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  1. Batman Arkham Asylum uplayable (2FPS!)
  2. Unable to sign into Windows LIVE
  3. General protection fault error on game start up.
  4. Need Help! Game Glitch ?
  5. Why no 3d for pc verison of GOTY?
  6. Batman: Arkham Asylum - Game of the Year Edition for PC
  7. PC GOTY Edition- Are GFWL Achievements different to regular EU version?
  8. Logitech Controller Profile...?
  9. "fingerprint error" on game start
  10. inermittent slowdown with crackling dialog and sound
  11. sudden framerate drop
  12. Odd Graphics Problem...
  13. Just a little help
  14. suggested settings for my pc - can't access launcher's options screen
  15. Spinning Batman
  16. Problems with Batman AA, Games for windows, and windows 7 64
  17. Missing/ bugged grapple point
  18. How to restore key? (Games for Windows Live)
  19. Install Problem
  20. Keyboard Control Issue
  21. Help me to get the rigth config / Ayuda para configurar el juego
  22. Breaking fragile glass?
  23. Crash on Launch... (steam version)
  24. Crash when use explosive gel with phyx enabled
  25. XBOX 360 Controller Conflict
  26. I cant enter my key and know cant lauch game
  27. Question about the GOTY version
  28. Silent Knight problem (exploding gel)
  29. Games for windows live issues.
  30. vista backup path
  31. Game crash just after running into Scarecrow for the first time
  32. Batman Support
  33. Cannot Install the game
  34. Riddle me this
  35. xbox controller issue
  36. Just wanted to say something
  37. 9600m gt not detected by game as a dedicated physx
  38. Insane Night DLC Problem
  39. Can we get the Play as Joker Challenge mode on PC please?
  40. pc goty edition gets extra challenge maps
  41. Batman Arkham Asylum unable to Launch..
  42. Help please, after Jocker's Monster, game crashed...and...
  43. batman AA very slow
  44. Hack/fine-tune help needed
  45. Can I use a .tpf file as a texture??!!
  46. File update for users with GeForce GTX 480 and 470 GPUs
  47. Joker Maps
  48. Games for Windows-LIVE Access problem
  49. Batman:AA is asking for a Serial?
  50. DLC Question
  51. Grapple hook, 32%problems
  52. croc just keeps breathing
  53. freezes on cut scene
  54. got stuck at the starting9intensive treatment)
  55. stuck at 22% saving Dr Young
  56. Saved game help
  57. System crash on Botanical Gardens
  58. One Problem After Another...
  59. Spoiler question bout Batmobile
  60. General Protection Faul
  61. I Copied Saved Game Files from XP to Win 7
  62. Spoiler ?: What's with this guy on green mile?
  63. Help icon removal
  64. appcrash-msvcr80.dll fault
  65. how to skip the long walking intro?
  66. Having problems with sound and framerates
  67. Will my pc handle Arkham Asylum 2 ?
  68. new player on Batman AA
  69. Windows Live problems and workarounds
  70. atikmdag Driver Issues
  71. Patch for the GOTY edition
  72. GOTY - Russian Language
  73. Tech Problem- Does not Load
  74. Why So little challenge maps?
  75. Wide screen?
  76. pc controls in major boss battles
  77. How many voice of arkham tropies
  78. The Villain & Crime Alley Challenge Maps
  79. my computer locks when I come the same places in the game!!!
