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  1. Whoa, We've Passed (Hopefully) the Halfway Waiting Mark!
  2. Episode 4... I Need You Now
  3. Episode 4 trailer :(
  4. Life is Strange Episode 4 release times
  5. Life Is Strange Episode 4 - Download Now
  6. Episode 4 General thoughts (Spoilers, duh!)
  7. Are they? *SPOILERS*
  8. Guilty or not? [spoilers]
  9. Episode 4 Theories [SPOILERS]
  10. First Reaction
  11. **SPOILERS** Alternate Max in the Dark Room??!!
  12. ┬┐What does that mean? [SPOILER]
  13. So I was wrong (End game spoilers)
  14. Questions.... Too many! (Spoilers)
  15. [Spoiler] Those coordinates!
  16. **SPOILERS** Can it be??
  17. Theory about Eipsode5 and the strange things.
  18. Mr Jefferson's Spirit Animal (SPOILERS)
  19. Nathan listens to Whale sounds? Knows a Storm is Coming? (MAJOR SPOILERS!)
  20. Did Dontnod go too far?! [SPOILERS]
  21. Problems with disabled Chloe.
  22. Is Frank responsible for Rachel's Death ?
  23. Episode 4 Review(Spoilers)
  24. Music in the game... Do you like it? What do you want to hear?
  25. Crazy Episode 4 Theory!
  26. Preview for Ep. 5
  27. Is there something i missed? (spoilers)
  28. Time travel theory
  29. Harry Allen Prescott
  30. Calm down, there's a selfie! SPOILERS
  31. Inconsistencies in episode 4 *spoilers*
  32. Kate Visit
  33. The Doe
  34. Friendly reminders about Nathan Prescott (SPOILERS)
  35. Warren does more than we think? (SPOILERS!)
  36. Max goes all the way back! (SPOILERS)
  37. Chloe`s fate (spoilers)
  38. [Spoiler Alert]
  39. Chloe. Not a head shot
  40. Unimportant gun question (spoiler)
  41. What is he Purpose of All this? SPOILERS
  42. No connection
  43. Jacket in the dark room
  44. The Nathan is dead theory. For and against.
  45. Jefferson is a hero theory *spoilers*
  46. Mr. Jefferson Theory
  47. Chloe theory (spoilers)
  48. What do you think about SAMUEL?
  49. Questions About the Doe *SPOILERS*
  50. Clothes in Junkyard..
  51. How Ep4 ended (spoilers!)
  52. The Hotdog
  54. Questions and theories.... (spoilers!)
  55. Some issues with Episode 4
  56. Alternate Chloe is lying about car crash *spoilers*
  57. The two moons
  58. The Forgotten Selfie -- and it's NOT Warren's
  59. Only half a beer.
  60. Is Kate lying? *spoilers*
  61. My theory about it all (includes spoilers of ep 1-4!)
  62. Overlooked foreshadowing?
  63. How will Max save Arcadia Bay in Episode 5?
  64. Fanfiction of Episode 4
  65. Some ideas for the next episode.
  66. No more powers?
  67. The "Not" Theory, and how it may shake out.
  68. Max is Dead? (Pseudo Theory) *Spoilers*
  69. David was following Mr.Jefferson *SPOILERS*
  70. We can only hope (Spoilers)
  71. The Metamorphosis of Chloe Price
  72. Life is Strange - Pirate AU
  73. Tornado Justice Theory
  74. Nathans Other Side
  75. Nathan is a time traveler
  76. The door to Nathan's dorm room
  77. Nightingale
  78. "Rachel IS here", "You're all gonna die"
  79. Dr Who Reference
  80. the red binders and Is Rachel really dead?
  81. Max is Rachel (maybe even Chloe)
  82. Max second vision Chloe put her hand on Max shoulder
  83. STELLA! *spoilers
  84. Will Max be Saved in the Dark Room of be left to Save herself?
  85. Indulge my curiosity. :)
  86. (SPOILERS FOR EP 1-4) Straw Poll voting.
  87. Nathan's Room Bug
  88. Does Mr Jefferson REALLY rape his victims!?
  89. Nathan's license plate at vortex club party
  90. Mr Jefferson vs Diane Arbus
  91. Spoiler Minor Choice Question
  92. Principal Wells and the Handicapp fund fraud?
  93. How do I fix this broken game?
  94. Open Seame lol