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  1. Is the Joker's Surprise the Blue Screen of Death? (Spoilers)
  2. Final Fight Help(Spoilers)
  3. Games for Windows Live not working
  4. Installation Popup
  5. Is it possible to start the game at a particular point?
  6. can't run game - bmlauncher crash
  7. Game freezes and sound loops
  8. Any new dlc on pc?
  9. Stuck in 'Apprehending Harley Quinn'
  10. PhysX not working?
  11. main hall crash.............
  12. Asus 4870x2 TriFan Issues
  13. To patch or not to patch?
  14. windows live is from HELL
  15. SPOILER**Chronicle of Arkham**SPOILER
  16. how do you check your achievements?
  17. Counter Icon on Hard
  18. Windows 7 x64 - Won't even install?!!!
  19. batman arkham asylum on PC
  20. Death Crash
  21. Through the Crash Door
  22. Continuous Crashing
  23. Anyway to kill the intro splash screens?
  24. :Patch help
  25. Game gets to black splash screen but wont go any further
  26. How to restore saved games
  27. F:\INT\setup.exe is not a valid Win32 application
  28. Locked at the very start
  29. Sound issues with BAA cut scenes
  30. stlport.5.1.dll
  31. Spoiler: Epilogue's
  32. Demo - Why is it spinning?
  33. Cheat console?
  34. In-game is incredibly slow! Help?!
  35. Crash, Crash and More Crash...
  36. Hangs - Sound Stutter - Reboot
  37. cant instal the game
  38. Glitch?
  39. Mouse does not work
  40. PL patch and discrimination polish gamers
  41. Product key invalid :(
  42. Problem with the Gadget weapons
  43. glitch durring the intro sequence
  44. Why isn't this game modable? What is this sick joke?
  45. PS2 controller issue
  46. PC turns off when i play - FRUSTRATING
  47. Issues with controls
  48. Batman,English Text
  49. remap keys
  50. Oh No!....is there no INVERT MOUSE!!!??? AAaarrg.
  51. Mano a Mano Achievment?
  52. Scarecrow cannot defeated in my game?????
  53. Batman Arkham Asylum Multi-Moniter Gameplay
  54. urgent help
  55. Problem with 360Controller
  56. Yet another grapple problem: Grapple Problem
  57. will there be a Patch 1.2?
  58. How to change language?
  59. Weird error message
  60. Okay anyone else having Glide issues?
  61. Changing controller keys for PC
  62. Sound Stutter.. Please help... totally desperate!!
  63. Huge gaphical glitch
  64. Any fix for GTX 2XX cards downclocking??
  65. My Expansion Pack Idea
  66. Finding Ivy at the botanical gardens with(!) goes wrong!
  67. I will NOT buy another Windows LIVE game!
  68. The mechanics of gliding...
  69. Not happy...
  70. 100% game reset and missing achievements
  71. Major crashing issues - possible spoiler alert
  72. Can't click install :(
  73. Major graphical problem on ati hd 4650
  74. Dialogue Sound Went Out! Help!
  75. Batman Screenshots???
  76. Botanical Gardens Problem
  77. Crashing please help !!
  78. Reasons why Eidos should release a map editor for B:AA
  79. Last Scarecrow fight (Is it supposed to work like this?)
  80. Saved Game Not Showing
  81. Explosive gel makes the game crash.
  82. BmLauncher-A thousand curses upon it
  83. preformance problems please help!!
  84. total shutdown of computer during play.
  85. The Game failes to launch if I set physX at High
  86. More patch problems
  87. Technical issues, would you imagine?
  88. Problem while launghing the game?
  89. Villain map pack
  90. Sound Stuttering & Dialog muted!
  91. Xbox 360 Controller not working with my copy
  92. What DLC does the PC version have?
  93. grip Bug .tryin to enter the mansion
  94. Third Scarecrow nightmare: batsuit
  95. Re-Downloading from steam after installing Win 7
  96. XBOX 360 controller for Windows ONLY?
  97. Challenge and DLC content...
  98. Install and Crash Errors
  99. Weird issue
  100. GWLive & Save games
  101. door to the scanning chamber Help ?
  102. Windows 7 and BAA...
  103. The Crash shuts my computer down. Help
  104. Batman Arkham Asylum Privately Modded?
  105. Jokers party problem
  106. Fast Multibatarang Bug
  107. Backing up profile, settings and save games.
  108. Ingame camera Angle
  109. Batman Crashing? Have the Steam version?
  110. Very annoying issue !
  111. Game will not start up
  112. Cannot get out of windowed mode?
  113. data6.cab
  114. PC running the game to fast
  115. Monitor Issue
  116. Pressure Control Room, Titan, 1000 Henchman & Death!! AAAHHHH!!
  117. Quantum of solace JBLauncher_.exe startup problems
  118. Following the story or deviating from it?
  119. Croc does not get shocked by his Collar.
  120. Physx crash on dedicated physx card
  121. Real install problem
  122. stuck on scarecrow dream sequence 2
  123. Monitor issue (3/4 being used)
  124. Graphic glitch on start up - any ideas?
  125. Batman AA: Annoyances.
  126. How to download Insane Night map pack on PC
  127. Reformatting, Batman, and broken
  128. crashes due "General Protection Fault!"
