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  1. Hitman Worth it?
  2. What I'd love to happen in the next Hitman game...
  3. Need help with Trophies on PS3
  4. [Bug Report]Challenge Re-Locked:Angel of Death Part 2
  5. What made Hitman Codename 47
  6. Absolution İmpression
  7. Hitman: Absolution Nominated for People's Choice GOTY
  8. Absolution subtlety
  9. Please Make Manual Patch
  10. how to download this game
  11. 31 days and 50% off on steam?
  12. Absolution, a mediocre experience but there's hope
  13. Is there any more DLC coming out soon or what?
  14. Ideas for Next Patch......
  15. "Run for your life" rank
  16. The Future of Hitman
  17. Sales Numbers...
  18. This game is so frustrating
  19. Hitman absolution crashes with a "Hitman5 has stopped working" error
  20. Who is Chicago serial killer
  21. To all Hitman fans!:)
  22. One thing that would make this game perfect
  23. Laser Sights?
  24. Get the mechanic, challenge!
  25. Problem with the language /Problema con el idioma
  26. One Man Riot Challenge Help -- Please!
  27. A short Hitman Absolution Teaser
  28. DLC PACK SPANISH please
  29. [X360] After downloading English language pack, game freezes on launch
  30. DLC ideas!
  31. I think I have a good guess about the next game
  32. white gradient? PS3
  33. score ranking different after patch
  34. When did edios stop survering these threads..??
  35. score ranking different after patch
  36. Agent 47 minifigure
  37. *SPOILERS* Barbershop Purist
  38. Transparent Shelves in Shaving Lenny Mission
  39. Anyone found a way to disable the HUD yet (in non purist)?
  40. Hitman Absolution Review
  41. "Gotta go" observations (spoilers)
  42. New use for hitman!
  43. Confused about Sniper Challenge game :s PS3
  44. Countdown - glitch? (Spoilers)
  45. Contender trophy ps3
  46. Agency HX UMP LOCKED?!
  47. Hi from a New Gun in Town
  48. Nice touch
  49. Hitman Absolution F1 key
  50. PS3: Cheat codes for all victims of the savegame bug!
  51. Hitman contracts doesnt work!
  52. Perfect Assassin playthrough: Suit only, No knockouts, All evidence collected, Purist
  53. is there an e-mail address or fax number?
  54. Where is the knife located in Skurky's Law?
  55. Hitman Absolution Level walkthrough 3min vids
  56. Attack of The Saints: Angel of Death part 2
  57. Agent 47 doesn't come off as the worlds best assassin...
  58. Need people to compete with(on xbox)
  59. Hitman Store
  60. Shangri-la in less than 1 and a half minutes, purist plus evidence(suit only)
  61. How the next Hitman can succeed
  62. Not impressed
  63. Notebook on Shaving Lenny - Please fix it
  64. how do i create a new game?
  65. Highest possible rating per level (SA, shadow, etc)
  66. How to unlock technique reward in Gun Shop?
  67. New category should be added to Contracts mode filters
  68. Agent 47 - Shadow Form
  70. hitman absolution find notebook
  71. how to import one game character to xbox for avatar?same hitman or gow3?
  72. somebody.... please......... help........ my face.....
  73. Score and
  74. Hitman Absolution on Mac os X
  75. Save Hitman Absolution from death.
  76. China Town Massacre
  77. Interview With A Hitman
  78. Different versions of disguises
  79. WA2000 Rifle/Suitcase
  80. Can anyone please help...
  81. do you know this song
  82. Noob question: need help
  83. Hitman Absolution/6 Conspiracy Theory
  84. Destroying a building in Hope Fair
  85. My Hitman: Absolution review
  86. Laughable forum contest
  87. Hitman LOL-solution
  88. Hitman LOL-solution
  89. Reap What You Sow - Part 2 HELP!
  90. aries 24.7 on hope fair on hard
  92. Missing items xbox 360 version
  93. What is wrong with Hitmans big head??
  94. Will be new missions addon ??
  95. Puh-leeeeeeease let me disable HUD elements!
  96. Steam trophies help
  97. Farewell 47.
  98. Looking for someone to break these scores...
  99. Looking for PC competitions
  100. American Hitman
  101. Would you like your Contract videod? (PS3)
  102. The girl (SPOILERS!)
  103. Streets of Hope: Fastest way to kill Lenny's gang
  104. Hitman HD bonus Sniper Challenge
  105. Hitman: HD Trilogy Launch Trailer
  106. Challenge Bug
  107. Spanish Package language
  108. My review of Absolution
  109. Contract by full_contact_fighter2003
  110. Hitman:A future patch plans?
  111. I can not open 3D vision in games Hitman Absolution. Help Me.
  112. Why was my thread deleted IO?!
  113. Will I ever be able to get Sniper Challenge?
  114. Upgrade Game
  115. Backup Arrived
  116. 1st person problem
  117. HITMAN With Skills Video
  118. Hitman Absolution - Bloopers, Glitches & Silly Stuff
  119. My Review of Hitman Absolution
  120. Absolution Achievement glitch?
  121. So they tweaked npc sensitivity...
  122. Birdy's Gift secret (spoilers)
  124. Agent 47 - Hitman film reboot starring Paul Walker
  125. top hitman in uk
  126. Xbox: Have Sniper Challenge, No Game Yet. Can't Play
  127. My Voucher Code is invalid?
  128. Bug BrokenSavedata PS3
  129. Attack of the Saints - Angel of Death [Part 2] - 100% working guide
  130. Killing All enemies..only survival on map [not spottted][Purist]
  131. Hola que tal
  132. Have The Game. Have Sniper Challenge. Where is it?
  133. Where Do You Access Sniper Challenge???????????
  134. I Did The First Contracts "First Hit" Now I Can't Do Anything
  135. absolution:a few months later......
