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  1. Blue Beetle test images
  2. DC 75th Anniversary:NEW TDK FOOTAGE RELEASED!!!!!!
  3. Fanfilm "Batman: City of Scars" Release tonight at Midnight
  4. All Star Batman & Robin discussion thread
  5. Batman - Orphan Knight
  6. All Star Batman and Robin Praise Thread
  7. Red Hood in sequel?
  8. All-Star Superman Discussion Thread
  9. Justice league movie
  10. i hate penguin
  11. DC launches digital publishing.
  12. Just got my Copy of...
  13. Gotham Central
  14. How would Batman Deal with a Zombie Apocoplypse?
  15. Real Life Batman
  16. Arkham Aslylum Compared to Lego Batman
  17. If Harley is in Batman 3, should she have the scars?
  18. Green Lantern: Emerald Knights is DC's upcoming animated movie
  19. Robin Williams wants to be the Riddler in Batman 3
  20. Catwoman has been on the loose
  21. Batman 3 script done and other news
  22. final crisis/return of bruce wayne question
  23. batman the animated series
  24. Your top 10 B:TAS episodes
  25. Why does a man who dresses up as a bat seem so awsome?
  26. Triumph of the Music Meister!
  27. The Wizard
  28. Let's name the flaws in Batman and Robin
  29. Superman/Shazam:The Return of Black Adam
  30. Monopoly - Batman
  31. Will Kevin return to live-action films?
  32. My Batman movie script
  33. Comic: Bruce Wayne The Road Home
  34. Game based on the Batman 60's series... Good idea or not
  35. The future for Batman?
  36. Anarky for Batman 3?
  37. First pics of Green Lantern!!!
  38. Riddler Forum Game
  39. PATIENT INTERVIEWS (created by me)
  40. Your dream Batman fan film?
  41. Batman vs Predator
  42. I know who BATMAN is!
  43. The Best Cosplay Harley Ever.
  44. Actors considered for the role of batman/bruce wayne in the movies
  45. Michael Caine claims Batman 3 filming starts in April
  46. Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy voicing Joker and Batman in DCUO
