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  1. Public Trophies missing
  2. audio issues
  3. PS3 Sound Bug
  4. PS3 save file : YLOD
  5. "the fall" achievement glitch
  6. DLC MISSING LINK - Stuttering/Frame Drops RETURN! Old Build?
  7. [360/PS3 Patch] 17th October 2011
  8. [PC Patch] 18th October 2011 - Build 643
  9. Game Is Unavailable To Play - WTF?
  10. Thanks for the update!
  11. New cpu wrecks performance
  12. New patch problems.
  13. Missing Link - Exrtreme Graphical Bugs PLEASE HELP
  14. Game now crashing when using NV-surround
  15. Burned yet again! 'Factory Zero' achievement not recognized.
  16. Eidos, Y U NO UPDATE AND FIX PS3
  17. Crashing to desktop during NPC interaktion.
  18. [X360] "The missing link" language issues
  19. HUD bug?
  20. [Bug][PC]Missing Link: Stuck at Detention Camp entrance
  21. Just payed 60 bucks for the game and its broken.
  22. People stuck in walls after takedowns
  23. Missing Link: Binds suddenly stopped working!
  24. Missing Link DLC problem
  25. Improved engine in DLC for consoles?
  26. [PC] Missing Link - very strange NPC behavior
  27. Technical support and kindness
  28. I keep clipping through elevators!
  29. Capping the framerate (weirdness?)
  30. Won't start up on steam
  31. PS3 game freeze - Missing Link
  32. DXHRML don't see my nVidia 540M card
  33. how well can i run deus ex human revolution?
  34. SERIOUS BUG: Tai Yong Medical Elevator
  35. A fix for microstutter
  36. Missing Ganger - Cloak and Daggers
  37. Bigfile.000 problem
  38. Deus EX: HR is beyond broken when using DirectX11 and barely playable using DirectX 9
  39. Missing Link Alt+tab Bug
  40. BUG: Factory Zero achievement
  41. Missing Link : Body problem of iron.
  42. PS3- sound stuttering with Sony wireless headset 7.1
  43. Thank you!
  44. Crossfire + Eyefinity = HUD not centered
  45. PS3 Game saves -- y cant save to USB?
  46. ** NEW ** DE:HR Missing Link - Crash shuts down entire PC!
  47. [Xbox360] Chapter 15 - game crashes before reaching one door
  48. hang-up while loading bonus mission
  50. Loss of Ghost XP and other awards. Major P.I.T.A. bug.
  51. Missing Link - Massive graphical errors
  52. {PS3} Japanese version with english support
  53. My redeem code not work, what i do?
  54. Disc Drive won't run the installation disc
  55. Stuttering problem: 60fps or higher; mouse problem??
  57. Missing Link / Region code question
  58. Detroit sewers
  59. Can't access Missing Link
  60. Throw key not working - PC
  61. Screen turns into powersave mode while playing DX:HR in window mode
  62. Cloak and Dagger Weapons Cache Glitch!
  63. Simple Copy Or Complete Install ?
  64. [PS3] Hunting the Hacker : Can Not Finish Bug
  65. The Missing Link: Factory Zero
  66. Weird grid on highlighted objects
  67. No speech dialouge with wayne haas
  68. Awful frame rates
  69. Game detects wrong display adapter, cant play in DX11
  70. Deus Ex: HR hardware and software testing.
  71. AMD Bulldozer + DeusEx : HR = BSOD - A clock interrupt was not received
  72. ATI 5770 - Flickering Textures Everywhere!
  73. DX:HR causes windows 7 to reboot
  74. Problem setting passive inteleaved 3D mode.
  75. Bug? "do"-button stops working
  76. xbox 360 slim freeze with typhoon!
  77. Nvidia 3D stereo vision : is my install right?
  78. Inventory screen, objectives screen, etc flickers on Missing Link
  79. Zoom Stutter
  80. Game crashes when using an Xbox 360 controller in-game
  81. No sound on ps3
  82. DX 3 Augmented Edition Soundtrack Incomplete
  83. how do I install debug mod
  84. Thanks Eidos - Regarding Save Files
  85. Crossfire causing random freeze?
  86. Too Good Not To Try... (Your Advice?)
  87. Poor performance
  88. Steam Key already in use
  89. E-mail response when new DLC released?
  90. The Missing Link: Memory Leak
  91. Uses only one of my four CPU core
  92. New Build, Game doesn't work properly now!
  93. [PC] 3D option cannot be enabled, why??
