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  1. Game bugged out? Cant move on with the game.
  2. Save game issue (Steam Cloud)
  3. A Possible Fix for the Deus Ex HR HUD Shifting Bug
  4. Xbox360, tranquilizer gun problem.
  5. Flickering Lights Issue
  6. Collectors Edition DLC code not working
  7. Why do I have to click twice in the in-game menu screens?
  8. NPC Conversation's not triggering
  9. Iron Sights No Longer Work While In Cover (PC)
  10. Delayed gunshot sound effect?
  11. Directx 9 issues
  12. Change Languange
  13. Unable to load savegames past Ch. 12
  15. Why the hate for multiple monitor setups?
  16. How do I turn off/remove pre order content?
  17. Hold instead of toggle Ironsight/Crouch
  18. augmented edition help
  19. Capped at 10 FPS
  20. Deus Ex freezes, laggs and the graphics crash
  21. PC Version Region Issues
  22. Temporary fix for Stuttering Issue by disabling PAGE FILE/VIRTUAL MEMORY
  23. 2 Monitor issue
  24. A sound problem with ingame video
  25. The prerendered cutscene movies are waaaay darker than the rest of the game.
  26. Can't advance, door won't open - Spoilers
  27. Getting flickering white & black dots on the characters in game! DE:HR - PC
  28. Directx 11 Graphic error
  29. English patch for EU version
  30. A couple of issues
  31. PC DVD not working
  32. Several Technical issues.
  33. Directx 11 causes crashes
  34. For Consoles, please add alternate configs
  35. Xbox 360: Objects falling through floor
  36. Deus ex human revolution error
  37. [xbox360]saved games do not preserve augs or quest progress
  38. setting gamma and contrast?
  39. Clickable interface issues
  40. Logs failures; pocket secretary, emails not being stored.
  41. Xbox 360 - Game Breaking Freeze Glitch (spoilers)
  42. [SPOILERS]: Different "Cloaks and Daggers" bug
  43. Cloak and Dagger Mission broken...
  44. Stuttering FIX!
  45. FOV change ?
  46. Graphic Card died because of Deus Ex
  47. Can't save in Highland Park
  48. I think I broke the game..... *Spoilers*
  49. Temporary Choppiness In Game. Help Please.
  50. ebooks text too small in 1080p
  51. Game cache verification constantly redownloads 12.8MB exe file?
  52. Strange FRAPS results...
  53. DirectX 11 Fuzzy Fix
  54. SERIOUS BUG - Tai Yong Medical Shuttle Never Arrives
  55. Disc error while reading file BIGFILE.001 (Possible Spoiler)
  56. DirectX 11 Greyed Out
  57. Game launches but then no video.
  58. Death Upon Startup
  59. Can't run Deus Ex: Human revolution
  60. Crash during dialogue with David after the first mission
  61. DX:HR Crashes On Load Screen 90% of Time
  62. Stuck at Loading
  63. Freezing trying to play basketball
  64. Crash during "Forgotten Acquaintances" (spoilers?)
  65. Weakened wall destruction - Knockout Death?
  66. Bah! Choosing left or right social options crashes game!
  67. Where is the graphics config information stored for DXHR?
  68. Game crashes during cinematics
  69. controller/ mouse setup?
  70. Stuck on M6... Bug ?
  71. controller/ mouse setup?
  72. Jerky Ironsight Animation
  73. Radar,Targe,Subtitles bug plz help
  74. xbox hangs for several seconds....
  75. How about a console forum?
  76. New patch is out there. Stuttering fixed!
  77. Explosive mission pack on Steam
  78. New patch IS out there!!
  79. Crashes to desktop as soon as I move mouse on try to access menu options
  80. HELPPP Major Glitch!!
  81. How to play the english voice w french subtitle
  82. Waiting to play the game until 3D Vision supported/hacks become playable
  83. Bots can go through doors!!!
  84. VERY long launch time on PS3
  85. Bug: Lost Smart vision
  86. I BEG YOU, can you give us 99 save slots on console too?
  87. Xbox 360- pal-Game breaking Bug(s)
  88. Tranquilizer Gun = Death
  89. Posterization and color banding = Ugly effects
  90. Falling through the floor keeps me from playing!
  91. Going to Adam's aprtment makes my PC die...
  92. Core I7? Crashing to Dektop? See if this works for you.
  93. possible fix for stuttering?!
