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  9. A simple question: LAN?
  10. Fear Effect Pack for LCGOL
  11. Horribly long loading times/ game pauses a lot (1min.+)
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  13. Guardian of Light Facebook Fan Page
  14. Challenge Pack #2 DLC GOL - Not on LIVE
  15. LF a PC COOP partner preferably on Steam
  16. lara croft tgol demo pc steam account
  17. how can u download
  18. Raziel and Kain trailer: where to download?
  19. Request for patch to unlock save file on PSN version
  20. How do you play the DLC?
  21. LCGOL L06 Toxic Swap had many freak zone should be found!(Pics+Edits)
  22. my comp really cant support lcgol?
  23. no one plays co op?
  24. Multiplayer - Create game doesnt work
  25. Anyone Know Where I can Get the Guardian Of Light?
  26. Can We Expect A Sequel?
  27. Are the Legacy of Kain lines new recordings...?
  28. Stuttering Cutscenes and No In-Game Audio
  29. Game stop working
  30. Xbox deleted my save file!?
  31. PC Co-op Issues
  32. GoL needs to be Xbox One backward compatible
  33. I Like This Game (http://gameserialkeygenerator.blogspot.com/)