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  2. Game in Stereo? No sound on center channel (5.1)
  3. Tessellation Causes Artifacting
  4. HD3D Queries & Answers - All Discussion
  5. SAVING & AUTOSAVES - All Q&As / Issues
  6. Game CRASHING/FREEZING - All Issues / Q&A (some solutions within)
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  8. Automatic Weapon Audio Lag?
  9. No cursor in hacking/computers
  10. battery recharging - pc version
  12. [Major AI Bug]Progress Bleeds into Saved Games
  13. Request to US gamers: Tesselation comparison
  14. "Unable to reserve 512MB of address space."
  15. STUTTERING & LAG / FRAME RATE Drop - Video & Audio - All Discussion
  16. PERFORMANCE / SYSTEM / DRIVERS & GRAPHICS / SSAO / DX11 - All Issues & Discussion
  17. Game textures not loading or not existant
  18. Triple-Widescreen reslution issue
  19. CINEMATICS - All Discussion - Q&As - Forthcoming patch? Etc
  20. FOV option
  21. [PC]NEW PATCH - Now Live - Update your client
  22. "You must be running Steam client to play Human Revolution."
  23. TECHNICAL Summary Thread - FAQs - CHECK HERE FIRST! Updated 2 Mar 2012
  24. Low fps problem
  25. CD KEY/Mission Pack CODES/DLC - Not/Stopped working, Missing Etc - All Discussion
  26. LOADING - All Q&As / Issues - (PC Patch fixes load times)
  27. Failed to initialize Direct3D with current settings
  28. Health Bar/Minimap/objective icon possible graphics issue
  29. AUDIO Q&As / Issues - All Discussion / All Platforms
  30. No Joystick Config? PC = Xbox 360 Version. Please refund.
  31. KEYBOARD & MOUSE & CONTROLLER -Key Mapping/Customise, Mouse Lag, Controls -All Issues
  32. Glitches in the game.
  33. Eidos officially working on a fix????
  34. BUG REPORTS (in game)- All issues/discussion - BEWARE: Spoilers Inside
  35. dxhr.exe has encountered a problem
  36. Game does not want me to play on any other settings than defaults.
  37. Skip intro movies? Remove subtitles?
  38. MENU Navigation - & Other Discussion
  39. Poor crossfire scaling
  40. Does Human Revolution install off the CD?
  41. DIALOGUE - Options / Issues - All discussion
  42. No "Subtitle On/Off" option for Onlive version
  43. Head bob
  44. Walkthrough XP bonuses
  45. ATI dll problem unsolved
  46. Is there a way to skip the opening ads?
  47. Linux support - my credit card is waiting to go
  48. 360 Patch coming Soon?
