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  1. arkham asylum t shirts!!
  2. Who's played Modern Warfare 2?
  3. Batman vs!!
  4. Smallville
  5. I need help looking for a particular BTAB screenshot
  6. The Final Darkest Dawn Thread [Full Comic]
  7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game Using Batman: Arkham Asylum's Engine/Combat System
  8. Christopher Nolan's Batman 3: Villains
  9. Twilight: New Moon has dethroned the Dark Knight
  10. Gotham Knights Series
  11. Check this out
  12. Scarecrow is White and Nerdy!
  13. Xbox 360 Memory
  14. My idea for Batman multiplayer
  15. Viral Marketing?
  16. who do you like better as a sidekick?
  17. Warner Bros: Goyer Writing Superman script!
  18. My Cheap Knock off of Batman! THE MOVIE!
  19. Earth One:Superman
  20. Some of you may have seen this...
  21. Batman spending Xmas with us
  22. What's your Christmas list?
  23. Morgan Freeman: confident that Nolan will do Batman 3, wants to see Catwoman.
  24. Batman Beyond Video Game?
  25. How awesome would it be...?
  26. Love Joker? Check out this villian...
  27. the game of all games to tie you over until BAA 2 hits
  28. The New Trophy
  29. Who are the best Joker and Batman(I think I know what you will all answer)
  30. Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age or Modern Age: Which treatest Batman best?
  31. Batman 3 Fake Posters
  32. Batman 693 *Big Spoiler*
  33. Cleverbot Conversations about Batman
  34. Your OWN Batman Villian!
  35. Batman:Arkham Asylum Forum 2009 Awards
  36. The more I listen to this song,the more I tink about Batman
  37. BAA 2 trailer...
  38. Batman Websites!
  39. Are you a Villain?
  40. Joker Fan thread
  41. Anybody else miss the pre TDK post Begins times?
  42. Batman VS Spider-Man... Again
  43. Marvel/DC Season 3: Zero Hour #1
  44. Shameless self promo
  45. Damian and the TItans
  46. Merry Christmas!
  47. Batman vs. Ninjas!
  48. Idea for a joker game
  49. 6" custom Poison Ivy figure
  50. Make your own Batman movie
  51. Round of applause
  52. Any Batman holiday goodies?
  53. Batman The Animated Series
  54. Probably the best Batman and Robin review/recap ever.
  55. Why did he do that?
  56. The Batman RANDOM RIOT Game
  57. Any comics that are must reads?
  58. Stupid question, but the game is based on which comics?
  59. Joker
  60. According to Kotaku.com, I hate Arkham Asylum.
  61. Heath Ledger Joker vs. Mark Hamil Joker.
  62. Have not read any Batman comics since 1998, need recommendations on graphic novels.
  63. Batman: Brave and the Bold
  64. Batman Kart Racing!
  65. Short or Long and pointy - How do you prefer Batman's ears to look? :D
  66. Batman continuity question - What is Dick Grayson's current job?
  67. Is Batman gay?
  68. Just a question,if you were Batman,and Joker gave you the chance to knock him off...
  69. Should we all forget that the 60s Batman show ever existed?
  70. Batman was there for us when no body else was
  71. My dream about batman!
  72. WHo remembers these action figures?
  73. Anne hathaway should play Harley quinn
  74. Eidos not involved with Batman sequel
  75. Man-Bat is Real!
  76. The Brightest day is coming...
  77. The Gray Ghost (BTAS)
  78. Why is the Joker so popular?
  79. the Green Lantern (film) buzz!
  80. The thrid Batman movie.
  81. Is Batman a hero who acts like a villain?
  82. Can you help me ?
  83. who was hotter...
  84. What comics/cartoons have you read/seen lately?
  85. Beers all Around
  86. Your Superhero casting
  87. The Next weekly DC comics series is...
  88. Batman Fanfiction Thread
  89. The Joker In Batman Comics
  90. Batman Stop Motion
  91. If you could make ANY comic book game...
  92. Art tablet problem....
  93. Michael Keaton Batman bust
  94. Who's your top five favorite batman villians???
  95. Whats happened to All star Batman and Robin?
  96. does The Scarecrow know Batmans secret identity?
  97. Batman/Superman Pop Culture Music Thread
  98. The first Rocksteady fanbase
  99. a fan film me and my uncle are working on:"Last Laugh"!
  100. who wins, poison ivy or scarcrow?
  101. who wins? joker or harley quin?
  102. who wins? the joker or scarecrow...?
  103. Most dangerous Batman villain in real life?
  104. Can someone help me out in finding a comic?
  105. My New Batman TV Show
  106. What DC Books would you want Absoluted?
  107. Was The long Halloween influenced by film?
  108. "Shut up Hannibal!" Batman moments!
