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  2. Official K&L2:DD Xbox Beta Game Arrangements
  3. Its now 1st of July here, can i download?
  4. K&L2:DD Demo Impressions - Second Attempt (now with maturity)
  5. Is the demo up?
  6. The reason why non-360 owners should also be hyped about the exclusive demo.
  7. anyone want a demo key?
  8. Play the devs!
  9. Have all the demo keys been given out??
  10. Your favourite MP mode
  11. Where is it?
  12. Default Cam vs. Steadycam: Thoughts/Opinions?
  13. Host closed the game session?
  14. multiplayer wont work?
  15. Multiplayer Wont work?
  16. Does anyone else felt bad playing as Lynch, seeing Kane as a NPC?
  17. For the demo
  18. Gameplay
  19. Two demo keys going..
  20. The MP HUD
  21. Anyone notice even though you turn off aim assist, it continues assisting?
  22. How Long is the demo out for?
  23. suggestion Crew/Clan arcade game mode? for DLC perhapes
  24. Lag or other problems?
  25. Grainy effect
  26. Moneys bugged
  27. Ways kane and lynch can beat up some of the top mainstream titles
  28. List of people to avoid.
  29. Weapon damage, also the hostage option (pressing "B")
  30. Demo Code O' Stealth
  31. Ranking's Glitched
  32. Anyone have a spare demo key?
  33. The real kane&lynch crews
  34. need help with who has demo already
  35. Fragile Alliance NPCs
  36. Demo Tokens Still Avaliable ?
  37. Welfare Avoidance 101
  38. Full Demo Weapon List
  39. Any more demo tokens?
  40. Am I playing Fragile Alliance incorrectly?
  41. Is there going to be anymore weapons???
  42. Character customization???
  43. Cencors on headshots
  44. Code please
  45. Massive exploit in undercover cop
  46. Cops been snortn!!????
  47. Enter for Codes !!!
  48. What is the highest rank you can achieve in the demo?
  49. Is Kane and lynch 2 all out of tokens?
  50. Most frustrating things in demo?
  51. Has anyone ever...
  52. The "Last Stand" Feature.. To be or not to be?
  53. Tokens available for Scandinavian Gamers
  54. "TURTLES! I'm getting out NOW!"
  55. 1up is giving away 1000 tokens!!!
  56. too much lag, soo many moonwalkers
  57. The chokehold, AKA "Strong-Arming".
  58. What the?!
  59. Things that piss you off bout noobs in the demo!
  60. Multiplayer level ideas???
  61. Questions and Answers
  62. PLEASE can i have a token?
  63. Weapons Locator
  64. Host migration?
  65. Play the devs! - part deux
  66. To developers: System link in Story Mode
  67. Super speed?
  68. PLEASE Fix The Netcoding
  69. Glitch out of Financial anywhere
  70. Favorite guns in demo?
  71. Exclusive Demo Coming to an End
  72. Character Model Damage??
  73. Arcade Mode
  74. Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days Demo On PSN July 27
  75. Demo multiplayer works
  76. Demo on EU-PSN 1 week early then US!
  77. Kane and lynch pc demo?
  78. Demo UP! (PSN Europe)
  79. Demo Publique [PC]
  80. Criticism
  81. Multiplayer works
  82. How Old Is The Demo Build?
  83. Problem with PS3 Demo
  84. Some questions ...
  85. LIKE: Art Direction, Weapons, Pace | WANTING: Team Deathmatch
  86. Your LoL Moment In The Demo (Online)
  87. demo date confirmed...maybe?
  88. M.p problems!
  89. Demo 26 july
  90. Where's the demo?
  91. PC Demo, where to get it from?
  92. My thoughts on the PC demo
  93. PC Gameplay
  94. [PC Demo] How to mute people in MP? Or all microphone noise?
  95. No arcade mode?
  96. Configure you microphone settings in Steam NOW!
  97. Type of game?
  98. PC Demo - Unplayable
  99. Got past boundaries
  100. Has anyone managed to actually get into a M.P. game on the PC Demo?
  101. Game with developers
  102. Shall we report bugs?
  103. Please add surround / eyefinity support to the game
  104. Feedback for the devs
  105. K&L2 Demo crashing work around
  106. Demo?
  107. Demo Video Review
  108. x Rank 1 x Mastermind x
  109. Schwinn's Weapon Loadout.
  110. Tips from your friendly neighbourhood TRAITOR.
  111. How to turn the camera shaking off
  112. The Blur
  113. Any chance of IOI patching the DEMO?
  114. Kane and lynch multiplayer
  115. Compressed textures in the K&L demo
  116. Should Traitor's be allowed in the Van with non'Traitors?
  117. Kane and Lynch 2: Not working - Could be an epic new name.
  118. Screen tearing in PS3 Demo
  119. Demo crashing on 64bit system at multiple points (not MP)
  120. Eidos have got it wrong
  121. wow
  122. A cut-loose option in fragile alliance?
  123. anyone know?
  124. Demo Freezing
  125. Why can you not play with friends on the XBL demo.
  126. Best Weapon?
  127. Free Rank 1,2 & 3 Guns.
  128. Some things I think need to be addressed.
  129. Lots of people are having touble with the P.C. demo. I MAY have a fix.
  130. PC Demo - Crosshair/Camera Problems?
  131. New Game Modes to play in the Demo.
  132. They Made Him Do It.
  133. A pair of issues
  134. multiplayer=horrible sorry to say.
  135. Characters rule, Liam especially XD
  136. Pervading Corpses
  137. Arcade mode working in PC demo!
  138. Censored Demo for Germany?
  139. ps3 english voices with choice of subtitles please?
  140. Host closed the game session.
  141. Multiplayer 2 Demo is a madhouse (PC)
  142. Is it me or what?
  143. Crazy demo glitches
  144. Split Screen
  145. PC Version: Will these problems be addressed before release?
  146. Blood decals fade from a distance in the demo
  147. How do you get the KL Viper?
  148. Old Guys from K&L2 Vs. Alan Wake.
  149. Importing Skins to Fragile Alliance (Not Really)
  150. no SIG SG 552 in-game
  151. Game runs great, but crashes in multiplayer (PC)
  152. PS3 sound problems?
  153. So I'm now convinced...
  154. I will only buy this game IF
  155. A few laggy issues
  156. [Bug] UI/Graphics Lag UPDATE
  157. PC:sound problem in multiplayer demo
  158. Game breaker: no mute button
  159. honey I'm home...