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  1. Hope News Times vol 1.
  2. Which pre-order do you want?
  3. Congratulations
  4. New Screen
  5. Don't take everything at face value...
  6. Please don't square enix this game.
  7. Professional Mode?
  8. This was made for fun:)
  9. PAX East: Panel Video
  10. Brand New ICA File Trailer
  11. Hope News Times - Issue #2
  12. cant wait for hitman absolution
  13. question about storyline?
  14. will we see Diana naked?
  15. E3 2012 Discussion Thread [All E3 Chat here]
  16. question about the game
  17. Hitman 47, Silent Assassin
  18. Hitman: Absolution - "Introducing: Agent 47" Trailer
  19. As I promised
  20. I'm new to the series and have questions.
  21. Hope News Times - Issue #3
  22. Map ?????
  23. How did you know that Diana died?
  24. 47 and Roses ( video )
  25. English Subtitles for a Absolution Video
  26. At what Stage of Development do you think the game is at?
  27. System Requirements
  28. Hitman Sniper Challenge?
  29. Release date for a Release date?
  30. Silent killing " Shhhhhhhhh "
  31. Retailers list Hitman: Absolution for Septemeber release
  32. This is to the developers
  33. Absolution Release Date Announced!
  34. Already recieved Sniper Challenge code (UK)
  35. Mega Hitman edition to be announced!
  36. The Hitman Countdown Timer
  37. Hitman Sniper Challenge stripper!
  39. VG247: Hitman: Sniper Challenge – new video, play impressions
  40. PreOrder Bonus Mission
  41. Possible full lenth Demo.
  42. Gunplay/Combat in Absolution, what it needs to be
  43. Will Hitman Absolution be available on steam?
  44. What exactly is point shooting?
  45. The new voice of diana
  46. Sniper Challenge in Denmark?
  47. More information on PC IO please
  48. ave maria
  49. john locke
  50. Hitman: Sniper Challenge Discussion Thread & FAQ
  51. Pre-order in Israel?
  52. Hitman Sniper Challange Amazon germany
  53. HELP! Can't Redeem Code for Sniper Challenge
  54. Anyone managed to get it working yet?
  55. Pre-Ordered - BOOYA!
  56. Sniper Challenge Scores!
  57. HMA Pro Edition for PC!
  58. Need Help For Pre-Ordering
  59. PC Sniper Challenge working for anyone?
  60. i having a sniping challenge question i cant figure out
  61. Sniper Challenge Fly By Prevented
  62. Hair Trigger needs tweaking.
  63. Hope News Times - Issue #4
  64. sniper challenge
  65. Sexier Hitman: Absolution Announcement trailer:)
  66. Kazo extended mags....hmmm
  67. Favorite weapon of the Franchise?
  68. More Sniper challenges for HMA
  69. My idea about way that Hitman should walk:)
  70. Add your Hitman Forum Friends PS3/XBOX
  71. Testosteron ACTION heroes ( 47 included:))
  72. Band-Aid On 47's Barcode
  73. Want preorder in Ukraine
  74. DLC Hitman
  75. Cover System
  77. Sniper Challenge File Size?
  78. Please Eidos! Put subtitles in Portuguese of Brazil in Hitman Absolution!
  79. need help
  80. Hitman DLC
  81. The Only Problem with the New Voice Actor is that...
  82. Hitman Absolution E3 2012 Trailer
  83. Hitman Absolution ( Trailer) - One of my best work
  84. Is it just me or are people overreacting to the new trailer?
  85. Switch Sniper Challenge platform?
  86. Suits preorder packs
  87. Hitman: Absolution – Hands-on Gameplay video
  88. Hands-on Previews Discussion
  89. Controllers
  90. Please IO... don't pull a "steam exclusive" on us
  91. Tobuscus Literal Hitman Absoultion trailer
  93. Achievement/Trophy/Special Rank Wishlist
  94. What DRM platforms will Hitman be available on?
  95. I just seen the nun trailer
  96. Professional Edition for PC?
  97. The Famous "Ave Maria" from Blood Money and the Movie should be in Absolution
  98. epic Hitman: Absolution E3 gameplay
  99. A great interview (answers a lot of questions)
  100. Auto Aim in Hitman
  101. code
  102. Want Hitman Absolution on GOG? Vote here
  103. I was searching Hitman Absolution demo
  104. Demo Hitman Absolution
  105. Equip/Unequip
  106. Does anyone want to buy a Hitman Sniper Challenge code for PS3?
  107. Hitman Absolution Story" fan" Trailer. ( Dedicated to all Hitman Fans and Developers)
  108. Isn't there something in the ToU against Trolling/flaming?
  110. Returning characters?
  111. Nun trailer offence - really?
  112. Hitman Absolution "isnt part of the Hitman Series timeline"? Wut?
  113. My E3 Photos!
  114. Mission count?
  115. No multiple marks please
  116. In Absolution, 47 might not actually be 47 (plot twist idea)
  117. From Eidos to Square Enix
  118. Absolution at VGA'12
  119. HD collection coming 2013
  120. 20 Nov. will be GREAT!
