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  1. Forum Comp #8 - The Fabulous Destinations of Lara Croft [ended]
  2. The Crystal Habit Monthly Fix #10
  3. The Crystal Habit Monthly Fix #11
  4. The Final Hours of Tomb Raider
  5. Rhianna Pratchett is the lead writer for TR9
  6. Q&A With Camilla (Now with Answers!)
  7. Awesome hands-on response from IGN
  8. idea: Design a Hub Competition
  9. Will CD Keep the Hubs?
  10. Are they rushing into things?
  11. GamesCom!
  12. I miss an theme Tomb Raider in the 360 marketplace
  13. Boyfriend
  14. Exclusive dev Q&A session #7 - August/September 2012 [Now with Answers!]
  15. TR9 dislikes / things you are worried about
  16. British post-war art and design exhibit, featuring Tomb Raider
  17. survival instinct, hints, help icons, etc - what would you use and what not?
  18. Gamescom exclusive interview... questions?
  19. Does Lara have any religious views?
  20. How i'll get the DLCs?
  21. Forum Exclusive Screenshot...
  22. Tomb Raider Portuguese Subtitles
  23. Tomb Raider Theme's
  24. Windows XP support
  25. No PC DVD Retail version in North America
  26. A Message To Square Enix for PC DVD Retail in North America
  27. Can I ask a question about TR I ???
  28. Post your favorite Angel of Darkness images!
  29. PAX
  30. Searching for sing-along trailers of Tomb Raider
  31. Question on Sam
  32. Rectification
  33. Tomb Raider's GameStop Cover
  34. The Final Hours #2 When is it going to be released?
  35. Should the credits be fun again like they where back then? Should logos be presented?
  36. Interview met Megan Marie over Tomb Raider
  37. Did CD showed too much about TR? Your Views | With Poll
  38. Eurogamer?
  39. Forum Comp #9 - AoD caption contest [ended]
  40. Tomb Raider tribute song question
  41. Tomb Raider Husband please?
  42. POLL: Regenerating health or med-packs? Maybe both?
  43. Q&A with Meagan Marie and Brian Horton [now with answers!]
  44. Just an idea for a "new" health system for TR9.
  45. Eurogamer Interview
  46. A few questions?
  47. The Final Hours of Tomb Raider Episode 2: Origins of a Story
  48. Tomb Raider Kicks Off Pre-Order Incentives!
  49. The Crystal Habit Monthtly Fix #13
  50. The Crystal Habit Monthtly Fix #12
  51. Forum exclusive dev Q&A session #8 [Answers Ahoy!]
  52. Edge interviews Brian Horton
  53. NYCC Art Auction to benefit Child's Play!
  54. What outfits would you like to see in the game?
  55. Forum comp #10 - design your own forum banner! [winners announced on p19!]
  56. Will Survivor and Collector's Edition be available for PC in Europe?
  57. Official Soundtrack CD
  58. Tomb Raider Event in Ireland?
  59. So we'll not see these ''monsters''?
  60. UK version
  61. Will GTA5 effect TR if it came out on the same week?
  62. Box Art Reveal on the 23rd
  63. CD, PLEASE give us downloadables in gap years!
  64. Your favourite music from the Demos
  65. I wanna hear any theories! any at all.
  66. Official Appreciation & Praise Thread | CD sound designer Alex Wilmer responds on p.6
  67. wall scramble/double jump
  69. possible endings for this game
  70. hubs/XP in future TR titles
  71. linear/open in future tr titles
  72. Do you think the development quality will be consistent right to the credits/climax?
  73. will there be too many human enemies??
  74. will you play Tomb Raider more realistically? or casually?
  75. PC features that must be added to the PC version of Tomb Raider.
  76. possible 'crouch' button?
  77. Want to do me a HUGE favor?
  78. Anyone else really dislike Dr. Whitman?
  79. The Crystal Habit Monthtly Fix #14
  80. This is Tomb Raider
  81. Lara's diets
  82. do you think the tombs/dungeons will be massive and complex and nonlinear?
