen. Game crashing!!! Xbox one
  74. PC - Lost my QuickSave progress in Chapter 2
  75. Thief progress completely lost after 8hrs
  76. Game does NOT work.
  77. Stuck on chapter 3 cannot get past
  78. Thief PC forgets Invert MOUSE Y-AXIS ON setting & first key presses not detected
  79. Stuck in Chapter 2 with No Alerts ON (mild spoiler alert)
  80. Mini map and map issues in PS4. Huge Problem
  81. Save game/loading bug
  82. thief wont install from disc
  83. Thief companion app
  84. PC - Did I miss any cutscenes in first mission or two?
  85. Discovered Bugs - Feel Free to Post
  86. Cutscene Audio Tied to Music Volume
  87. PS4 White textuire flashing when turning
  88. Patch for Thief, v1.1 build 4110.1
  89. Unbelievably bad performance
  90. Crashes on Startup
  91. 1st lockpick not working
  92. This game needs sound filters.
  93. Nvidia Colorful Sceen Freeze
  94. SSAA bug, ugly fog in Chapter 6, w/ v1.1
  95. Failure to Start
  96. Plans to fix audio issues?
  97. Terrible frame rates especially on SLI
  98. Cannot map keyboard
  99. Save Game Location
  100. The Performance Issues thread
  101. Game has bouts of extremely bad stuttering and FPS drops
  102. cannot put away throwables
  103. HUD disappeared
  104. Stuck on a rope, and can't drop off
  105. No Audio or Subtitles When People Speak
  106. Thief 4 Pickpocketing closes the game...
  107. Botched thief release, cant run offline
  108. Infinite Loading Screen/Crash
  109. Disappearing NPCs
  110. Thief won't start (Steam)
  111. Pickpocket crash in Prologue
  112. Square Enix is aware of the game-save looping problem
  113. Disappearing loot in prologue
  114. I am having performace issues.
  115. Booster Packs DLC issue
  116. Chapter 3 Bug
  117. unable to complete some of basso's jobs
  118. Random text in menus
  119. How do I start the 32bit version in steam?
  120. Thief Bug door
  121. Black Screen then Crash to Desktop on Startup (Both Thief and Tomb Raider)
  122. Impossible to ghost "Steal the automatons voice box"
  123. A Lady's Bequest progression bug.
  124. Not available on Xbox One store!
  125. BaseEngine.ini
  126. Can't disable lock picking helper
  127. Any Way to Change Difficulty Via INI File(s)?
  128. Essential tweaks and fixes for the PC version.
  129. Texture rezzing glitches
  130. .Ini files, tweakable ? where ?
  131. Crash during courtyard sequence in the Prologue
  132. Oculus Rift settings found!
  133. Can't get out - when ropes are Missing
  134. Shadow glitch
  135. Please give Steam keys
  136. Light/shadow bug making the game unplayable
  137. Massive Performance Problems
  138. PC - Chapter 3 - QuickLoad placed me in a closed gate door
  139. Game wont run
  140. Cutscene Subtitle Lag Problem
  141. Is there a way to start the game without the launcher?
  142. Can't play game or access options
  143. PS4 - Ongoing Bugs and Issues Thread
  144. Started back at chapter one
  145. Thief crashes once the main menu starts
  146. Crash on Load
  147. Rewriting quicksaves upon loading different level
  148. The "Steam won't even load the game up" thread.
  149. Game Crash When Pickpocketting guard..
  150. Start game in black screen but only game music playing...
  151. Thief 4 freezing every so often
  152. Keyboard partially unresponsive
  153. FPS FIX!
  154. x button on controller
  155. Save games location?
  156. Xbox360: Can't proceed to chapter 2
  157. Game not starting due to d3d11.dll error
  158. Massive amounts of stuttering - PC version
  159. REQUEST: Disabling The Cloak via ini files
  160. Collectible glitches
  161. Thief crashes while loading new game
  162. Horribly broken audio
  163. [Áudio Problems] [PS3 DIGITAL VERSION] HELP!
