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  1. Eyefinity+Crossfire=broken game
  2. problem not start after the launch screen
  3. HELP : Stuck in geothermal caverns
  4. Japanese Language pack (UK)
  5. Loss of Rope Arrows
  6. Shanty Town bug at gate - random molotovs out of nowhere.
  7. Cheaters list
  8. Solarii fortress and gas tank glitch on xbox 360
  9. Fatal error
  10. MATHIAS bug? help!
  11. Problem Of Notice - Tomb Raider
  12. XP and Salvage points et al
  13. Camp Location Glitch
  14. [Help] TressFx + SLI = 98 GPU temp!!
  15. Subtitles mistake
  16. [BUG] Stuck Mountain Rendezvous (PC)
  17. Ps3 Cry for help save bug
  18. Can't activate stereoscopic 3d
  19. Rope arrow won't open rear of helecopter in Shantytown (Heal Part)
  20. [PS3] Can't unlock last GPS Secrets Document?
  21. TressFX + GTX 580 = SLOOOOOOW
  22. Please reconnect controller (Xbox 360)
  23. Pb connection to ENIX server
  24. Help TR(2013) glitch on Radio Tower :( on Xbox 360
  25. Fatal Glitch (non-existing ladder to jump to...)
  26. Okay, so who's not getting slowdowns and what are your specs?
  27. Tomb Raider Xbox 360 DLC issue
  28. Computer Crash within 10 minutes
  29. tr killed my hd4850 [fan]
  30. Elevator bug
  31. unholy tomb raider multiplayer
  32. Generic USB controller don't work also giltches and fatal error!
  33. Survival Instincts Glitch
  34. Game breaker bug in scavengers den
  35. Tomb Raider 2013 Windows 8 issue
  36. unplayable since i bought several mounths ago
  37. Storm chaser glitch at end
  38. (Xbox360) Frequently crashing on multiplayer.
  39. XB360 : Terminal Bug : After loading, Lara off map!
  40. Issue with Resolution @3d stereoscopic
  41. Multiplayer Kicks Me After 2 Rounds
  42. Can we say that support for TR is officially over? (Thank you)
  43. Stuck on "Reach the Top of The Falls"
  44. Some small bugs
  45. Shanty town - Vista Tower's camp disappeared (99% game)
  46. bug: chopper jump cutscene froze (spoiler)
  47. secret tomb "transparent" walls and floor
  48. Tree goes throu airplane and bugs your route
  49. Issue when trying to acces Chasm Shrine
  50. Cannot proceed when returning to the beach
  51. Laptop Integrated/NVidia selection issue
  52. Tastes Like Chicken! Bug
  53. Cutscene turns black but audio its on (xbox 360)
  54. Gondolas Not Appearing
  55. Has anyone seen this graphics glitch before?
  56. Bug with Base Exterior section
  57. Tomb Raider doesn't start
  58. chamber of judgment - can't shoot dangling tire
  59. Ghost hunter bugged...
  60. Game Breaking Glitch Right Before Chasm Shrine
  61. Mountain Village Room Stuck
  62. Corrupt texture data?
  63. Tomb Raider Stucks when it starts
  64. Stuck at 98%, cannot get relic-gps in Research Base.
  65. How to get back to Shantytown without Fast Travel
  66. Direct 3D
  67. Game won't start after launcher
  68. TR-PC: bug in the secondary mission "Mine sweeper"
  69. AutoSave has me stuck in Inescapable place. Help!
  70. Geothermal Caverns arrow rope bug
  71. Tomb raider 2013 problem
  72. [PS3] Tomb of the Lost Adventurer still incomplete
  73. Tomb Raider Crashes - VMWare
  74. 'Cannot find a session'
