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  1. JC2 PS3/360 res analysis
  2. Willlllllson!!!
  3. Speed boat underwater (video)
  4. Stop using the extraction! (trust me)
  5. coords
  6. Custom Soundtrack Support on the PS3 would ROCK
  7. Should they vary the DLC for the game??!!
  8. I drove all night...
  9. Glicthy thing
  10. Black Martket menu
  11. always raining, always night
  12. [BUG] Ghostriders in Panau: Care are going the wrong way XD
  13. guys i need a little help
  14. stunt fail =D
  15. Vote for your _-DLC!-_ !!! New Idea !
  16. weird glitch
  17. Good idea for the Merchanaries mode
  18. How can I get past the Rig mission?
  19. take a look at my video :)
  20. Vote for your dlc (voting stage)
  21. Some of my PS3 Vids :-D .
  22. Sign Up To The Beta Website !
  23. Forgot To Tie It Down
  24. Check out this stupid pilot :D
  25. Post your sick videos here
  26. Vanderbildt leisureliner
  27. Great dlc idea
  28. Stats to show on leaderboard?
  29. Balloon ride
  30. New Glitch found on last mission
  31. Hey Comb-raids! here's question and fact
  32. