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  1. Huge problem with breaking up missions into levels...
  2. OPerative system
  3. looking for some music...
  4. I think I figured out the Sniper Challenge access into Absolution, for some of us.
  5. Can we please talk about hitman collections HD now
  6. So 47 is Sam Fisher?
  7. Anyone Else Think Theres Going To Be A New Hitman ?
  8. Where is hideout?
  9. Laxatives DLC
  10. Low Frame Rate?!
  11. Why make it impossible to get silent assassin on some levels
  12. How about another mode?
  13. Contracts offline?
  14. Some of your creative contracts
  15. Ooooooh! Double Rainbow!
  16. Option to remove Scoring Bar on HUD?
  17. I made new DVD cover for my Hitman Quadrology DVD becouse original was disgusting
  18. professorial
  19. Congratulations to the team [official appreciation thread]
  20. Where the hell is my map????
  21. The Gnomish Conspiracy: A contract
  22. Contracts management is a mess...
  23. Question for Devs - Patches
  24. [FEEDBACK FOR DEVS] Fixing Disguises
  25. Can you run it
  26. Gas Ovens on Hope Street
  27. What's going wrong here? (Video)
  28. *Official* Post your Contracts here!
  29. Why make us auto aim when we can use our skill ?
  30. What did you do? (Possible spoiler warning, though i'm trying to avoid it.
  31. Some problems and concerns about contracts and Absolution
  32. This needs to be patched...
  33. Constructive Feedback Thread
  34. Question about ranking system
  35. Purist Mode Feedback (Disguise System)
  36. A subdued NPC can spot you: change this.
  37. Hitman Sniper Challenge
  38. Hive mind AI from the previous games, is still here.
  39. Notebook in "Shaving Lenny"
  40. Soundtrack
  41. Easter Egg (No spoilers)
  42. Redeem Code Invalid!
  43. ┬┐Hitman 5: Adsolution works in windows 8?
  44. First to have found this one
  45. Found a disguise/instinct glitch Invisible from AI
  46. I MISS
  47. Patch request - gas ovens
  48. Explain some graphics setting
  49. Opinion and Thoughts on this game.
  50. Are there any filming modes?
  51. Batman or Hitman??
  52. Request a "One rifle" option.
  53. Lets get this straight, Hitman was always about STRATEGY not stealth
  54. "Practical Feedback for Dev's"
  55. The best reasons why Hitman Absolution rules !
  56. Fix for Hitman Absolutions black screen
  58. Notebook for clues
  59. Why did you change all the things i liked about Hitman?
  60. HitMan Code name 67 cause this is not 47..this is his Clone!
  61. The Ultimate Absolution Breakdown/Discussion
  62. Weapon selection in Contracts Mode needs to be improved.
  63. Stop saying it's difficult purist
  64. HitMan 47! New Game! Next Gen Silent Assassin!
  65. Get ride of Campaign mode Score System.. that's the problem!
  66. Pre-Order email never came
  67. work hitman 5 in this pc?
  68. Problem Killing Skurky
  69. Please wipe this hitman game, and give it to edios in montreal
  70. factory compound disguise issues
  71. Seringues
  72. The Problem with Contracts Mode...
  73. Keep 47 Alive Another 6 Years
  74. would you recommend this game for me based on my questions? please read message
  75. Disguises not working properly? Ex. Agent Grunt seeing through a Heavy Trooper disgui
  76. IN-GAME Discussions
  77. Contracts where are they?
  78. BIG disappointment, this is NOT HITMAN, this is Spliner Cell game...
  79. How could you do this IOI? You sold us out...
  80. I want to know....
  81. Seriously...
  82. ATTENTION! Absolution no weapon loadout???
  83. Great ball of fire (poss spoiler)
  84. Still Waiting for my Deluxe Edition to be delivered
  85. Attack of the saints...help
  86. official DLC ideas & requests thread
  87. Need Reccomendation....
  88. No Language Options in German Hitman: Absolution on Xbox360
  89. MY hitman absolution review
  90. DLC Weapons
  91. Step in the right direction?
  92. Hitman: Absolution
  93. KAOS repack working 90 %
  94. Keith Carradine, WELL DONE
  95. Silverballer upgrades.
  96. Need help with Rosewood on purist? Try this approuch
  97. Technique upgrade bug?
  98. Western Song/Songname ?! help! :(
  99. Guns and Suits DLC
  100. Hitman Sniper Challenge to Absolution
  101. What are does betas ?
  102. Could someone please explain the crowd system to me?
  103. AI Fixes
  104. Contracts Mode Upgrades
  105. Are people satisfied with Absolution ?
  106. Incognito List (good disguises) *SPOILERS*
  107. Installation Issues with Absolution and Steam
  108. Any way to see the highest difficulty completed?
  109. HELP?
  110. You are not a real civilian!
  111. Victoria DLC *SPOILERS*
  112. Biggest let down all year
  113. Wanna fix Contracts Mode? Here's how.
  114. Need friends on Xbox Live!
  115. rofl look at this tread that an admin closed
  116. Contracts: Ability to Abduct Targets
  117. Angel of Death Part 2
  118. To IOI. A FAIR review from a long-time fan.
  119. Beating a dead horse; when can we expect a patch?
  120. Patch/Update Requst Thread
  121. Can't Unlock Weapons
  122. Hitman Absolution: Purist guide
  123. Hitman Absolution Review by Jurre
  124. send me your contracts (xbox)