  75. Tomb Raider (2013) Modding Thread
  76. Crashing during first gameplay section??
  77. hp pavilion g7
  78. Glitch on PS3 20.2 Gone Missing
  79. [BUG] Chasm Shrine - Point of no return
  80. an error occurred while trying to copy a file
  81. Crashing... all the time!
  82. Can't beat the big boss in the Rescue Sam from Mathias mission.
  83. Can't beat the big boss in the Rescue Sam from Mathias mission.
  84. extremely annoying bug
  85. Framerate issues
  86. Tomb Raider 2013 black screen after launcher
  87. Crashes on startup
  88. Lag problem in Multiplayer
  89. Multiplayer is not working
  90. Tomb Raider critical bug
  91. Problem with DX11
  92. Cheater and bug
  93. Requesting A New DLC...
  94. Connection bug?
  95. Graphics freeze during QTE against Endurance Boss
  96. Sunkiller Challenge Failed to Initiate
  97. Graphics brightness
  98. Stutter/slowdown when loading cutscenes/level
  99. Stuck on mountain after lift
  100. Pc game crashes on startup (sorry to bother, but the Square Enix form is broken)
  101. title.000.tiger file. HELP!
  102. Keep loosing my 100% completion
  103. Chasm Stronghold bug
  104. question about mouse pad
  105. Game breaking shantytown bug
  106. Not getting achievements in-game
  107. Patch in "disable controller" feature for PC?
  108. Unkwon map bug
  110. Lags on the game..
  111. Limit of dead enemies sprites
  112. BUG still not FIXED YET
  113. Left Handed Naga Problem; buttons inverted
  114. Is anyone still play in multiplayer?
  115. bug/Glitch map disappear
  116. Chasm Ziggurat - Matthias Invisible Bug (Freezes Game)
  117. Tomb Raider Nvidia 3D vision problem
  118. How is this not fixed?
  119. heavy lagging after installing dx 11.1
  120. Game Breaking Glitches 360
  121. Definitive Edition TressFX
  122. tomb raider definitive edition on ps4
  123. Ultimate Hunter Challenge for Xbox One
  124. UK / AT / USK TRDE-Version Multiplayer compatible?
  125. black screen with audio after loading (xbox one)
  126. Reporting exploits and the like
  127. The game keeps crashing on my system!
  128. Tomb Raider definitive edition ps4 progress glitch
  129. TR: DE Patch List Thread
  130. Xbox One Definitive Edition fails to load save file
  131. TR: DE Patch List Thread
  132. HELP, Game on Mac not working. Error "tomb raider quit unexpectedly"
  133. Xbox ONE Definitive Edition Issues
  134. GOTY edition DLC redeem codes not working
  135. TRDE PS4 BUG? Please help
  136. a message from the devs about TRDE tech support
  137. Ultimate Hunter challenge faulty
  138. Tomb Raider 2013 MP servers
  139. lvl reset n gone from leaderboards, plz restore
  140. leaderboards n lvl online
  141. Definitive Edition (PS4) Multiplayer Rank Reset
  142. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition - Technical Multiplayer Issues
  143. Xbox one crashing to dashboard at 24%
  144. PS4 - Summit Forest Optional Tomb Bug
  145. [PS4/bug] I fall into an invisible hole
  146. PS4 - Tomb of Lost Adventurer not showing as complete
  147. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition PS4 Hair Issues
  148. PS4 Issues, glitches and bug detailed
  149. PS3 TOMB RAIDER GOTY DLCs not available
  150. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition PS4 - QTE issue
  151. Tomb Raider Definitive XboxOne Balck Screen of Death
  152. Move from Windows to OSX
  153. Xbox one connectivity
  155. Competition Bow glitch (PC version)
  156. Tomb Raider - Mac Version - Jump + Interact
  157. PS4 Definitive Edition Glitch with Trophies?
  158. PS4 TR: DE GLITCH HELP!!!
  159. Tomb Raider PS4 Definitive Edition Bug - Cavern Entrance/Geothermal Caverns
  160. Tomb raider definitive edition xbone really glitchy
  161. PS4 controller speaker
  162. Multiplayer, Match found but can't get in
  163. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Achievement Glitch
  164. Unable to climb tower
  165. Black Screen on Startup then Crash to Desktop
  166. [XBox One] Achievement Bug "Shopaholic"
