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  1. Still stucked at shipwrecked beach after newly released patch
  2. new patch 1.0.718.4 intermittent crashes
  3. No fire arrows in geothermal caverns- cannot complete game
  4. New Patch Cant Run SSAA Anymore
  5. TressFX clipping with new patch.
  6. Screen Flicker and Shadow Glitching?
  7. After Match (MULTIPLAYER)
  8. Audio Bug?
  9. Rope Ascender Bug -
  10. TERRIBLE performance after new patch
  11. New Bug? (PC)
  12. PC bug
  13. Saved game for Block and Tackle/Shipwreck Beach bug
  14. Tomb raider server lag
  15. Cliff side bunker document glitch
  16. PSN leaderboard issue?
  17. Weird joystick problem on PC
  18. Wrong Team Bug (PS3 Multiplayer)
  19. Stuck in mountain pass
  20. Disconnnected from multiplayer
  21. Option to turn off graphical effects
  22. can't get back to the chasm shrine?
  23. Extras relocked after patch.
  24. Summit Forest won't load
  25. Crashes on start with Radeon HD 6850
  26. [Stuck][BUG] Coastal Forest 100% cant enter the temple, cant upgrade axe
  27. Multiplayer bugs/glitches. Please add/confirm.
  28. Progress-halting rope ascender glitch (xbox)
  29. Tomb raider server problem (PC)
  30. Screen splited... Good graphics/Bad ones
  31. Locked concept art and character models
  32. Game overly sensitive to overclocking? - black artifacts flash onscreen
  33. Crashes, please help
  34. Crash Crash Crash
  35. [BUG] Stuck in Shanty Town
  36. Tomb raider graphics bug
  37. How to make a new save game?
  38. Multiplayer Massively unplayable!
  39. pc game controller - devs, please take a look
  40. Bug - Can't Alt+Tab / Crash
  41. Completely Stuck - Cliffside Bunker Boss fight - PC
  42. Why lara walk back in game?
  43. HELP!! Impossible game glitch in mountain village??
  44. How do I use somebodys save?
  45. Ghost Shadow
  46. Choppy Video
  47. Pre-Rendered Cut Scenes are Black!
  48. Expired soundtrack code
  49. Quickly toggle TressFX on and off?
  50. [Bug] Game shows 98% completion despite collecting everything
  51. Still have to have Tessellation disabled after patch.
  52. Missing texture in cave.
  53. Can't get back into Shantytown
  54. stuck / broken - cant proceed in shantytown if you fall back in the pit
  55. Can't find anyone in MP on PC
  56. "Misc" Memory Leak? Out of Memory, Shouldn't Be, Crash, Fatal Error
  57. Mountain Village - camps
  58. arrows on bow Pc version
  59. Patch for Xbox 360?
  60. Possible to use 2nd GPU for physics/tress-fx calculations?
  61. Black textures - problem
  62. Unable to join friends multiplayer (PC)
  63. Tomb totally missing (glitched) (ps3)
  64. TR PC graphical glitches [resolved]
  65. Screen Tearing with Triple Buffering !
  66. How to disable voice chat in multiplayer?
  67. Cutscene Bug (Xbox 360)
  68. Patch 1.0.718.4 Has made the game unplayable.
  69. Texture problem a the beginning of the game
  70. Going Back in chapter uncompletable because of Fast Travel bugged.
  71. Game Breaker? No more arrows at Shipwreck Beach xbox
  72. Crash after the Cave
  73. Help game breaking bug (PS3)
  74. Shanty town steam
  75. PS3 Crash During Final Cutscene & Could Not Start Game (Spoiler)
  76. Another Game Breaking Glitch...
  77. Cannot progress due to crashes
  78. Show stopper loading/freezing problem on 360.
  79. Tomb of the Lost Adventurer Not Showing Complete (PS3)
  80. Any patches for consoles?
  81. endurance boss PC version
  82. final fight pc vers.
