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  1. The Brand New Official "What was your favourite Tomb Raider Game?" incl. TR:U
  2. to all members: reporting threads as spam
  4. Square Enix aquired Eidos
  5. RUMOUR: New TR to be announced on Dec 6th?
  6. Game Informer Cover
  7. FAQ and forum navigation links
  8. new TR 18+ - your thoughts! | subtopics: Vlad scene + should Lara use vulgar words?
  9. First preview of GameInformer - Main facts
  10. No Subtitle?
  11. Uncharted 3: World of Deceit vs. Tomb Raider: Survivor Is Born
  12. Please don't listen to the fans!
  13. My thoughts and feelings............
  14. So I guess there will be no Croft Mansion
  15. Message about scans
  16. Wow
  17. Graphics: Comparison
  18. With New Game comes New Poem :)
  19. We Need A Trailer
  20. Mythology
  21. What do we think of the new Lara Croft?
  22. Reinventing Lara Croft
  23. Dear Crystal Dynamics Developers,
  24. Pick a Theme Song
  25. Quoestion to admin
  26. By Hand Competition part 2 - COMMENTS
  27. Fan ART
  28. My TR9 fanart
  29. By Hand Competition part 2 - ENTRY'S
  30. Why I would like Larson back
  31. Realease Date![Not Sure If Offical]
  32. Photoshoped Lara :DD
  33. Tomb Raider 9 - My Box Art
  34. Fanboys!
  35. Something I've been thinking about the release date.
  36. Tomb Raider and Just Cause Logo's....
  37. A Song to announce a trailer
  38. Is this the true release date or no?
  39. Game Informer HUB Updates
  40. Offical cover......
  41. Legacy of Croft
  42. New Bio, how does it stack up?
  43. Grigori Rasputin and TR
  44. Wow
  45. The Future Of Tomb Raider
  46. Lara vs. Laura - how to pronounce her name
  47. "Galleon" Similarities...
  48. Captain Conrad Roth
  49. the best t.r. yet
  50. the music in the podcast
  51. Give us some good costumes!
  52. In The Podcast...
  53. Official Tomb Raider Wallpapers
  54. Horses
  55. Official TR9 multiplayer thread
  56. Alright...
  57. Topic pour les francais! (for French)
  58. happy holidays
  59. requests only
  60. Tomb Raider Screens!!
  61. Tomb Raider Question?
  62. Hype!
  63. any problems
  64. Tomb raider music
  65. Speculation about the other characters
  66. What sort of enemies should Lara face in the reboot?
  67. Any news about a wii version?
  68. The GamesMaster TR Reveal Is...
  69. Official new Lara's voice & VA discussion thread
  70. For TR fans :))
  71. Keir - When are we gunna see a trailer?
  72. Crystal Dynamic had Tomb Raider-like survival horror project
  73. Video - Making of the cover
  74. What do you think will make Lara " Iconic" this time?
  75. What is the Release Order for TR, HR, Thief4?
  76. But what about the Music?
  77. Epic new screenshots.
  78. Straight on?
  79. doppelganger
  80. GDC 2011 and new Tomb Raider
  81. Pc system Requirements.
  82. A message from Karl Stewart – Global Brand Director – Crystal Dynamics/Tomb Raider
  83. CD! Promote/label/describe TOMB RAIDER as a Survival-Adventure (sub)genre game!
  84. Lara's love interest?
  85. A few tidbits of info...
  86. How Would You Like the new TR to be?
  87. Any chance of a comic book tie in?
  88. TOMB RAIDER listed as...
  89. Will the new TR game be an RPG?
  90. Types of giveaways you'd all like to see
  91. What kind of Facial Capture technique Crystal Dynamics uses in TOMB RAIDER?
  92. Spiders?!?!?
  93. Something that didn't make sense to me
  94. Classic outfit?
  95. how?
  96. Foes, Traitors?
  97. If you are on Twitter...
  98. i hope
  99. Kinda getting over the tiddles of info...
  100. Community Event #2- The Continuable Tale!
  101. Will there be adrenaline dodge?
  102. Save game featuring in this game?
  103. Signed Tomb Raider Game Informer Cover check it out!
  105. Latest Realease Tomb Raider Game
  106. How will lara die?
  107. Hey, I'm BACK!
  108. Lara's new look & body
  109. Will Crystal Dynamics and Tomb Raider be present at the GDC 2011?
  110. PS Move support in Tomb Raider?
  111. Where's Alison Carroll?
  112. Dynamics?
  113. Square Enix?
  114. Newsletter sign up issue
  115. NEW Tomb Raider Blog!
  116. How bout some PhysX to make Tomb Raider More Beautiful?
  117. what 9 days !!
  118. New concept art?
  119. TR9 - Game Platforms
  120. Is open world complicated?
  121. lara's guns
  122. Tomb Raider™
  123. Crystal Dynamics and the development
  124. Your thoughts on villains.
  125. survey problems
  126. Could this be the new Tomb Raider 9 Theme or is it Fake?
  127. I have a suggestion
  128. Very Cool !!!
  129. Tomb raider angel of darkness
  130. Idea for emote
  131. Official TR9 Demo Discussion Thread | update Jan 22: Meagan explains (see OP)
  132. all new game??!!
