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  1. Metal pipe on Attack Of The Saints?
  2. Contracts is terrible with all these bugs.
  3. Suggestion: Blunt weapon throwing
  4. If they made a HitMan Demo before it came out would y'all have still bought it?
  5. cant holster weapon by pressing down?
  6. My Absolution review
  7. Easteregg compilation part 2.
  8. !!Check out my awesome Hitman Assassination!!
  9. SUGGESTION: How to make Contracts Mode slightly more competitive.
  10. Is it possible to reset stat?
  11. Problem With Challenges
  12. Ps3 crouch control
  13. What kind of "Hitman" are you?
  14. My tribute to Agent 47...
  15. when i poison someone in contracts mode why can't it say poison instead of bare hands
  16. How the FVCK does point shooting work?
  17. PETITION: This game needs quick saves!
  18. I seriously would have paid $120 for...
  19. Hitman suddenly stopped working
  20. If you want missions from older hitman games...
  21. Nothing for unlocking all challenges?
  22. Hitman Movie Casting Choice what do u guys think?
  23. Explanations about the checkpoint system
  24. Where are the patch notes?
  25. Xbox 360 - Absolution Contract Challenge!
  26. Recommended system upgrades to run HMA at full capacity?
  27. A Resonable Future Idea to Appease Hardcore and Casual players
  28. Q: Is it linear?
  29. Gamecrash
  30. [PS3]leaderboard best possible score vixen club
  31. PC Patch Released - November 30th 2012
  32. question for Io interactive
  33. what is the highest base payoff possible to get?
  34. IO Interactive please patch Contracts Mode to work offline
  35. my ideas for how to improve the franchise
  36. More infos about yor possible disguising patch
  37. Operation Sledgehammer score bug?
  38. I'm so disappointed this game has no cheats.
  39. Hitman Absolution = AWSOME!
  40. What's the most impressive kill you've pulled off?
  41. Skurky's Law [Courthouse] speedrun!
  42. if this is the ica logo ..then what is this ???
  43. Can you beat my contract?
  44. Gasoline Can in Death Factory(Found!)
  45. Live Stream of Hitman Absolution
  46. "Ultimate Assassin"
  47. Missing items
  48. Exanding Contracts in Hitman's Future
  49. Question about contracts mode
  50. Why the disguises dont work?
  51. UKSquareEnix Copyright
  52. Downloadble Content! Argh!
  53. Need Hitman Friends!!!
  54. King of Chinatown Speedrun
  55. Amigos, I made a new one
  57. Contracts Mode Issues
  58. chinese new year highest score
  59. Hitman Absolution Contest
  60. R700 and Z & W Model 60 for Contracts!
  61. Silenced pistol is too loud
  62. Thank you Driber and Nick @ I/O
  63. (PC) Cutscene compression
  64. getting medal's on contracts?
  65. Faked contract scores
  66. Idea for the Contract mode
  67. Invisible wall glitch!! (Includes video)
  68. 47 plays the piano for 20 minutes
  69. Admins plz read! | fake scores on score boards
  70. Suit & Guns Pack
  71. ica.hitman.com problem
  72. Hitman - The Professional ( 47´s personal video) Please watch, write comments :)
  73. Hitman Absolution Funny Moments
  74. Thanks for giving me my sniper rifle. =)
  75. If there was a new game + - what would you want?
  76. technique upgrade avaiable bug
  77. Just beat the game!
  78. Hitman video
  79. Hitman: Absolution Windows 8 problem.
  80. Please IOI!
  81. ADD ME!
  82. PETITION - Huge SaNDBOX Levels like Blackwater park as DLC
  83. Hawaii
  84. Strange Crash at Loading....
  85. Will there be a DLC with a better ending?
  86. Need Hitman Friends!!!
  87. why such lack of creativity
  88. Playthrough - Purist/Suit Only/Silent Assassin
  91. Hitman: Absolution in french in Quebec (Canada)
  92. [HELP-REQUEST]Contracts Code Problem.
  93. My ideas about next game...
  94. What in the world were you thinking?
  95. How Do I "Like" a Contract?
  96. What am i doing wrong?
  97. When is the patch for costume out:(
  98. DLC Ideas
  99. Hitman - Video series (PT - BR) Walkthroughs
  100. Vent your grievances thread
  101. Most memorable mission!
  102. when will they update the current featured?
  103. PLOT - Can we clarify what actually happend? (SPOILERS)
  104. Camera zoom out more
  105. So I take it all back
  106. DLC Suggestion. Read this, devs!
  107. Regarding suspicious scores on PC
  108. An idea for the disguise system.
  109. Did you know?
  110. DLC Idea
  111. Hire Hitman
  112. regarding the colour scheme of this forum
  113. Locked high score?
  114. what is your top 3 self made contracts?