  83. Tomb raider strategy guide limited edition DLC
  84. The new patch 1.0.718.4 with Nvidia card - question
  85. Fatal bug with elevator in Research Base (PS3)
  86. Game breaking - Unable to create cinstream: chaosbeach
  87. Regarding the Crash (Nvidia)
  88. Into is not shown
  89. discovered 2 super bugs - cant continue game!!!!!!!
  90. Endurance level Pc bug or what ?
  91. I think this should not go this way...
  92. Maxed out nvidia card
  93. Graphical Artifacting
  94. 92% complete and I can't continue
  95. 100% completion glitch in Research Base (4 of 3 documents)
  96. [BUG REPORT] Disappearing wooden fence
  97. Possible fix for 360 game freezing glitch.
  98. PC Steam Achievements Not Unlocking
  99. PC crashes with CDRM error
  100. Shipwreck Beach Bug (Not RA/Endurance)
  101. Occasionally lagging
  102. Vanishing Items, GPS Caches
  103. [Game Breaking Bug PS3] Door cannot be opened on the other side
  104. After Elevator falls
  105. nVidia SLi issue
  106. Tomb Raider 2013 (PC) Multiplayer Halt / Crash & Slow Loads
  107. Help? Can't Believe I Have To Do This
  108. ps3 screen going blank when hit during the solarii big guy fight
  109. Opening ports
  110. Post Process causes flicker/stutter
  111. Crossover bug prevents continuing!
  112. [PS3] Fail to enter multiplayer mode
  113. A room won't load, I'm stuck
  114. PS3 problem
  115. Monastery after Cutscene Video with Boat
  116. Nvidia Issues: Please Post Your DXDiag Here
  117. [Bug] Shopaholic Achievement (xbox) unlocked on it's own
  118. Game crashes at same point
  119. Ending cinematic (QTE)
  120. [PS3] Game freezes on load
  121. Xbox 360 Ladder Issue
  122. Can steam copy of achievements be reset (PC)?
  123. Title Update #2 News! | Updated 3/18
  124. Bad Looking Character Shadows?
  125. Mouse Sensitivity Issues
  126. [PS3] 72% savegame suddenly became 0%. Anyone else have this problem?
  127. ui causes extreme slow down
  128. will not start
  129. Unable to change settings
  130. No sound in cut-scenes
  131. Desperatly Need Free Cam
  132. [RESOLVED] Geothermal Caverns Bug
  133. PS3 shantytown fell off map, game broke
  134. game keeps crashing
  135. My cutscenes are all black screens with audio?
  136. [PC]Xbox controller not detected after reconnect
  137. (PC) Super Speed Glitch?
  138. [BUG] Falling through the world at save point...
  139. [PC]The game crashes when I try to access the Day Camp in the Mountain Pass
  140. Gamebreaking bug at the end of Tomb Raider!!! (ps3)
  141. [RESOLVED] Stuck in Research Base (Not Bug)
  142. mashing left and right button DOES NOT WORK.
  143. Multiplayer EXP Exploit
  144. Multiplayer communication is missing
  145. [PC] Problem Exiting Game
  146. Stuck at Shipwreck Beach and no way forward or down from tower/gondola
  147. PC Game stopper bug - Lara won't climb
  148. PS3 Multiplayer: After Update, Can't Finish Game
  149. Not getting some of the PS3 trophies? possible bug?
  150. [PC] Black Screen at the end of Cave (before exit)
  151. Game hangs at predictable times and crashed completely later [spoiler]
  152. Unreceived bow!
  153. Stuck at Mountain Temple "Mountain Rendezvous"
  154. Compiled bug list for PC multiplayer mode
  155. PC Patch Released - 1.0.722.3 - March 15th 2013
  156. PS3 Bug - Big Oni
  157. 14/15 GPS Cache Shanty town
  158. Static trees
  159. [PC] New Nvidia Driver and Game Update
  160. Thank you
  161. "Ultra" Quality Shadows? (PC)