  49. Please ensure you have the LATEST DRIVERS
  50. PC Problems that need addressing badly
  51. Steam overlay flickering with AMD 11.8 crossfire
  52. Achievements Work?
  53. What fixed my crashing and loading issues
  54. Every time I start up Deus Ex...
  55. I'm getting "simulator sickness" issues from the game
  56. PC - Vsync reduces FPS to 60
  57. Disabled gamer's plea to dev of DXHR PC version
  58. Unable to adjust FOV when using Eyefinity
  59. Issue running at 60hz
  60. Blue Screen Windows 7 crash on boot and during play
  61. Game Not Starting in 64-Bit Win7
  62. PS3 - Game Won't load
  63. Try enabling Vsync if your mouse lags. (I know it's crazy)
  64. A problem has occurred with your display driver.
  65. Extra DVD not working? Can't get score! (Updated 9/16 - Read 2nd post)
  66. Horizontal FOV HELP!!!
  67. LANGUAGE Options - Q&As / Issues / All Discussion
  68. Net connection required?
  69. Worked fine for hours last night, now crashes immediately
  70. Black screen in game
  71. DX10 support?
  72. Code missing on the DlC paper
  73. Game wont start, but i get a crash file
  74. Graphics grainy?
  75. Game Freezing Xbox360
  76. Free Deus Ex: HR copy problem[Phase 3 - Facebook]
  77. CTD due to.... dunno (may contain spoilers Detroit)
  78. some changes that would add that final level of polish
  80. Audio looping and stuck on startup
  81. Random choppyness/fps drops
  82. Sound Issue with Controller Disconnect
  83. PS3 Version - Accelerated Animations
  84. "Motherly Ties" Unable to complete Xbox,PS3, PC
  85. Tranquilizer rifle can kill people? Please respond.
  86. deus ex crash
  87. Request for Eidos Forums
  88. Pre-Ordered Augmented Edition from Amazon (others?) No Pre-Order Bonus Codes - HELP?
  89. [BUG?][PC] Game freezes when sprint meter expires
  90. Steam just downloaded a 12.8MB patch
  91. [Patch] 25th August 2011
  92. Lefty controls for XBOX 360
  93. Luminosity to ZERO and still way too bright
  94. Stereoscopic 3d option won't turn all the way off.
  95. BENELUX Edition DLC code
  96. Can't access hacking menu
  97. Enabling Stereoscopic 3D crashes the game??
  98. Language issues
  99. Possible freeze/crash fix for overclocked (factory or otherwise) GPUs.
  100. steam - suspended download (patch)
  101. XBOX360 Audio issues
  102. PC (Steam) Issues(?)
  103. Game does not start in DX11
  104. Any word on an Xbox360 Patch?
  105. Minor starting issue: Setup every time
  106. Deus Ex: HR Save files.
  107. fixed my graphical/audio stuttering
  108. White Graphic Effects Causing Reboot
  109. Bugged mission (Bar Tab) (spoilers)
  110. Change Subtitles into Spanish/German
  111. Chapter 14, Hanger 18, stuck in control room glitch
  112. Small immersion bug
  113. PC Version crashing after selecting difficulty.
  114. Crash at the beginning of 2nd level, I'm disappointed.
  115. Game freezes at same random (map) location
  116. Thanks for the patch - I crash much faster now
  117. Impulse download ignored by Steam?
  118. Smart vision glitched!!!!
  119. Surround Sound
  120. Audio Crackling Issues
  121. CANNNOT get Tai yong employee ID card!!!
  122. SSAO Quality, possible to improve it?
  123. Using HD3D Compatible Card, Compatible Monitor, and Latest Drivers... 3D Greyed Out
  124. Passive 3D Interleaved modification
  125. Why doesn't DX: Human Revolution has "proper" anti-aliasing?
  126. Cloaks and Daggers FIX! works!! (Spoilers!)
  127. Different profiles for two players on one PC
  128. directx 11 issues
  129. CTD at TVM Server Elevator
  130. Game Crash at Mission Tying Up Loose Ends
  131. Heart Broken Over Steam + DX HR Experience. NO PREORDER BONUS CONTENT FOUND.
  132. "Moving reflecting Textures"
  133. Augmented Edition DLC on XBOX
  134. Game blurry in Direct X 11 mode
  135. Revolving black screens, and audio loop.
  136. 360 controller not working.
  137. DirectX 11 refresh rate stuck at 59Hz!
  138. Directx 11 Fuzzy
  139. Blinking pixels all over people.
  140. UI Shifted to the Left since patch
  141. No In-Game Menus Or On Screen Health Bar
  142. BUG Direct3D
  143. Game freezes during dialogue (Since patch)
  144. deus ex human revolution system requirements
  145. Mouse Acceleration
  146. "Driver issue, please update drivers" on most all graphics options
  147. Framerate limit?
  148. Lip synch Broken
  149. PC post-patch problems: HUD
  150. Tactical Enhancement Pack not working..?
  151. can't get DX:HR to run in dx11
  152. [SOLVED] Game freezes at end of sprint (AVAST)
