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  1. Stuttering Poll
  2. Kicked back to main menu
  3. Save game slot
  4. wierd graphic glitch (maybe intentional ?)
  5. Slow performance bug on ATI4850
  6. Deactivate mouse wheel?
  7. lock ups
  8. sandovals response bugged!
  9. Game Crashes at specific point
  10. [PC] 10-15 fps with Nvidia 8800GT?
  11. Issue
  12. Bug in PS3 Dynamic Theme
  13. Gamespy article on the stutter issue!
  14. Harvester Sewer Exit Broken
  15. My HUD seems to be stuck in a Rebooting loop
  16. Is there a compiled list of all known bugs/requested fixes for devs and mods to see?
  17. Future patches hopefully
  18. DRM issue
  19. Hey Eidos: Any chance to release the cinematics in a higher resolution (720p)?
  20. ps3 glitch???
  21. Game Killing Bug on PS3 Panchaea
  22. M2 - Gaining access to Tai Yong Medical - Glitch
  23. Game Locks Up When Equipping Stun Gun
  24. Hardware Buzzing While Playing?
  25. Save Game Problems
  26. Possible FIX for audio glitching and poor performance!
  27. HUD Bug Fix (PS3)
  28. (PS3) HUD has Disappeared. SPOILERS.
  29. Ghost / smooth operator glitch
  30. Ghost / smooth operator glitch
  31. Deus Ex servers - not connected - XBOX360
  32. Pause the first load to read the story
  33. DX HR Picus leaving Bug
  34. Helicopter to Montreal crashes game...
  35. Okay, so the problem is still here and SquareEnix can't help
  36. Crashing on PC
  37. Cannot install game
  38. Request - Custom control scheme on consoles
  39. Random CTDs all few minutes
  40. Eidos, I will help you fix the stuttering!
  41. The HIVE locked in Shanghai II ..?
  42. Can this pc run it smoothly?
  43. Game crashing or something like that.
  44. My super computer and this game
  45. Strange crash on entering elevator (spoilers inside)
  46. D Project Achievement bug
  47. Security System at Basketball Court - Touchy
  48. Why The Hell Is The Music Volume So Low?
  49. Sort of refreshing to see...
  50. GPU temperatures in dialog.
  51. Found DX11 Culprit... 2 issues.
  52. Cant change resolution, crashes in when not in DX11
  53. failed to initialize direct 3d
  54. Lock Ups, Freezing every couple mins.
  55. Poor performance?
  56. That's It....I'm Done.
  57. Alice Garden Pods
  58. (PC) temp FIX FOR STUTTERING (by badromeo)
  60. curious error
  61. Crashing when picking up Credit Chips.
  62. Crazy bugs related to stealth gameplay
  63. SSAO glitch
  64. Diggin these waypoints
  65. HUD Change Request...
  66. Help with Lesser Evil (spoilers)
  67. Out of signal and black screen?
  68. I've had enough with the stuttering. Eidos, what steps should I take to get a refund?
  69. Need Help with Potentially Glitched Saves.
  70. Question about the PS3 version
  71. BUG Motherly Ties - Chet Wagner Phase
  72. Bonus mission in Explosive Pre-Order but not Collector's edition
  73. Can you find the amount of hours played somewhere (on PS3) ?
  74. Bug: Helicopter will not extract me from Picas Mission
  75. Shanghai Justice / HengSha Quest Markers / Aug performance
  76. Wheres the patch for consoles?
  77. direct x 11 was working...now its not
  78. random blue rapid flickering screen
  79. CTDs and GPU voltages
  80. Visiting Hengsha crashes the game and veryfiying intergrity of files doesnt help!
  81. HUD Disappeared on Xbox 360
  82. Crash to desktop
  84. Need Save File
  85. Will there be a Texture patch and a release of uncompressed cinematics ?
  86. Language Change?
  87. PC-No firing sound on assault rifle-bug
  88. Texture flicker?
  89. [XBOX360] Door not interactive? Bug?
  90. Graphical Glitch with Pics
  91. Social enhancer. No social bar. Bug?!
  92. [PS3]Smart Vision Bugged.