  94. DirectX11
  95. FFS, Patch the ******* game already. Cloak and Dagger bugs, Crashing problems.
  96. Crash deus ex HR au chapitre 7
  97. Can't continue with game?
  98. Possible "A problem has occurred..." fix
  99. Confirmed sound bug with combat rifle and RoF upgrades
  100. Detected from stealth after quickloading
  101. Infinate freeze during Isaias Sandoval, while inside LIMB Clinic (xb360)
  102. mouse related, NOT a lag, key mapping, or control issue
  103. Cannot change graphic settings,
  104. "Ghost" Not working on First Mission
  105. 3d not filling screen.
  106. Need Help With New Lag Issue
  107. Game Ending bug! Cannot evac after 2nd boss!
  108. Bug: Killing Wayne Haas
  109. Seriously Eidos, Why Soooooo Many Bugs?!?!
  110. Minor issues: UI, etc.
  111. Singapore Facility Door won't open.
  112. Game runs flawlessly until....
  113. Captain Penn's password
  114. C-R-A-S-H during "conversation" clicking!
  115. Lose added Augmentation for energy cells
  116. [PS3] game crashing and major bug
  117. Setup Won't Recognize my Graphics Card
  118. XBox 360 black screen crash after loading save game
  119. GTX 500 series? Crashing in DX11 mode? I think I found the problem.
  120. Games Crashes noticed some interesting things.
  121. DirectX 11 not working
  122. Changing monitors
  123. HUD Disappearing(Under certain conditions)
  124. Cannot progress in chapter 6?
  125. Disable Pre-Order Bonus
  126. Assault Rifle loses sound when 2nd rate of fire upgrade applied
  127. Wheres the patch for consoles
  128. BUg report: Hooker glitch,Megan Reed quest broken
  129. A simple request on behalf of all left handed (Southpaw) console gamers
  130. Game unplayable
  132. 7600-LAGFIX
  133. Crash during quick save/load/auto-save and jmicron raid possible solution
  134. Smart Vision usage bug
  135. Limb Clinic Mission Glitches
  136. Acquaintaces Forgotten bug?
  137. Music volume is TOO low
  138. Server down ? (Xbox 360)
  139. For Eidos - Nixxes Support - Important
  140. Stuttering / choppy sound - Only in cutscenes..?
  141. Extreme Stuttering and now Crashes - Please Help!
  142. Yellow "fog" issue
  143. Eyfinity hud
  144. Bug??? Can not kill MCB gangster.
  145. Any hope to run on Ati x1900?
  146. Delayed Audio
  147. Slow Weapon Switches
  148. Video Stutter - Different to gameplay stutter. Cant play, I dont know whats going on!
  149. Can't Change Graphical Settings
  150. A fatal error has occurred while playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  151. Video problem with DXHR. Please help.
  152. Steam - Crashed, Lost Most Recent Saves
  153. Placebo or pro mod?
  154. Talion A.D. quest issue
  155. Demonstration of Stutter effect when zooming
  156. Issues picking up items PS3 bug/issue
  157. hung hua bug
  158. Mark & Track UI Bug (Xbox 360 Version)
  159. Weird double/shadow image???
  160. Deus Ex Human Revolution - Direct X Change
  161. Dialogue Tree Error
  162. Crash after specific dialogue choices
  163. Game C2D unless I start as a new Windows user
  164. Can't get 3D to work, would like to know best settings also for PC
  165. out of instances, maximum is 2560 - contact a designer. If you are one, blablabla
  166. Okay, now 3D won't display correctly
  167. Silent Rifle Bug / Glitch
  168. Bonus Content in saves on different profiles on different 360s
  169. Not a technical issue with the game but being colourblind...
  170. Corner "clipping" and shooting.
  171. another Cinematics crash thread :(
  172. No chat options
  174. jagged edges?