  47. Sign Up for DC Universe Online NOW!!!
  48. gente eu sou quase o melhor jogador de batman arkhan asylum
  49. Robin... Would he or would ne not work in Nolanverse?
  50. Green Lantern Game
  51. Jon Hamm Would make a good Superman
  52. NEW HD Villains Wallpaper!
  53. Aaron Eckhart wants to reprise his role as Two-Face
  54. The End of Batman The Brave and the Bold :( But a possible new Batman series :)
  55. What did you guys think of Mystery of The Batwoman?
  56. Is Batman's moral code correct?
  57. Favourite Batman TV series
  58. New DC Universe Online Trailer!!
  59. Batman and British Comedy, never the twain shall meet... or did they?
  60. All Star Superman - Animated Movie
  61. Future Animated DC Animated Movies
  62. Batman and Red Hood Fandub
  63. Batman Arkham Asylum Concept Wallpaper
  64. Arkham Asylum Center fansite
  65. All Star Batman Animated Movie?
  66. Rate & Review: Batman UTRH & Jonah Hex!
  67. Ventriloquist
  68. Actors for Batman/Bruce Wayne role.
  69. Any of a Long Halloween animated movie?
  70. Two Face- BTAS
  71. Voice Compare: Who's your favourite?
  72. Batman in my novel
  73. Fan Film Batman Ashes To Ashes
  74. If you had venom,who would you want to punch?
  75. Bat-Family
  76. Have you ever made up your own superhero/comic book character?
  77. Sick Arkham Asylum Shirt
  78. Actors that would make a good Bruce Wayne/Batman and why
  79. B:AA reimagined as an 8 bit game
  80. Who's your most hated and favourite Super hero and why?
  81. Just read Batman Beyond #1...
  82. Batman Inc
  83. Creative Interpretation VS Faithful Adaptation?
  84. I'd settle for a Smallville game rather than a Superman game
  85. Red Hood Comics
  86. DC Direct Batman: Under the Red Hood Discussion.
  87. Hi, guys!
  88. No UK DCAU releases since WW?
  89. Batman:Arkham City Great Fansite
  90. Batman Arkham City: User Riddles
  91. Batman Gotham knight
  92. My new fanfic: Batman: Scarred Psyche!
  93. Frank Miller's Batman Discussion Thread
  94. B:AC (to pass the time) -spoilers-
  95. Your 'The Dark Knight Returns' Dream Cast
  96. Birds Of Prey TV Series
  97. What's In Batman's Belt?
  98. Last Graphic Novel/ Comic you bought?
  99. Batman Vs Killer Croc & Scarecrow
  100. Bud and Lou
  101. Life imitating comics?
  102. Anyone else not a fan of 'Under the (Red) Hood'?
  103. Your Batman Beyond Dream Cast
  104. Spiderman: Revolved (The complete Sequal to Batman: Revolved)
  105. Sorry guys but i am truly the BIGGEST Batman fan in existence
  106. Batman Villains: A-Z
  107. When does Batman sleep?
  108. What are you anticipating more, Arkham City Or Nolans 3rd Bat film?
  109. So...
  110. Too many Batmen
  111. Batman set to appear in Scooby Doo again
  112. Batman Crossovers
  113. all NIGHTWING fans MUST READ THIS! it's an OUTRAGE!
  114. Riddle me this...
  115. Mark
  116. Im hoping for more of This type of music in Arkham City soundtrack :
  117. New All Star Batman thread! :D
  118. Arkham-movie
  119. Batman vs Kratos
  120. what are the best lesser known comics?
  121. An idea that should of been considered for TDK sequel
  122. Wasn't there supposed to be an Arkham Asylum animated movie?
  123. Batman UTRH changed my mind
  124. Fan film suggestions?
  125. How old are you Batfanatics?
  126. Superman: Chaos In Metropolis?
  127. Crocodile tears killer croc fan-fic
  128. ArkhamCity fan site
  129. The Joker vs Alma (Gamspot Villians contest)
  130. Crocodile tears killer-croc fan fic 2
  131. Joker: The Graphic Novel
  132. How Would You Feel About A Batman Roleplay Board?
  133. Should the Joker and Quinn...
  134. So who here liked Batman TAS AND Batman Beyond?
  135. Mr. J's Death Discussion
  136. who's team are you on
  137. "I'm Batman" Who Says it Best?
  138. Best Batmobile EVER!!!
  139. Birthday thread
  140. Batman facts
  141. Batman riddles
  142. MK VS DC Shao Kahn needs your Vote for best villan
  143. Batman: Arkham Asylum forum avatars
  144. Vote for joker!!! Contest
  145. Wheresbrucewayne.com Possibly For Nolan's Batman 3
  146. Joseph Gordon-Levitt interested in the Riddler role
  147. The Boys (Garth Ennis)
  148. Vote!
  149. BOTTOM 10: Batman's stupidest villains
  150. All Things Riddler
  152. Epic Art Contest
  153. Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely to do Watchmen reboot/tribute
