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  1. PC Specs
  2. Securom
  3. PC version - Important update
  4. PC Demo - Download location and instructions
  5. PC Demo - .NET Framework Launch Issues - Consolidated Info Thread
  6. Fps hiccups!!
  7. | Official | Batman Arkham Asylum Modded Costume thread!!
  8. will not uninstall/install
  9. For PC buyers - Steam or retail?
  10. PC players
  11. Batman Arkham Asylum how well will my new pc run this game?
  12. Welcome! And let's keep this place spoiler free :)
  13. Can the PC version camera be modded?
  14. Delayed PC Release?
  15. AC Vents in PC Demo
  16. no third party pc controller support??
  17. Action Cam w/ PC Keyboard - Here's How
  18. Running VERY slow! =(
  19. Can your PC handle Batman?
  20. Let's hope the PC release goes smooth
  21. Physx In Arkham Asylum
  22. Demo wont run on my pc!!!!
  23. Having trouble locating the EXE file. Suggestions?
  24. Armoured Batsuit
  25. Batman PC Game: Controller or Keyboard
  26. Batman PC Game Keyboard or Controller
  27. Road to Arkham comic
  28. Xp with nvidia 9800 gtx+ dont work with demo
  29. Stupid question regarding resetting settings.
  30. How long is the game play?
  31. This game was poorly ported over to the pc
  32. Will they change it?
  33. can't pre-order PC Special Edition!
  34. Does pc still get Dembones?
  35. about DLC
  36. If you bought the PC Retail version.....
  37. Overclocking my AMD Athlon II X2 250 Dual Core 3.0GHz help but safest way?
  38. PC Demo does not run
  39. PC Collector's Edition ??
  40. Machinima?
  41. For those with weaker GPU's///check this out
  42. will the mods work in the full game ?
  43. Slow Play
  44. Slow Motion
  45. Sli issues please help!
  46. Ummm, you ppl on here said I wouldn't be able to run physX, you lied
  47. European Collector Edition
  48. Demo won't run: BmLauncher.exe Error
  49. PC or Xbox 360 - stuck on the fence
  50. Do you wanna know if you can run the game, look here!
  51. Anyone else notice the odd temp when paused or looking at character bios?
  52. Editing the Visual Settings
  53. PCI cards for physx?
  54. Dudes HELP! How do you................
  55. Does the PC Version sell well
  56. Help needed!
  57. A question about pc versions cut scene.
  58. Game does not run on Mac - WindowsXP
  59. Something I noticed while playing the demo
  60. PHYSX on the demo?
  61. New Official PC PhysX Trailer
  62. Older Ageia PhysX card support?
  63. Demo crashes on startup
  64. Any chance of an earlier release?
  65. What would you do to..............
  66. Why Steam version is not multilanguage?
  67. When is this game going to be available?
  68. Your gonna love me for this..........all you ps3 owners!!!!
  69. Question???
  70. ¡Help! Ati 4870 + BFG Physx card128Mb ¿any way to enable Physx?
  71. Editing games
  72. Problem with glide
  73. Problems with keys
  74. oli and domino5343 are pirates
  75. Anti-Aliasing on DX10 ATI cards
  76. A SDK for Batman: AA?
  77. The PC Demo is My Favorite Game
  78. Something that seriously is pissing me off.....
  79. PhysX on the CPU???
  80. General Copy protection discussion
  81. physx,dx10 and aa with ati cards
  82. Doesn't Run
  83. mod, extract them, how??
  84. My Screen Spins
  85. NVIDIA SLI Profile Update
  86. Has it gone gold yet?
  87. Sound problem (t t)
  88. Problem with the Batman game on pc
  89. Maxing Out CPU
  90. Texture Editing (without texmod)
  91. Periodic stutter in B:AA
  92. can't completely uninstall game
  93. Glide Kick in PC Version
  94. Dear
  95. Running it using an ATI x1950 pro....poor!
  96. PC: 360 controller issue
  97. What sort of copy protection are we talking?
  98. Strange Freeses! Help needed!!!
  99. Re: Problem with glide
  100. graphic glitches
  101. Bug Report: Broken trigger causes grapple bug.
  102. Batmans publisher?
  103. Mac OS X
  104. Keyboard not working at all for PC Demo
  105. No option to enable Physx in game?
  106. should i get it for the pc?
  107. DLC coming on Sept 17th?
  108. COMPETITION! Win a Batman: Arkham Asylum PC Collector's Edition
  109. Grapple not working = you're a pirate
  110. Not sure whether to get disc version or off steam
  111. Problem with PhysX
  112. I Will Buy This Game !
  113. Batman: AA PC help
  114. Batman: Arkham Asylum PC question- controller or mouse
  115. Games for Windows Live Question
  116. Posting of piracy bragging comments
  117. Things I can't do in the DEMO
  118. Ps3 get's Joker, PC should also get something....
  119. Batman Getting Two DLC Packs Across Two Weeks
  120. Customize Physx features?
  121. So if the pirated release was the full game with intentional bugs added...
  122. We made it to Kotaku!
  123. Batman Costume
  124. Can't get in to the vent!!! help
  125. language
  126. Receiving Retail Version Early?
  127. Eidos is mean making me wait
  128. Open with Unreal Ed?
  129. Ps2 controller compatibility
  130. please help needed!
