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  1. STEAM: Can't run Tomb Raider on Radeon HD 6900?
  2. May I ??
  3. Bugs and all that nasty stuff.
  4. Feature Requests / DLC Ideas
  5. Was going to review the game, but I thought this would be funnier
  6. 'The Final Hours of Tomb Raider' app released
  7. The Steam Survival Edition
  8. Tomb Raider Movie Reboot to Feature Younger Lara Croft
  9. Replaying Lara's camp audio diary logs journals
  10. Is anybody playing with a mouse and keyboard?
  11. A Word of Advice
  12. Tomb Raider Statistics
  13. Taking Arrows Back
  14. Where's my exclusives?
  15. Tomb Raider "Day One" Trailer
  16. XBOX Version running at 720p? Seems lo-res
  17. Upgrade axe and lara's life ?(mild spoiler)
  18. Looking for the Game Manual, not a strategy guide.
  19. Can we talk about the camera bobbing
  20. dumb question but need help
  21. Can Tomb Raider be installed multiple times?
  22. Turn back to first camp????
  23. Want the DLC? (Most on Xbox, Steam, & PSN now!)
  24. Is the DLC useable in single player?
  25. CD loses a sale from me and many others..
  26. How do you change outfits?
  27. Mashing Keyboard sensitivity
  28. Chasm monastery (Spoilers)
  29. Shrinking Circle
  30. Uh Oh...
  31. Is it actually possible to be level 48+ already?
  32. question please HELP!!!
  33. PS3 question
  34. Why, CD, WHY! - Shopaholic
  35. Missing Survival Pouch
  36. Costume thread/Lara's smexy model shots!
  37. Any modding support?
  38. [BIG SPOILERS] FULL Tomb Raider Walkthrough on YouTube Already - YEEEUUHH!
  39. Some advice please art book missing....
  40. So yeah.. uhh... Lara Croft. Hot or Not?
  41. Easter Eggs
  42. Official Player Tips & Tricks thread
  43. stuck in scavengers den
  44. Can I use someones save (PC) please? I hit that bug..
  45. What happened in March 5th?
  46. Challenges?
  47. The first few hours of Tomb Raider in a nutshell
  48. Pax East?
  49. Random stuff about Tomb Raider
  50. Zachary Levi Zac Levi Multiplayer Character
  51. map/world size
  52. Why No Party System??
  53. Post your advice here!
  54. Tomb Raider Ultimate Graphics TressFX Hair Test
  55. What marks an optional tomb as completed?
  56. Upgrade System
  57. Fast travel unavailable?
  58. Continue playing after main story?
  59. Camp Menu Is Blurry/Small
  60. Tomb of The Lost Adventurer
  61. In-Game Extras? [*SPOILER*]
  62. Eidos should be ashamed.
  63. Just some quick solutions I've found for fixing Nvidia driver issues
  64. *spoiler warning* Russian guy assault QTE help
  65. 3D Ride of a lifetime! Thank you Eidos for the 3D support!!!!!
  66. Are there dual pistols?
  67. survival edition or EB edition?
  68. Games Plus?
  69. [HELP] STUCK WITH Mathias QTE
  70. Can the single Pistol be Upgraded?
  71. Wolf Cave QTE bugged on PC version?
  72. Whats this track called?
  73. Fan Vid? Lara Punk
  74. Tomb Raider PC Retail Copy Steam enabled?
  75. Xbox: Agility and Headshot Reticle DLC is missing
  76. Mountain Temple Rope Ladder
  77. OK CD, you've had 24 hours now....
  78. Having trouble collecting Survival edition items on Steam
  79. Three things of the game that I LOVE [SPOILER]
  80. Tomb Raider Performance
  81. GameStop Pre-Order Bonus Question
  82. First Tomb Raider DLC - Xbox Timed Exclusive - MP Map Pack
  83. *SPOILERS* Stuck in Chasm Shrine
  84. Help needed for xbox multiplayer
  85. How to change DirectX from 11 to 10 or 9c
  86. Anyone Else Dislike the Support Cast? (Spoilers)
  87. Oh my goodness, the credits...
  88. Cheat Single mode hard for Emeines !!
  89. PS3 QTEs are impossible to beat
  90. Tomb Raider 2013 Poster
  91. Need help, stuck *minor spoilers*
  92. what happened to Steph?
  93. endurance crew: spoiler.
  94. Help?
  95. What am I missing?
  96. Impression of the reboot of Tomb Raider and Lara Croft
  97. Lost Fleet of Kublai Khan Discussion
  98. When you pick up the final collectible and 100% the game...
  99. PS3 - Glitch/Textures not Loading
  100. Equipping a torch (PC)
  101. Difficulty questions
  102. Strategy Guide is Inaccurate and Incomplete!
  103. Any enemies after story completion?
  104. Who do I have to pay to get the other pre-order bonuses?
  105. Lara & Sam! | please read OP before posting!
  106. I didn't get my achievements??
  107. Tune the radio (PC)
  108. Tomb Raider is AWESOME! - playthrough by Fraser & friends
  109. Steam: Where the heck are the save files?
  111. DLC for SP
  112. Spike stuck in side
  113. MP overview please
  114. Stuck in chasm stronghold please help.
  115. Stuck on endgame qte {spoiler}
  116. [Steam] Daily Deal - Tomb Raider Collection 66% Off!