  121. 47Vids - my facebook HITMAN fanPAGE
  122. Classic Hitman Returns
  123. On what platform are you getting H:A?
  124. H:A Fan Trailer!!!
  125. H:A Jesper Kyd (?)
  126. Here's why Bateson was dumped
  127. The Hitman Movies
  128. Hitman Community Contest
  129. Abosolution only takes place in the U.S, WTF?
  130. Favorite missions from Hitman games
  131. Hand to Hand combat
  132. Cant reedem Hitman: SC code
  133. How to get the sniper challenge for PS3?
  134. What has you excited for H:A?
  135. For People that liked my videos...
  136. Best idea ever for the game.
  137. Will this game have user created levels?
  138. He is back!
  139. My Hitman Absolution VIDLIST
  140. How do you think this game will pull of ?
  141. Is Absolution the final game in the series.
  142. Professional Edition question
  143. I noticed something interesting
  144. Who else thinks other clones are out there
  145. New ways to kill
  146. Favorite and least favorite mission?
  147. My Announcement
  149. Agent 47 needs your vote!
  150. Assassin's Creed III - A strong competition
  151. Concealing Kills in Sniper Challenge
  152. When that Tools of the trade comes out?
  153. What is your favorite weapon to kill a target with?
  154. Hitman Absolution - New story driven trailer
  155. Paid Demo Hitman: Absolution
  156. Need some help
  157. Hitman full story line?
  158. Did Hitman just take features from the 2 greatest games?
  159. Only 20% of Players will see the last level of Hitman Absolution?
  160. can i reload sniper challenge
  161. Original developement team not working on Hitman 5?
  162. Feedback on Fan-Made Trailer
  163. What are you playing until Absolution comes out?
  164. First Hitman: Absolution TV ad airing during European Championship final
  165. Who loves being a ghost.
  166. Are they bringing back the Newspaper Articles?
  167. Deluxe Professional Edition Announced
  168. Hitman: Absolution Deluxe Professional Edition revealed
  169. Hitman Absolution Short spot
  170. Language/Localization?
  171. New Trailer: The Saints ICA File
  172. Couple Teaser Screencaps
  173. Amazon PC USA release date mistake? EIDOS please confirm.
  174. GMG sale
  175. Sniper Challenge question
  176. Will Hitman Absolution get DLC?
  177. Sniper Challenge Codes No More
  178. No First Person View: WHY?
  179. Asylum/ICA symbol theory: Did 47 actually not kill Ort Meyer?
  180. Unique "Suit & gun" bonuses as DLC or reward for SA rating/achievments?
  181. What the hell??:D
  182. Dear IO, why drop Bateson? Please Listen:
  183. Hitman Absolution - "Streets of Hope" E3 2012 Playthrough
  184. You lose SA rating even if you kill the witness? WHY?
  185. Russian subtitles PS3
  186. PC version August 1st?
  188. Hitman Absolution on ps3
  189. Just pre ordered absolution deluxe: Having major problems though.
  190. Which edition did you pre order ?
  191. Are "RFYL" and "Streets of Hope" playthroughs from the same build?
  192. Will it be playable for MAC?
  193. New missions in single player that will make the game live longer.
  194. If blood is found, 47's cover is blown!
  195. E3 2012 Behind the Scenes Video
  196. My Deadly Stab at a Hitman Trailer
  197. Some new information on Hitman
  198. PC Professional Retail Box NOT Available for the US?
  199. Hitman Absolution Sniper Challenge - Fan Made Game
  200. do not see professional edition on steam-US
  201. Custom Hitman Xbox 360
  202. Demo Hitman absolution when?
  203. PC release date august 1st
  204. PC Version Hitman Absolution have Achievements?
  205. [PC] Pre-Order H:A Prof. Edition via retailer/Gamedisc or Digitalsteamversion?
  206. PC Preorder
  207. where to buy a physical copy of the professional edition for PC?
  208. Hitman: Sniper Challenge Code
  209. im pirating this
  210. Sniper Challenge for the PC, US
  211. Preorder?
  212. Apparently if you preordered Absolution through GMG
  213. August the 1st, When does Sniper Challenge go live?
  214. Reminiscing favourite HItman missions
  215. Sniper Challenge homepage
  216. Sniper Challenge Wndows Xp
  217. Please add this On HItman collections HD
  218. Southamerica
  219. Recommended Pc for running Sniper Challenge
  220. Unlocked all challenges and still only get a 2.86 modifier
  221. nvidia 3d Vision
  222. Are the sniper challenge keys region locked?
  223. Spare SC code for trade?
  224. Who is actually voicing 47?
  225. What's everyone looking forward to the most?
  226. Anyone have extra Sniper Challenge code for PC to use with Steam?
  227. Purist Mode on the first playthrough | UPDATE: will be available! see OP
  228. Steam Sniper Challenge issue: FPS drops - *FIXED* (Notes in OP)
  229. Sniper Challenge crashes on startup
  230. 97% success rate?
  231. Upgrade to professional version? (steam)
  232. Hitman Absolution FAN trailer dedicated to BARCODE SOCIETY. (feedback in comments)
  233. Qs about Purist/and about it being locked
  234. Enough is enough
  235. Why is Purist Mode only available after completing the game already?
  236. Mosin-Nagant M91/30 in game weapon??
  237. I'm pre-ordered through Amazon - will it be on Steam?
  238. Mouse toggle (Sniper challenge)
  239. Is this a good idea For the future of HItman
  240. The suspense is killing me!!!
  241. Lenny Dexter at the Orphanage
  242. Hitman receives TF2 treatment
  243. Hitman Absolution Demo?!?!
  244. PC graphics settings
  245. bare handed strangling could make balance issues.
  246. Never again pre-order
  247. 2 Qs that i really want answer
  248. Bullet Decals
  249. Gamescom exclusive interview... questions?
  250. Contracts Mode Discussion Thread