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  1. GOTY edition bmlauncher problem
  2. Help me reach 100%
  3. Batman AA: Full list of challenge maps for PC
  4. Arkham Asylum and Windows Live
  5. scary on birds (bug?)
  6. Catastrophic Failure during Installation. HELP!! thanks :)
  7. how do you use an old save on a new install?
  8. Going in directly at chapter / level 8
  9. Game won't even start
  10. Perfect Knight Achievement Not Synching with Xbox
  11. Stuck after bat cave 2
  12. Joker what?!!?
  13. help needed please
  14. Crashes in Challenge Mode
  15. Missing files for movement?
  16. Failed to initialise NVIDIA PhysX on start-up
  17. Technical problems on Steam GOTY edition
  18. Keyboard cant be used
  19. Steam GOTY problem. Looking for advice.
  20. Enemys not respawning
  21. Problem with DLC
  22. Getting Croc started...
  23. Joker does not attack in final battle
  24. game help!
  25. .NET Framework exception
  26. Unable to open security doors for Killer Croc's lair.
  27. Need someone to play my onlive version for a few minutes
  28. Lost savegame. Need cheat!
  29. Toying around with the game files and got this....
  30. Please help me with Combo Throws!
  31. CTD Third Scarecrow cutscene
  32. BMAC tunnel d steel mill
  33. Scarecrow levels physx lag
  34. Cant use explosive gel on batman arkham city on your PC ?
  35. Bmgame with new hardware/updates?
  36. Batman Akham Asylum Crashes after meeting Croc Killer in front of elevator
  37. Help my with input new skin on batman arkham city
  38. Is Arkham City playable on a PC if your mouse has no middle button ?
  39. Run Issues
  41. game Running to slow
  42. Does this game supports Force Fedback?
  43. Game crash and constant errors.
  44. Graphics Problem(screenshot included)
  45. Batman Arkham Asylum wont open, General protection fault
  46. BMStartApp problem
  47. Games for Windows LIVE Update fail!
  48. Game save copied to new hard drive - how can I play it with my online profile?
  49. runtime error c++
  50. Catastrophic Error on install
  52. Minimum Requirements Met but can't play game?
  53. [help] Batman AA doen't start !
  54. Asylum errors (bootup) [steam]
  55. Cannot use keyboard at all. Please help!
  56. cant access gfwl menu
  57. HELP! I can't play Bm Arkham on my PC :(
  58. Maps gone wrong?
  59. bane = invincible? or rather I = incompetent ...?
  60. Can't glide up the vent above
  61. This Game is Unplayable
  62. Can't get pass the launcher..shippingpc-bmgame.exe
  63. Save game files
  64. Why aren't PS3 controllers enabled for use?
  65. Freeflow
  66. install game button greyed out
  67. Penitentiary Mansion - Apprehend Harley Quinn
  68. Corrupt file
  69. HELP Please
  70. Batman Arkham Asylum is very laggy but I have met all requirements, please help!
  71. Ugh... Crash to desktop at Morgue. runtime error
  72. ,NET framework error need help ASAP Please!!
  73. How to Backup Save Files for Arkham Asylum GOTY for PC
  74. PC version DLC availability question
  75. Batman crashes after reinstalling Windows
  76. How to change mac video settings
  77. GOTY not running
  78. Can't press the install button.
  79. Where can i download the Batsuit mods!
  80. Bug in Scarecrow dream 2???
  81. Cryptographic Sequencer
  82. Game disables my internet connection
  83. Controls on download game
  84. After 5 minutes playing my laptop turns off by itself
  85. General Protection Fault! Error
  86. Arkham Asylum will not run at all.....HELP!
  87. Save files vanished
  88. Profile problems
  89. missing file, just one file *need someone pass the file*
  90. help with x-ray room
  91. Grapple Bug
  92. .NET framework FileNoteFound
  93. Mayor issue with Batman AA GOTYE platinum hits for xbox360
  94. batman arkham asylum crashes after Bane
  95. Need a way to bypass BmLauncher - need .ini files?
  96. Question about the gameplay
  97. Installation through Origin
  98. Installation problem
  99. BmGame stopped working
  100. HUGE Lag on 2nd Scarecrow??
  101. Windows 7 to Windows 8
  102. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  103. problem in net framework
  104. Can't unlock Batman Arkham Asylum achievements
  105. Need help with mods?
  106. Steam Backup Save corrupt
  107. No Voice Cutscenes in Fraps
  108. Achievment dissapeared
  109. After Harley Quinn, Botanical Gardens!
  110. Games for windows live error!
  111. Arkham Asylum install problems
  112. GFWL won't launch within Batman: Arkham Asylum
  113. Crash at DLC
  115. How to make skins
  116. Runtime Error, before Scarecrow boss
  117. Batman AA demo crashes.
  118. Blocked in the game - Dr Young's note [BUG]
  119. Batman Arkham Asylum slowing up, bad FPS
  120. [Steam] Generic Controller Support?
  121. Cant Play
  122. ShippingPC- BmGame.exe - Ordinal Not Found
  123. CRC Error During Install
  124. Not Working
  125. Need help installing Batman Arkham Asylum
  126. Game can't detect xbox controller
  127. Missing teeth bug
  128. The Aviary Bug
  129. the application failed to start properly (shippingpc-bmgame.exe)
  130. Perfect Knight Achievement not syncing
  131. Left mouse button has betrayed me!
  132. Do any one have Batman Arkham Asylum in English Language????
  133. Save Transfer To New OS (Tried Common Instructions)
  134. Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY (Steam) Challenge Mode Crashing
  135. Left analog stick reversed (up is down, down is up)