  115. Hire.Hitman.com app now removed
  116. game freezing (PS3)
  117. an idea for how to sort the contracts
  118. LOOking for people to compete with on Xbox
  119. WARNING for folks going for Suit-Only runs
  120. Welcome to Hope :)
  121. Clearly the best contract out there
  122. I have enough of this. I wrote this, I have to get this out of my system. Iam pissed
  123. Why no FPS mode?
  124. Need Help With Assassin's Signature Challenge
  125. Prison contract (Skursky's law/ Chapter 2): conditions bugged
  126. Adding a description for a Contract
  127. Play styles?
  128. Zero Punctuation: Hitman Absolution
  129. Hitman Absolution : The King of Chinatown (Purist mode-Silent Assassin rating) w/Comm
  130. What is with this point system?
  131. Contract Name Changes
  132. Shaving Lenny - Notebook.
  133. Got a spare Xbox 360 code for Public Enemy (first come first served)
  134. When will the disguises patch be ready?
  135. Walkthrough Update
  136. What's YOUR score on 10?
  137. Certain features about the game...
  138. Funny Hitman Absolution video
  139. Anyone else upset with "deadliest assassin?"
  140. CRITICISMS and GOOD things
  141. why do I get imcompletes on challenges that I know I have done
  142. featured contracts?
  143. something that bothers me in contracts mode
  144. Sums up Absolution pretty well I guess.
  145. Architecture and interior styles
  146. Qustion on Play Styles
  147. Make a movie mode
  148. Desguise not broke BUT!... Suspicious is!
  149. Save points and animations
  150. Some little help ;)
  151. Next Hitman
  152. Instinct Question
  153. Next Game, Find More Inventive Ways To End Levels
  154. Dexter=Jack Nicholson?!
  155. Hitman Trilogy Gamestop code available
  156. New videos
  157. need hitman friends
  158. Contract Compition for Orignal Hitman Trilogy
  159. That one Featured Contract with Lynch was really lame....
  160. Upgraded weapons
  161. Central heating
  162. quick question about difficult settings
  163. seriously?
  164. What is the lowest possible rating?
  165. Birdie's gift max score?
  166. Support PC/Console
  167. HILARIOUS things ennemies say
  168. A breath of fresh air....
  169. Reporting a cheater here
  170. Suggestions, and questions
  171. unanwsered opinions and questions, what do you think and a little help please
  172. ey guys
  173. I'm not sure if this is a bug or just me being blind but I hope somebody help
  174. bug in contracts mode
  175. No Leaderboards Entries?
  176. Sniper Challenge 2.0 Wishlist
  177. Looking to join competitons -contracts mode
  178. December 10th Patch
  179. How do you earn medal?
  181. Sniper challenge download
  182. Expert Difficulty Instinct
  183. reviewing some weakness gameplay of Hitman:Absolution
  184. Language problem
  185. Love to see anyone come close to completing this CASH REWARD!
  186. Mount Rushmore - Easter egg?
  187. The continuation of stories ... (Ending is "Blood Money")
  188. The continuation of stories ... (Ending is "Blood Money")
  189. what is the new patch?
  190. Acceptable or Not? (Gun magazine)
  191. This game is not a hitman game.
  192. One Hit Wonders - Contracts (gato sidoso)
  193. Absolution Setting
  194. How to find IO Contracts in Contracts mode
  195. Funny stuff NPCs say (#2)
  196. Is there a way to disable film grain effect?
  197. *XBOX* Post your Contracts here.
  198. Steam Achievements
  199. Hitmanforums.com is a joke however I like Forums.ediosgames.com heaps more.
  200. When are these patchs making their way to Australia
  201. Must 47 story have a conclusion?
  202. Deleting Patch- No Problems?
  203. featured contracts update?
  204. Friends for Contract Competitions on Xbox
  205. Hitman PS3 patch live
  206. Campaign level select Error what the Hell?
  207. game freezing (PS3)!!
  208. Hitman Absolution : Terminus (Purist mode-Shadow rating) *Top Score* w/Commentary [HD
  209. Hitman HD Trilogy
  210. PS3 Trophy help
  211. Assassination Technique unlock Guides?
  212. Extremely Difficult Contracts
  213. A new idea for sharing Contracts!!
  214. Hitman HD Make-An-Acheivement
  215. How about making Contracts playable offline?
  216. used copy
  217. Train Station- Suit Only, No KO, Purist, Shadow + Evidence
  218. Patch 1.0.444.0 Notes - PC
  219. new or old hitman fan ?
  220. what happened to the cool "kill cam" from blood money?
  221. Intentional run & gunning (spoilers)
  222. Vixen Club High Score
  223. 'Extra' Points?
  224. Score Penalty and Hidden Bodies.
  225. AI and Gameplay Issues
  226. Problem making my contract.
  227. Cant even return it
  228. Question about "Hunted or Hunter"
  229. Will there be an add-on(spoilers)
  230. audio problem
  231. Would you buy a Hitman with two heroes?
  232. Bought on release date still waiting to play
  233. Why it makes sense you can only get "Shadow" rank on some levels...
  234. Will there ever be a quick SAVE and LOAD?
  235. Hitman HD Collection on PC ???
  236. scarecrow and One man riot challenges not unlocking
  237. Is SA/Suit only/evidence possible on Countdown?!
  238. Suit only/infiltrator in one playthrough
  239. borderlands killer......at last
  240. I cant go on
  241. Weapon Upgrades - Absolutely Useless??
  242. Unable to download the latest patch - PC
  243. What did patch 1.02 for the PS3 do?
  244. Title update for 360
  245. I Broke Hitman Absolution
  246. Where is THIS music?
  247. Disguise before and after patch question?
  248. Hitman Absolution (PC Steam) Prize to be won!
  249. My christmas wish, save hitman! And possibly increase sales !?
  250. The Test Chamber [Video]