  162. [PC BUG] Steam version won't launch in benchmark mode
  163. PC multiplayer crashes after 1.0.722.3
  164. Sun Queen's Tomb "Bell to break doors" Bug
  165. Game halting bug in shanty town, help!
  166. Pry Axe upgrade glitch
  167. Nvidia release new beta drivers for tomb raider
  168. tomb raider launch problem
  169. After yesterdays patch and driver results
  170. Patch 1.0.722.3 TR Stopped Working?
  171. Game crashes with 3D surround since 722.3 update
  172. TressFx hair anomaly in Nvidia Surround
  173. Disappearing item locations on map - HELP
  174. BUG!! No rope arrows at 2nd bell Chasm Monastery
  175. Tomb raider 2013 - not loading beyond comm tower
  176. Game Breaking Glitch - no post at Blue Smoke
  177. Found Bug/Glitch with Lara's Bow & Arrow!
  178. Game breaker for me. (stuck)
  179. Day Camp Glitch
  180. Chasm Shrine Issue
  181. multiplayer trouble
  182. update before DLC?
  183. Game Crash Occasionally
  184. Game wont launch anymore
  185. report on 722.3
  186. Update from Nvidia and Steam
  187. Inexcusable Oversight: A Plea (Southpaw/Legacy)
  188. Spawn Off map bug
  189. TressFx hair does not obey the law of gravity
  190. Weird random stuttering ingame..
  191. Stuttering when displaying XP and on Campsites
  192. new patch repair nothing wait for another
  193. Help!!!
  194. [PC] Tomb Raider - Annoying Graphical Bug
  195. [Performance Bug] FPS Drop with TressFX more than usual
  196. [Bug Report] Xbox: Daycamp at Tomb of Handmaiden isn't registered
  197. XBOX French/German language switch does not work
  198. Bugs: Hair going crazy and Double buffering vsync
  199. Problem with PC version 1.00.722.3 and TRESSFX
  200. Sun Killer first totem
  201. Latest Patch not updating.
  202. PS3 Shopaholic Bug
  203. Tomb of the Lost Adventurer - Stuck in code void
  204. Multiplayer troubles
  205. [PC] Why the FPS Drop in some places?
  206. cliffside bunker torch bug
  207. PC - TressFX Erratic Movement
  208. Patch 1.00.722.3 Language Bug
  209. NEW Elevator Bug Research Base Elevator (XBOX)
  210. Bug Still Present in latest patch
  211. Dolby Digital?
  212. Game breaking bug (Xbox 360) Not Block and Tackle
  213. [PC] Bug in arms
  214. Very long Loading Screens for Multiplayer Games
  215. grenade and minesweeper challenge
  216. [Bug ?] Mountain temple Meeting at top
  217. Game Breaking Glitch Please Help!!!!
  218. Random Complete PC Freeze
  219. PC - Is Tomb Raider encoded for 5.1 Audio?
  220. Xbox Live Achievement Missing
  221. [PC] Cliffside Bunker. Bug on the ship.
  222. Document help
  223. [PC] SLI Performance (stutter)
  224. Bug in game
  225. Gondola bug ?
  226. Xbox 360/PS3 patch question?
  227. Controller problem
  228. Bow Bug
  229. GPS Cache issue (Spoilers)
  230. Game Physics Bug
  231. Game startup time
  232. BUG: cant collect Block and Tackle
  233. Xbox 360 load save game freezing
  234. Multiplayer Lan Bug
  235. Geothermal Caverns Day Camp Not Registering (360)
  236. Tomb Raider on Vita?
  237. Map Pack Compatibility Issues
  238. Reach Endurance Wreck (NO ARROWS!!)
  239. faulty Trophies help!
  240. Xbox Multiplayer no Games found
  241. Multiplayer Problem Flying Character
  242. Shipwreck Beach problem
  243. Maybe a bug
  244. Crossfire/SLI Graphic Card Recommendations
  245. Tomb raider crash bug?
  246. Failed to initialize direct3d with current settings - crash
  247. (Pc) Only GPU is needed for this game?
  248. Loss of sound when shooting a gun (Apart from Bow and Arrow)
  249. Elevator Glitch in Research Base
  250. Elevator glitch in research base