  136. Problems with Hitman Absolution game register
  137. I've done something that can't be done by anyone else.
  138. Trainer for 1.0.446
  139. Plain and simple IO, will there be anymore DLC?
  140. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Challenge GLITCH
  141. Can I Run it?
  142. Yes to sandbox?
  143. Stealth Dance
  144. RFYL-Burning Hotel (Purist mode-Shadow rating) *Top Score* w/Commentary
  145. How do I drop weapons?
  146. Featured contract "Speed" : 4 videos here!
  147. How can i get money ???
  148. Competitors for contracts mode
  149. I just platinumed Hitman: Absolution [My thoughts about the game]
  150. Ronin Part 3
  151. Run for your Life, Elevator Issue
  152. NEED HELP
  153. Hitman Absolution : RFYL - Library (Purist mode-Pro rating) *Top Score* w/Commentary
  154. Xbox world average score
  155. Hitman Score
  156. Female Agent
  157. Contracts fustration!
  158. Hitman Absolution : RFYL - Pigeon Coop (Purist mode) *Top Score* w/Commentary
  159. Thinking of buying
  160. Hitman Abs: Shaving Lenny-->Barbershop--High Score Problem
  161. Weapon upgrade
  162. Why on earth can't we toggle the "Mark"s in Contracts?
  163. Run For Your Life [Purist, Suit Only, Evidence, Speed Run]
  164. One shot short movie - Hitman
  165. stupid animations for weapons
  166. Music from Convinience store
  167. Restart Hitman Absolution
  168. Hitman Absolution Rap
  169. Leaderboards
  170. Understanding the Unlock menu
  171. Run For Your Life - Shangri La (Purist mode) *Top Score* w/Commentary
  172. hitman absolution game play - purist - silent assassin
  174. Hitman Youtube walkthrough
  175. Can I Get an Xbox 360 Save File?
  176. Wanted to know if i can run Hitman Absolution in my computer (no canurunit) You judge
  177. Regarding the Sniper challenge.
  178. RFYL - Train Station (Purist mode - Pro rating) *Top Score* w/Commentary [HD]
  179. Cheated leaderboards?
  180. How to re-play
  181. PS3 Help Trophees!
  182. IO Interactive and Square Enix....The good and bad and missing from Absolution!!!
  183. Another game mode please?
  184. not receiving money in online contracts mode
  185. Kill 'em all - Mansion Ground Floor
  186. Ever checked the Brand name of the monitors in-game?
  187. ICA Companion App Help
  188. Timothy Olyphant Reference
  189. This Game is not an Hitman
  190. Munked Up Hitmunk Absolution
  191. Hitman Absolution EASTEREGGS daily
  192. Can somebody PLEASE friend me and start a contract competiton w/ me?
  193. DLC possibilities
  194. Objectives glitches
  195. Laughing Pig EXPLAINED!
  196. problema controller xbox 360 su pc
  197. Hands down the BEST run ever, no ****
  198. ONE unfound easteregg left!
  199. CanĀ“t connect to Hitman Contract server being behind firewall
  200. Altair meets Sniper
  201. Learn how to get those ridiculous high scores
  202. Best hit man ever!!
  203. May 13 11mb update
  204. Unpack the .pc_resourcelib files?
  205. Hitman " The Artist " fan trailer. I hope you all will like it !
  206. Working trainer on disguise?
  207. HMA: Double Rainbow Easteregg?
  208. Hitman ICA Android App
  209. How To...let's hear how you did it!
  210. Please watch it is just 50 sec. :)
  211. Funny moments in Hitman: Absolution
  212. The melee system, did you figure it out or rely on reflexes?
  213. super frustrating...
  214. Lasandra Dixon's Mini-Cutscene?
  215. Youtube channel dedicated to Hitman Series
  216. Can someone help please !
  217. Solution Spanish language pack in the game
  218. IO Interactive urgent request with language pack
  219. Hitman Absolution Professional Edition (EU vs. NA)
  220. Has anyone found a way to disable the HUD yet??
  222. For the next Hitman Game
  223. Errors in installation
  224. This is How You Play
  225. Attention Developers!
  226. Can i create a contract offline and play it myself?
  227. Hitman Absolution Director Cut ?
  228. Angel of Death part 2 has a locker sign (done part 1)
  229. hitman absolution luncher not work help me
  230. How to link my SquareEnix account to Hitman Absolution?
  231. "Ka0s problem"
  232. 'it's been awhile'
  233. Run For Your Life - why only Professional rank?
  234. Help||save file
  235. Can't Mark target [PS3]
  236. "Rating overwriting"
  237. i have started a gameplay series on youtube for this game
  238. maps
  239. Game Save
  240. [PC-Hardcore contract]-An explosive fight
  241. Complete Purist High Score Walkthrough Video Set
  242. Post here if you want Jesper Kyd to do soundtrack for Hitman 6
  243. Hitman Absolution - Movie Trailer (2007 movie dub version)
  244. PS4 and the next HITMAN
  245. complete contracts but dont get paid
  246. Silver Ballers not quite AMTs any more
  247. EFS version...no patch?
  248. Hitman absolution want load level HELP
  249. Soundtrack
  250. Attack of the Saints