  133. Are you really a "Tomb Raider" fan?
  134. Pedido - Tomb Raider em Português / Tomb Raider in Portuguese
  135. Apologize
  136. Interesting article about women's perspective on video games
  137. Who is Lara's number 1 fan?
  138. backpack?
  139. Fanmade Tomb Raider concept
  140. Will this be her comeback?
  141. Who should be the New Lara Croft? (IGN article)
  142. TR Community Thanks Keir Edmonds!
  143. TR in a different time...
  144. Questionnaire is up
  145. Will the next game resemble Alice?
  146. Questionnaire, thank you all
  147. Subscribe to the New Tomb Raider Blog!
  148. VOLCOM20lovesLARA's Art Thread [Revamped]
  149. Question about TOMB RAIDER...
  150. I hope Lara's motivation in the next game will be simple
  151. Tomb Raider - WINSTON: The Butler
  152. Who wants a new TR wallpaper?
  153. Fan stuff concerning Tomb Raider™
  154. TR9 Forum Navigation Thread | Read before posting here!
  155. Eurogamer - Play Testers Reveal Possible Nudity in New Tomb Raider (APRIL FOOL!)
  156. So I just got TRT for the ps3 ..
  157. WHo would support a TR 2, 3, LR, Chronicles reboot in the Anniversery vain ?
  158. Tim Longo
  159. Why is Lara Croft allowed to kill people?
  160. Wardrobe Malfunction! Yea or Nay?
  161. Edge Magazine teaser: possibly related to Tomb Raider?
  162. Survivor photo from Deviant Art
  163. for the new tr
  164. why the old tr games
  165. angelina jolie on tr comic books?
  166. angelina jolie vs megan fox
  167. Official release date / platform discussion thread | CT: R U upset with the delay?
  168. Tomb Raider. Something i grew up with!
  169. Designed vs dynamic vs disordered levels
  170. fan made parents bio?
  171. Poll - first kill
  172. Happy 11th Anniversary to Katie's Site!
  173. New Screenshot! (Fanmade)
  174. New TReboot media & info coming on April 27!
  175. TReboot Fan Covers
  176. Lara's sexuality?
  177. Meagan Marie
  178. Tiny Preview of the Hobby Consolas cover
  179. some new stuff from the spanish magazine
  180. Playstation Magazine Cover
  181. TR Reboot Wallpaper
  182. Official NAG Wallpapers
  183. Difficulty
  184. Stuff allegedly about Tomb Raider™
  185. Is Lara too iconic to be re-booted this far?
  186. Q&A With PlayStation: The Official Magazine EIC Gary Steinman
  187. Just got my June PTOM in the mail...
  188. Has CD announced Tomb Raider too early?
  189. NAG Magazine Article (High Render)
  190. Official TR9 Media
  191. Lara Croft Facebook page age restriction
  192. Do you think that tomb raider was losing his shining
  193. Tr music
  194. A bit from the Tomb Raider™ script, allegedly - Possible SPOILERS
  195. Katie's Tomb Raider 9 Marketing Plan
  196. Should Lara be a "goodie"?
  197. Do you think you will be able to have Hand-To-Hand combat or not ????
  198. Anniversary
  199. can't find the extras in tomb raider trilogy
  200. Official Tomb Raider Blog
  201. TOMB RAIDER at E3 2011
  202. The Lara Croft Premium Format Figure
  203. TR 'Turning Point' Trailer!
  204. Tomb Raider Screensaver
  205. 15,000 TR facebook likes = REWARD!
  206. Bermuda Triangle
  207. Is Tomb Raider (2012) a Prequel, Reboot or Partial Reboot?
  208. Turning Point Trailer Wallpapers
  209. Whats Lara got on her iPhone?
  210. testing
  211. new concept art pictures
  212. DEAD RAIDER (Tomb Raider/Dead Island mix)
  213. Where's Lara's pendant?
  214. New tomb raider theme song
  215. Will there be zombies?
  216. Teaser trailer passes 1m views on YouTube alone
  217. Tomb Raider E3 Gameplay
  218. Call for Trailer Q&A [ended]
  219. E3: Who is this old guy?
  220. Impressions about the New Tomb Raider...
  221. I'm just not sure this will be "the best"
  222. Tomb Raider on WiiU
  223. Will there be healing herbs?
  224. Why remove swimming?
  225. Gameinformer Screenshot Update
  226. Will Conrad Roth come back as a boss monster?
  227. How emotional do you like your Lara?
  228. IGN on the coming of New Lara
  229. What hurts the visuals is the lack of dynamic lighting
  230. TR the PS3 ver.
  231. For CD: Quick-Time Events in TReboot - What you liked and what you didn't like?
  232. Guns & Grapple's Trailer Analysis
  233. Boot or reboot?
  234. Does new Lara look Japanese?
  235. How big of a TR fan r u?
  236. The trailer
  237. she looked too mhm?
  238. Tomb Raider wins Best Action and Trailer at IGN
  239. Multiple endings?
  240. If it was you instead of Lara Croft in the game what would you look like?
  241. Viral Marketing Idea
  242. DLC... anyone?
  243. Sunny Blonde & Lara Croft: team up time?
  244. My Wallpaper with Lara
  245. Great article on Lara
  246. Interview G4
  247. Have your feelings about TR being M Rated changed after E3?
  248. Fansite/Community Initiative
  249. Metal music in TR?
  250. Official wishlist for the TR9 development team