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  1. Performance has been catastrophic at times, since latest patch
  2. The Missing Link - Rendezvous Quest Cinematic Not Starting
  3. SAVE problem
  4. Zelazny and his group attack me on sight
  5. Zeke and Josie dialog bug - X360
  6. Blue triangle mission cursor thing missing (PC/Steam version)
  7. Can I run Deus Ex: HR???
  8. Radar cursors disappeared in Missing Link
  9. will headphones work with this game?
  10. [Wii U] Deus Ex: HR Director's Cut (localization question)
  11. Bug wall clipping (Act2)
  12. No in-game menu in Deus-Ex
  13. Uninstalling Deus Ex After A Couple of Hours - Awful Bug
  14. (X360) Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut will be in Spanish for South America?
  15. Instant crash when trying to launch the game
  17. (PC) Game freezes when i use 360 controller
  18. Keyboard controls 'sticking' when shift key pressed
  19. DE:HR will not launch
  20. Tindell don't get me the Video
  21. [iOS] The Fall Crashes to Home Screen When Accessing Security Computers
  22. Deus Ex: The Fall - iPod Touch 4?
  23. So I bought the game on my iphone
  24. Deus Ex The Fall Bug
  25. [bug?] Deus Ex HRFalling through the floor,
  26. 360 problem with xbox live
  27. Deus Ex The Fall video out support?
  28. DX: HR not launching on Windows 8
  29. Freezing issues on PS3 -- cutscenes, can't get into LIMB
  30. Issue with "Deus Ex: The Fall" on iPad 3
  31. [CRITICAL BUG] TYM Hangar
  32. FPS drop - Weird Issue
  33. Savegames...
  34. i have ammo for my pistol and for my tranquilizer rifle, but the ammo won't go in....
  35. framerate randomly plummets from 170fps to 10-15fps
  36. Sloppy Surround Sound Implementation
  37. Jensen switches weapons constantly
  38. No Sound (MAC)
  39. Windows 8.1 Mouse Issues?
  40. Why there is no install OPTION on X360 in HR: Director's Cut
  41. Savegames work in director's cut?
  42. Director's Cut has terrible FPS, but the original game doesn't?
  43. DXHR Directors Cut Gamepad Disconnected Error
  44. Smart Glass Issues
  45. Director's Cut: Xbox 360 Version - Technical Issues - report problems here
  46. (PS3) Director's Cut weapon SFX now sound compressed :(
  47. New Game+?
  48. Steam does not show an Install option.
  49. (WiiU) eShop-version of the Directors Cut crashes after Download
  50. Text Language option missing in the Director's Cut/Old bugs are back!
  51. Russian subtitles
  52. Graphical Bugs in Director's Cut (PC)
  53. Worse SSAO?
  54. Corrupted Textures in DEHR: Director's Cut
  55. Need help with smartglass
  56. Tindall beta-omega bug?
  57. Texture issues with Directors Cut
  58. Missing HUD Element in Directors Cut (PC)
  59. Deus Ex DC - Poor Performance / Low FPS
  60. HRDC PC - the language panel disappears after launching the game
  61. Cloak & Daggers Bug (PC)
  62. Commentary triggers - comlink troubles
  63. Bad Grafic Bug in Deus Ex 3 Directors cut
  64. DX: Director's Cut Backordered?
  65. [Feature request] Add statistic screen into in-game menu
  66. ( PC ) Audio delay bug: Does it exist in Director's Cut?
  67. Directors Cut can't select DX11 option
  68. DX:HR Director's Cut PS3 - Issues
  69. Director's Cut PS3 Version - Technical Issues - Report Here
  70. [PC] Omega Ranch - Stuck, Door Doesn't Open
  71. No Tactical Enhancement + Explosive Pack items - BUG OR INTENDED?
  72. Framerate drop in/out of elevators
  73. Director's Cut - Missing Audio and Facial Animations
  74. Foxiest of the Hounds
  75. Question about directors cut controls
  76. Director's Cut : subtitle languages
  77. Director's Cut: List of all the changes.
  78. PC Director's Cut: Holographic Table in Missing Link causes freeze
  79. Director's Cut PC : glitches listed by Steam community
  80. Game crashes on startup.
  81. A request for a HUD scaling option?
  82. Director's Cut severe problems
  83. The Fall: Preserve Save Game for Uninstallation
  84. directors cut
  85. Any word on how we will be notified of a new patch?
  86. PC DC: French Speech, English Text/subs?
  87. Crashing in Detroit.
  88. Director's cut: DX11 crashes, DX9 works (DX11 works fine in other games)
  89. PC Director's Cut: Getting 25-30 FPS regardless of graphics settings
  90. [PC DC] Civilians alerted when exiting alice garden pot
  91. DX:HR:DC Can't complete Quinn's Quest
  92. 2.1 GB PC Update - Any comments on that?
