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  1. Batman: Arkham Asylum Fan Art
  2. Batman vs Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
  3. Harley and Ivy
  4. History of Batmobile
  5. Comic Comedy!
  6. Why in Hell IS Batman Blue
  7. Return of Bruce Wayne
  8. The Introduction Thread
  9. Passing the Time: In the Garden of Eden
  10. Bane vs. Killer Croc, Who will win ?
  11. Fan Films
  12. The Batman Beyond Picture thread!
  13. Create your own Batman villain
  14. Darkest Dawn Comics *NEW STUFF*
  15. ***Your ideal cast for Batman 3?***
  16. Your Dream MK vs. DC DLC?
  17. Songs that fit Batman
  18. Can somebody help me...
  19. Any new Forum sections soon?
  20. Create your own Batman villain
  21. Which graphic novel is better
  22. Forum Legends
  23. bat-family questions
  24. *** NEW Darkest Dawn Comics Website - GALLERY AND FORUMS ADDED ***
  25. What do you nerd out for besides batman?
  26. Batman vs. Superman
  27. Your favorite video game of all time besides this of course
  28. Almost upon us.
  29. Farewell
  30. looking for people to chat with on xbox live
  31. who isnt leaving like me
  32. so long people its been fun
  33. The OFFICIAL 'goodbye' thread
  34. Hi,I'm A Marvel, And I'm Batman
  35. hello guys
  36. How many people..
  37. WTFG? Megan Fox as CATWOMAN???
  38. Voice acting tips
  39. Batman Arkham City Wallpapers (fan made)
  40. A cool Smart Car!
  41. who else thinks
  42. Save Corrupted
  43. I'm rereading No Man's Land. It's a truly fantastic story (spoilers)
  44. Batman Arkham Asylum 2 ?
  45. New Batty&Me Episode
  46. Xbox 360 Repair
  47. Boy or Girl
  48. Does B:AA support a patch update for the PlayStation 3?
  49. I was finally able to read All Star Batman and Robin Issues 1-9
  50. Survival Room
  51. Batman and Robin Mr Freeze Pog
  52. idea for school play
  53. Off-topic: Xbox 360 Repair
  54. '60's Batman Series on DVD
  55. 360 Controller Question
  56. Favoute Batman TAS/DCAU episodes?
  57. Bale voted Best Batman
  58. A revelation about Robin
  59. George Newbern or Tim Daly?
  60. New ps3...slim?
  61. Ideal Superman Game (now that the platform has been established)
  62. Xbox or PS3?
  63. okay...yen press.
  64. Keaton vs Kilmer vs Clooney vs Bale...literally!
  65. Batman's Aesthetic Choices
  66. My soundtrack to Knightfall (kind of off topic)
  67. killing joke
  68. Age ratings- do they need to be as strict?
  69. Any graphic novels you guys can recommend?
  70. all achievements/trophy 100% club
  71. The Batman animated series
  72. Batman voted Brtitains favourite superhero EVER!!
  73. Actors to play batman
  74. Hey, I'm new to the site and have a question
  75. The Dark Knight Returns Movie
  76. Top Ten Comic book superheros
  77. My Fan Fic!
  78. Fan-fic (Kain9998's)
  79. Comments on book.
  80. Cool Batman Website!!
  81. Knightfall
  82. The Creeper: The Underdog (Fan Fiction)
  83. If Rorschach was given his own game with this style...
  84. What time do you think Batman is set in?
  85. Backgrounds/Layouts
  86. Big DCUO news!
  87. Batman:Legacy
  88. Anybody see the "Batman 3" poster?
  89. Congrats to everyone's favourite artist! Jim Lee!
  90. Working Class Hero
  91. Batman: Gotham City (Fan-Fic Sequel by CapedCrusader1495)
  92. Rocksteady got the license right?
  93. My Old Batman Fan Fic
  94. jedi knight
  95. Go see District 9!
  96. fan fic?heres mine i guess
  97. Disney to Buy Marvel comics/studio
  98. Its always sunny in philadelphia
  99. Cant believe Batman is currently KIA!
  100. Batman:Legacy comments thread
  101. Fan Fiction Thread links
  102. Warner Bros. Creates DC Entertainment!
  103. Batman Digital Comic Collection
  104. The Next Batman Game Should Include. . .
  105. Batman Beyond returns!
  106. Fun Scenario: You wake up and you have the strength of Superman and can fly
  107. Batman Arkham Asylum 2 and future games
  108. Demo trailer music
  109. GREAT JOB on this awesome Dark Knight game... can you try Superman, now?
  110. Warning: New President of DC Comics
  111. The Laughing Bat
  112. a lonely place of dying!!
  113. My Batman actors for the dark knight returns movie
  114. The First Clue!Warning:Spoiler Thread do not read if you've yet to read Red Robin #4
  115. Dreams
  116. Where's my Graphic Novel?
  117. motivation
  118. Batman Artwork
  119. Whatever happend to the caped crusader?
  120. Who on here is a member of khinsider.com ?
  121. Old comic series recomendatons
  122. Aaron Eckhart wants Nolan to revive Two-Face
  123. Fun
  124. Arkham Asylum: Living Hell?
  125. Comics Clayface
  126. Our New Forums!
  127. Is this Weird, Good or Funny?
  128. Is anyone a fan of Y-The Last man?
  129. Awsomely funny Dark Knight Spoof
  130. Batman Vs. Master Chief
  131. i want hush in batman 3!
