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  1. Attention to Detail
  2. MaxRaider and Melonie_TR Tomb Raider trip and Impressions!
  3. Should TR have SP DLC?
  4. Lara's Watch
  5. rpg elements
  6. tomb raider 2013 fans
  7. In multiplayer, who will you be playing as
  8. Lara's Bandages.
  9. Popular & official threads
  10. Show Me How U Multiplay
  11. To all NEW fans: what attracts you to the game?
  12. Get Core Design's In Game Lara In TR Multiplayer
  13. What DO/DON'T you want in TR9?
  14. Fans near Mexico City?
  15. Alex Has A Tattoo?
  16. Art Book or Comic Book?
  17. In game Outfits for Lara
  18. UNBOXING: Limited Edition Tomb Raider Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
  19. Does Lara sleep? XD
  20. Tomb Raider's Graphics / Visual Engine
  21. Tomb Raider Statue
  22. How come Tomb Raider CE isn't listed on amazon.ca?
  23. Tomb Raider T-Shirt?
  24. Will multiplayer have regional matchmaking?
  25. When will you go dark?
  26. Portuguese Subtitles included in UK version?
  27. How will you play Tomb Raider? (SP/MP)
  28. It's an island, it's a mystery... [spoiler warning!]
  29. Lara's damage
  30. No Demo = Reluctant to Purchase
  31. Multiplayer Characters Hints at Single-Player Story?
  32. FeeFee - the hunt for red crustacean!
  33. Please Clarify - "Scavenger Archer" MP Character
  35. I am truly glad that Tomb Raider will not have micro-transactions in the game.
  36. Greek language? | official dev answer in post #11
  37. Solarii vs Scavenger
  38. Merchandise: Phone Cases & PS3 Controller
  39. Amazon UK pre-order bonus
  40. BradyGames to publish art book Tomb Raider: The Art of Survival
  41. Steam Square Enix Weekend - Tomb Raider Collection $14.99 Today Only!
  42. Volcano on the Island?!?!
  43. Tomb raider at e3 2012 :)
  44. PC Collector's Edition International Shipping?
  45. What is this song?!?!
  46. Tomb Raider Minecraft Server?
  47. Who's planning a day off?
  48. Collector's Editions value
  49. Tomb raider commercial aired on sports channel
  50. How Do You Plan On Playing?
  51. Katie in Guinness World Records 2013 Gamer's Edition
  52. Re-playing past Tomb Raider games
  53. Tomb Raider reboot isn't ****, but something new instead (hands on impressions)
  54. Final Hours Edition :)
  55. First thoughts on TP trailer
  56. Question about supporting characters..
  57. Locked out
  58. Multiplayer Clans?
  59. Lara and the Scavengers
  60. Midnight Releases!
  61. Official HELP Thread - Ask for hints here! (SPOILERS & USE SPOILER TAG)
  62. Australian Collectors Edition Strategy Guide on EBGames.com
  63. Tomb Raider Wallscrolls
  64. Killing off supporting characters
  65. General Questions & Comments
  66. Tomb Raider on xbox gold ?
  67. Where does TR sit on your pre order list?
  68. Netherlands Collectors Edition
  69. Official Tomb Raider Contest at deviantART
  70. TR controller DLC value
  71. Tomb Raider PC DX11 effects revealed
  72. How athletic is Lara
  73. AMD "Never Settle" Bundle Returns with Tomb Raider and more
  74. Competition
  75. Tomb Raider: Survivor Ringtone
  76. Release day
  77. Tomb Raider: Making of the Cover - Google Hangout
  78. English language option in German version? [Xbox360]
  79. Tomb Raider comic
  80. Tomb Raider Themed XBOX360 GIVEAWAY is giving away in an auction!
  81. [forum game] Guess the review score
  82. Tomb Raider: Guide To Survival Episode #2
  83. Xbox 360 Controller Preorder
  84. Is this going to be the game of our generation? How?
  85. Tomb Raider's Future: Upgrading Lara
  86. If I purchase the PC version from the UK, will I still be able to play it in the US?
  87. Tomb Raider Survival Edition?
  88. Tomb Raider has gone gold
  89. The Crystal Habit Monthly Fix #17
  90. Gearing Up: What's On Your List?
