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  1. cut scene glitch
  2. Light/shadow bug
  3. Can't turn wheels with the mouse !(spoilers)!
  4. Thief not working like it should (fps)
  5. 99 saved games, crash to desktop
  6. No monologue
  7. Thief crashes at beginning of Chapter 1 Meet Basso...
  8. Weird game glitch your support team asked me to post here for the dev team.
  9. Stuck on pre main menu. HELP PLEASE!!
  10. (PC) Crash on Chapter 2
  11. 3rd Response from Square Enix re: Sounds cutting out during Cutscenes
  12. Can't Jump
  13. Please help me
  14. game freezes immediately at load screen
  15. Black screenshots in exclusive full screen mode
  16. Disappearing Throwables
  17. Companion app showing wrong statistics
  18. Thief 2014 keeps crashing on load screens
  19. Black screen on start up
  20. amaturer trying to get theif 4 running
  21. Benchmark Flickering Textures
  22. I would like an official response about Smuggler's Map: Eel's End, please.
  23. Interactive elements are black some times
  24. XBOX controller issues using a pc
  25. [PS4] Frame-pacing issues and poor texture filtering
  26. Game crashes behind a load screen
  27. Swoop control issues
  28. Trouble leaving eastwick manor
  29. Second Patch for Thief, v1.2 build 4116.4
  30. Why are you ignoring all the sound issues?
  31. Autosave Glitching AI
  32. something not working right....
  33. I seriously have to ask what is going on with the game keeping stats?
  34. Thief crashing immediately after intro videos
  35. BUG: Object Highlights
  36. dirty little secrets bug
  37. Can only access QUIT GAME
  38. Request: Stitch together the City Hub
  39. Unsurmountable freeze - can't progress (SPOILERS)
  40. Thief Companion App - how do I link it to my game?
  41. Bandage.
  42. Right-Mouse Movement
  43. PS3 Job error
  44. HELP! Game Save Gone (360)
  45. HELP! Game Save Gone (360)
  46. Blue Screen of Death when launching
  47. crash on level 6 barons study
  48. Pls fix the lot of Problems with the Sound!
  49. Painting on wall fades away when i get close.
  50. Game crashes consistently at House of Blossoms podium section
  51. please help...save issues
  52. Thief patch date confirmed, Mantle and TrueAudio incoming
  53. Thief crashing during loadup
  54. Save bug
  55. AUDIO ISSUES - collecting them to one place for the developers (for patchwork).
  56. Few bugs I noticed!
  57. 'Bank Heist' bugs
  58. Game Bug - can't lift window
  59. BUG: The Focus bonus of hand-prints does not work if SSAA enabled
  60. Cut Scene Freezes
  61. Thief will not start from Steam
  62. Stuck on the auto save screen
  63. Direct X Problem
  64. Direct X Problem
  65. Cannot disable loot glint
  66. Red Bar of Death XBOX 360
  67. jerky, slow, stilted gameplay
  68. Third Patch for Thief, v1.3 build 4118.5
  69. My First Impressions of Mantle and True Audio
  70. Patch 1.3 and AMD 14.3 beta => Kaveri crossfire?
  71. AMD HD3D right eye blacked out
  72. Collectors lodge - stuck in basement, cannot climb ladder ?
  73. Game loads a black screen, then freezes
  74. UI flicker with new patch.
  75. Full PC freeze on Chapter 2 and Xbox360 controller failure
  76. Audio Out of Synch
  77. Basso Job: White Sail's documents missing.
  78. I would appreciate an answer; not happy with this forums
  79. In the General's office in the foundary
  80. Spectral Aspect broken on Master/Custom settings?
  81. Limit texture quality ?!
  82. Issue with Direct3D
  83. climbing that ladder
  84. Chapter 2 Crash [xbox360]
  85. Anti-Heroes Journey
  86. PC shuts itself down
  87. Bugs in PS4 version and lousy support but Great Game!
  88. Chap 3 bug, can't continue
  89. TrueAudio not working
  90. my focus abilities dont work
  91. Chapter 3 Escape
  92. Stupid PS4 Save Game Bug Cost 12 hours of work. And support is PATHETIC.
  93. Thief pc box version
  94. Mouse Problems
  95. No video upon loading save on Xbox One
  96. Secret Area Jingle Not Playing - Need Help
  97. Thief Xbox wont start
  98. Also got Red Bar of Death
  99. I cant beat chapter 4 because of this glitch/bug spoilers
  100. The widespread save looping issue.
  101. How big is the Bank Heist Download (PS4)
  102. red bar at the top of the screen
  103. chapter 6 broken on xbox one
  104. Chapter 7 the hidden city chapter start save bug....
  105. Is eidos being hacked??
  106. Can't load chapter 3 [XONE]
  107. New Issue, its all coming down... :ebil:
  108. Game doesn't start
  109. Please HELP, please
  110. Thief Error
  111. Update regarding recent save game issues
  112. Bank Heist Missing
  113. Eidos Officials please respond to this (spoilers)
  114. Get a refund for downloaded game? Loop glitch
  115. Fourth PC Patch for Thief, v1.4 build 4133.3
  116. 1st April Thief Save game problem
  117. Patch 1.4 Game saves/loads, but quick-save is now ignored
  118. Game crashes on startup
  119. 4 patches for the PC but none for PS4?