  93. New 2GB patch didn't fix stuttering
  94. human+ cant start
  95. Textures are still broken after patch!
  96. Request to make the previous version of HR available as a free download
  97. Missing Link
  98. PS Vita/Ps3 Connectivity for the Director's Cut
  99. Use of Gamepad Crashes Deus Ex HRDC
  100. Stuttering in Director's Cut
  101. Anyone else still have framerate issues?
  102. Human Revolution Director's Cut Wii U Version
  103. Deus Ex:HRDC Freeze/Crash when augmenting weapon
  104. Deus Ex: HR DE keeps resetting to qwerty
  105. Game breaking controller issue in Windows 7
  106. crash on a specific mission
  107. DX HR DC fatal error
  108. Director´s cut - Cloak and Dagger glitch
  109. Gaming Crashing
  110. Update on Second Screen for PC?
  111. Extraction mission bug
  113. We demand better for the money Eidos
  114. Eidos, please acknowledge the bugs.
  115. Unable to launch the game
  116. Deus Ex HR Directors Cut not updating on XBox 360
  117. Carella CASIE dialogue problem
  118. Directors Cut PC, Cannot Leave Omega Ranch
  119. Stuttering in Wii U
  120. DX11 and 3DVision Failure
  121. save game file with all the ebook
  122. Left handed on PC
  123. audio delay when using weapons
  124. Problem with in-app purchase in The Fall
  125. Hengsha LIMG Clinic Audio Bug
  126. Fatal Error - saving crashes game
  127. DE:HR on PC, Issues
  128. Crouch toggle
  129. Taggart won't talk and other bugs
  130. DX HR dx9 lag
  131. New Patch
  132. Can we talk about Deus Ex: The Fall on PC?
  133. DX:HR DC Missing Link loading a save problem
  134. DE: The Fall - Explosive Bundle doesn't Award RPG
  135. DXHR Director's Cut (PC) will not start
  136. Director's Cut Horrible Performance
  137. Cant save in Highland Park
  138. Foxiest of the Hounds on Director's Cut
  139. Problems starting game with windows 8.1
  140. Deus Ex Director's Cut Crashes to Desktop after game ends when clicking load in menu
  141. Cutscene Sound Loop Bug
  142. Director's Cut - HDR goes crazy and flickers.
  143. BEX Error
  144. [WiiU]No Toolkit displayed on Gamepad
  145. The Fall: <stringid 1,942>
  146. Sound COMPLETELY drops out frequently. Requires re-launch. Help??!
  147. [PC MOD] Burger Debug Mod for v1.4.651.0 HELP
  148. The Fall PC Menu Problem Controller
  149. Most current Director's Cut version?
  150. FPS Drop and Stutter (Not Audio stutter)
  151. Finding Isaias Sandoval - Meeting Malik
  152. Deus Ex HR DC Hard System Crash on Win 8.1 64-bit
  153. Barrett bug
  154. Oculus Rift and FOV
  155. Director's Cut ¿I CAN NOT CLOSE THE GAME?
  156. Gamepad issues
  157. Controls Don't Work on Mac?
  158. PS3 Director's Cut - HUD Disappearing Bug
  159. Hacking Issues
  160. DX:HR Ultimate (OSX) on external monitor
  161. Problem with finding the "grafic settings"- file
  162. Game speed is too fast?
  163. Sky banding
  164. True stuttering fix for Deus Ex - HR Director's Cut version for nVidia card owners!
  165. Freeze on PS3 Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  166. Crash on Load after Barrett boss fight - DXHRDC
  167. Game freezing
  168. Gamebreaking bug on Omega Ranch Ps3 Level (Director's Cut)
  169. MacPro OSX Game won't boot up
  170. Horrible D3D9 performance in DC edition - game UNplayable
  171. dehr and dehr-ml both freeze on game exit in win10/Steam
  172. Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut: The Archive BIGFILE.000 isn't big enough!!
  173. Director's Cut on Steam for OS X: Direct3D issues
  174. DX:HR audio mixing engine samplerate
  175. I must set 60Hz rate in the responsible file
  176. Upgrade to Director's Cut
  177. I cant save game
  178. Game can't see my mission inventory
  179. I see black screen and mouse on Director's Cut
  180. Director's Cut Patch (X360)
  181. Game won't load saved games/keeps locking up
  182. Cannot bind extra mouse buttons
  183. Directrors cut on Windows 10
  184. BUG Graphics Problem after talking to David Sarif
  185. BUG: Need Janus package
  186. Directors Cut - Steam- Won't let me use Ammo from Inventory
  187. Blackscreen while loading! (Steam Version)
  188. Error to start China mission
  189. Deus Ex HR Director's Cut - strange colors in Hengsha
  190. Eidos folder not listed inside of Registry after instillation of DE:HR