  91. Playing with a controller
  92. Official forums exclusive dev Q&A session [unused]
  93. Your favorite Tomb raider render so far!
  94. The TR Facebook Page
  95. Localisation
  96. Future of TR platforms
  97. Enemies
  98. Tomb Raider PC for £19.99?
  99. Official Forum Multiplayer Clans | Now accepting submissions! (see OP)
  100. Tomb Raiders en français
  101. Lara's death in Scavenger's Den
  102. TR PC/PS3 screens or gameplay vids?
  103. bow only playthrough
  104. Cave Raiders! Multiplayer mode idea.
  105. Noah Hughes Monastery to Medical Helicopter Dev Walkthrough!! [spoilers]
  106. Tomb raider bot on multiplayer
  107. Support to keyboard remapping (binding)?
  108. Collectors Edition Box- Small spoiler
  109. more videos or screenshots until march 5th?
  110. Lara Turn Head Render
  111. The Final Hours of Tomb Raider: The End of the Beginning, Part 1
  112. unboxing pre-order......spoilerss
  113. uhhh the multiplayer selection is such a sausage fest.
  114. Am i only one who see this?
  115. Tomb Raider - My First Impressions! [mild spoilers]
  116. Interview on rebooting Lara and Fixing stealth
  117. Lara Croft final concept art
  118. Tomb Raider Fan Music / Tribute Music Thread
  119. Twin Pistols OFFICIALLY... denied. [mod edit - NOT official]
  120. Weapons DLC Pack?
  121. Standees
  122. Official thread - post photos of your copy of TR9!
  123. Official PRESS reviews / TR Score Tracking Thread
  124. Gametrailers to do a GT Retrospective of Tomb Raider!
  125. Happy Birthday and Thank You, Meagan!
  126. Will Tomb Raider be too fast for me?
  127. FGD Feb 15: A hot give-away! [ended]
  128. Rope + Fire arrow.
  129. Hands on Tomb Raider XBOX 360 Controller
  130. Seen too much?
  131. Lara Croft is definitely beautiful. [PROOF]
  132. 20 Days of Tomb Raider [mild spoiler]
  133. French Trailer Containing New Footage (Spoiler)
  134. How could it end?
  135. camera and control on pc
  136. ♥ArtIMusicIFilmILiteratureIVGames - Things that inspired Tomb Raider and vice versa♥
  137. What scene do you really want to see in the new Tomb Raider?
  138. Endurance Week: Meet the crew
  139. [forum game] 12 days until Tomb Raider...
  140. Your first hour of Tomb Raider
  141. When will we see.....
  142. What will you do when you finish the game?
  143. Concept Art: Vista Fall
  144. Will Tomb Raider's Multiplayer Support System Link
  145. "Why DmC and Tomb Raider are the Most Important Games of 2013"
  146. Getting ready for Tomb Raider.
  147. Mac OS
  148. How much have you guys spent on TR so far?
  149. Please welcome Catherine Vandier, Community & Communications Assistant!
  150. multiple methods
  151. video game walkthrough - what do you look for ?
  152. PC system specs coming soon!
  153. The Game is region lock? (I would preorder in another country)
  154. The Future of Tomb Raider - Ideas, Concerns and Soaring Hopes *A LIST FOR THE FUTURE*
  155. New silly trailer!
  156. Official MEMBERS Reviews/First Impressions/Let's Play Thread
  157. The Shift: "Tomb Raider" with UFC's Sean Pierson (Some New Gameplay Footage)
  158. Tomb Raider: Guide to Survival Episode 3: Survival Combat
  159. Tomb of the Lost Adventurer
  160. So what was the result for that Gamer post thread?
  161. Anyone going to a GAME Lock-in?
  162. Languages included in the (german) PC version
  163. Question about skills/base camp
  164. Will you be able to???
  165. Live Streaming Tomb Raider
  166. NEW TR SHIRT!!!
  167. Just some questions.
  168. If anyone missed it, there is a great podcast with the game's writer!
  169. Official Unboxing & Post Your Unboxing Videos Here!
  170. Story on how Lara Croft gets her Trademarked duel guns
  171. Tomb Raider 2013 Setting a New Standard for Female Characters?
  172. HQ TR Launch Screens!
  173. 1 hour left...
