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  1. Batman: Arkham city for PC?
  2. Unhandled exception error
  3. Strange sound problem
  4. General protection fault!
  5. Steam registered but 'Live' is no go
  6. Controller Help - PlayStation 2 Dualshock 2 (with USB converter)
  7. Unable to select Gadgets (Keyboard controls)
  8. cannot instrall, File missing
  9. Extremely irritating stuttering
  10. picking up riddler trophy bug
  11. Game does not start
  12. Very low fps
  13. Running silky smooth on 4yr old laptop (ATI)
  14. Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY Physx rrb.dll
  15. B:AA GOTY cursor leaving window during combat
  16. Crash Reason: Modified location of "Documents" - Should be resolved soon: PC/Steam
  17. I'm stuck, please help
  18. Low FPS on High Gaming machine
  19. Lost savegame on computer restart
  20. Batman - Perfect Knight Achievement & Savegame bug...
  21. Control
  22. What's the highest recorded score on Sewer Bat Extreme and Totally Insane?
  23. Problem with resolution setting, it's not change!?
  24. re
  25. I'm done
  26. Deleted Savegame.Help pls!
  27. Playing Troubles
  28. Challenge Scores
  29. How do you throw?
  30. xbox 360 wired pad
  31. Insane Night Map Pack problem
  32. Botanical Garden Crash ATI HD Radeon
  33. Game keeps saying graphic drivers are out of date
  34. "General protection fault" xlive.dll
  35. How to open grate
  36. BAA Steam Purchase, Launcher Fails
  37. BAA GOTY Crash
  38. Changing PC Controls
  39. C++ Runtime Error.
  40. Batman GOTY veersion from steam
  41. Bug When Rescuing Two Guards from Harley
  42. Eidos Store Download Fails To Install
  43. Best player game I've played in a while
  44. Problem in the botanic Garden
  45. So, why is it....
  46. Bm game error
  47. Lost savegame
  48. BM launcher stopped working, please help
  49. Australian Contact - Re: Lost Product Key
  50. GFWL Steam and Game of the Year Edition.
  51. Keyboard Mapping / On-screen hints
  52. So I folded...
  53. Need help with troubleshooting
  54. Crash at startup...
  55. Steam Version Exception Error- Please help
  56. Motion sickness-please help me,i cant play the game!!!
  57. in game crash
  58. Steam Batman: AA glide error.
  59. Batman Runtime Crash Steam Version
  60. Update to V1.1 problem.
  61. GOTY steam edition
  62. Game keeps crashing at checkpoints
  63. Ctrl + Spacebar glitch
  64. Can't Log-In to GFWL
  65. game wont install
  66. BMGame has stopped working - Steam GOTY
  67. SecuLauncher: failed to start application. [26000] -> 0x80092009
  68. Sudden FPS drop
  69. Physics.
  70. Sigh... Can't log this POS into GFWL
  71. Help. microsoft.net framework crash at startup
  72. HELP: Won't Install on Win 7
  73. Help! BAA crashes right after Croc
  74. How to remove Game for Windows account?
  75. can you play in 3d mode with ati card ?
  76. Will Batman Arkham City use Steamworks?
  77. Stuck in Aviary
  78. xlive.dll
  79. How do I make an offline account?
  80. Please!-anyone cam help me to stop the camera!
  81. Game wont start up, securom bug?
  82. Findin the Batcave
  83. Batman in english with subtitles
  84. Corrupt Saved Games
  85. Batman Crashing @ Start
  86. Batman 'crash' at certain area
  87. ISANE NIGHT map on PC
  88. remap keys problem
  89. InstallShield Error
  90. This is the part were I breakdown...
  91. Physic crash the Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY
  92. PC Demo?
  93. Batman crash problem.
  94. Mods for full version?
  95. Batman Arkham Asylum Special Offer From Nvidia
  96. Demo doesn't start up - dot net error
  97. GFWL says it needs an update, but won't install
  98. Game crashes my computer
  99. GOTY Edition (STEAM) suddenly can no longer connect to profile
  100. Install failed/ how to uninstall ?
  101. "Runtime error. Abnormal program termination."
  102. Medical Facility = 9FPS (AMD 6970)
  103. ShippingPC-BmGame.exe don't run
  104. Level Select Instructions question
  105. Turn Wrong Version into Right Version?
  106. insane night pack installed but doesnt appear in game
  107. scarecrow nightmare 2
  108. cannot sign in as local profile
  109. Does Batman: AA still require the CD to play?
  110. AA crashes on start up, help!
  111. [solved]Can only use "low details"
  112. AA Doesn't Launch After Startup Menu
  113. Sound problems ingame
  114. scarecrow second nightmare crash
  115. Stuck in infinite loop of updates
  116. General Protection Error...Please Helpppp..!! :(
  117. quick fire batclaw
  118. General Protection Fault when trying to play after game has been beaten
  119. Assertion Failed error (a popular one)
  120. Seriously - who "created" these PC controls?
  121. Batman aa problems
  122. completed game saves help
  123. Demo workes.. but not the game...
  124. Game crashes when I enter the Batcave after KillerCroc escape
  125. crash at copyright screen
  126. Wireless Xbox 360 controller and B:AA Demo
  127. need help
  128. Can't Install Batman Archam Asylum .
  129. arkham city
  130. General Protection Fault
  131. Problem when installing
  132. .NET error (Value was either too large or too small for an Int32)
  133. GOTY crashes on Startup
  134. Batman AA GOTY Black screen after logos
  135. How does one configure the Logitech Extreme 3d pro in this game?
  136. Please I Need Help To Setup Batman Arkham Asylum
  137. avoid LIVE at all costs!