  129. xlive.dll is not a valid windows image
  130. transfer a saved
  131. Physics Stops working. Floating Papers...
  132. Have to Load Disk to Start the Game? That Right? ?!
  133. Tips for Figuring Out the Game? Appears to be Console Oriented and I'm Lost
  134. Saitek controller - movement inverted?
  135. Why that the game didn't sing me in after creating an offline account
  136. Game not working without Windows Live in Greece?????
  137. Windows XP to Windows 7 Game Save Transfer
  138. Challenges - Fighting or Preditor ?
  139. Batman Arkham Asylum MSAA Guide for ATi Video Cards
  140. Any way to restore saved files without the GFWL folders?
  141. Anyone running the game on a Toshiba Satellite A505-S6965?
  142. The disappearance of Challenge Mode
  143. Arkham Asylum fail after going for the elevar for plant
  144. Need Help With 2 Big Problems
  145. saving guards beat the clock electric water....
  146. Can't Play the game
  147. Redemption code for Scarecrow map
  148. BMAA Crashes on Launch as bats start to fly and Live tab shows
  149. PC character bios
  150. Batman Gilde Problem
  151. The Cryptographic Sequencer...
  152. Good tips on gameplay...
  153. No Phys-X option in settings?
  154. How to get Dem Bones Map
  155. Problem in the game - missing textures, can' continue!
  156. 239/240 my trophy is glitched?!?!
  157. BSOD on ATI- AMD and Graphic problem
  158. Cant get past electric floor in prison
  159. Crash on Arkham Mansion
  160. Dedicate a card?
  161. Batman: AA Runtime Error
  162. Strange room.
  163. Big installation issue.
  164. REAL slow graphics- soundcard or videocard?
  165. Keyboard Stops Working!!!
  166. Solution for ShippingPC-BmGame.exe problem
  167. Patch 1.1 needed for ATI cards?
  168. Batman: Arkham Asylum and Windows 7
  169. Are you using PhysX?
  170. ATI and Anti-Aliasing
  171. help can't open vents
  172. SLOW since the MENU
  173. Gameplay stutter(bad) on Windows 7 64bit.
  174. random crashes need fix. (no suggestions work yet)
  175. I need more life
  176. 99% damn it!!
  177. Using a common usb joypad to play BAA
  178. Video playback problems
  179. who got Dark Night suit and black suit mod? the download link in the forum is dead
  180. Activation Issues
  181. Unreal Engine 3 dev tools
  182. Problems reading DVD after installing Windows 7
  183. Dead End, How to pass !
  184. assertion failed
  185. Game will not start in my PC
  186. A possible solution to slowdown problems
  187. how to fly/glide
  188. Computer shuts down while playing
  189. Crypto sequencer (PC/keyboard and mouse)
  190. Batman was slow, now won't even work
  191. Can't grapple at this-should-be place!!!!!!!!
  192. help me please
  193. ShippingPC-BmGame.exe crash and Xfire solved
  194. Graphics issue?? help!!!!
  195. Batman Arkham Asylum S-3D Review!
  196. Waynetech Upgrade Artwork?
  197. Riddles...
  198. Controls Go Wonky - I'm Stuck! Help!
  199. Fast help needed
  200. How to restore offline save games
  201. IMP:: GFWL doesn't start while the intro videos
  202. Need help with these crashes
  203. Petition to Eidos Publish all DLCs
  204. Hi all batman fan's
  205. How come?
  206. The Joker
  207. Need Help please
  208. Peculiar Problem.
  209. Languages (PC)
  210. Possibly found useable Joker weapons?
  211. CHALLENGE MAPS: Possible Highscores (Calculation)
  212. Stuck at Titan Production Facility
  213. [Tech Q] - Unable to install
  214. Downloadable Content
  215. problem
  216. BAA causing recurring system freezes?
  217. Batmaan installation problem
  218. PC Guide for Batman Arkham Asylum?
  219. do i need to use the dvd to run batman everytime?
  220. is my game saving to my pc or online?
  221. Grapple Issue - I PURCHASED my game
  222. very odd crash in pump control room !!!!
  223. Stuck
  224. The Botanical Gardens...
  225. where to find dlc for retail version?
  226. very unusual game crash problem
  227. Harley Quinn fingerprints tracking bug
  228. GFWLive update has (I'm assuming) fixed all my headaches...
  229. Game slowdown. Maybe an Audio problem? If yes, suggest me a sound card.
  230. Congratulations to Eidos.........crash when I skip first movie.
  231. Before Setup, says I don't have latest driver?
  232. Is there a way to not use Games for Windows Live? I can't play.
  233. All the gadgets Batman needs
  234. Full Screen Mode Game Flashes
  235. problem playing on my monitor
  236. Windows Live doing my head in!!!
  237. Waynetech Upgrade Priorities...
  238. Cutscene Audio Problem (no voices)
  239. Stuck in Nightmare 2
  240. Problem with MSAA Patch / G4wl
  241. Stuck in the aviary
  242. Botanical Garden Glitch
  243. Where can I adjust graphic quality on pc version
  244. Stuck After Pump Room
  245. Can someone help
  246. TRAINERS for v1.1
  247. I got a Retail CD Key so what can I do?
  248. game keeps freezing and crashing
  249. c++ runtime error @batcave1 DVD
  250. Error at strat