  174. PS3 vs XBOX 360 Comparison Video
  175. Very disappointed, but....
  176. Tomb Raider Walkthrough Gameplay Review [SPOILER]
  177. Tomb Raider Co-Op
  178. Would like some answers I just can't seem to find
  179. Conan O'Brien Reviews Tomb Raider - Clueless Gamer
  180. Youtube monetization
  181. Lara's outfits on ps3 home
  182. Show your loot to the community!
  183. Conan O'Brien reviews Tomb Raider
  184. Soo.. any idea how this will be to old TR fans?
  185. Tomb Raider the Musical
  186. Find a Let's Play or post your own Let's Play here :)
  187. Minor spoiler Mabey
  188. Yet another TR bonus!
  189. Tomb Raider Enters the Test Chamber! [NEW FOOTAGE]
  190. Tomb Raider: Final Hours #6 to air on launch night
  192. Tomb Raider PC video on 'AMD Never Settle Reloaded Bundle Trailer'
  193. IGN Live Presents: Tomb Raider
  194. SPOILERS!! New TR Footage!
  195. Official TOMB RAIDER audio and subtitle language details (now ALL platforms)
  196. The Final Hours of Tomb Raider Episode 5, Part 2
  197. This review made me die of excitement for this game
  198. Digital Comic
  200. What crystal dynamics stole from core design
  201. I hope Lara gets more muscle in the next game, that'd be cool
  202. Stores Selling TR Early?
  203. Tomb Raider in PSN Store?
  204. If you're new to MP...
  205. Steam Pre-Loading
  206. Rustlers Tomb Raider Comp?
  207. Tomb Raider Reborn PC version download only?
  208. What just happened?
  209. The hardcore club
  210. Adam's Collector's Edition Unboxing! [Survival Kit] (Guest starring more Mr. Kipling)
  211. Where can I buy Tomb Raider in the US, now?
  212. left right quicktime events of doom.
  213. Why Baltic states are excluded from CIS version?
  214. Reviewers complaining about Lara's "transformation"
  215. One final thing
  216. Invisible Walls discusses Tomb Raider.
  217. Dear Lara, Thanks for Everything: My Love Letter to Lara Croft
  218. Tomb Raider no longer for General Audience? Losing it's niche?
  219. Tip For PS3 Players - Update Your PS3 (Spoiler Free)
  220. Post Your Tomb Raider Survival Stockpile!
  221. Thread merging
  222. Show your excited face!
  223. Will my "favorite moves ever" be back?
  224. Hitman Weapons Pack DLC is Multiplayer Only?
  225. Things Die hard Tomb Raiders wanna see in the future
  226. Will Tomb Raider have any unlockable costumes?
  227. Question about Avatars
  228. How does damage/difficulty scaling work?
  229. Guess which game I'm referring to
  230. Tomb Raider Impressions (Non-Spoiler)
  231. Will MP Stats be reset on Tuesday, they should be
  232. Should be 100% but only 97% 98% 99% - what did I miss?
  233. Buy Tomb Raider Art
  234. how much cult / occult stuff is in it ?
  235. A toast to Tomb Raider
  236. Horse screenshot ??
  237. Who's ready for Tomb Raider 10??? (mild spoiler)
  238. Tomb Raider: Is like HBO with a Controller- Interview
  239. Silenced Pistol/attachments
  240. Very smart advertising move...
  241. Which tomb required the shotgun *Possible Spoilers*
  242. Please Make Promo Items Available Later
  243. Leaderboards
  244. Official TR9 Story / Plot Discussion Thread (HEAVY SPOILERS!)
  245. PC Screenshots Thread
  246. New Video: Shystie's Tomb Raider Challenge
  247. Amazon UK dispatch
  248. Tomb Raider PC Gameplay Demo [TressFX]
  249. Tomb Raider guide: 10 essential tips for becoming a survivor
  250. Tomb Raider (2013) - PC Graphics Comparison [Low-Ultra] + TressFX