  109. which was better,Arkham Asylum or Bioshock
  110. TV Tropes!
  111. Your Batman character casting choices... if you were Joel Schumacher.
  112. The Losers
  113. Smallville re-using footage from Batman Begins?
  114. Really awesome Superman.
  115. Arkham Asylum:A serious house on serious earth:not full version?
  116. Batman Arkham Asylum 2 Fan Made Soundtrack
  117. I need help
  118. New DC Animated Series?
  119. Need Help! %46 nightmare!
  120. The Batman....
  121. Hi. What did I miss?
  122. IMDB Reports Hamill's return as the Joker *unconfirmed*
  123. Who would win?
  124. A Challenge Declared by the Riddler!
  125. Joker Site
  126. My Favorite Batman color is!
  127. New Batman Movie Fact vs Fiction
  128. Favorite Villain?
  129. Flash and Wonder Woman movies not too far off?
  130. Green Arrow animated feature confirmed!
  131. Quizzes, anyone?
  132. The Many Voices of Batman, other than Films
  133. Who would you work for?
  134. Dark Knight Spoof(link inside)
  135. For those who remember the thread about me and my uncle making a fan film,WE NEED YOU
  136. Batman and Robin voted worst film ever
  137. Riddle Time!
  138. Watchin Batman Begins.
  139. Where will we go?
  140. What are you afraid of?
  141. What game did you enjoy?
  142. DC Directs Toy Fair Booth(featuring the Arkham Asylum Batman statue)
  143. Rorschach Game idea
  144. DC Comics:this month's solicits
  145. DC Universe Online news?
  146. I have a question.
  147. This made me laugh
  148. What the...?
  149. Batman Arkham Asylum side scroller idea
  150. DC's Big 3!
  151. Versus fight thread
  152. any dead rising fans?
  153. A Little Help?
  154. New Batman Film?
  155. Mad Hatter Pedophile
  156. Arkham Asylum Movie Fan Cast
  157. [Fanmade]Batman Arkham Asylum Inspired Music
  158. Real life Superman!
  159. DC Comics fan casting
  160. Doc Savage - The Movie!
  161. Rate & Review: JL: Crisis on 2 Earths & The Spectre!
  162. Brave and the Bold game coming
  163. My project!
  164. Batman fan-fic
  165. Article about why Michael C. Hall would be an amazing Riddler
  166. Intro guard:"Looked Croc up on the internet.Wish I hadn't."
  167. Epic Batman thread
  168. Detective Comics #27 sells for over a million dollars
  169. Michael Rosenbaum to return to Smallville?
  170. My Game Design Review of Batman: AA featured at Gamasutra =)
  171. The next Superman movie Villains
  172. Who else think a portable Batman game would be cool?
  173. Batman shows up in "Hardcore gamer's IQ test"
  174. The Joker lands on AskMen's top 10 movie crime bosses
  175. DC Animation News from Emerald City Comic-Con
  176. Batman games for the future
  177. A Green Arrow game
  178. Bat in the Sun's Next Film: City of Scars Announced!
  179. Omg!!! Check out the new song/video by bone thugs-n-harmony
  180. BATMAN BEYOND returns in June
  181. Batman on Blu Ray?
  182. 2012 gets Batman;The Flash:ALL DC Superhero films will be in 3D
  183. Most evil and sick Joker yet?: Possible Spoilers
  184. Bioshock compared with B:TAS episode: Deep Freeze
  185. Bane Video Game
  186. Who would you round up?
  187. Arkham Asylum: Conviction?
  188. Superman Beats Batman In Pricy Collectible Comics
  189. Custom AA Batman bust and Venom Joker
  190. Dwayne Johnson: The Next Batman!
  191. You are Batman.
  192. First Images of Batman: City of Scars fan project Released!
  193. Forum game: Riddler Trophies
  194. Batman & Robin comic discussion v.2
  195. Oh no..
  196. Arkham Asylum novel?
  197. Same engine, New Hero, New Game
  198. Just got finished watching "Harley and Ivy"
  199. Joker is Selling Venom to PC Gamers !!!!!
  200. Anyone recommend a good site to watch TAS on?
  201. Joker Shark Tank for B:AA 2 ?
  202. Random Bat-question of the Day (or Week)
  203. Why Wasn't I Told About This? Who's In Charge?
  204. If You Could Change ONE Little Thing about B:AA?
  205. DC Comics discussion thread
  206. First real look at Jonah Hex!
  207. New to Batman comics?Need updates? Read here!
  208. for those that know their Batman comics - recommendations please
  209. Confused by Batman R.I.P
  210. Avatar dethrones the Dark Knight in Blu Ray sales
  211. What would happen if....
  212. South Park: 201
  213. Batman on Broadway?
  214. Grant Morrison interview
  215. Superman reboot set for Christmas 2012
  216. Next Batman Movie Coming July 20, 2012!
  217. 60's Batman theme meets heavy metal
  218. May 1st is Free Comic Book Day
  219. B:AA 2. 5 Word Story Game
  220. 6 years before The Joker takes over Arkham.
  221. Batman International
  222. Jim Parsons MUST play The Riddler!
  223. My Batman Beyond Movie Trailer!
  224. My Batman 3 fancast :D
  225. Zsasz And others
  226. 66 BTAS Episodes for free
  227. Favorite villain thread!
  228. Which Ventriloquist?
  229. Why I don't like Christopher Nolan's Batmans!
  230. DC Comics' 75th Anniversary!
  231. Yet another reason to hate Schumachers Batman and Robin
  232. Batman relies too much on explosives in the movies
  233. Arkham Asylum Toys
  234. Batman: Year One (the canceled movie)
  235. I'm looking for comics with the charecters from this game.
  236. Our Batman YOUTH is back with this game
  237. BTAS or The New animated Adventures?
  238. Batman:Return of Bruce Wayne Series 1 action figures
  239. My movie casting for these adaptions!
  240. Which Batman do you prefer
  241. What if YOU could make ANY comic book movie?
  242. Behold! Batman: The Brave and the Bold!
  243. DC Universe gets a November release.
  244. Why Robin might ruin things.
  245. Arkham Has Moved
  246. Batman War Games
  247. The Dark Knight Returns video game
  248. Green Arrow Movie
  249. So I'm going to write a Batman fan fiction...
  250. Batman spoof article on my blog!