  125. Please add a proper save feature
  126. Ok where is the mod download at? You know, the important one
  127. To all the Whiners out there
  128. Hitman Absolution EASTEREGG compilation
  129. 47's Silverballers
  130. Angry Joe's Hitman Review!
  131. Shaving Lenny - Where Is The Notebook
  132. Gas Can on Death Factory?
  133. [My Feedback]FIX Bugs, BALANCING, Future MISSION
  134. How they could have made Hitman better while keeping the story
  135. Playthroughs!
  136. Can't unlock assassin technique
  137. Creative kills NOT possible
  138. Save game mod/patch?
  139. Update issue
  140. Need help with Blackwater Park?
  141. How did the game end up like this...
  142. New DLC - Multiplayer contract against a Hitman Clone or Any NPC
  143. Different disguise issue (more specific)
  144. Have you completed the game? *Huge Spoilers!*
  145. safe house
  146. Cover Blown! Police officers use tasers & Mace Instead of shooting a unarmed man
  147. We are in 2012 come on eidos Wake Up!
  148. Xbox cutscenes pixelated
  149. Great game!! patch wish?
  150. Gee, thanks IO
  151. Don't blame the Disguise System
  152. Please remove score hud
  153. My problem with Hope, South Dakota
  154. please patch silencers
  155. Agency Gunpack & Weapon Loadouts
  156. The Vixen Club soundtracks!!!
  157. *spoiler* guns in trunk
  158. Who agrees with me?
  159. Suit Only Challenge Missions 13 and 14.
  160. Please Address the Save System
  161. Weapon upgrade miss
  162. good video walkthrough
  163. Probably the best moment in the Hitman saga
  164. Is the ica.hitman.com page working for anyone?
  165. What ruins the game for me. How the hell did you miss this?
  166. Music
  167. Notebook on Shaving Lenny?
  168. Shaving Lenny Bugs
  169. Conan O'brien's take on Hitman Absolution
  170. Random question about creating a contract...
  171. Hitman Absolution OST?
  172. Honest Review of Absolution. [Contains Spoliers]
  173. [DEVS] small changes request + feedback
  174. *Official* Top 5 good and bad
  175. My favorite mission in Hitman
  176. The "Hat Man" Series by Yuvalhs [PS3]
  177. Hitman Contract Challenge Series
  178. Did you know this?
  179. Hitman Absolution - Story trailer ( please watch, write down your opinions )
  180. HUGE problem (PS3)
  181. Support here if you want 3-D vision
  182. Record of completed difficulty
  183. Welcome to Chicago 47. Your next assignment is to pick up a bottle.
  184. Checkpoints should NOT reset kill preparations!
  185. Song Name?
  186. Hitman 6 Anyone?
  187. Here's a fix for those who hate the new disguise system
  188. Grate Balls of fire music
  189. A few questions
  190. no sens and no mercy for players
  191. Older Hitman games references
  192. Remove Contract I've created.
  193. I'm the best, prove me wrong.
  194. Hitman is funny
  195. Where are the Save-Games located? (PC - Windows Vista)
  196. Enormous scores? Cheating?
  197. Question? Disguises,Weapon's & Being on the Run! "Cut Scenes" (Small Details matter)
  198. Tie -- No Tie
  199. Suggestion: Checkpoint System for Purist
  200. GamrRank Contest Submission
  201. Suggestions
  202. Multiplayer future?
  203. A1ms Purist / Silent Assassin video walkthroughs
  204. Mason + electricity, and other Hope problems
  205. Newspapers
  206. The Positives
  207. What's more interesting Speedrun or Stealth Playthrough on Purist mode?
  208. PETITION - Option to turn off HUD (especially Score Board)
  209. Hunter or Hunted **SPOILER ALERT**
  210. Demo PC
  211. Hitman Absolution Director's Cut...?
  212. Can we get an iPad App?
  213. Hitman Absolution: Hunter And Hunted - Purist
  214. idea on how to fix most of the issues
  215. PETITION - More filters for Contracts mode + save settings.
  216. Hitman 6 artwork
  217. Purist mode !
  218. Contract mission open challenge....
  219. Corner melee/weapon kills??
  220. Game feels broken on Purist, not just because of disguises
  221. many deaths of the king of chinatown (video)
  222. The next Hitman expectations / fears (all we want & fear)
  223. one of the best games of 2012
  224. Hd collection?
  225. My opinion about hitman and how i feel.
  226. Only for the Best (XBOX contract)
  227. Not Seeing Much Xbox 360 Love So...
  228. Shaving Lenny
  229. My Hitman Absolution journal
  230. Quesetion on Absolution (final level, no story spoilers)
  231. *READ ME FIRST*
  232. My Full Hitman: Absolution Review
  233. I dont understand all of the audio cues
  234. Walmart pre order bonus
  235. Will there ever be a demo?
  236. Hitman Absolution: A Personal Contract - Purist
  237. Hitman Absolution : A Personal Contract (Purist mode-Shadow rating) w/Commentary [HD]
  238. the mass brick murdrer (video)
  239. Sheriff Shurky and Wade headshot issue
  240. Any way to get Sniper Challenge?
  241. Which DLC weapons can be found in the game?
  242. Hitman benchmarks galore, Graphics and CPU tests
  243. Competitve Contracts competitions?
  244. Sniper Mode Challenges
  245. Pros/Cons of Hitman
  246. I need help please
  247. Contracts mode deadliest assassin?
  248. Looking for new friends for ps3 contracts mode!
  249. One Man Riot challenge?
  250. Invisible Fiber Wire?