  83. just a question (Bestbuy pre-order bonus)
  84. Tomb Raider 2013 Theme for Windows 7 and 8
  85. what does everyone think about the camps
  86. minimal character interaction like Tomb Raider 1? :)
  87. Luddington on Grey's Anatomy
  88. Official pre-order Q&A + retailers database | OP updated Feb 19
  89. Tomb Raider.com NOT working on Opera browser
  90. Tomb Raider graphic demands
  91. Tomb Raider 2013
  92. official forum dev Q&A session #9 [answers on page 4!]
  93. if you can roam once completed the game, does that mean she won't get off the island
  94. will this game feature boss fights
  95. No girls on the island/ritual
  96. controls options/shooting!
  97. Lara > Kate from Lost > Lara paradox
  98. Grenades
  99. Tomb Raider Game Customization
  100. Tomb Raider's usage of light and darkness?
  101. Survival and Collector's Edition in Europe
  102. PC Version - Achievements ?
  103. really dislike pressing a button to recover a fall.
  104. ''Improved Looting''
  105. will there be areas we wont be able to travel back to
  106. i think we will be allowed to walk along the shore
  107. Huge Xbox poster art incomplete - Help!
  108. confused. who are the scavengers, someone help!
  109. No english audio in polish distributed version?
  110. Event in Amsterdam?
  111. Spike VGAs 2012
  112. The Scream Change - Why?
  113. [Forum Game] Spot The Difference
  114. :D :D New Content In December :D :D
  115. Tomb raider facebook problem
  116. Tomb Raider regen health? So this is a strange hybrid of arcade and realism elements?
  117. Forum comp #11 - Create a TR Holiday Card [winners on Page 9!!!]
  118. What is the tow rope????
  119. Fun statistics in TR
  120. Tomb Raider on Vita?
  121. Tomb Raiders New Direction
  122. TR 2013 Plot Guesses
  123. New forum skins! | Now with poll!
  124. something cool coming... | The Final Hours ep 3!!
  125. Choose 4 things you DON'T want to see
  126. Sprinting?
  127. members with "Gamer" status (or above), please report here :)
  128. Why, though?
  129. I want AOD
  130. VGA 2012 'Survivor' Trailer | OP updated Dec 8 | *spoiler warning*
  131. GamesMaster Magazine Scans- NEW SCREENS AND ART AND STUFF
  132. A little suggestion about the new TR
  133. Official forum dev Q&A session #10 [Ended - Answers on Page 3!]
  134. Tomb Raider Development Completion
  135. Dec preview screenshots | update: NOW LIVE! see OP
  136. will we see a vid tomorrow or just screens
  137. new gameplay
  138. Review of my Tomb Raider playsession!
  139. TT Review of the TR Benelux Event!
  140. NEW 3 minutes Night Hub gameplay + Interview with Noah
  141. TR Press releases from December [articles/videos]
  142. Tomb Raider New demo Dec
  143. Tomb Raider week at IGN - it's TOMBALICIOUS!
  144. Northern California Tomb Raider Fans?
  145. So the first 3 hours are linear scripted action?
  146. Not Pleased with What I am Seeing
  147. so is the bear trap scrapped?
  148. The Crystal Habit Monthtly Fix #15
  149. White ledges are back...
  150. Will Lara Steal Enemies Warm Coats?
  151. Tomb Raider tops PC pre-order sales chart
  152. About the Reboot - Lara's parents
  153. What's Your Favourite TR Trailer?
  154. Tomb Raider Font
  155. *CD read this!* A realistic picture that I made
  156. are previewers misinterpreting Tomb Raider?
  157. Playstation allstars battle royale: Where is Lara?
  158. How about a developer commentary?
  159. Survival and Collector's Edition in South America?
  160. Lara's facial expressions
  161. Pre-Crash Ship Gameplay?
  162. What are your best Tomb Raider memories
  163. Tomb Raider 2013 will use steam?
  164. what do you already know
  165. Best NEW feature of the new Tomb Raider?
  166. so does fast travel system mean players can't backtrack on foot?
