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  1. Could it have been done differently?
  2. Anton Elfgren - Lara (TOMB RAIDER 2013 trailer)
  3. Sick about human AI ?
  4. What elements of the new TR would you like in past TR
  5. Free MP skin code from limited edition guide
  6. Next Podcast: Questions for Kyle, Noah, & Brian!
  7. Tomb Raider Multiplayer Tutorial
  8. Question about TR Soundtrack
  9. Square Enix thought TR could sell nearly double
  10. Is there any truth... ?
  11. Lara getting arrested?
  12. Casual VS Hardcore
  13. Tomb Designers Anyone?
  14. Tomb Raider Digital Version (?)
  15. Multiplayer Help as Solarii
  16. Tomb Raider: Chasm Stronghold - Oni Warrior Battle
  17. GAMESPOT: TR failed as a Reboot.
  18. Tomb Raider Riddles and Scavenger Hunts Thread
  19. [joke] Lara Croft: Reflections is revealed!
  20. Why was "A Survivor is Born" Called Tomb Raider?
  21. Weapons not in cutscenes
  22. Square Enix releases 30$ language pack for the Japanese PC Version.
  23. FGD April 12 - Hitman: Absolution DLC for TR9 PS3 (UK)
  24. Tomb of the Lost Adventurer Availability
  25. Is this GPS Cache a bug or what?
  26. Completing TR without dying
  27. Photoshoppable .png's
  28. Emotional Synchronization and the Croft of Systems Design
  29. Body armour
  30. Tomb raider ps3
  31. Help! Enter brush covered caves?
  32. Am I too old to be with Lara?)
  33. Lara in a dream
  34. new here
  35. Best map / spot for "Down Boy" trophy?
  36. Tomb Raider 720p+ Livestream
  37. (CVG) Tomb Raider is voted best game of the year so far!
  38. Trouble @ Mountain Village
  39. New DLC outfits [now avaliable]
  40. Slightly Disappointed...Would love to see More??
  41. Parents drama, unavoidable now?
  42. Camilla Luddington at MCM Expo London
  43. Bunker Vista
  44. Missable Fast Travel Camp? (Spoilers)
  45. Tomb Riader Ep 14
  46. Tomb Raider on Mac OS X?
  47. shipwreck beach ropoe ladder
  48. TR Awarded March Game of the Month
  49. What DLC would you want the most?
  50. Tomb Raider Episode 15
  51. What if Asension was made as a non-TR game?
  52. Laid to rest glitch
  53. TFH images
  54. Why is it that only Lara is Messy?!
  55. Horizon and Beyond: A Look into Tomb Raider’s Tools
  56. killing
  57. Acheivments
  58. Tomb raider survivor Saved game corrupt
  59. Lara's eye.
  60. Forum community TR9 rating
  61. Tomb Raider Hurt and Heal thread
  62. How to change outfit in single player?
  63. What Is Lara's Necklace?
  64. Forum Comp #13 - Community Voting Round!
  65. Tomb Raider JP - トゥームレイダー・日本語版
  66. TR gifs
  67. Love these pics
  68. Easy Tomb Puzzles
  69. Let's Make: Lara Croft's Necklace
  70. Thank YOU!
  71. Your Combat Style
  72. What's Your Favorite Tomb Raider Quote?
  73. My Tomb Raider script - with concept art.
  74. Tomb raiders climbing animations
  75. Chapters Versus Events
  76. Anyone play free for all and 1939?
  77. Was Lara Himiko's first choice?
  78. Thanks
  79. Tomb Raider and Replay Value
  80. QTE Boss fights are a joke
  81. Question about next gen
  82. Plans for Miss Croft in the Future?
  83. Should a sequel pick up a few years ahead of ASIB?
  84. Combat flaws(plz fix by next game)
  85. Customising PC Button Mapping
  86. If you haven't tried MP yet on the Xbox...
  87. Where were the plot twists?
  88. Thoughts from a Tomb Raider virgin.
  89. An idea for a new DLC
  90. Should I start over?
  91. Tomb Raider 2013 Game Movie
  92. This game makes me sick!!!!
  93. Petition for a next Tomb Raider game
  94. "Nude Raider" Mod... Is real now D:
  95. Red partial colour blindness
  96. Official forums exclusive dev Q&A session #12 - Answers from Noah Hughes!
  97. [GDC] Creating an Emotionally Engaging Camera in Tomb Raider
  98. ArcadeSushi Names Our Community Manager #5 Hottest Cosplayer
  99. CD to announce new project
  100. Cool / Fun Behind the Scenes Tidbits
  101. Tomb Raider - Top 10 Moments
  102. Few things I hate about this game
  103. Oh flippin' eck!
  104. What's next?
  105. I've had enough I want to play not have this play itself!
  106. Aim Sensitivity
  107. New DLC - Shipwrecked Map - What formats though?
  108. How many times?
  109. Inconceivable
  110. Tomb Raider and the framing of the narrative
  111. Great Game but one thing confused me...
  112. Lara Croft and the Barren Sands: Fan Thingy
  113. Concept Art: Mountain Village
  114. Looking for a Trainer
  115. Awesome Idea for Future Games
  116. Impact of TR (on the in-game world)
  117. Dhama
  118. ~♥Modding Thread♥~
  119. Which Platform for next game?
  120. Classic Titles on PSN
  121. SP lara skins available for MP?
  122. Is it possible to get to the bottom (south) of the Mountain Village map?
  123. Unused or Unreleased TR music!
  124. Tomb Raider Community Night(s)
  125. Stuck with Samurais
  126. Time frame on island?
  127. Tomb Raider 100% Walkthrough
  128. How Did Mathias Know Sam Was A Descendent Of The Sun Queen? *May Contain Spoilers*
  129. Did Anyone Else Sort Of Want To See The Full Transformation Of The Sun Queen To Sam?
  130. Question about Sun Queen
  131. what's your killing style?
