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  1. How do you make screenshots?
  2. Insane Night Map pack download speed too low
  3. Can't grapple to the open vent above the Arkham Mansion??
  4. Why am I having controller issues?
  5. Doesn't let me grappel?
  6. Can I copy my progress to my Offline GFWL Profile?
  7. Stuck in the Batcave (57%)
  8. Where is the User Manual?
  9. BMGame has stopped responding...
  10. PC Controls
  11. The ground is gone.
  12. Nvidia and Ati
  13. Crashing at the end of any fight
  14. "no plans to release The NE DLC on PC"
  15. Runtime Error
  16. Too bad for full keyboard support
  17. Can't authenticate the product key
  18. Bug at Jockers Party
  19. Gamebraking Bug at Jockers Party! Help!
  20. Cheapest system upgrade for full physX?
  21. Difficulty settings
  22. Can't grapple in west pump room
  23. Batman Arkham Asylum catastrophic failure i have all the latest drivers
  24. Graphic Corruption Problems - Nvidia 8800 GT
  25. Game problem
  26. Random Crashes
  27. Stuck on the Splash Page
  28. Thank you Rocksteady
  29. GFWL my game does not start!!
  30. nVidia SLI trouble?
  31. Alternative entrance to the Botanical Gardens?
  32. grapichs bug and game crash
  33. Endlessly Updating
  34. General Protection Fault
  35. Doctor Crane problem!!!
  36. For all who have a grapple problem read my note!
  37. BAA crashing at cutscenes and randomly
  38. Game reboots my computer! Help
  39. Botanical Gardens error
  40. FPS drops down
  41. Foreign Version -> The French one
  42. Party Crasher Bug
  43. BSOD saving 3 doctors
  44. nvidia sli 275 GTX
  45. GFWL "G" "Points"
  46. GFWL not logging in for last two days for me. :(
  47. Crash when opening doors
  48. how to skip beginning screens
  49. Game Crashed at end *SPOILERS"
  50. stuck on 2nd scarecrow..can't drop down 2nd ledge
  51. "Bmgame has stopped working" :@
  52. Error: The profile could not be signed in to LIVE. There may be a network problem or
  53. Is there anybody who have droping framerate,too?
  54. Game Not working
  55. Trapped in the medical basement
  56. Runtime error crash before batcave
  57. Arkham Mansion Joker Tooth hunt! (spoiler)
  58. Cannot Redeem Pre order code - Armored Batsuit?
  59. How to reset game difficulty?
  60. Batman: AA Issues
  61. -nomoviestartup Cause game to fail at loading.
  62. BAA Crashing On Botanical Gardens
  63. PhysX -- do you really notice it?
  64. Crashes at Medical Facility
  65. Shadows on Models Shimmer?
  66. Windows LIVE--I Can't Get It to Work!!
  67. Batman crash with long error
  68. Mouse Goes Out of Game Window
  69. Need to edit UPK Files for subtitle
  70. Problems after patch 1.1
  71. I should have skipped this game.
  72. Steam Version, Same Crashes
  73. Crashes
  74. save system question
  75. Problem due to Offline Account
  76. Manual has no serial number?
  77. Strange bug?
  78. Batman Arkham Asylum performance boost
  79. crash on start up
  80. Is it possible to upgrade to Hard difficulty?
  81. How to get rid of ugly Physx logo???
  82. so buggy I lost my head
  83. not signing into gfwl...
  84. Possible Console Commands
  85. Bug
  86. Can't Install the Patch
  87. Anti-Aliasing for ATI/AMD USers
  88. Bad DVDs in WNY?
  89. Getting rid of game intros
  90. Crc Errors during install followed by Catastrophic Failure
  91. A Fairly Minor Issue, I Think...
  92. How do you change screen res?
  93. Skipping Audio for Cut scenes
  94. Challange Mode Video
  95. fix for some sort of isues
  96. losing mouse
  97. final fight bug *SPOILER*
  98. so much for this game will be great with all the mods.......
  99. Playable Joker?
  100. Problems with PhysX
  101. Modding: Where are the Textures of... SPOILER?
  102. Enabling screenshots - Please help!
  103. Modding: tfc-file format
  104. Working level select (ini file modding)
  105. Multiple issues with Batman Arkham Asylum
  106. Issues with Installation - Install grayed out
  107. Muted voices?
  108. Some issues
  109. Playing DLC Offline, is it Possible?
  110. Any Willing To Share Saved Games
  111. Spawning NPC's and Slo-mo?
  112. Frame Rate Problems
  113. 2nd scarecrow dream issue ( not pirated )
  114. Audio Glitches
  115. Crocs lair Security Panel driving me nuts!
  116. Your Version of the Game and Your Problem
  117. Medical facility crash
  118. seculauncher: failed to start application. [9000] -> 0x00000002
  119. Any plans for a sequel?
  120. Question for those with dual core processors
  121. Suicide Collar sound request
  122. Voices are irrationally quiet
  123. Spoiler Question
  124. GFWL problem
  125. Menu anything 2D VERY laggy
  126. DLC on PC - where can I get this?
  127. Modding: NameTable.txt from overworld_a1.umap
  128. game doesn't run anymore
  129. Stuck in window mode
  130. Does EIDOS PR Read Forum Posts? Need Help!
  131. Does the PC version of Batman: Arkham Asylum support 5.1 audio?
  132. Beggin for batmanselector
  133. Door doesn't open + no audio
  134. help!!!!!!!!!!!
