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  1. Question
  2. Sequel Suggestion: Blindfire
  3. Need advice on Controllers?
  4. Are we going to see more outfits?
  5. Level - xp ?
  6. Europe & US Top Chart - Week 10 - Tomb Raider at #1
  7. Reborn...
  8. Black textures problem
  9. About those GPS caches (spoilers, spoilers, you know the drill ;) )
  10. Enemy dialouge XD (Could get a bit spoilery I guess)
  11. Tomb Raider is biggest launch of 2013
  12. QTE Mod PC?
  13. Beach and Boat glitch was NOT fixed.
  14. Tomb Raider - LOST?
  15. Need upgraded rope for shipwreck beach?
  16. Old Lara, New Lara and somewhere in between...
  17. I would like more Single Player content over Multiplayer Content next game
  18. Can I play the retail PC version from UK in the United states?
  19. Extras section of game
  20. I am stuck
  21. Help surviving that wild river
  22. Co-Op multiplayer suggestions
  23. Help 360 tomb raider 2013
  24. No where to turn in monastery [big spoilers]
  25. [Question] Would you like to return to the old hurt visual queues ?
  26. New Here
  27. Why The Tomb Raider Multiplayer Is Not That Bad.
  28. [Forum game] What's that place?
  29. Replay the whole game.
  30. Need help/info on multiplayer
  31. Tomb Raider at GDC 2013
  32. AH-HA and the back pocket?
  33. Multiplayer achievments help
  34. The New Members Survey (come one, come all, don't be shy)
  35. Whats your Lara's favourite weapon?
  36. Ghost Hunter
  37. Tomb Raider Muliplayer Modus is very nice!!!
  38. Tomb Raider fan made trailer
  39. The Potential Future of Tomb Raider - IGN
  40. When You Win, On the same save file, Quick Travel Questions
  41. Anyone Else A Little Disappointed With The Intro?
  42. How do I use the climbing axe?
  43. London City + Globe Hopping Settings for TR10?
  44. My Only Criticism of the Ending (Spoilers)
  45. Merchandising
  46. How Tomb Raider shaped my life.
  47. Why i can't use axe for combat? (Spoilers)
  48. Changing aiming side
  49. Are these cheaters ? Flashing lifebar.
  50. Now that you have beaten Tomb Raider... (spoilers)
  51. Lara has green eyes now?
  52. What happens when you get 100%? (SPOILERS)
  53. Missed tomb of the lost adventure
  54. Fauna of the game, was spot on!
  55. Can't get Cache
  56. the "why are tomb raider games so short" thread
  57. Tomb Raider Hidden Abilities
  58. Lara being English
  59. Join the Journey!
  60. Multiplayer Data Missing on Other Console?
  61. Desperately Need Free Cam!
  62. Tomb Raider's Platforming
  63. PAX East Attendees?
  64. Space aliens in future TR games, yay or nay?
  65. Game Pad Usage with Tomb Raider 2013 for the PC
  66. What DLC would you pay for?
  67. Question about the very beginning of Tomb Raider *Spoilers*
  68. Play Arts Kai Release?
  69. FGD March 15: Guerilla Skin PS3 and Shanty Town PC give-away!
  70. Blocked paths after finishing game
  71. What is the difference between ranked and casual matches?
  72. A little message to the makers of Tomb Raider :)
  73. help
  74. Complete Archive of Tomb Raider PC Saved Game Files
  75. Fast travel?
  76. Need help w huge samaurai/boss battle
  77. Manual Grab In Future Games?
  78. Meagan Marie inspired outfit on C2C
  79. Question about DLC
  80. Will there be a Tomb Raider 10?
  81. Mac OS X?
  82. New TR Patch?
  83. MP : Not Heard from Developers Yet
  84. Great job
  85. Another MP question
  86. stuck in gone missing - find Alex , can't kill the big guy
  87. Youtube let's play, copyright help
  88. So far so good! (no spoilers at all)
  89. Multiplayer, let us play the side we want
  90. Stuck at Bridge Overlook! (too hard)
  91. What kind of villain do we want in the next game?
  92. Videogames need more women and are too reliant on male, stubble-covered heroes...
  93. Hard mode no upgrades in 4.29.34
  94. Help getting back to Mountain Descent (spoilers)
  95. Achievements.
  96. Day n night cycle question spoilers
  97. Nvidia GeForce Titan review shows tombraider at 4k resolution
  98. 1 billion kills?