  164. PC - Years showing improperly (e.g., NRy834)?
  165. no voice audio
  166. Saving and Loading Games (Poor Usability) - PC
  167. thief don't start
  168. Too much VRAM !
  169. Keyboard Mappings: Turning left and right?
  170. Controller + mouse issues
  171. PC Overheating - Restart
  172. Glitch problem
  173. Whats with the Thief 32bit/64bit poor performance
  174. game too much slow
  175. Unable to open Vault in The bank Hiest
  176. Bugs so far (Eyefinity and CF)
  177. Very low textures when using Virtu MVP Pro regardless of the actual in-game settings
  178. FPS too low
  179. thief crashing very frequently
  180. soundtracks aren't loaded
  181. Help im stuck on a pole
  182. Doesn't detect controller
  183. Customers from Gamersgate not getting Serials
  184. PC: Thief crashes at cutscene in prologue
  185. Take a Fence & Lady’s Bequest - Uncompletable
  186. Black Screen
  187. Where are cutscenes located?
  188. Minimap rotation backwards
  189. Trilinear Filtering on PS4 is a JOKE!
  190. is BenchMark module broken ?!
  191. Thief: Second misson just repeats
  192. game crashes when loading stonemarket
  193. Game crashes trying to enter Chapter Two - Dust to Dust
  194. bank heist DLC disappearing desk bug - XboxONE
  195. Game crashing while playing
  196. HOW to fix?
  197. Crashing to Blue Screen when loading an area/reloading after death
  198. PS4 Chapter 2 crash.
  199. Extreme lag
  200. FPS Issue Fix
  201. Keyboard keys getting stuck.
  202. Stuck in Chapter 3 at Ruins. (No Rope)
  203. Missing Poet Side Quest Broken
  204. Saved games aren't capturing all the details correctly
  205. Shadows not casting in proper direction - PC
  206. Open Letter: The Peril of Autosave
  207. Thief graphics bug!
  208. Thief graphics bug!
  209. smuggler's map eels end glitched?
  210. Why is it Garrett doesn want to jump properly????
  211. Game crashes after loading chapter two
  212. Stuck in chapter 2
  213. Chapter 3: No escaping was done that day
  214. Stereoscopic 3D Bugs/Issues Thread
  215. Still crashing after patch
  216. Xbox one code
  217. Xbox one code
  218. Game Crashes Consistently After Clocktower
  219. PC Xbox Controller Fault - Run / Crouch / Jump
  220. Can't play the game - stuck Auto-save feat.
  221. Intuition focus upgrade 2 not showing hand prints
  222. How do i get off the ledge on the beginning of the game after the room with the birds
  223. Can't load saved game
  224. Surround Sound?
  225. City NPC "random" dialog going into a unending loop
  226. Random crashes on XBOX ONE
  227. Unlink the music volume from the in game videos please
  228. Thief Performance Tweaking Info and Questions
  229. Missing crossfire suport
  230. Smuggler Ma:p Eel's End XBOX ONE glitched
  231. xbox one issues
  232. FPS
  233. Two "Glitches" I Need Help With
  234. Crashing at Startup
  235. Hilarious house of blossoms bug
  236. Attn: Devs. Bugs to fix ASAP, please!
  237. Chapter 4
  238. XBOX One - Crashing on 2nd scene; leaving the clock tower
  239. Screen fades to black when walking into shadows
  240. Game Restart Bug
  241. Game freezing when trying to manually save 100 games - PC
  242. No sound and freezing during cut scenes
  243. Game hangs during loading after Chapter 6 cutscene.
  244. Glass bug
  245. Sound of Thunder is MISSING from the Game Along with Other Sounds
  246. Please help me
  247. Bug: NPCs stop patrolling
  248. 64bit and some focus related bugs.
  249. Thief cannot start when Steam is not running.
  250. I can't swoop! (PC version)