  138. Strange Bug Crash and restarts
  139. Live update problem
  140. Following Quincy Sharp's DNA Trail
  141. gfwl constant update loop
  142. DVD version Startup FAILURE!
  143. BatBug
  144. HELP!!! Batman: Arkham Asylum DLC
  145. Problems with cryptographic sequencer
  146. Invisible Ivy and other display problems
  147. Stuck in Intensive Treatment - bug?
  148. some kind of jerks problem...?
  149. Need help plzzzzz
  150. Gotta be some way to fix the camera by now...
  151. Discing a GFWL Marketplace download.
  152. Looking for T Shirt shops
  153. Help: Can't restart the game
  154. Game won't re-install
  155. problem with wireless broadband and GFWL sign in for Baatman - AA
  156. Batman Arkham Asylum = Crash !!!
  157. The game don't start (general protection error)
  158. Help :(
  159. Steam version does not launch on Windows 7 64bit
  160. Need Nightmare help
  161. Getting Stuck when opening grills in the floor
  162. Batman+steam=Crash when i click play....
  163. Ridiculous Error
  164. Any Possible Way to Transfer Saves?
  165. Problem with the physics!
  166. Not loading. No error message
  167. How to fix grapple bugs ?
  168. How deal with error: "batman arkham asylum failed to initialize nvidia physx"?
  169. how to deactivate batman?
  170. problem with Genius MaxFire G-12U Vibration
  171. Batman: Arkham Asylum, Is there any way to fix my saved game?
  172. batman region locking
  173. Drops to 1 FPS goes Back to Normal, Unplayable, I’ve Tried Everything Need Help.
  174. Bug at the botanical gardens!
  175. Home key isn't working
  176. tapping space repeatedly won't work against enemies
  177. Graphics/Sound crash
  178. GOTY Edition Crashes
  179. Can't perform a "combat takedown"
  180. Why I cant move ?
  181. Game is crashing after launcher
  182. Another Crash Thread
  183. 239/240 Not found the last one...
  184. batman launch error.
  185. No Physx option with GTX 460 in bmlauncher.exe settings :(
  186. Arkham Asylum installation issue
  187. Opening Level Bug
  188. Instalation/Game start problem
  189. Steam versions
  190. Extremely LOW fps at start of the game
  191. Product Key?
  192. Crash in Intensive Treatment
  193. Dem Bones Challenge Map
  194. AA control scheme rage.
  195. Physx destructible environments not happening
  196. product key lost.
  197. can someone give me the Batman Beyond Skin?
  198. i cannnot patch the game need help!
  199. Batman GOTY possible ingame crash fix "Nvidia"
  200. How to use the sonic door opener thing
  201. Custom Controls for Disabled Gamer
  202. Can i run BAA without an internet connection?
  203. Modding the music?
  204. Crashes after first cutscene with scarecrow
  207. Physx error on startup
  208. Batman Arkham Asylum installation error
  209. Remapping keys help needed
  210. Cannot save progress
  211. GOTY edition "filename not found" error
  212. Cryptographic Sequencer
  213. Launcher .NET error
  214. Save file issues - Transfer save to new PC?
  216. Game not responding
  217. Physx Startup Error and I have an AMD card
  218. costume designer
  219. My Game Doesn't start
  220. Game requests CD/DVD when you have downloded game on Steam
  221. Audio during cutscenes?
  222. 360 controller not working in menus
  223. Shipping PC-BMGame.exe crash
  224. BmGame has stopped working
  225. Game crashes when secure transit reached
  226. F&*K Eidos and GFWL
  227. INPUT bug causing my game to PAUSE constantly, making it UNPLAYABLE.
  228. Can't save games, getting really mad now!!!
  229. Got my EVGA SLI 560 ti's in - Looking to sell my Arkham City code
  230. No Sound During Cut Scenes
  231. Issues with GOTY Edition on Steam
  232. Dark Knight suit
  233. How to get tech support
  234. Installing problem
  235. $10 PayPal for Saved Game File / xlive Folder
  236. DLC what, where, how?
  237. Is my Computer OK for Arkham Asylum?
  238. Arkham Asylum and windows live
  239. General Protection Fault :|
  240. Game is jerky. can't find sensitivity controls
  241. Not a valid Win32 File Time
  242. Batman: Arkham Asylum LAG Help :confused:
  243. Making Batman Challeneges more hard....
  244. My game restarted...
  245. Grates issue
  246. Have you got the "BAC" for PC yet!?
  248. tranfert save data from a computer
  249. Stuck on beating the Titan
  250. Is this a known issue? Cutscenes stutter *spoiler*