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  1. Armoured batsuit unlock code
  2. Can't start game
  3. I cant use the keyboard as a control
  4. Activate the Game
  5. Steam release Europe
  6. More Crashes
  7. Games for Windows - LIVE / Batman Update error
  8. It's not physx it's windows live
  9. Location of saved game
  10. Anything new on the crash issue?
  11. Eurogamer Batman Console/PC Face Off
  12. Crash everytime I play
  13. Can't wait for the modding to begin!
  14. Install error
  15. PhysX no HW compatible with a 9800GT!??
  16. my sad story
  17. 'Gordon Crash' - Information Request
  18. PC Version Menu Bug.
  19. Game crashes after first cut scene If GFWL is logged in.
  20. Request for save
  21. GFWL live just pauses when game start
  22. Explosive Gel? What with the what what…?
  23. Where does the patch download to?
  24. is this a fault or is it just me
  25. Graphics Comparison: Batman vs. RE5
  26. Enemies holding their heads?
  27. "Sandbox" mode
  28. Physx stops working
  29. CRC Error (installation)
  30. Exporting voice stuff?
  31. weird drop outs and graphic corruptions ????
  32. Sound bug?!
  33. Audio problems
  34. shader software
  35. Steam download question?
  36. Keyboard Controls Can't Bind "Jump"?
  37. Rescuing Dr. Young from Zsasz
  38. Application failed to initialized properly (0x0000005). Error
  39. Physx Watered-down?
  40. XBOX 360 wireless controller problem
  41. Request From Batman: Arkham Asylum Fans - Level Editor/Creator
  42. Has anyone gotten the dembones challenge without preorder?
  43. ATi FSAA not working before or after 1.1 patch!
  44. Chaning Bsmoothframerate=False wont stay?
  45. Where can I find my saved games?
  46. desktop icon
  47. comedy and more comedy
  48. So what the hell is going on?
  49. Dead body physics?
  50. Installation Issues.
  51. Left stick controlls STILL inverted, option doesnt work!
  52. No Dem Bones code from GAME
  53. Big FPS drop!
  54. I wont be buying this game until is fixed
  55. people with the lagging and crash problem
  56. Game crashes while loading, failed to add interaction
  57. Combos with no manual?
  58. Random Freezing while playing
  59. Saving the game and patches
  60. Crash from desktop - help needed
  61. General Protection Fault!
  62. Crash to Desktop after downloading Insane Map
  63. Installation of Patch
  64. Keyboard control assigning problem
  65. Game Crash
  66. Saves
  67. Cant access keyboard
  68. Patch download ain't starting
  69. Play pre order and armoured batsuit unlock
  70. Problema con il download dell'aggiornamento?
  71. I simply cannot seem to be able to open vents
  72. Crash on Restart or Die
  73. Installation issue
  74. eidos, ban the cheaters.
  75. Runtime Error
  76. EIDOS: Thanks for allowing Rocksteady to produce a FANTASTIC PC game....... However..
  77. Joker frozen and Endgame crash
  78. Grapple Not Working..!!!!!
  79. Crash When Opening Door -*Possilble Spoiler*-
  80. Can't make beetles on stone tablet talk
  81. Controls - What the hell?
  82. Can't access saved game
  83. Pieprzona Cenega!
  84. game crash, first time installed
  85. Graple problem in croc hunt scarecrow
  86. Game not recognizing back up save
  87. Steamworks
  88. Camera problems
  89. Problem in the second Scarecrow sequence
  90. 6hrs of gameplay and 30 percent done
  91. Boss Fight *SPOILERS*
  92. Display stops responding!!!!
  93. Cant start game ATI user
  94. Changing Language to English
  95. Riddler Challenge puzzles
  96. Realtek Audio Support
  97. Agghhhh help
  98. Unable to rotate camera
  99. New RealTek drivers
  100. Please log me in to Games for Windows Live
  101. At a loss at cause of stuttering
  102. 100% Completion Question Regarding Challenges
  103. Armoured Batsuit?
  104. how to install patch 1.1??? it doesnt start automaticly :(
  105. challenge mode hard lock up :(
  106. Suffering from bathead....
  107. Crash during install, unable to play or reinstall
  108. percentage?
  109. Game Crash with blue screen
  110. Dem Bones not showing up after DL
  111. [Desperate] saved back up not working
  112. Crashes with this error...?
  113. Wallpaper Request If I May Pleeese
  114. Error in Batman Launcher
  115. Problem: SecuLauncer 9000
  116. Total system freeze.
  117. camera spin problem
  118. What video card wouldn't be bottle-necking my system?
  119. How come alot of the wallpapers for Batman Arkham Asylum are not 1080p wallpapers?
  120. What you think ould lighten the mood/be funny in Arkham
  121. nv4_disp.dll BLUE SCREEN error?!
  122. GFWL help?
  123. Windows Live Erased My Saved Game *Spoilers*
  124. 64bit OS or 32bit OS for Batman Arkham Asylum???
  125. Whats your GFWL account ID?
  126. Crashes render game unplayable, details within :(
  127. Air vents - A general rant
  128. You shouldn't be here....
  129. GFWL Stuttering
  130. what serial?
  131. C++ error
  132. Gamepads
  133. WGL erased my saved game !
  134. Inverted Forward/Backward Not Working
  135. Challenge Mode Crash
  136. How to increase the subtitle font size?
  137. Missing Speech
  138. glitch with steam version of the game
  139. Cryptographic Sequencer Controls for PC--VERY frustrating
  140. multiplayer
  141. Challenge Room Load Problem (May contain spoilers)
  142. A large number of bugs that practically ruined the ending **Spoilers**
  143. Stuck on "You have not signed into a profile"
  144. Getting the ps3 controller to fully work on the pc version?
  145. Got logged off Live, lost 2 achievements
  146. PhysX stops working, objects float above floor?
  147. batman arkham asylum crash at startup
  148. about game etc,
  149. Starting new game - does Riddles reset?
  150. Quick Update Question
  151. Warning: lose save games when switching to GFWL live
  152. Difference between physx normal and high? I run it on high at a bad resolution 800 x
  153. Can't crouch and use the action button
  154. Riddler Achievements Bugged...
  155. PC Freezes on Launch
  156. Armored batman bug?
  157. Another GFWL problem... :s
  158. Congratulations to the developers
  159. Reselling possible due to copy-protection?
  160. Timing In the game is an old primitive developer's trick
  161. Where is my Physx ON/OFF option?! HELP!
  162. Game constantly lags in Main Menu/Display driver stops responding
  163. Windows Live/Batman AA Update?
  164. Big Microsoft .NET Framework problem (needed for GFWL)
  165. How do i unlock everything? trainer/hack?
  166. GFWL! should be on ALL PC games
  167. PhysX comparison video - full version
  168. Game Crash after protecting the Batmobile
  169. Frame rate drops intermittently - Alt tabbing and waiting brings it back
  170. Really bad performance with physx on
  171. Removal of HUD?
  172. Eidos fails at "Crack protection" and users who have the game have to suffer
  173. quick question about Intensive Treatment/Island Surface
  174. Save game lost!
  175. I want My Save Data
  176. Problem Installing
  177. Graphical glitches. Please help
  178. All Gold medals on Combat challenges
  179. Saved games gone (has spoilers to help admin).
  180. Corrupt Save Game!
  181. B o t a n i c a l G a r d e n s hostages -> bug/problem
  182. MS LIVE causing problems
  183. Insane Night Map Pack Problem
  184. Where are B:AA SAVES?
  185. Is it possible to start again on another difficulty?
  186. Geforce 8800 gts 320 and no physx
  187. Useful and extremely helpful tips:
  188. NEW MENU BUTTON: Scenes ( DLC ) EIDOS TAKE A LOOK. pleassseee!
  189. complete!
  190. heavy graphical glitch before Scarecrow 3 (?)
  191. Completed story mode!
  192. corrupted save data
  193. Aww, this makes me sad
  194. my thoughts on the game (Devs please read)
  195. Will the game be moddable at one point?
  196. What should my AVG FPS be?
  197. GFWL never downloads anything
  198. AMD Dual Core Optimizer error
  199. Physx still not working, even after driver re-install
  200. 2.5 Millons Units Shipped
  201. Scarecrow 2 ledge problem
  202. Can't Get Past Opening Credits
  203. Stunning.... middle mouse button or e
  204. Unable to log into GFWL profile
  205. how do you kill zsasz?
  206. ATI anti alising?
  207. Install Game Disabled - HELP
  208. Problem with scarecrow part
  209. Question: Batman's Armored suit and unlocks that you've chosen after the game is done
  210. Patch 1.1 Released
  211. Scarecrow 1 system crash
  212. Missing Arkham message?
  213. Please help! Game crash!!
  214. game freezes after batcave visit 2
  215. PC Glitch when entering the botanical gardens
  216. Game keeps Freezing. Please Help
  217. Restart at Scarecrow section, can't see my character
  218. Possilble Soulution to FPS crash, framerate stutters
  219. stuck at main sewer junction
  220. Stupid GFWL won't let me play the game
  221. Grapple Bug? *SPOILER ALERT*
  222. LOL too funny here if I wouldve played for 5min longer
  223. Stutters and Crashes
  224. Product key
  225. Optimising...
  226. problems corner covering and opening the flood gate
  227. Pink Floyd moment SPOILER
  228. Way to completely mess up a game...
  229. CTD During "Warning, contains blood.." and before "NVIDIA" logo.
  230. Limited edition product key
  231. Crash To Desktop: Can't get past "Warning: Contains Blood" intro.
  232. Patch 1.1 & old saves?
  233. Can a dual core pc run a gtx295 on it?
  234. Question? about Batman and Live?
  235. Wont even start.
  236. Possible bug in flooded corridor...maybe?
  237. Crash Roughly 10 minutes in (Realtek?)
  238. Setting Resolution and Graphic Settings
  239. How to completely uninstall BAA.
  240. Game Crashes two types.
  241. Meanest thing you've done to a thug
  242. No Physx Option
  243. General Protection Fault
  244. Messed up with Volume
  245. single card users feedback on physx
  246. GFWL is the $#!T
  247. Batman: AA Title Update 1.1 - Eng/Fre/Ita/Spa/Ger Version
  248. Keyboard not responsive (Bugs?)
  249. GFWL offline -> online profile w/ BAA saves
  250. How fix inverted gamepad on 64bit