  153. Game lags badly when viewing "new" areas / can't turn down graphics settings
  154. Out of steam
  157. DX 11 Crash, stutter, DX9 stutters worse
  158. Audio lag?
  159. Cut scens dont start
  160. Graphics and resolution reset/screwed up when launch
  161. Crosshair disappeared and some other question
  162. Weird Sliding Bug
  163. Soundtrack (missing music)
  164. Gamecrash when moving
  165. Game tries to load exterior after leaving LIMB, then hangs. *possible spoilers*
  166. Can't get Full screen mode, PC.
  167. FPS Cap ?
  168. PC or console?
  169. Cannot Extract Using Helictoper
  170. Help!!! All My Saves Are Gone! No Continue Option
  171. Radar disappeared and abilities gone
  172. How Do I Install Deus EX HR onto my Second HD?
  173. Support for Nvidia 3D Vision.
  174. ATI Radeon GT 4870 shadow line glitch :(
  175. Talion HD quest.. not advancing? (sidequest spoilers)
  176. Cloak and Dagger Glitch
  177. Disappearing HUD
  178. Intermittent display driver issue
  179. **NEW** Cloak & Daggers Glitch: Cannot Complete Quest
  180. gamepad/ Legacy control scheme
  181. Game ending bug. (Spoilers)
  182. DXHR stopped crashing but is now crashing again.
  183. Random line when outside.
  184. Completely different crash/lockup
  185. Crashing on loading screen
  186. L.I.M.B (LIMB) Meet the doctor quest will not complete.
  187. Game isn't starting
  188. Possible Ghost Bug
  189. Ghost / Smooth operator bug?
  190. Eidos, can you please at least acknowledge the stuttering problem exists?
  191. Square Enix Support Center
  192. Disappearing Hotkeys
  193. Cracking Sound in Menu
  194. Esc key not working
  195. Stuttering and poor performance on gtx460 - wtf ?:(
  196. Original voices for French Version
  197. Game Breaking Bug- Hengsha (Spolier)
  198. Game Breaking Bug - Hengsha (Minor Spoiler, but Suggest you Read)
  199. HUD is gone :-( [SOLVED]
  200. How to enable the HD3D options?????
  201. xbox 360 - missing e-mails after a mission start
  202. Game speed runs too fast
  203. Fixed my stuttering and crashing to desktop!
  204. Deus Ex freezes on the loading screen when switching missions!
  205. **POSSIBLE WORKAROUND* Win7 Freezing issues.
  206. Weird FPS drops when staring at wall. PC
  207. Black tex-tearing and model disappearing
  208. Sound hiccups occasionally...
  209. Stuttering and my thoughts on the issue
  210. First person u interact with, secretary
  211. Eidos why is there no option to disable screen shakes?! I cant play the game!
  212. Mouse Sensitivity Resets With Loading
  213. Please fix the XP and Credit popup when reading an email!
  214. Cutscenes look terrible, even with default setting, tes off and DX11 off
  215. Character interaction shuts down game
  216. [PC] Weird graphics issue. Screenshot inside.
  217. Game crashing to desktop
  218. Zoomed field of view and gravity
  219. This illustrates why PC gaming is dying
  220. The game bombs out
  221. No Technical Updates? It May Be Time....
  222. I'm Stuck!!!!!! TYM Medical Card
  223. Crashing in Cutscenes (using XSplit/Procaster)
  224. Cloaks and daggers issue
  225. 99 Saves, Can't get rid of them?
  226. PS3 Game freeze
  227. Slow Map Scroll
  228. Fixed 400mb memory usage, cause of stuttering?
  229. Silenced Sniper Rifle?
  230. PC stutter / microstutter info 4 the developers
  231. HUD Completely Gone
  232. No hud!!!! WTF!?
  233. can't even play it
  234. What works for me
  235. Cloak & Daggers glitch
  236. strange white sports, 3d, cut scenes
  237. Framerate during takedowns PC
  238. How to delete saves on pc?
  239. Unique loading issue, not the ones everyone else has had
  240. Flickering Graphic Glitch
  241. Trechcoat stuck in leg - Xbox
  242. [Bug Report] Cloak and Daggers, Xbox 360 (Misplaced MCB member)
  243. Game Crashes to Desktop interacting with bodies and certain objects
  244. xbox 360 freeze/lock-up
  245. Cannot access safe storage
  246. Random Mini Freezes
  247. Highering the FOV seriously screws up the weapon view models
  248. [Potential Spoilers] Cannot complete DXHR "Cloak & Daggers" quest (w/ screenshots)
  249. Bug: The Hive Bouncer
  250. [Bug] Game crashes on exit