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  32. Help
  33. 64 bit windows 7
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  37. How to Screenshot?
  38. using the hat (Wii)
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  44. Tech Problem
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  46. PC USERS - Read This Thread BEFORE Posting Support!
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  55. PC Lag
  56. ATI Radeon 4800 series issue.
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  58. Embrace the abyss
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  60. Black Screen
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  68. Isn't in french
  69. USB Keyboard locking up
  70. Hard little Ninja does not work!!!
  71. stuck on DS version at living tower ch.6!
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  78. Installing problem.
  79. no sound on pc please help
  80. how to contact mini ninja ppl?
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  99. Lagged...
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  101. fail to load on part:55 Living Castle .. Help pls T_T
  102. no sound & no color
  103. no sound & no color
  104. possible fix to sound loop problem
  105. Game won't start T_T
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  108. mini ninjas problem
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  116. Pirate World has great graphics