  154. Eminem is interested in the Riddler role
  155. Here's what I really don't like...
  156. Fallout: Gotham City
  157. Could the Dark Knight really exist?
  158. For those UK folk still desperate to see UNDER THE HOOD
  159. Comics showing black mask
  160. All-Star Superman
  161. Superman searches for Director
  162. Batman fans atheist?
  163. SO sorry about being lazy about my writing.
  164. Blocked by Darksydephil?
  165. Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters
  166. Finally Nolan confirms directing Batman 3
  167. MR. Freeze in Arkham City
  168. Gotham City Sirens
  169. Check out www.Batman-News.com
  170. Assassin's Creed: The Fall (Off-Topic)
  171. Zack Snyder to direct Nolan-produced Superman
  172. Which Superman graphic novels should I start with?
  173. Suggestions for New Teen Titans graphic novels?
  174. Mugen
  175. New Screens For B: AC
  176. Batman: Europa
  177. Could Killer Croc be the villain of Batman 3?
  178. Tell me your dreams, Batman related
  179. Big Batman 3 idea I had, and am working on
  180. Could Batman 3 Not Have a Main Villain?
  181. Deadline: Tom Hardy cast "in leading role" for Batman 3
  182. Help with The Return Of Bruce Wayne and Bruce Wayne The Road Home
  183. Joker Patient Interview
  184. Batman: Light in Darkness
  185. I...I hate Superman outside of Smallville...but...
  186. Nolan Seeks Female Lead For Batman 3
  187. Batman 3 Officially Named "The Dark Knight Rises"
  188. help with joker challenge?
  189. Hans Zimmer Composing The Dark Knight Rising & Possibly Man of Steel
  190. Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics Trailer.
  191. My version of Scarecrow
  192. What comics/movies have you always wanted to see happen?
  193. I Deleted My Savegame.Help!
  194. The Dark Knight Rises Media
  195. Morrison: 'Batman, Inc inspired by game'
  196. Green Lantern Movie
  197. Young Justice - 26th November Premiere
  198. What happened to this movie?
  199. Can somebody please help with this pic?
  200. The Dark Knight Rises News/Info Thread
  201. "Batman" (According to Cracked.com)
  202. Hitler learns about new Batman title..
  203. Chris Nolan confirms that Tom Hardy will have "major role" in Batman 3.
  204. Rate the Batman related thing above you.
  205. Batman : The Dark Knight Strikes Again
  206. Cannot figure out the answer to this crossword
  207. Video - amazing original Batmobile!
  208. Best Batman book (not graphic novel)-Any suggestions?
  209. NEW BAT CITY TEASER (no joke )
  210. DC Universe Online Beta for Ps3
  211. Video of Tim Burtons Superman suit-Canceled Movie
  212. Batman Fan fic The Omen
  213. Christmas With the Joker!
  214. Merry christmas
  215. Batman and Robin by Grant Morrison
  216. What if batman never existed?
  217. Batman (1989) Figures coming from Hot Toys!
  218. "Rise of The Bat"
  219. The only person fit to play The Joker!
  220. Follow HamillJokerFan @Twitter
  221. Please help, very lost
  222. Writers and Illistraters wanted!
  223. Bruce Wayne.. In High School?
  224. Interesting IGN article on comic book games with emphasis on AA
  225. Recommeded?
  226. want to audition for the Batman Live world tour?
  227. Official press release for TDKR: Anne Hathaway is Catwoman; Tom Hardy is Bane
  228. What are your comic peeves?
  229. The Official Conversation Thread
  230. Batman and Robin-RoBW chronology?
  231. Wonder Woman pilot picked up by NBC; McG in line to direct
  232. time for a riddle
  233. Henry Cavill cast as Superman!
  234. 2nd Epic CGI trailer for DCUO
  235. Joseph-Gordon Levitt confirmed to be in "The Dark Knight Rises"
  236. Bane and me: A love story.
  237. What if Nolan made a Batman TV series?
  238. Batman: Revolved Book 1 (Re-Write. Finished.)
  239. Anybody buy Comic-Con tickets today?
  240. The Next Animated Green Lantern DC Direct Movie
  241. Whatever happened to Batman: Europa?
  242. Looks Possible that we have a Talia
  243. The "Show Your Bat-Collection" thread
  244. Why do you like Batman?
  245. Comic Videogame Discussion Thread
  246. Jonah Hex, Vol 2: Yay or nay?
  247. This VS That - Batman edition
  248. Help a fellow comic book fan
  249. Green Lantern: the animated series
  250. Kevin Costner cast as Johnathan Kent