  167. Good Samaritan achievement
  168. Two technical wishes for better screenshots
  169. Underworld problem
  171. Disabling part of bundle or DLC?
  172. PS3 Black screen after checking trophy data
  173. PS3 Tomb Rader DLC activation???
  174. (PS3) Bug level in multiplayer
  175. Research Base blocked boulders PS4
  176. Using Wins 8.1 and can not turn on the max settings
  177. Can not climb communications tower
  178. PS4 - Mountain base steam pipe bug
  179. Bug Report
  180. Tomb Raider Multiplayer on PS4 (please reply)
  181. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition - Multiplayer on PS4 (please help)
  182. I'm stuck
  183. Game Freezes
  184. Stuck in Hall of the ascension - Lara too slow
  185. Tomb Raider Definitive X1 True Commitment Achievement
  186. Progression blocked-Chasme Monastary
  187. Bug or bad luck
  188. PS3 Adventure Pack DLC
  189. firearms missing
  190. Chasm Ziggurat Lattice Tower bug
  191. Stuck in Base Exterior
  192. Game Breaking Glitch - Somehow Back in the Mountain Descent?!
  193. patch problems
  194. Tomb Raider PS4 Shipwreck Beach Fast Travel Bug
  195. Wolf Cave / Summit Forest possibly game breaking bug (PC)
  196. Performance Boosts
  197. Tomb Raider still has problems with low GPU use / low FPS
  198. Tomb Raider not Loading (HELP!!!)
  199. Key Bindings Don't work
  200. Problem with arrow ropes
  201. grenade launcher gone
  202. Path is closed on Highway to Hell
  203. Achievements
  204. Radio Tower glitch (CRY FOR HELP)
  205. Game-breaking glitch at Shipwreck Beach part 3 on Xbox One
  206. Help, bug on wolves cave
  207. Xbox One Issues Fixed
  208. Czech subtitles
  209. Its a bug?
  210. 100% completion not showing
  211. Impossible to launch
  212. ps4 TR MP rank reset
  213. Radio Tuning (XBOX ONE DEF ED)
  214. Game crashes during first cutscene
  215. Tomb Raider Crashes Immediately On Start-Up 10/15/2014
  216. Laptop Integrated/NVidia selection issue
  217. New Chasm Monastery Showstopping Glitch
  218. Save files Mac version
  219. I can't climb anymore!
  220. Constant MP Crashing (PS3)
  221. Can't complete Optional Tomb "Chamber of Judgement" due to missing jerrycans
  222. "Cannot find session" Multiplayer - Definitive Edition
  223. Mountain Pass Map Not Fully Loading
  224. XBOX360 Texture bug!
  225. Sound completely stops working on the main menu.
  226. The game suddenly shut down...
  227. Will not save changes to y axis
  228. Dark screen crash, save file fails - Tomb Raider Definitive Edition for xbox one
  229. PS3 bad auto checkpoint issue
  230. Auto-completing challenges on mac. . .
  231. Stuttering NPCs
  232. Gamepad??????
  233. Loading forever/cutscene broken?
  234. PS3 game with 360 redemption code
  235. tomb raider definitive edition
  236. Shattered glass in the air
  237. PC Game on GTX 970 freezes and sound loops every few minutes
  238. in-game mouse cursor missing
  239. TRESSFX is glitching while v-sync is on.
  240. PS4 Game Crash due to broken savegame (Shipwreck Beach)
  241. Shantytown - ancient gate stopper glitch
  242. Village overlook - Can't get down
  243. MP achievements not unlocking! Help!
  244. Cry For Help Radio Tower - Can't tune the first dial
  245. Multiplayer level reset
  246. Tomb Raider 2013 Crashing on my PC
  247. Tomb Raider Crashed my PS3
  248. HELP (Find a Way Out)
  249. Cavern Entrance Bug
  250. Tomb Raider xbox one load from save file glich