  93. Serious Crash: Tai Yong Elevator
  94. Cinematics problem.
  95. How do u reset video b4 starting game?
  96. Mouse cursor dissapears
  97. How to force CSAA style Anti Aliasing?
  98. Bug: Helicopter will not extract me from Picas Mission
  99. Bug with Smooth Operator (potential spoilers)
  100. Dead instantly when loading any saves
  101. Problem with Xbox360 release purchased multilanguage
  102. Question: About the game on Onlive :)
  103. I See Jagged Edges (PC versionof deus ex)
  104. XBox 360 - Not getting Praxis for XP
  105. IF any dev read this please improve the low res textures in your next patch
  106. No sound when facing an NPC (PC version)
  107. Deus Ex Broke my PC
  108. Bug: Helicopter will not extract me from Tai Yong Medical
  109. PS3 - glitch
  110. Use RAMDISK to stop stutter
  111. DXHR and multi-screen?
  113. 285.27 Beta drivers out - nVidia
  114. Never Ending Load Screen
  115. Extracting MP3 soudtrack from bonus disk
  116. DEUS EX, update/patch?
  117. crash and WEIRD fix
  118. How I solved cut-scene crashing
  119. Deus Ex Server Unavailable on XBox 360
  120. game crash with Declan Faherty dialogue
  121. Own a GTX 560 ti (Possibly any Nvidia card) and having driver crash issue? Fix HERE.
  122. Conflicting information from Eidos support, can someone from Eidos please clarify?
  123. Notice when moving camera, there are blocly bands across models, what is this?
  124. Yellow flickering?
  125. Why can't i complete the Motherly Ties sidequest..?
  126. GamePlay Very Choppy
  127. Increasing GPU voltage seems to stop crashing
  128. Can't Hack (legally)
  129. Game Breaking Bug - Detroit Convention Centre
  130. [PC Patch] 15th September 2011 - Build 630
  131. Choosing a cheap graphics card to play?
  132. Game crashes when I try to examine Bracelet
  133. Second playthrough, not getting some bonuses (Scholar, Smooth Operator, Ghost, ...)
  134. Glitch:M2-Gaining Access to Tai Yong Medical were you have to Steal an Employee Card
  135. Hostile cops outside police station
  136. Impossible to notice weak walls in stereoscopic mode
  137. My mouse goes crazy with slightest touch...
  138. Final Level Glitch? No one can hurt you?
  139. Help!!!
  140. Why no Xbox360 Patches?
  141. Grafiksettings
  142. Some strange bug after the patch
  143. Game not available error on Steam (PC)
  145. DirectX11 Radeon 5870 9-15 patch no go
  146. Crash to desktop when selecting dialogue options
  147. HD3D option is greyed out.
  148. Deus Ex Crash Report
  149. Crash upon examining bracelet (spoilers regarding a side-quest in Detroit)
  150. I find this really annoying
  151. Directx 11 with a Geforce 540M is not working
  152. Audio drop-out after latest patch...
  153. Augmented Edition Content and Steam
  154. Thank you for preordering screen
  155. Help! XBOX spinning bug
  156. What have you done with latest patch???
  157. Major lag outside TYM entrance
  158. Shotgun ironsight is broken
  159. Large Steam update
  160. Sound error on Steam Version
  161. Cant Load Saves in Chapter 12
  162. Finalmente
  163. Feature Request: Enemies killed counter
  164. Enemies spawning inside walls
  165. System Requirements
  166. Still no HUD centering for Eyefinity
  167. Missing ,,HUD"
  168. BUG: Sarif's head on floor (spoiler)
  169. Strange graphical glitches with SSAO
  170. I can't run HR in DirectX 11
  171. Deus Ex HR and Windows 8 (Developer Preview)
  172. Game Crash - Weapon Upgrades
  173. 3D not working with Nvidia GTX 560M with 3D TV Play
  174. Ideas for new or changed gameplay feature for future patches
  175. 3D don't work
  176. Boris Upcoming graphic modification ENBSeries 0.087 FX IMPLANT
  177. Programme hang
  178. Problem with Graphic
  179. Is there any way to remove/turn off grenade Icons???
  180. [PC] Multiple profiles/rename saves support
  181. Zeke Sanders, Josie Thorpe Bug.
  182. No ghost bonus
  183. Asus G73jh working ---ish
  184. Horrid framerate.
  185. 3D with HD 5970
  186. An FPS issue since the stuttering patch has been released.
  188. Jensen's Apartment == Major stuttering.
  190. [PC PATCH] 23rd September 2011 - Build 633
  191. Steam Will Not Let Me Play My PC Disc Version
  192. Ps3 crash - mother in law
  193. STOP pc patches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  194. Game crashes to desktop often and is therefore unplayable
  196. Video glitch followed by inability to advance mission
  197. Vsync/mouse lag
  198. A request to all modders (boss fights)
  199. Takedown bug.
  200. error loading save data
  201. no mouseclicking in main menu anymore
  202. Steam is telling me I can't play
  203. David Sarif Social Battle Bug
  204. Weapon upgrades issues
  205. Horrible Directx 9 Performance
  206. HUD/FONTS way too small at high res...
  207. i'll give $35 to any modder who can disable head bobbing!
  208. the downloadable content required for this autoload is not available
  209. mouse lag
  210. So I fixed my stuttering in this game...
  211. Display issues
  212. Xbox 360 Patch
  213. Le Augementaton bug / glitch
  214. Can't launch DE: HR
  215. Good News!! Stutter / frameskipping dissapeared ! ATI DRIVER 11.9
  216. [PC] Can't change dialogue options in first mission?
  217. *Video* HORRIBLE Elevator Glitch on PS3 Panchaea
  218. Error message: Failed to open BIGFILE_italian.000
  219. Serious Crash
  220. Uninstalled Some Other Program--Now Cutscenes Stutter! Please Help ...
  221. Xbox - DLC Causing Audio Glitches
  222. Tranq Rifle Kills
  223. Singapore Secure Bunker Bug
  224. xbox problem "tong si hung" HELP
  225. Patch 1.01 (PS3)
  226. Huge sudden drops in framerate
  227. Lagging and stuttering.. .. ..
  228. Odd graphical issues?
  229. Game Freezes while entering Limb Clinic
  230. So,are the dev still working on the stutter issue?
  231. Stereo Sound Problems
  232. Screen Tearing No Dialogue Menu
  233. Deus Ex: Human Revolution has stopped working.
  234. Game Play Is really Slow!!
  235. Weird Graphics Glitch In Sarifs Office
  236. So have you simply given up on fixing audio delay?
  237. Deus Ex with enbseries
  238. fan Issue on PC
  239. Sprinting Aug: Normal Running now the Same Speed as Walking?
  240. Wrong CD-Key/Game won't activate
  241. Framerate drops at seemingly random intervals.
  242. [BUG] Invisible Bell Tower Guards Alice Garden Pods
  243. About that Ghost Run...
  244. smooth operator BUG?: "Confronting Eliza Cassan" -Get inside room 802-11
  245. Cutscene Stutter/Frame Skip/Lag
  246. List of patches released so far
  247. Do you want to change the color scheme to improve performance?
  248. No Deus Ex: HR DLC on US Playstation Store?
  249. I paid $60 for this game I and have yet to play it because of crashes
  250. Trouble with Steam ...