  175. Dear Eidos, stop ignoring us please!
  176. Combat Rifle not making any sound?
  177. Sky has severe dithering/banding issues
  178. BUG: Having to click twice in the in-game menu screens
  179. Bug = unable to complete "Motherly Ties" quest
  180. Graphical Glitch: Yellow lines throughout the game.
  181. XP Exploit leads to Glitched Foxiest Achievement?
  182. Gamma levels PC
  183. My HUD is Gone ?
  184. [PC] Weapon/voice sound delay ...and possible solutions?
  185. I think I've located the source/temp solution of a problem with the steroscopic 3D
  186. How is the game in dx11?
  187. Iron Sights are not aligned when FOV is not 75 ?
  188. Request for better quality cutscenes [PC]
  189. Bluescreen only in this game
  190. Incorrect Pre-Order DLC Code in the Retal Copy.
  191. [BUG] DirectX 11 Tesselation Problem
  192. Freezing when on Praxis
  193. Can't choose my resolution
  194. anyone else notice this on 360?
  195. saveindex corrupt, can't restore savegames, over 41 hours in ='(
  196. Shadowless NPCs??
  197. Command Line Arguments
  198. Crashing during mission
  199. Anti-Aliasing Not Working?
  200. Ghost Achievement issues
  201. Really need help with a bug (I Think).
  202. Can unpacking the bigfile.00X files run the game better?
  203. HUD has disappeared halfway through game!
  204. A Problem has occured with your display driver
  205. Mouse Sensitivity - Allow numerical settings and consistent x and y
  206. 1st boss Auto Save bug.
  207. Failed social battle with Tong in the Hive, can't enter office to get xp ebook
  208. [Fixed] Stuttering, loading lag [SOLVED]
  209. Screen flickering
  210. Who DOES NOT have stuttering issues?
  211. Deus Ex lagging on a more-than-capable rig!
  212. Game crashes / Stutter during cinematics - A common Asus notebook issue?
  213. Icarus Landing System won't let me get where I can without it
  214. I'm starting to get really wound up now!! Cloaks & Daggers Glitch!!
  215. Multi-Monitor HUD Problem on PC [nvidia surround]
  216. Can't view/access all achievements
  217. Mousewheel not working
  218. Did I Just Eff Up Getting Legend?! Please Help!
  219. just a quick bug..... 2 HEADED WOMAN!
  220. Mouse stops working on menus/map and then rest of computer
  221. "DeusEx.com not available..."-START screen
  222. Using grenades and things other than weapons
  223. Can not shoot while in cover??!!
  224. Alternate Controls For Consoles
  225. [PS3] Game Breaking Bug. (EMP)
  226. Bug is preventing me from continuing a main mission (Cannot exit convention centre)
  227. help!!!! glitch bug maybe
  229. Nasty Bug Found (all patches applied)
  230. Bug with S1 quest in China (spoilerish)
  231. Video Card PC Requirements - Minimum
  232. Omega Ranch bug
  233. Blank screen during intro
  234. Future PC Patches - Updates & General Discussion
  235. PS3, Game Freeze upon exit to Detroit City
  236. [X360] Bug @Hive: no <<Speak with "X" key>> window
  237. Catalyst AI enabled = immediate game crash (black screen -> blue screen -> reboot)
  238. Crash after successful hacking
  239. Transfering Saves
  240. DXHR Divide By Zero Exception
  241. PETITION - xbox field of view option
  242. Minimzing to desktop
  243. Moire Patterns In DX11
  244. [PS3] Faint lines across half the screen
  245. help.... bug or glitch end of picus level
  246. Resolution and UI weirdness
  247. Crashes after 1st cut, NVIDIA 560 ti GPU
  248. 360 Freezing Problem
  249. When HD3d is enabled, the screen res doesn't fit the screen.
  250. Singapore Mission Broken