  99. Fan Tribute GMV - Legend is born
  100. Frequency of Release
  101. Strang floor from cliffside bunker level
  102. Multiplayer Question
  103. Suspension of disbelief (spoilers)
  104. New Single player DLC?
  105. Bring Back Extensive Interior Level Systems?
  106. Worldwide Top Chart - March 17
  107. Tomb Raider "Ascension" *prototype of TR*
  108. How many times will you complete this game?
  109. No more flaming arrows
  110. Why can't I perform "Steady Shot" in game? im on PC
  111. a free code - be quick!
  112. Tomb Raider: Multiplayer Trailer
  113. Problems with Third party content
  114. Tomb Raider's Multiplayer Identity: New Game Mode Inside
  116. No TR9 SP DLC Planned
  117. Rope Ascender
  118. Karl Stewart & Noah Hughes AMA Q&A on Reddit!
  119. Horde mode (co-op) on VS maps please.
  120. placing relicts outside tombs. Why?
  121. So, here's how you play Rescue Multiplayer mode
  122. Russian Characters translation
  124. Square-Enix/Steam Account Linking?
  125. Co-Op Story DLC would be good.
  126. Thorny bushes
  127. Need Help
  128. Lara-The Hero's Journey [spoilers]
  129. Multiplayer character hitbox?
  131. Extra Content: Exploration Maps?
  132. FGD March 22 - MASSIVE redeem codes give-away!
  133. Lara Croft: Reflections trademark filed by Square Enix
  134. Fraps not recording 3D vision/Help
  135. How it should be
  136. I have 1 remaining skill point I can't spend
  137. Tomb Raider 2013 has perfect game design.
  138. I'm smarter than Lara [spoilers]
  139. How to make the New Game+ (A viable New Game Plus)
  140. Should future Tomb raider titles start with Lara Croft &...?
  141. Tomb Raider 2013 on PS4?
  142. Tomb Raider HUB question?
  143. dunno if anyone posted already but SWORD?
  144. Fire Arrow?
  145. Your favorite moments from TR (2013) [spoilers]
  146. After Tomb Raider, now what?
  147. Sisters of Artemis?
  148. Cleaning up my misses
  149. Tomb Raider theme and etc marketplace
  150. tomb raider - hardcore mode
  151. Lunch Date with Meagan Marie!
  152. Am I stuck forever?
  153. TR9 Sales and Charts | Update April 6, 2015: 8.5 million copies sold!
  154. "Exclusive character" with x360 controller?
