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  1. Episode 5 teaser. Something is very wrong *spoilers*
  2. Episode 5 thoughts ( may have spoilers)
  3. The ending of LiS.
  4. Things that will definitely happen in Episode 5
  5. My final prediction for episode 5.
  6. Playing all episodes up to Finale
  7. The End Of All Things
  8. Saving Chloe's life in ep5
  9. Ready or Not?
  10. Extension after episode 5?
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  16. Polerized: Nail. Head. (SPOILERS!)
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  19. The ending just didn't make sense to me.
  20. I'm stuck!
  21. LIFE IS STRANGE FINALE my review
  22. Not the kind of ending I've expected [SPOILERS]
  23. So the whole "Decisions Matter" thing..... doesn't matter at all? (Semi-Spoilers)
  24. How do we know that Mr. Jefferson didn't just hide in the darkroom and survive?
  25. What bothers me more than anything.. (SPOILERS)
  26. My thoughts on Episode 5; The finale. (and spoilers!)
  27. Formal Request for Another Ending
  28. What exactly was that??!! [SPOILERS]
  29. Wizard of Oz? Choices
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  32. Great Journey... Dissapointing Destination *SPOILERS
  33. A few thoughts about Episode 5
  34. Which ending did you pick and why?
  35. Dontnod fail in last video [Spoiler]
  36. Is anything wrong with me for choosing the "bad" ending?
  37. Is it just me? Or Ep5 was simply Confusing? *Spoilers*
  38. Plot Hole.
  39. Awesome Ending
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  44. The message behind Life Is Strange (Spoilers)
  45. (SPOILERS) From the Home Office in Wahoo, Nebraska...
  46. Chole and another person had said it...
  47. I'm the White Rabbit!
  48. "Multiple endings depending on the choices you make."
  49. A Second Chance, Why I Made The Choice I Did, And A Formal Thank You (SPOILERS)
  50. What If?...
  51. Your Choices Still Count, and Here's Why...
  52. Thoughts on ep.5 and LiS overall (mixed feelings)
  53. So more questions than answers after Ep 5?
  54. Deleted Dialogue
  55. I don't like the end, about Rachel... (SPOILERS)
  56. About the butterfly (SPOILERS)
  57. The maybe not-so-redundant details and a praise
  58. Not doing well financially?
  59. The nightmare don't have sense. (SPOILERS)
  60. The ending I would have liked...
  61. My wife's thoughts about the ending
  62. List of things that Max and Rachel share in common (or looks alike)
  63. What If?... part 2
  64. "You should have paid more attention. There were clues all along." *SPOILERS
  65. "All your actions will have consequences" Endings by Malkav0
  66. My ending choice...And why
  67. Mythbusters: Polarized Edition
  68. Why no "Max & Chloe kiss" in "Sacrifice Arcadia Bay" ending?
  69. My Take On Episode Five
  70. What place is that?
  71. Revamping the Ending (Low Budget) (Spoilers)
  72. [Spoilers, maybe, I guess...] The Door Code in the Nightmare.
  73. Tornado confusion
  74. You guys are missing the message (SPOILERS)
  75. What I simply don't get...
  76. My thoughts about the game and why the ending WAS great
  77. After doing some deep thinking...
  78. Your Oppinions about the Endings (SPOILERS AHEAD )
  79. Foals - Spanish Sahara | Life Is Strange OST | Lyric Video
  80. I've never played a game so heartbreaking in my life. *spoilers*
  81. A happier ending than you think.
  82. Season 2 idea with same characters and another ending. (SPOILERS)
  83. This game is not about fate, it's about friendship!
  84. Spoiler Minor Choice Question
  85. Sacrifice Self [spoilers]
  86. A theory about max time travel thing
  87. How would you react if Orinoco Flow by Enya started playing *spoilers*
  88. Metal Gear Solid 2 & Life is Strange. The lack of self.
  89. Stop Breathin' - Sacrifice Chloe Ending Music
  90. The ending that most people actually picked?
  91. [Doubt] Plot hole?
  92. [EP5 SPOILERS] Lets talk bidness
  93. My (rather long) Review :) [SPOILERS]
  94. After playing ep 5 again, two questions
  95. Here's how I made peace with ep5
  96. Questions about Jefferson and plot (spoilers)
  97. [Spoiler] I loved this game ... except for the "weather thing"
  98. Kiss Warren
  99. "It's easy to get buried in the past... When you try to make a good thing last"
  100. [Spoilers] What Max should've said in SAB ending
  101. Creating The Dark Room in The Sims 4
  102. Chloe's alive and Arcadia Bay people too
  103. Regarding "Illusion of Choice"
  104. My 2nd play and here is why the SAB ending is better imo
  105. Here is why the tornado is not that big deal like many people believe...
  106. What Undertale can teach us about LiS's Downer Endings
  107. My 3rd playtrought i rank the episodes
  108. Max deleting SMS to David?
  109. [SPOILERS] My point of view.
  110. Lifу is strange or The Best game I ever played
  111. [SPOILERS] The game leaves me so much dissapointed!
  112. Life is Strange Sacrifice Self Fanmade Ending (Audio Only)
  113. What a Game: Connections With The Past (SPOILERS, SHAKA BRAH!)
  114. Spoiler Alert ! Does your choice matter at the end ?
  115. The true Canon [SPOILERS]
  116. so, How do you feel ?
  117. Theory about storm
  118. Game Ending Theory