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  1. Gun Concealing Animation?
  2. All Hope is Disappearing | PC Gamer Review - 62/100
  3. I must say it - canĀ“t help it :D
  4. Will the hitman game run on my pc?
  5. Will this get a day one patch, or do I need to cancel my pre-order?
  6. Pre-determined cutscenes for assassinations?????
  7. Respawning Guards!!!
  8. New fan to the franchise
  9. Specs Question
  10. Problem when starting game :mad2:
  11. Fan art
  12. All Hope is Disappearing ??? no sir..no at all
  13. Gentlemen...
  14. Absolution.
  15. Some Question about Contracts
  16. THERE IS an animation for equipping guns [PROOF]
  17. Who thinks IO should fix this? Just a funny thing i found.
  18. Best Buy Sniper Challenge
  19. First Mission Palythrough.(Spoiler)
  20. A question about running and an introduction
  21. Completed the Sniper Challenge and...
  22. Pre-Order Complete Oh Yeah
  23. "You cannot proceed with enemies on high alert"
  24. I made this fan trailer with new footage to increase optimism !!
  25. Serious Questions
  26. Do you get to pick your loadout?
  27. Hitman EMBARGO?
  28. Hitman Contracts Website?
  29. Hitman: Absolution Official Soundtrack?
  30. I want to ask the community.
  31. Forum Launch Countdown/Party Thread!
  32. Original ABSOLUTION
  33. Midnight Release?
  34. Point Shooting questions?
  35. Hitman Absolution Video Interview: It's True Hitman Fun
  36. Contracts Question
  37. Will the hi-tech suit be sold later as DLC?
  38. PSN Community - post your PSN names here!
  39. Pre-order Agency Sniper Rifle
  40. Absolution Launch Event in Denmark
  41. Pre-order after two months and never recived the sniper challenge
  42. What weapon DLC or other are you most looking forward to using in Absolution?
  43. Absolution - Hitman Live Action Short Film
  44. why this is looking out to be the best hitman game ever made!!
  45. Conan reviews Hitman: Absolution
  46. Great interview with Cord Smith
  47. IGN livestream?
  48. What is wrong with barcode society?
  49. [HELP] Hitman redeem code problem [PS3]
  50. Victoria america's next top assassin ? [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]
  51. Delete leaked gameplay on youtube, please
  52. Launch Trailer Released!
  53. I Hitman Absolution, Not play with the game!!!(Belgium)
  54. Keyboard Layout, ladies and gentlemen!
  55. You get Contracts, You get Contracts, Everyone gets Contracts!
  56. CONTRACTS mode free for everyone!
  57. Technical issues and Bug Reports forum
  58. Make Your Own Contract
  59. Good and bad
  61. TF2 Preorder Items
  62. Is there Support for Nvidia 3D Vision?
  63. Are you f******* kidding?
  64. If you preordered on GMG
  65. In desperation I come here.
  66. Kotaku Q&A with Tore & Co.
  67. Gamestop Console Players Recieve C47, SA, And BM FREE
  68. Your Hitman adorned desktop
  69. H:A PC Manual from steam
  70. snap your human shield's neck feature removed?
  71. Glacier 2 ToolKit
  72. How big is the Steam download
  73. Any reviews of the PC version?
  74. You can't access Contracts mode offline.
  75. Ranking based on last segment of a level?
  76. Sniper Question - SOH *SPOILERS*
  77. Buddy got a digital copy of discs... Mod please reply.
  78. HITMAN ABSOLUTION: PC vs PS3 vs 360 Comparison!
  79. Does anyone else dislike the new font/HUD?
  80. PC retail Professional Edition question for those who already have it
  81. For anyone who has tried contracts...
  82. The question we've all been too scared to ask...
  83. How do Hitman: SC unlocks work with the retail PC version?
  85. PSN store
  86. If you want a proper first impression of the game check this thread out
  87. Hitman Absolution Review with Game Director Tore Blystad
  88. Hitman: Absolution IGN,machinima,and gamespot Reviews
  89. Hitman: Absolution - Review Round-Up [All review scores]
  90. RPS Review: A disapointment compared to Blood Money
  91. you can PRE LOAD now on STEAM
  92. Lol @ all the bad revs (played the Game) no Spoiler
  93. Here lies Hitman, R.I.P ~ May 26, 2006
  94. Hitman Absolution & PSN Store.
  95. I have a question about the countdown timers...
  96. Bloody Justice Contract
  97. Thanks for making PC Gamers wait!!
  98. Some gripes with contracts
  99. Play styles?
  100. PC Gamer Official Review
  101. Just went in all guns blazing...
  102. My opinion on Absolution!
  103. Last minute upgrade.
  104. Hell yeah
  105. Safe house
  106. Have you get Hitman:Absolution game?
  107. Uhmm. Preloaded but no files?
  108. Hitman Absolution Extended Information [SPOILERS]
  109. Til Danskerne
  110. Don't check comments under Hitman videos on youtube
  111. what is your favorite new addition to the hitman franchise?
  112. Checkpoints problems?!
  113. Got My professional edition 1 day early, anybody else ?
  114. Challenges not unlocking???
  115. Will my PC run it?
  116. No Hitman Pre order Bonus sniper challenge after 12 11 2012???
  117. Hitman: Absolution reccomended system requirements revealed
  118. Wake up wake up my friend
  119. 19th or the 20th?