  135. Crash when trying to save guards from Harley
  136. Using explosivges CRASH
  137. Crashing trying to use EXPLOSIVES on PC
  138. BANE (Spoilers)
  139. Batsuit ripped during challenge mode too?!
  140. if they make a sequel what changes do want .....
  141. Controls stops working
  142. Crash when approaching a Guardhouse
  143. Crash solutions & removing splash screens
  144. PS3 controller issues
  145. Cannot Graple Out of BatCave
  146. Patch v1.2?
  147. Trophy bug after game complete?
  148. Doors in the Detective Mode
  149. Map building Refrence request
  150. no grapple possibilities after titans fight WATER PUMPS
  151. Continiue Riddler-Search after endig?
  152. PhysX doesn't work?
  153. No Grapple or dechiper of Arkham emblems
  154. Possible reason for all the grapple problems throughout the game
  155. Batman: AA thinks it knows better than me - turned off PhysX
  156. anyone able to get into this room?
  157. explosive trigger with middle mouse button
  158. Game Hangs at Wayne Manor
  159. Mouse not staying focused on the window.
  160. Having trouble running Batman AA with a ATI radeon card
  161. audio a bit jittery
  162. Curropt save = Challenge mode locked :(
  163. Batman: Arkham Asylum IRC Channel
  164. Can't even start the game
  165. Office 2007 Issues
  166. nVidia released new 191.03 BETA-drivers. Up to 8% perf. increase in B:AA!
  167. Missing Files after Windows Live Update
  168. EIDOS and nVidia
  169. Any chance the Live Score Board's could be fixed?
  170. Batman wont let go of the ledge
  171. Dr. Young...
  172. Getting the game to work on an ATI card
  173. Joker Ending (Spoilers)
  174. Save game data
  175. Riddler's Riddles... aren't very good...
  176. Constant Crashing with Batman AA
  177. Starting to get bad texture corruption. *SPOILER*
  178. Patch for ATI users
  179. Why is the DVD needed to play?
  180. I can't kill bane!!
  181. Quick Questions...
  182. Huge performance drop towards end of the game
  183. Grapple after protect batmobile
  184. Unofficial Community Leaderboard
  185. I can't backtrack last 2 riddles
  186. Windows 7, Game Does Not Launch
  187. Can you enable Physx with an ATI card?
  188. Uh...what happened to moddability and mapping?
  189. Finished the game at 61%?
  190. Bug?
  191. Stuck in the Medical Facility
  192. Running too slow
  193. Problem starting the game
  194. Challenges missing.
  195. Game Won't Launch - Ordinal Not Found
  196. BAA Subtitles request -
  197. Live score hummm strange
  198. Joker Battle game crash/button issues
  199. Controls Problem
  200. Play as Joker / Replay Joker Level
  201. Game won't start at all.
  202. CRC Error During Install
  203. Problems start of Batman: Arkham Asylum
  204. How to restore Save Game
  205. Ivy's Physx problems
  206. Keyboard controls doesn't work
  207. Missing last Batman AA deciphered message ...
  208. Visual C++ Runtime Crash in Mansion Entrance Hall
  209. Severe sound problems
  210. Scarecrow extreme slow down
  211. Savegames - Part 1 : Intro to Morgue
  212. What is wrong? Help please! My camera angle seems tilted.
  213. Eidos..when Superman in turn created
  214. POLL: NVIDIA vs. ATI crash statistics
  215. Story Mode Completed or not???
  216. Detected Negative Delta Time Crash
  217. XP/Vista/7 Restart or Die Crash
  218. I am almost cirtian this crash is due to my GPU being broken, but just to check...
  219. Command Line Parameters
  220. Patch Re-enables PhysX When ATI Card is Present
  221. Crash..
  222. Toggle Crouch
  223. Half-installed, crashed and can now neither play or install
  224. Batman Graphics Error, Need Help?
  225. Loved Batman when it worked...
  226. No video card out right now can destroy this game.
  227. BFG PPU PhysX 100 Series + ATI
  228. Games for Windows Live update
  229. V Sync?
  230. No voices or musical sounds when playing.
  231. Can't play DLC wrong language
  232. Unable to use Ctrl + space
  233. Offline Playing
  234. Invert Mousewheel Bindings on BM:AA
  235. Official 191.07 WHQL Driver release
  236. Batman PC Achievements? not sure which to get
  237. Game won't run
  238. Invalid Serial
  239. On screen button icon
  240. If the demo crashes, will the full game do the same?
  241. I need help
  242. Anisotropic Filtering
  243. Constant Crashing - Unplayable!
  244. Please help
  245. Stuck in the Gardens
  246. Stuck in the Gardens
  247. So, how do you show fps in-game?
  248. Need help about account
  249. Cutscenes
  250. Missing textures/massive slowdown