  167. will we be able to use the axe in combat whenever
  168. Do we have two axes?
  169. Tomb Raider - Guide to survival
  170. can Lara seduce enemies, then whack them?
  171. Here we go again...
  172. I'm concerned
  173. PS3 or 360?
  174. is the Climbing manual climbing or automatic?
  175. Tomb Raider Signature Series Guide
  176. Keeley Hawes (2006-10) or Camilla Luddington (2013)
  177. Official Easter Eggs Discussion Thread
  178. Adam Sessler's first impressions
  179. Will Roth give Lara his Dual Pistols if he dies? <SPOILERS>
  181. Tomb Raider PC graphics
  182. Tomb Raider Scavenger Hunt | OP updated regularly!
  183. Weather in Tomb Raider
  184. Tomb Raider cheats
  185. Happy Holidays :)
  186. What do you want to see Lara accomplish in this game?
  187. Having difficulty trying to obtain the access code for the Tombraider scavenger hunt.
  188. Lara's Weapons
  189. Console or PC?
  190. Far Cry 3
  191. About Packaging game and Steam
  192. Scavenger Hunt total points available?
  193. What Edition of Tomb Raider are you getting so far?
  194. Steam Pre Order Unlock Guardian of the Light?
  195. Will Tomb Raider have support for Playstation Move??
  196. Interesting Find On Collectors Edition
  197. Tomb Raider & Multiplayer: Marrying the Two
  198. Tomb Raider: Player Tailoring
  199. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  200. Tomb Raider: The Beginning
  201. Music from VGA 2012 trailer
  202. New Game Plus?
  203. Tomb Raider Fan Trailer
  204. TR on ps vita ?
  205. Tomb Raider on WiiU ?
  206. Tomb Raider 'Origins': The Lost Beta Version
  207. Post your Steam / PSN / XBOX Live usernames here (for TR MP)
  208. Tomb Raider: The Countdown & Launch Party Thread
  209. Complaint about the new game
  210. faq draft
  211. Camera in TR
  212. I Remember when . . .
  213. Lara's personality?
  214. international petition for Lara Croft playable in all Multiplayer Modes!
  215. I noticed a weather difference!
  216. official poll, Tomb Raider fans vote for Lara Croft playable in all Multiplayer Modes
  217. Where should Lara's next journey be?
  218. Lara's stomach injury.
  219. Achievement/Trophy Speculation | update: trophies unveiled! See OP
  220. Lara Croft going to be Ripley or "Other M" Samus?
  221. Deaths of Lara
  222. TR EARLY GAME CONTEST! [ended - winners in OP]
  223. TR EARLY GAME CONTEST! [ended - winners in OP]
  224. CES Call For Questions!
  225. Guess what's back? White ledges!
  226. Comp #12 (TR Early Game) comments & questions thread [winners in OP!!]
  227. Lara's Imminent Evolution
  228. Vote for TR!
  229. Super natural things in TR9??
  230. This Tomb Raider preorder bonus thing is getting really messy....
  231. Enemies with gas masks on?
  232. TFH #4 live - lots of MP goodness! | OP updated with HQ 1080p grabs!
  233. Tomb Raider 3D?
  234. Tomb Raider - Final Hours #5 & #6 at 'Home of Lara Croft'!
  235. Official forums exclusive dev Q&A session #11 [answers on page 3!]
  236. Nickname for Tomb Raider fans?
  237. List of Tomb Raider development team
  238. Can retail copies of the PC version be registerd on Steam? (aka Steamworks support?)
  240. Scavenger Hunt App
  241. Lara's voices in other countries
  242. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale??
  243. Favorite Female Gaming Heros?
  244. The Crystal Habit Monthly Fix #16
  245. Tomb Raider PC Steamplay??
  246. This is Tomb Raider 1998 (part III)
  247. 3rd Pre Order incentive
  248. 2011 Gameplay
  249. Question on XBOX360
  250. Tomb Raider "Bucket List"