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  1. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light press release
  2. First topic!
  3. Are you excited about Lara croft and the Guardian of light?
  4. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light? Whats that all about??? ;)
  5. Origins: Guardian of Light (?)
  6. How Lara would advertise
  7. All we get is a name ?
  8. First screenshots... heads up!
  9. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light: First Look
  10. Whats with all the hate to CD and the new game?
  11. Who's voicing lara croft this time round?
  12. I think people are going a wee bit insane.
  13. Mysterious Circles at Lara's feet, are they a clue to GoL's gameplay??
  14. Lara Croft And The Guardian of light
  15. Guardian of Light will be very quickly forgotten.
  16. Latest Round of "First Looks"
  17. 3 Newest Previews (March 12)
  18. Friday Goodness! 2 New Community Exclusive Screens (March 12th)
  19. Will we see a trailer? will the devs answer?
  20. any ideas on what the story line will be about
  21. Are you upset that the title isn't "Tomb Raider" ?
  22. Will LCATGOL be available on the Mac?
  23. GOL's Gameplay?
  24. Interview with Karl Stewart on GOL
  25. COMPETITION TIME! Art of Tomb Raider book up for grabs.
  26. Guardian of Light is newsletter ?
  27. Will You Be Getting LCGoL?
  28. Just a suggestions for the Devs.
  29. hmmm...........
  30. A few technical questions about GoL...
  31. Laura croft??? It's l a r a croft!!!!
  32. **APRIL FOOLS' JOKE** Breaking news! Laura goes back to her roots!
  33. Getting the game???
  34. New Lara statue on the way!
  35. Competition time!
  36. Is this how Tomb Raider is going to be like?
  37. Is there a model promoting the game?
  38. Can u guess the system requirements for this game?
  39. Lara Merchandise
  40. Awesome GOL comics, MUST SEE!!
  41. GOL Model
  42. GOL spells the end for Lara?
  43. STUNNING New GOL Photo - WOW
  44. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light key art. OMG.
  45. Official Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Media Thread
  46. New GOL Screenies!
  47. LR GOL like POP4
  48. i don't like the camera angle
  49. Lara is my COUGAR!!
  50. Release date
  51. Can't Afford TR Art Book? Here's some relief
  52. New screenshots!
  53. Trailer coming this Friday!
  54. WILL BE AVAILABLE The Guardian of Light FOR MAC OSX?
  55. 3 Words: TOMB RAIDER LEGOS!!!
  56. Preview Trailer
  57. New Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light artwork released!!
  58. Controls?
  59. Lara Croft And The New Addictive Game
  60. New LCatGoL Interview
  61. A few more GOL interviews
  62. Is this gonna be on xbox 360
  63. Lara Croft GOL (leaked?) trailer!!
  64. GOL at E3
  65. Kurtis back? For real?
  66. T is for...
  67. LCGOL Demo?
  68. GOL Hands on Preview
  69. New Screenshot!
  70. Character Suggestion
  71. In-game soundtrack
  72. Horse-back mode
  73. Ideas for new envirenments
  74. New GOL Screen - Chompy!
  75. IGN posts new juicy video footage of GOL!!! O_O
  76. Qore Episode feeds us hungry fans even more delicious video footage!!
  77. Release date revealed?!
  78. Guardian of Light 3D support?
  79. First hands on experience
  80. Live Interview from E3 with Karl Stewart
  81. GOL and Origins not the same thing?
  82. They needed to release a trailer for TR9 with this at E3
  83. Level editor, SDK and mod support?
  84. Cross-Plaform play... what if?
  85. Millions of interviews and three nominations at E3!
  86. LCGoL named 'E3 Standout' by joystiq.com
  87. Retro Gamer is "Loving Lara" and there's also a new LCGoL interview!
  88. laracroftandtheguardianoflight.com
  89. Keir and Melonie play LCGoL!!
  90. Estimated release dates for 360 and PC
  91. Fanart (covers and posters) for GOL! Post yours!
  92. New Tomb Raider due by holiday 2011?
  93. Lara Croft Ranks on the Greatest Video Game Character List
  94. GOL nominated for the best downloadable game!
  95. Achievements and trophies?
  96. is this an official game?
  97. New Perspective, Game Number in Order, Historical Background and Continuing of Story
  98. Release date revealed!! (this time for real ;-)
  99. DLC´s for GoL?
  100. Calling all SF/Bay Area/NorCal Lara fans
  101. Q&A with Kam Yu - Senior Artist
  102. Podcast questions - we like them
  103. Win a Lara Croft Tonner Doll or Download of LCGOL!
  104. A Luddites view
  105. New interview and TRAILERRRRRRRR
  106. Congratulations Eidos / CD!
  107. What platform are you playing LCGoL on?
  108. Eidos set such a good example, let's do as they do :)
  109. You're disappointed with LCGOL ?
  110. New Gameplay Footage
  111. LCGoL LIVE avatar coolness
  112. Podcast 1 - "Wait... WHAT?!" The History and Concept of LCGoL
  113. Join GOL Canada Steam Group
  114. Podcast 2 - Audio
  115. Q&A with Kam Yu - Senior Artist. Part one: Lara
  116. what could be better than a free copy of GOL?