  94. need patch
  95. LAG
  96. New Game Hard Locks on 360
  97. How to set up an HP 2311GT Display on DXHR ?
  98. Full crash/BSOD upon start up.
  99. Stereoscopic 3D Display Problem.
  100. Limb clinic (first visit) - game gets stuck (but doesn't crash)
  101. LUMINOSITY ISSUE - in Directx 11 remains unchanged.
  102. Game Breaking Bug >:(
  103. Controls (Button configuration)
  104. Deus Ex:HR PC Version Stuck in Polish Language lol
  105. Crash to desktop after a few minutes
  106. Radar
  107. Breaking Objects
  108. DirectX problem?
  109. Game crashing the whole PC
  110. Bug? I cant use my look through walls augmentation
  111. Can't set resolution higher than 1280x1024?
  112. Deus Ex: HM (Lag Stutter Drop SIMPLE FIX)
  113. Resolution help?
  114. Error when exiting Missing Link
  116. PC: Hard Shutdown Crash (Some spoilers)
  117. Save files won't show, Xbox
  118. Catalyst 12.1 now supports 30HZ and crossfire need patch
  119. Need normal non-blurry anti-aliasing for lower resolution display
  120. I just bought add-ons Tactical Enhancement and Explosive Mission. Where R my weapons?
  121. Please add shader warming
  122. Chapter 15 crash
  123. Instant Death via Falling & Bright Screen on load
  124. Why can't i change the language?
  125. Is DLC active?
  126. Help! Picus chopper crash!
  127. "Saving Megan" Bug/stuck
  128. FoV glitch/ .ini question
  129. DE Crashes on Launch and locks up computer. Have to force reset.
  130. Original vs "Private copy"
  131. Is there a console?
  132. The Missing Link PS3 -- cannot start
  133. HUD
  134. XBOX 360 Sound Problems
  135. Screen Tearing - solution now found / SOLVED
  136. Problem with achievemetns (XBOX360)
  137. Missin 6 highland park
  138. 100 degree "Field of view" limit in PC version
  139. Trying to use Game Pad
  140. Saved game files not working
  141. Gamepad and Keyboard/Mouse Simultaneously
  142. Stereo mode
  143. Deus Ex Human Revolution DLC - Missing Link and Graphics card
  144. Accessing Inventory, etc
  145. Scope/Aim Bug
  146. Game Crashing every five minutes! HELP!!!
  147. Minimap/radar
  148. Deus Ex Human Revolution Explosive Mission Pack
  149. DEHR Freezing on xbox 360 before getting to menu screen
  150. Mouse Acceleration/Stutter due to frame-limiting
  151. Mouse Acceleration/Stutter due to frame-limiting
  152. Freezing upon pressing "A" at continue
  153. Help, can't run game on new PC
  154. Odd Lag Problem
  155. New Patch, broken game (cannot start game)
  156. New patch completely destroyed my game performance
  157. For those with lag problems with the latest patch
  158. Introduction and problem. (It was working, now it's not.)
  159. Deus Ex Human Revolution Explosive Mission Pack
  160. Stuttering After New Patch - ATI Card
  161. Cinematic problem
  162. Help Enabling Interleaved Stereoscopic Mode
  163. Stutter Problem
  164. Deus Ex The Missing Link - Graphic Flickering - Other Issues
  165. Load screen when starting a new game never ends
  166. Failed to Initialize Direct3d with current settings
  167. The missing link doesn't regconize my nvidia graphic chip while Human Revolution does
  168. DE:HR (Steam) black screen freezes after Barret fight
  169. Deus Ex PC HDMI-TV
  170. Failed to Initialize Direct3D Settings
  171. Game only finds integrated graphics
  172. 3D Vision Error
  173. Deus Ex runs poorly on my machine.
  174. Audio Delay Still Exists? : /
  175. DX11 Issues
  176. Dx11 Issues
  177. FPS Drops Until Closed
  178. DE-HR doesnt lauch but missing link works fine
  179. Bug about DRM on French version
  180. Can"t use DX11
  181. Missing Link Biometric Scan won't work
  182. Deus Ex: HR not starting on steam
  183. Fresh Steam install loading slowly [Fix inside]
  184. can't load save data?!
  185. return to main menu
  186. Failed to initialize Direct3D with current setting
  187. Crashing in Windows 8
  188. What kind of computer do I need?
  189. Game starts in DX11 only runs with less than 1 fps
  190. Crashes on OS X 10.8, MBP Retina
  191. Missing Link - Question about region (PS3)
  192. Can owner PC CE + Missing Link get the Mac edition for free?
  193. Stutter followed by total lockup.
  194. Square Enix member card not recieved
  195. Missing Link Screen Flicker Please Help
  196. Pixelated lighting
  197. Game running unbelievably slow.
  198. 1600 x 900 resolution issue.
  199. This game is bugged on me.
  200. GT540
  201. Can't Access Any Menus (PC)
  202. Not Identifying my VideoCard
  203. Stuttering on Intel HD 4000
  204. Movie glitch problem
  205. Crash on entering the Chiron Building
  206. Nvidia Surround -- Game crashes on startup
  207. Loading PROBLEM!
  208. Crash and Rebooting of computer
  209. Laser Target System Bug
  210. Deus Ex 3 Mouse lag
  211. Does Deus Ex: Human revolution stream/activation code ever expires????
  212. DRM problem in China mission
  213. Fullscreen DX11 problem DeusEx:HR
  214. FPS Drop during Conversations
  215. HELP PLEASE - Saving
  216. New crashing problem
  217. 1.4.651.0 crash
  218. DirectX 11 - screen flickers between normal colour and red?
  219. [ps3] large area of detroit not loading/existing
  220. Game does not take me to new chapter.
  221. [PS3] game freeze on start page since 4.30 update
  222. Logitch game controller
  223. xp glitch
  224. Deus ex human revolution has stopped working
  225. DX11 greyed out?
  226. Black screen with original!
  227. HUD, Inventory, Map, etc.
  228. DXHR random crash in certain areas
  229. Dell Dimension 4600
  230. Bought at Zavvi, key not working
  231. Game Freezes then crashes
  232. Can't press certain keys! Urgent Help!(It's affecting my desktop too)
  233. Sound crackling during play
  234. [xbox] Massive problem with saves in chapter 12
  235. PC: Game freezes constantly since re-install
  236. Deus Ex Human Revolution and Extended Screen (HDMI) - Audio/Sound Problem..
  237. Magic Mouse button no response
  239. More than 4GB RAM on 32-bit
  240. Square Enix support page broken, shiny surface graphic glitch
  241. Language Problems (PS3)
  242. Can't Save the Game at Any point
  243. PS3 - Game gets stuck in load screen in Detroit 2
  244. Wrong language for Deus Ex: Human Revolution on demand xbox live
  245. Deus ex HR DLC the missing link didn't work
  247. [Mac] Crashes after intro cinematic
  248. Flickering light and horizontal lines
  249. Obnoxious ad from Virtu MVP
  250. Audio delay/lag still in the game