  117. A few questions
  118. seemingly dirty semi-glitch
  119. Games Saves
  120. Working as intendier
  121. Thoughts on the MP
  122. competition bow
  123. you can only 100% it on your first playthrough
  124. How Do You....
  125. Tomb Raider PC technical review: Incredible graphics, great controls, UI problems
  126. Help with game control PC?
  127. Lobby System for Multiplayer
  128. Beach wreck help me!!
  129. Dude, where's my bow??
  130. Crystal Dynamics Exaggerated the Survival Elements
  131. zip line question [big spoilers inside]
  132. Rope arrows needed: But how to get them?
  133. TR9 sales hits 1 million after < 48 hours!
  134. TR10 wishlist
  135. Tomb Raider Cliffside bunker
  136. How do I return to the chasm stronghold sections?
  137. Tomb: Well of Tears [spoilers]
  138. Respawning enemies??? Spoilers
  139. Perfect Example of - [major spoilers]
  140. Does anyone want my walmart preorder? Or trade?
  141. Millie and coco [spoiler]
  142. problem in tomb raider 2013 !? please help
  143. The TR Cover System...Making Gaming History???
  144. FGD Mar 8: MP goodies give-away. Be quick - only 2 days to participate!
  145. Multiplayer populations
  146. please help with a small problem
  147. In-game help!
  148. There Appears To Be An Achievement Problem
  149. What's your favourite location?
  150. MP Minimum ?
  151. Replaying the story
  152. Problem with X-box controller
  153. White screen tomb raider 2013
  154. Lara's family history
  155. Games Save PS3
  156. Co-op multi-player DLC?
  157. First game ever where i've read the ending credits all the way through!
  158. Stuck in the ending [resolved]
  159. day and night in the hubs
  160. [MAJOR SPOILERS] question about...
  161. Too old for the Tomb Raider reboot
  162. Mine sweeper glitch and grenade launcher ammo
  163. Backtracking Help (*potential spoilers*)
  164. Suggestion - Endless Running, sliding, etc. sequences DLC
  165. Pre-order Challenge Tomb question
  166. Will there be DLC beyond the campaign?
  167. Got The Game--Standard, Got DLC Need Help
  168. lil help! this is so dumb. don't laugh!!!!!
  169. Help! Stuck and cannot continue!
  170. What is your fav. item from Collector Edition?
  171. Multiplayer Suggestions
  172. Quit complaining about multiplayer....
  173. need auto targeting help for xbox 360
  174. Extra Hard Mode?
  175. Stuck with NO ARROWS in the Flooded Vault
  176. Does ammo respawn???
  177. Differences between R1/R2 releases?
  178. Anyone else left with a surplus of Salvage/Maxed XP by the Point of no Return?
  179. Tomb Raider 2013 preorder outfits
  180. Problems in the multiplayer
  181. Hows your game play style?!
  182. Competitive Tomb Raider multiplayer
  183. Help Xbox 360
  184. Overlooking items
  185. Multiplayer Profile Help
  186. Just wanted to say...
  187. Can we expect Outfits to be released to Steam store?
  188. the game length (to those who have finished it)
  189. Cliffside Bunker - XBOX 360 GLITCH
  190. Just want to say
  191. Help!! ALEX MISSION (spoiler)
  192. [Spoilerish] Did anyone actually care about Sam?
  193. SPOILER - Question about the Plot! SPOILER
  194. be nice if they fix this
  195. Multiplayer Issue
  196. My Lets Play For Youtube
  197. Tomb Raider: A Survivor Is Abridged [SERIOUS SPOILERS!]
  198. stuck on chasm shrine
  199. very dissapointed
  200. About this forum...
  201. Revisiting the Cliff Bunker.
  203. Game difficulty in Tomb Raider Reborn. My ideas how to develop.
  204. I need grenade launcher ammo
  205. Game Breaking Glitch
  206. UC and TR story ideas?
  207. Why? Why the omniscient enemies?
  208. Weapon Parts - How to find after Playthrough?
  209. Just Finished
  210. Hall of ascention ...tomb
  211. Whats with the stickied tweets?
  212. Serious question to devteam.
  213. Hitman Weapons DLC
  214. collecting shouldn't be for sake of collecting?
  215. Thoughts and Issues
  216. Frame Rates and QTEs [PC]
  217. Tomb Raider Multiplayer Achievement Help Thread~
  218. What do you think about the new combat?
  219. Tombs missing in Tomb Raider
  220. Stucked at Radio tower because Fast travel
  221. The downloadable tombs.
  222. help cant seem find how u get this gps
  223. where can i find my game statistics
  224. Being in Water Cleans Lara
  225. Praising a very remarkable feature of Tomb Raider (contains mild spoilers)
  226. Should they add a new game+ mode?
  227. CD, Is that what you spent 5 years on?! (Spoilers of course)
  228. Characters in TR9 (Spoilers)
  230. Question about replaying the story. Help!
  231. problems on the boat
  232. Xbox 360 issue: Post Game Research Base
  233. Multiplayer is fun but could use some tweaks:
  234. Chapter 9 Another Fine mess
  235. Suche nach Mitspielern für "Tomb Raider"-Multiplayer!!
  236. [PC] save file request
  237. Need Multiplayer "Horde Mode"
  238. PC vs PS3 vs XBOX360 screenshots - Eurogamer Digital Foundry Face-off
  239. Non-multiplayer DLC?
  240. Loved the game.
  241. What's your pleasure, sir?
  242. Tomb Raider COSPLAY movie
  243. Does Lara wear black tank top on hard?
  244. Help with Combat
  245. Help. please: Rope Bridge
  246. ebay warning
  247. What was your LEAST favorite area? (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)
  248. Multiplayer freezing Xbox
  249. Falling through the World (xbox 360)
  250. A question of integrity...