  132. Thinking About A Second Playthrough, Have Some Questions
  133. The motherless spammer(s) that have been invading this forum...
  134. Why Did Lara Say Snow Wasn't Normal?
  135. Finding items in a less arcade-style/ searchable containers?
  136. Game w/ Devs Night = Awesometacular
  137. Free For All Night - Anyone?
  138. Combat
  139. Nobody leaves the isle
  140. stuck in shanty town
  141. Is Mathias evil?
  142. PC Patch Released - 1.01.748.0 - May 22th 2013
  143. SquareEnix, Don't you DARE layoff this 2013 TR Team.
  144. Tomb Raider - Dead End Thrills
  145. Tomb Raider 2013 is ****
  146. A Funny Glitches - Include something you may suprised
  147. Tomb Of the Lost Adventurer
  148. single player dlc
  149. My Review. (A 17 hours long movie of the best Indiana Jones film ever made)
  150. Please give some attention to the MP
  151. Single Player DLC?
  152. @driber
  153. Old Lara vs. New Lara
  154. the numbers
  155. Another Future TR Idea!
  156. Jason Graves - Joystick 5.0 Symphony Concert
  157. New Tomb Raider Collectables
  158. Eliminate MultiPlayer trophies!!!
  159. Trapped in Mountain Base :(
  160. Now that the dust has settled...The writing and gameplay make TR a failure [SPOILERS]
  161. Did the real Lara Croft work in a Bexleyheath Safeway supermarket?
  162. [Spoilers] Tomb Raider v.s The Descent
  163. Official forums exclusive dev Q&A session #13 [now with answers!]
  164. New DLC: what's in the packs?
  165. Recorder and Video editing
  166. Sell pc game and/or code. Tomb Raider 2013
  167. How far ahead are we going?
  168. The man that sold the world.
  169. enemy conversation
  170. If you don't like the game?????
  171. Gaming question
  172. Will they ever fix the multiplayer glitches?
  173. TR wiggle bug (with reason why it happens) and a little review
  174. Where are you?
  175. Tomb Raider on Yahoo! Homepage
  176. How would YOU have rebooted Tomb Raider?
  177. figurine value?
  178. What's wrong with shipwreck map pack on Xbox 360?!
  179. The Next Generation
  180. A question about SPOILERS
  181. Tomb Raider Xbox 360 DLC issue
  182. Ps3 online
  183. Name 3 other VG Characters Hotter then Lara..
  184. Tomb Raider PVC Figure
  185. Needs modding (PC)
  186. Program About Tomb Raider 2013 Survival edition!
  187. Tomb Raider SP DLC?
  188. Can all of you tell me how good am I?
  189. I'd like to get the multi-player achievements, but...
  190. Upgrading to Survival Edition
  191. Ellen Page loved Tomb Raider!
  192. Why Square Enix deleted one part of the story?
  193. Meet Lawrence Croft, a bizarre homosexual Tomb Raider
  194. Ellie or Lara
  195. PS3 Tomb Raider Corrupted Save Game
  196. Cosplay Tomb Raider by Francine
  197. Help my with Tomb Raider achviement I'm all that !
  198. re: Qosmio F750 freezes TR 2013
  199. Silencer on TR multiplayer ?
  200. Question regarding CD key
  201. Tomb Raider DLC MP Character codes to swap for Scavenger Archer DLC Character
  202. Is there something wrong with Lara's eyes?
  203. Animals on the island
  204. Whats your favorite sound track in TR 2013?
  205. Should Lara have a pet?
  206. Question about the PC Version
  207. Lara needs to watch her language.
  208. Did we all get the same lithogragh?
  209. Which animals were emotionally the hardest to kill?
  210. Outfits with a purpose in the game.
  211. New concept art by Brenoch Adams!
  212. Play after the end of the story
  213. Welcome to Yamati Island! [Steam Postcard]
  214. I can't play it!
  216. Lara Croft theme for win 7/8
  217. Tomb Raider at cheapest price yet! [Steam Sale]
  218. makeshift bow
  219. My old laptop, can turn on TressFX with getting bold!
  220. more questions
  221. Official forums exclusive dev Q&A session #14 (Answers for you!)
  222. Is it me or did something strange happen, after playing TR?
  223. i dont have stocks at this level . what can i do to have some ? 7:37 to 09:31
  224. Which Tomb Raider games have you played?
  225. Wow, the QTE are freaking insane
  226. Lost Egyptian City Revealed After 1,200 Years Under Sea
  227. Recording TR videos for YT: Series taken down for copyrigh notice
  228. So ...sneaking feels useless.
  229. Another I NEED HELP Post
  230. No event weekends?
  231. weapon parts areas
  232. A New Tomb Raider Comic Shows What's Next for Lara Croft After Hit Game
  233. Please drop the minimum player count required for PC multiplayer lobbies to kick off
  234. New Skins :3
  235. I'm Stucking on the endurance (Boss)
  236. Youtube Gameplay alerted with third party video material!!!
  237. A Survivor is Born... and Lara Croft is Reborn!
  238. Tomb Raider for Mac?
  239. Tomb Raider Stucks when it starts
  240. smokey monastry TR MP?
  241. Reporting a hacker (PC)
  242. TR Community Summer Photos
  243. Generational Favorites?
  244. TressFx and next gen consoles
  245. An analysis on the killing (and some thoughts on the sequel's continuity)
  246. Tomb Raider 9 coming to PS4 and Xbox One
  247. What would it take? MP solutions...
  248. Jacqueline Natla anyone?
  249. rumors about ps4 version of the Tomb Raider Reboot?
  250. Lara's Wet Clothes Glitch