  120. Just got my Professional Edition video and art-book!
  121. Is it just me or do Disguises seem useless?
  122. The reviews.
  123. Guys Get Hitman:absolution earlier with free korea vpn
  124. Hitman Absolution Walkthrough
  125. Hitman Absolution - Challenges
  126. Just played the first mission on Purist Mode
  127. "The Ghost" Contract
  128. Gun play
  129. Raging at steam
  130. Can't bind specific weapon slots?
  131. To clarify the Disguises system!
  132. Checkpoint system
  133. Forum post report feature
  134. Hitman Absolution Limited Proffesional Edition
  135. Config file location/How to turn off Bloom?
  136. Hitman Absolution DLCs Available Now
  137. Was unaware that psychics existed in the hitman universe...
  138. Can we have an option to turn off the radar?
  139. Hitman Absolution Blind Let's Play
  140. Find The Best PC Download Price, Share It!
  141. Pre-order codes, Where do I enter on PC?
  142. Cant seem to get my ps3 DLC
  143. Contracts mode server is offline
  144. what affects your silent assassin
  145. Contracts Mode
  146. WTF?
  147. PURIST Speedrun by Couch Gaming
  148. Preorder Bonuses
  149. Fastest way to get $ in contracts
  150. Where do I find the artbook and Making of dvd?
  151. Linking Hitman Absolution to my Square Enix account
  152. Agency Kazo rifle
  153. An Exercise in Tedium
  154. detection in off limits areas: too sensitive?
  155. What's with the long unskipable cutscene when the game starts?
  156. Deleting Contracts?
  157. Is this really a Hitman game?
  158. How do I get English Language?
  159. Suggestion about contracts.
  160. Looking for Contracts Associates
  162. [Spoiler] What happens in the last scene / video?
  163. Hey Guys:) Thank you all thet you suffer along my side!:) I just got..
  164. Play "pc_binkvid" files
  165. Help !! System Requirements
  166. Contracts Improvised Accidents
  167. My SweetFX Settings for Hitman Absolution :P
  168. Is Notoriety in this?
  169. IS there a LIST from Io on the changes from previous HITMAN games?
  170. Hitman Absolution updates when installing
  171. Easter eggs!!!!
  172. Disappointed with game play.
  173. What happened to all the Hits
  174. Professional Assassin/Amateurish desgin!
  175. (x360) Longevity
  176. Hitman: Frustrations. Letter from a very Disappointed Fan. (Small spoilers)
  177. [Spoiler] Final mission debriefing
  178. Mission score not updating
  179. Points system are frustrating
  180. Just Finished Hard Mode and Topped A Leader Board on Contracts (HM:A Thoughts)
  181. No Load Outs?
  182. Possible to get Silent Assassin in every level?
  183. NPCs can see through walls?
  184. Just "installed" the game
  185. Language Pack
  186. thank you! i CAN play! but have questions pro version dlc
  187. Anybody else having occasional audio and controller issues?
  188. hitman absolution Disguising system to Hard!!!
  189. Planning to do a walkthough of Hitman Absolution - any legal issues?
  190. What for?
  191. Blending in
  192. HELP: Where is the gas can
  193. Weapon for arm yourself before you start mission
  194. Yet another thread about disguises on Hard and above
  195. Terminus Gas can Location
  196. 47 voice actor change?
  197. Contracts mode
  198. English Language DLC pack for XBox 360 ?
  199. What happend to the blood trails?
  200. Hitman: Absolution Android/Apple App?
  201. DLC packs?
  202. Purist/Suit only
  203. Hotel mission - 30 guys per floor
  204. Hitman Absolution PC
  205. Hitman come to Russian playstation store??
  206. (Xbox live) Looking for friends for contracts
  207. Need PSN friends for absolution contracts
  208. Full walkthrough of the Hitman PURIST mode.
  209. Post all the EASTER EGGS here!
  210. How to unlock weapons for contracts?
  211. The Crowd System still disappointing ! :S
  212. Please IO or Nixxies, take care of this Patch:
  213. Saving/Checkpoints
  214. From a fan...to my friends at IOI and others.
  215. Amazing Agent 47 digital Speed drawing by 8bitego
  216. PETITION - Tweak disguise system
  217. Professional Hitmen Wanted!
  218. My contract
  219. Hitman Absolution would have been much better if it was more like dishonored
  220. Square Enix is scared.
  221. Pc Friends For Steam
  222. Clucker's Revenge
  223. Youtube idea
  224. Pitcher play style - what to do?
  225. Sniper Challenge unlocks not available in Contracts Mode??
  226. Can you edit or delete your created contracts?
  227. Where are the agency guns pack?
  228. Why this game is more hitmany then BM.
  229. Run for your Life - Infiltrator Challenge won't unlock
  230. Fooled by the E3 demo disguise system
  231. Using DLC content?
  232. looking for like minded players
  233. Hitman: Contracts
  234. 260 Million Dollars!
  235. Offshore Account Money seems ridiculous
  236. Hitman: Absolution New Contract Maps
  237. Sick mele kill montage by 8bitego
  238. What do you get if you win a contract competetion?
  239. (x360) contracts - cash deduction
  240. Improvements via Patching (For Developers), NICK & Fans for further suggestions
  241. A Short Personal Review
  242. Iron Sights on a gun with a scope ?
  243. Hiding in Plain Sight
  244. Hitman Hilarity: Poppin' Bottles
  245. Let's Plays Or Not?
  246. New Hitman Announced
  247. BRING BACK:Quick save points
  248. Is it possible to give us a slider option?
  249. Vinyl Figurine
  250. Silent Assassin