  155. Solarii fortress exploding bridge arcana (PC)
  156. Let's talk about Whitman (SPOILERS)
  157. Lara's trousers
  158. Frag movies
  159. Bioshock infinite & Tomb Raider 9
  160. Offical MP Hints & Tricks thread!
  161. Tomb of the lost adventurer - can't reach crates
  162. TR art on magazine covers
  163. User Feedback (German) TombRaider(PC)
  164. Help help!!!!
  165. Help! Forum Help...
  167. Hey Crystal Dynamics \ Eidos \ Square
  168. Possible SPOILERS Ahead: Were the Svavengers....
  169. XP Crate
  170. Too much bloodshed
  171. New Episode On My Lets Play
  172. Why didn't Mathias....? [spoilers]
  173. Lara Croft, a real human being and a real hero
  174. Everything I learned in life, I learned from Tomb Raider: HEAVY OPEN SPOILERS AHEAD
  175. Respect our female fans, please!
  176. Human or Supernatural Antagonist
  177. Connecting Tomb Raider to Real Life (Mild Spoilers)
  178. Multiplayer Concepts!
  179. gps secrets
  180. Tomb of the Unworthy
  181. Controller and game
  182. Fan / Forum Guide to TR (starting with List of SP XP / Salvage gains)
  183. How to upgrade gear
  184. Shanty Town / 1939 DLC maps gone missing?
  185. Jonah is a cool dude.
  186. Serious Themes You Want to See in the Sequel? [Maybe Spoilers]
  187. Which side character(s) from TR9 you want to see most in the sequel? [BIG spoilers!]
  188. What's your most favorite optional Tomb in Tomb Raider 9? [Spoiler]
  189. ~Deleted Sequences~ =Possible Spoilers=
  190. Where are Lara's parents? [spoiler]
  191. http://rewards.xbox.com/tomb-raider/ -- where's the first code?
  192. Something cool I found.
  193. PS3: Disc and Digital version cross-save compatibility?
  194. HELP!!!! Stuck big time
  195. Favorite Tomb Raider DLC outfit
  196. NVIDIA users being mistreated for benefit of AMD?
  197. Not hard enough :[
  198. Possible glitch? I think so
  199. Trophy Bug ?
  200. Forum Comp #13 - Funny Caption Contest! [ended - winners in OP]
  201. Anyone else suck at Mulitplayer?
  202. Multiplayer prestige levels and unlocks
  203. Dumb Question but...Where can I buy this?
  204. Focus on MP DLC... but region restrict SP DLC?
  205. Possibility in future [May have minor spoilers]
  206. Lara's breasts
  207. Tomb Raider Official Store Bag
  208. Controller or Keyboard+Mouse
  209. TressFX announces a shampoo.
  210. Lara and Drake cross paths? IGN reports Lara joins new Playtation Allstars
  211. Tomb Raider on Android & iOS
  212. Laura Croft
  213. New outfits and dual pistol DLCs announced! [April fools joke]
  214. Tomb Raider Store announces Post-Adventure Collection
  215. Movie actress revealed????? [april fools joke]
  216. Mortal Instruments Film Uses Tomb Raider Music?
  217. Tomb Raider in Japan
  218. Somebody help me! About movie in game
  219. 'Tomb Raider' multiplayer map packs DLC '1939', 'Shipwrecked' announced
  220. Multiplayer mode Free For All Not working? Help
  221. Tomb Raider 2013 Drinking Game!!!
  222. Illumination Challenge, Missing Two Statues And Can't Flnd Them
  223. Shanty Town Giveaway
  224. Kotaku: A glitch makes Lara look partially naked
  225. Falling in Love with Lara: Super mega rage edition
  226. Tomb Raider: Scaling The Ziggurat
  227. PSN DLC Weapon Stats?
  228. Brutal Finishers
  229. How remove Lara's model in screen
  230. Would You Like The Survival Theme to Continue?
  231. What do people think of multi-player?
  232. Some Thing I Am Wondering About *Contains Spoilers*
  233. Tomb Raider II Review! (Vital issues!)
  234. Tomb Raider 2013 Map usage
  235. XBOX 360 Languages
  236. What is Lara wearing now?
  237. A Gallery of Tomb Raider's Textures
  239. Were You Suprised By How Good TR Was?
  240. help please TR 2013 Xbox
  241. Multiplayer Tournaments?
  242. This camera is going to make me sick
  243. No Tomb Raider 2
  244. More save slots on xbox 360 and PS3
  245. Suggesting there might be no TR2
  246. Millie & Coco's killer?
  247. Geothermal caverns
  248. Idea for future TR game - the Philadelphia Experiment
  249. Has TR lost core fans with this reboot?
  250. Suggestion: Puzzles match difficulty.