  117. Chompy Goodness and Competition!
  118. 3D Model of LaraCroft & The Guardian Of Light
  119. Q&A with Kam Yu - Senior Artist. Part Two
  120. LCGoL Podcast 2 - Audio
  121. Lara Croft On The Spot!
  122. PC and PS3 Release Dates
  123. So the 360 version of GoL is going to be released unfinished?
  124. No Online Play At Launch because of XBLA?
  125. LCGoL Community Days - This Friday and Monday
  126. LCGoL scores 88% in GamesMaster
  127. Friday Goodness - LCGoL Render 2
  128. Official GOL Wallpaper Pack
  129. Tomb Raider Haiku Competition - Win a LCGOL Download
  130. Podcast 3 - LCGOL Creative Direction and Level Design
  131. LCGoL Arcade Cabinet Anyone?
  132. LCGoL review scores
  133. Disapointed........? New Ideas?
  134. Poem Peaples!!!!! LOOK HERE!!!
  135. First DLC pack free for XBOX users
  136. Lara's outfits!
  137. When will the game become available for download? (Time)
  138. Question for mods/admins
  139. SPOILER-LITTERED first impressions and discussion thread!!
  140. Spoilers! Beware!
  141. Can you sign in with 2 gamer tags & do coop
  142. Lara croft and the gardian of light now up for d/l on xbox 360
  143. Online Co-Op Added Back In...Hmmm???
  144. The Xbox Controller. Very disappointed!
  145. Skipping for a few secs at every auto-save points.
  146. Please fix the co-op score challenges
  147. Fiery depths level
  148. Loading screens
  149. Question
  150. Leaderboards
  151. Gifting Xbox Games?
  152. Contacting Square Enix
  153. Is this game glitched
  154. X-Play's review...if you can call it that
  155. LCGoL review at GameTrailers.com
  156. Q on LCGOL
  157. soooooo ... any news abt the upcoming tomb raider ?
  158. Podcast 3 - Creative Direction and Level Design
  159. Sketches from Lead Designer Jeff Wajcs' notebook *SPOILERS*
  160. The 'Podcast 3 Competition'
  161. multiplayer question.
  162. Croft Manor/"Stately Home" in Guardian of Light?
  163. Thoughts about the Game (SPOILERS)
  164. Co-op or Single player?
  165. New Arcade Game Ideas?
  166. DLC Character Packs
  167. What platforms? Dates?
  168. How are Sales going then?
  169. Demo of LCGoL available on GameSpot for PC and PS3!
  170. LCGOL PSN version's price? :D
  171. still not ready
  172. My saves are gone!
  173. Lcgol is out in psn and stream!
  174. SDK or tpp fix
  175. LCGOL on Gamespot's Most Popular list!
  176. PS3 Version - Control Issue
  177. the game will have trophies for ps3?
  178. Bug reporting
  179. code for PS3!
  180. Win GOL at 6pm EST Today!
  181. Want to confirm PC Co-op
  182. Where's the Beef?
  183. hello..where is guardian of light?
  184. LCGoL - Steam Update
  185. PS3 UK Version??
  186. anyone can purchase the full game on PSN now?
  187. Trophy Problem not install
  188. How to & how not to launch a game by Eidos
  189. Xbox360 first DLC Pack
  190. Xolotl's Stronghold Walkthrough
  191. Where can I purchase GL in Australia
  192. Where is my lara croft download?
  193. Well Eidos I hope it was worth it
  194. Lara Croft PS3 Controller Support for PC
  195. Game Crashes on PS3 :(
  196. PC Generic Joystick Problem
  197. Help Firey depths - 3 skeletons
  198. Angry at the bugs! :-(
  199. Would love to see this game released on the PSP
  200. THIS GAME IS AWESOME! Fantastic work! Thank you!
  201. ALL Tomb Raider series on Steam for one low price
  202. What if they became Isometric?
  203. EIDOS---Here it is...9 days later
  204. Let the Screenshots Begin! First Batch Ready
  205. Lare and guardian
  206. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light in TPP
  207. Game Completion Stats (How Long?)
  208. A Fresh Start?
  209. Did you enjoy the game?
  210. LCGOL Ranked #14 on IGN's Top 25 XBOX Live Arcade Games of All Time
  211. Does GOL support PS3 Move controller?
  212. Skipping cutscenes?
  213. About LC:GOL L01 Temple of Light-I found Hidden Zone Missions! Is that Debug?
  214. An easy way 2 get the GOL trophys.
  215. Well?
  216. Online co-op update - 360
  218. GOL in FPS view would kinda look like this...
  219. All the Trappings Challenge Pack 1 (DLC #1) - Walkthrough Video V1
  220. Delete save files
  221. 【Warning! Careful Enter】LC:GoL Level 14 has hidden level, The huge multi storey area!
  222. Gave co-op DLC 1 star out of 5
  223. User Rating For LCGOL..(for those who finished it)
  224. Do you think that Multiplayer mode is a good idea?
  225. i think they should make a ...
  226. it would be hot...in my opinion
  227. beside the movie...
  228. PS3 Customer Still Waiting for that co-op... - Out Now -
  229. Feel totally ripped-off by the free DLC
  230. PS Home content?
  231. Next DLC Please :-)
  232. Online patch available for PS3!
  233. No DLC for PC?
  234. PSN getting free DLC?
  235. Online co-op update for PC now live on Steam
  236. Can't buy LCatGOL as a gift
  237. PC co-op issues.
  238. Let's play together!
  239. Today Only: Steam Sale on LCGoL
  240. Problems with Logitech Wingman Rumblepad controller on PC
  241. PSN DLC Trophies?
  242. Which character pack would you like to see first?!
  243. DLC for Steam has finally been released!
  244. Trouble starting online coop
  245. PC Controls.
  246. Buy LCGoL For £4.99 (Today Only)
  247. Where is "Things that go boom" pack for Xbox360?
  248. How about PSP?
  249. LCGoL for iPhone!
  250. DLC Information Thread: availability, pricings and more