  131. will physx work on ati cards when game comes out?
  132. Pc being shipped now!
  133. Best Buys in US Some Areas already has the PC Version
  134. Question about 2gb GPU for game release
  135. Application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005)!
  136. Skinny runt Joker
  137. PC demo startup crashes
  138. Batman Arkham Asylum Pc Problem
  139. Further delay on the PC version? Read on..
  140. No Physx???
  141. glide problem on PC
  142. To my fellow gamers on spoilers
  143. Workaround for getting PhysX in the actual game!
  144. Exact time of release
  145. Demo Problems
  146. I need the game with english audio and spanish subtitles.
  147. Joker
  148. [Urgent , technical problem] Grapich problem
  149. We wont be able to edit the arkham asylum using texmod!!!!!!
  150. Problems Crashing with just purchased Copy of Arkham Asylum
  151. The Official new DLC press release
  152. nVidia PhysX.. where?
  153. Nzone != Steam?
  154. Game Crash because of Audio Driver?
  155. downloading
  156. Title Update Problem !!
  157. PC review from Strategy Informer 9.5/10
  158. Refresh Rate
  159. "BmLauncher has stopped working"
  160. Title Update...
  161. Batman Arkham Asylum Title Patch(Rapidshare,2shared)
  162. Post your benchmarks here
  163. Issue with PhysX
  164. Trade 360 version for PC version?
  165. Extracting audio from game?
  166. Feature Transfer Error
  167. Starting up the Batman Editor
  168. Game crashing during Intro
  169. Controls: Dodge
  170. Unable to launch game from Launcher. Same issue as 2GB Vid cards issue from Demo.
  171. Game Crashes
  172. ShippingPC-BMGame.exe - Has encountered a problem, etc.
  173. Can we have the Physics from the Demo back at least?
  174. Dem-Bones Challenge map (Combo question)
  175. Where is saved game data located?
  176. NO voices
  177. Its official you cant use texmod!!!!
  178. Help with PhysX
  179. Controls not inverting (steam)
  180. PhysX System Requirements from Eidos
  181. Weird Lock up, FPS drop and benchmark results
  182. Piracy glitches in full game
  183. Nvidia Physx error on the demo.
  184. Games for Windows - LIVE Help
  185. xlive.dll crash
  186. Uncapping the framerate
  187. Irritating bugs. (tiny none-named boss spoiler)
  188. Failed to initialize nvidia physx? Help
  189. Can't Install
  190. Can't install patch
  191. Stopped by bug in Botanical Garden
  192. Is anyone playing the game perfectly for pc?
  193. bug in steam vision of game
  194. how many polygons did make up croc?
  195. Install Fail
  196. Blue Screen of Death
  197. Invisible Characters
  198. Runtime error
  199. Choose Which Physx Effects to Enable?
  200. Is this a joke? Where are the physx ?
  201. Cannot install the game - downloaded from D2D today, legit copy
  202. Invalid Key?? GFWL
  203. Cut Scene Dialogue
  204. Ok I might be missing this but how many activations are we allowed on Steam?
  205. Localization problem
  206. Help me update my video card for this game and future games
  207. pc controller?
  208. Cant log into live due to authentication key
  209. Cant grapple up to the ledge above the gears at Scarecrow part2
  210. Something Cool I Noticed
  211. patch update never finishes
  212. PC DLC - PLEASE Put it on STEAM Too
  213. Anti-Aliasing issues with ATI Cards
  214. bit-tech pc review
  215. Can't destroy pillars anymore?
  216. Dem Bones (And other DLC) question
  217. Problem with PhysX
  218. can't purchase game from direct2drive!?
  219. GFWL - im a little confused
  220. Where can you download the manual?
  221. Acheivements?
  222. Problem with Keyboard Controls
  223. Uhh, what the?
  224. Physx question
  225. WTF w/ DLC???
  226. No AA on ATI?
  227. Can't even start the game.
  228. Crashing with GFWL
  229. I *love* GFWL
  230. Spinning Problem
  231. Microsoft live error
  232. Game crashes on launch...
  233. crashing at first cut scene with gordon
  234. help: Stuck in elevator shaft of the medical facility
  235. Game wont launch,
  236. Loud Audio Buzz in Silent Knight Challenge Mode
  237. Installation Error: 0X80072751
  238. GFWL Crash on profile and patch update Windows XP FIXED!
  239. nv4_disp display driver has stopped working
  240. GFWL sucks, thanks for screwing paying customers!
  241. so it says new downloadable content availible now...
  242. Downloading Dlc problem
  243. I need a favor.
  244. How do you do an environmental scan in detective mode?
  245. GPU drivers are out-of-date?
  246. woo hoo
  247. Insane Night Map Pack for LIVE Gold Members only?
  248. Game giving me vertigo
  249. Cutscene / GFWL
  250. Game Crash w/ AMD problem help!