  120. LAST Eidos Montreal Game I Buy. Any way to get a REFUND?
  121. Frozen on Chapter 6
  122. Need 100% completed save game file due to looping bug
  123. Game crashing upon loading a save?
  124. Mission 8 strangeness (PROBS BIG SPOILERS!!! NOT COMPLETED GAME? DON'T READ!)
  125. Area transition looping issue on PS3
  126. PS3 Bugs (I’m unable to play THIEF at all.)
  127. HELP! Need Thief to recognize my save files!
  128. Random minor XB1 bug causes game freeze
  129. PS3 version : saving at chapter 8
  130. Chapter 6 Safe Ghosting No Suspicions (Video Spoiler)
  131. Red Bar of Death
  132. HELP DEMANDED! Auto/quicksave crashes the game!
  133. Saved games reloads me back to start of chapter 5 (Xbox One)
  134. companion app also stuck on april 1st
  135. Press X to... problem.
  136. Help? Please? Central Tower Stairs Wheel will NOT turn!
  137. Mini-Map keeps turning off
  138. Thief Mantle crash on Level Loads
  139. end of save load, game crashes to XB1 home screen
  140. "Load Last Save" not working correctly
  141. LOST PURCHASES please fix
  142. Thief for PS3 - manual save gone/ruined game..
  143. Can't get past the prologue.
  144. Strange save overwrite
  145. game save for defeating thief taker as rogue
  146. Suddenly the game won´t start
  147. SCEA/SCEE PS3 Patch 01.02 (23/04/2014)
  148. 360 Title Update (23/04/2014)
  149. SCEA/SCEE PS4 Patch 01.02 (23/04/2014)
  150. Mouse not smooth
  151. STAND BUG [chapter 3]
  152. Can't remap controls
  153. Dieb
  154. (Random) game crashes
  155. Random game crashes
  156. Can't jump across the roof
  157. Puzzles abort game
  158. Mantle Crossfire Support - UPDATE: new AMD beta 14.6 driver
  159. Mantle Problem
  160. PS4 Game crashes when loading save.
  161. PC specs
  162. Sound Settings for Sound Blaster Z series
  163. Stuck on Chapter 3, Dirty Little Secrets
  164. chapter 3: stuck due to a game bug
  165. Any news on the Xbox One patch?
  166. Bug
  167. Chapter 1 Jewelry store question - resolved
  168. Newspapers missing after final chapter (MINOR SPOILER)
  169. Crash on loading save games, I have tried everything
  170. Timing issue at the end of chapter 6
  171. Theif bug preventing further progression
  172. Dirty Secrets
  173. PC - stuck on loading screen for new game - resolved
  174. Game crashes on PC
  175. Thief Download crashes (can't download) on Steam
  176. Thief PS4 issue
  177. Getting stuck when loading game...
  178. Fifth Patch for Thief, v1.5 build 4158.5
  179. Xbox 1 stuck on autosave screen (FIXED)
  180. AI can see through walls
  181. Stuck in Chapter8
  182. Last secret location in Chapter 4 glitched?
  183. House of Blossoms.
  184. Stuttering/Hitching In The City Part 1
  185. Thief 4 PC Jump issue.
  186. Thief 1.5, ATI Catalyst 14.6, Mantle & Stereoscopic 3D
  187. New Nvidia Beta driver and Save game...
  188. Bug or error in Chapter 2...Please help!
  189. Stuck at Generals Strong Box
  190. Thief has no sound or subtitles, but the background sound works fine
  191. Game shuts down on the first mission
  192. animations lag on xbox 360
  193. New players..Having Saved game crashes? Read here!
  194. Can not steal the guard in chapter 1
  195. updates for game (mostly tech/mechanics)
  196. not getting reward for objectives.
  197. hello, i have problem
  198. hello, i have problem and admins or mods can help
  199. Game crashed when I hit play on the client.
  200. Schwerer Fehler: Direct3D konnte nicht initialisiert werden!
  201. lockpicking problem in prologue (ps3)
  202. Xbox One Title Update (25/06/2014)
  203. Can't progress past Chapter Ends - X box 360
  204. Game crashes five minutes into Prologue every time!
  205. XB1 crash to dashboard - ch1: Stonemarket
  206. Xbox one game crash each time
  207. Performance all over the place(PC).
  208. Disable button mash on windows?
  209. Rule of Thumb side-mission is glitched
  210. Chapter 2 crash - Save file corrupt patch 1.5
  211. stuck on loading screen
  212. Chapter 6 freezes (xbox one)
  213. finders keepers not unlocked
  214. can't see mantle option available after updating driver
  215. Sixth Patch for Thief, v1.6 build 4158.14
  216. Open console & NoHUD??
  217. Cannot record thief with fraps.
  218. Cannot save
  219. Lockpicking with focus is broken, impossible to do
  220. Unable to select TrueAudio
  221. Thief saves
  222. Unresolved Menu Scrolling Issue
  223. Fatal Error: Failed to initialize Direct3D.
  224. Thief will not re-install
  225. Thief chapter 6 burning bridge bug/issue
  226. stuck clock tower - help!
  227. Help game crshes
  228. Right mouse button doesn't work!!
  229. 0% Utilization on GPU2
  230. Problem with Thief
  231. Burning bridge problem...
  232. Thief Crashes on Loading Savegame
  233. Thief Problems
  234. Obsessive compulsive
  235. WHY Corrupted Saved!! on Xbox 360
  236. Strafing left constantly
  237. Seventh Patch for Thief, v1.7 build 4158.21
  238. hief like 6 Months ago, Still cant play it.
  239. Thief, Crash when trying to use Mantle
  240. Thief graphic glitch and poor texture
  241. Upside-down Mini-map Bug
  242. Poppy stock disappears after Chapter 5
  243. Thief Water Arrow Prologue
  244. PS3 Sound Glitch Fix - I got it covered.
  245. PS3 R2 Lock Issues
  246. CTRL key/ SNEAK command stopped working after reinstall
  247. Mantle corruption and AI issues
  248. Draw Distance Bug??
  249. help me please in chapter 7 is a bug? help me
  250. unstable stereoscopic 3D mode disable itself while playing game !