  132. New DC Animated movie!!!!!!!
  133. Possible GOTY award for Batman Arkham Asylum?
  134. Michael Caine: Batman 3 has no script, Johnny Depp unlikely
  135. Rocksteady's Secret Title Speculation
  136. Batman: Brave and Bold season 2
  137. art???
  138. For all you Watchmen fans
  139. Would this guy make a good Ventriloquist?
  140. Superman: Secret Origin DISCUSSION TOPIC
  141. What happened to the death sentence?
  142. which batman do you prefer the non killing batman or the batman from th dark knight r
  143. The Lion & The Unicorn
  144. joker's official psn theme
  145. Who else thinks Crispin Glover should play a Batman Villain?
  146. Joker's back!
  147. The greatest fan film of all time
  148. Question on Victor Zsasz
  149. Looking for a trade paperback copy of "Arkham Asylum: Living Hell".
  150. Anyone els see the new "Smallville"?
  151. I was just curious...
  152. Scarecrow Scene 3 question..
  153. Hot Toys Joker
  154. Reccomendations
  155. Happy Birthday To Mark Hamill
  156. How would I go about...
  157. Holy Crap!Watchmen Sackboys are coming to LBP!
  158. Who's gonna watch Batman/Superman tomorrow?
  159. I just purchased Batman: Gothic and Batman and Dracula: Red Rain.
  160. Rate and Review: Superman|Batman: Public Enemies!
  161. Decompress.
  162. ATI + WIN7 = nVIDIA Ends PhysX with new drivers
  163. OFFICIAL Watchmen Costumes in LBP!
  164. I guess some things are too good to ask for.
  165. I Miss The Anticipation
  166. What does it mean when superman has red eyes?
  167. Joker ringtones?
  168. Did anyone really like the Knightfall saga?
  169. Interview with Kevin Conroy done just yesterday
  170. TDK/Heath Ledger fanboys call for The Joker to be retired
  171. How do you...
  172. I had this idea...
  173. Batman LBP Costumes...
  174. Anyone heard of 'DC Universe Online' video game for PC and PS3 ?
  175. What issue was this?
  176. Now that the Green Lantern's release date has been released...
  177. batman no mans land novel meh
  178. How Hamill got the Job
  179. Batman : detective or mad love
  181. How awesome was "Batman TAS"
  182. Superman/batman comic run
  183. DC & Marvel Comics!
  184. Scarecrow's... lookalike?
  185. FLASH: the videogame
  186. Who would you be?
  187. Batman in Marvel Universe
  188. Awesome batman (burton) tribute.
  189. Identity Crisis
  190. Superman and Robin?
  191. Cant Touch this
  192. Inside the asylum
  193. Flaw in story
  194. which batman do you prefer dark or goody goody superman type
  195. If they make a new Batman live action TV seris
  196. We know the truth.
  197. Excellent impersonation of three different versions of Joker!
  198. Suicide?
  199. Which city is Gotham based on?
  200. Dream Casting for a Batman movie
  201. Which villains do you think should or will be in the next Batman movie?
  202. Your favorite characterization of batman in a novel
  203. My Batman television show
  204. Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe the Movie!
  205. Awesome article on the constant revamping of classic characters, focusing on Aquaman
  206. Anyone else seen this guy?
  207. Villain Casting for Batman 3 *Hard Mode*
  208. Looking for Volumes 2-5 of No Mans Land
  209. I could really use your help guys ...
  210. If you like BatmanAA, you'll love _________
  211. The Official Graphic Novel/Comic Review Thread
  212. My perfect Riddler for a possible Batman 3.
  213. Who thinks Rocksteady should make a Cartoon series?
  214. Batman Voice acting cantidates
  215. Batman Movie Suites
  216. Superman/Batman sequel is coming!!!
  217. Batman or Superman
  218. WTF Dude?
  219. How were you introduced to batman?
  220. poison ivy fan thread
  221. Who watches The Big Bang Theory?
  222. Very Pleased
  223. DC halloween costume
  224. Cillian Murphy Keeping Fingers Crossed For 'Dark Knight' Sequel
  225. Who's excited for The First Wave?
  226. Your top 10 most wanted DCU Animated Movies
  227. What will happen to NIGHTWING?
  228. Bruce Wanyes Death(improsoment in parrel universe) thoughts
  229. Fav member of the Batfamily OTHER than Batman
  230. Going to the comic book store!
  231. WHAT!!! Brad Pitt as Nightwing!!!!!
  232. Batman #692+ looks AMAZING!
  233. demon's souls
  234. Who are all the fan fiction writers here?
  235. Well...
  236. What would your batman suite look like
  237. Ace site
  238. Jason Vs Zsasz
  239. Halloween
  240. Harvey and Ivy
  241. Battle of the Anti-Batmen
  242. Woah...
  243. Easily the sweetest Harvey Dent costume I've ever seen.
  244. Titan Ivy Bug
  245. Anyone here ever read any of Frank Miller's "Sin City" stories?
  246. Batdog lol
  247. recommendation thread
  248. the brave & the bold - Chill of the Night!
  249. Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
  250. Michael Cane: "But I don't know if they are ever going to make another Batman..."