  80. constant crashes
  81. Problem with save game
  82. Securom question
  83. Cpu
  84. Grapple monster problem
  85. Ec:5531
  86. Definitive word on what DLC is included with PC GOTY?
  87. Help needed with boss battles
  88. Part 17 Scarecrow help
  89. What the croc !!
  90. GOTY edition: version 1.1 patch not installing
  91. Windows Live just keeps updating the game...help :(
  92. Game freezes during loading screen...
  93. Lets hope arkham asylum 2 has replayability (USER MODS)
  94. My game's performance and color is weird.
  95. Change camera mode during boss fight
  96. Bmgame has stopped working.
  97. crash benchmark and game
  98. DLC for Everyone!!
  99. Problem please help
  100. Rescue Dr. Young Explosive Gel Gun Problem
  101. Scarecrow bug
  102. Follow Up to "Gordon Crash"
  103. GOTY available in Canada?
  104. Microsoft .NET Framework Error when launching game
  105. Turning Upside Down View Bug?
  106. Issue after crouching
  107. Windows 7 Installation
  108. CRC fix for i7 1366
  109. Cpu
  110. Game running slow and stuttering......
  111. BmLauncher has stopped working
  112. Stuck in Returning to Botanical Gardens for Poison Ivy
  113. Game crash on Steam
  114. Villains Challenge is really Scarecrow DEM BONES bonus map
  115. Insane Knight Downloaded, not Showing Up in Menu Anywhere
  116. Who Think's We PC Player's Should get "Prey in the Darkness" Challenge pack!!?!?
  117. General protection fault
  118. Question on languages
  119. Problem of grapnel
  120. Corrupt save file
  121. What's included in GOTY for PC (in europe)??
  122. Upgrade Available Message
  123. Search Arkham Mansion for Dr Young's research notes before Joker
  124. Arkham Asylum and 3d vision
  125. Batman:Arkham Asylum discount on steam
  126. New mods ofther than skins
  127. Batman AA GOTY Edition Steam verison/ShippingPC-BmGame.exe crash
  128. Can you please remove Securom activation from Steam?
  129. Save Dr Young from Zsasz in the warden's office
  130. Save Dr Young form Zsasz in the warden's office
  131. Alternate Costumes in the full game WORKING 100%
  132. There's An Error With Batman!!
  133. batman arkham asylum crash at startup (STEAM)
  134. Lost Profile/SaveData
  135. Perfect Knight bug
  136. Game crashes
  137. Lag When Using Batclaw
  138. Ivy and the Glasshouse Glitch [GOTY]
  139. Can’t start batman arkham asylum
  140. Batman: AA goes all pixelated ...*spoilers
  142. bita tester for the batman arkham Asylum sequel .
  143. explosive gel glitch when saving doctor young
  144. Crash when climbing to top of elevator
  145. Please help me, the game is hanging on my new 7000$ Falcon Machv
  146. I need help to get batman running
  147. saving game
  148. controls are confussing me
  149. saving game
  150. Keyboard/mouse not seen
  151. Feature Request: Quick Restart
  152. cannot install oh my god this is driving me crazy oh my god
  153. Botanical Gardens Crash
  154. Graphics glitching at any setting above low detail
  155. ShippingPC-BmGame.exe crash - cant update - cant play :(
  156. Nothing happens at the flashback where bats parents were killed
  157. Skipping opening cut scenes
  158. Feature Transfer Error
  159. xbox controller for PC
  160. scarecrow 2 cannot get down off the ledge.
  161. WayneTech upgrades not showing up at 12% completion, can't progress...
  162. Need to Grapple-HELP!!
  163. BAA GOTY Crashes Randomly
  164. Batman AA GOTY 1.1 Update (Steam)
  165. update help
  166. application problem
  167. version number??
  168. GOTY over regular edition?
  169. No sound after 3-4 mns of playing the game at all
  170. Visitor Room Crash GOTY
  171. 3D glasses
  172. Botanical Gardens ; Flooded Corridor
  173. Windows XP or 7?
  174. XRAY rescue
  175. Batman AA Crash Assertion Failed
  176. Killer Crock
  177. Missing ini file!
  178. How to do you kill Lunatics??
  179. Lower corridor glitch
  180. there's no F sigh to use the hook
  181. Plzzzz upload map - persistent game crash!
  182. Wth! Pc is slow after clean windows install
  183. Problems Getting Into Floor Grates
  184. plz help
  185. How To Upgrade BAA To Version 1.1?
  186. Can I Transfer My Saved Game To Another Account
  187. Please Help-Batman Arkham Asylum Error-HELP!
  188. Tips To Fight Titan Henchman And Henchman
  189. missing research in Arkham Library
  190. rescue doctor
  191. Crash and reboot during installation
  192. Signal out of range arghhhhh!
  193. Glitch - how to progress/fix?
  194. A few GOTY edition questions
  195. Link of the skins of the batman?
  196. Audio stuttering duringintro scenes
  197. everything becomes dark when I open the door :(
  198. Problem
  199. crash on third scarecrow fight
  200. BMGame is not working correctly
  201. At my wits end, PLEASE HELP!
  202. Error on startup with Steam and General Protection Fault
  203. Un/Reinstalling without losing Game Saves
  204. PS1000 game controller won't work!! Why??
  205. play as scarecrow (MODELS)
  206. Will I be able to play this game ?
  207. bugs/problems/rant
  208. Batman Arkham Asylum Attack Controls
  209. Is there a way of recording my gameplay.
  210. Batman:Arkham Asylum running slow
  211. help with batman :O
  212. Modified Bmgame.ini ?
  213. can't get past croc intro
  214. three in a row glitch(?)
  215. Live marketplace error
  216. Failed to initialise PhysX
  217. Could not write License Data?
  218. Weird PhysX-related problem
  219. update 1.1 does not install
  220. PC USB Controller Problem !!!
  221. I am from Greece and I Need help ...
  222. Can't install the patch so i can play the game.
  223. Will it work on my Laptop?
  224. New Rig, Game Slow Mo?
  225. Will not Install
  226. dvd not working
  227. What is the theme playing in the Play as Joker Trailer?
  228. CD Key Batman GOTY
  229. Bmgame.exe has stopped working
  230. Batman AA prob
  231. Grapple Problem at Dr Young's office
  232. Vote for joker!!! Contest
  233. Keybrd/mouse input not working only xbox360
  234. Appcrash, even after sevreal re-installs
  235. 5.1 sound sistem
  236. game crashs when i hit i quit in game
  237. Stuck before Joker's party - no enemies spawning
  238. Game refuses to update.
  239. Error comes while starting the game.
  240. Black screen after launching the game
  241. Where is my PHYS-X
  242. save games
  243. BAA Goty - Crash
  244. Missing Riddler Trophy
  245. Having Issues with the final joker battle...
  246. Installing DLC Joker Maps Offline?
  247. ShippingPC-BMGame.exe - Has encountered a problem(I tried everything)
  248. macbook with bootcamp i7 win 7 64
  249. How are people recording gameplay with the PC?
  250. Batman: Arkham City Screenshots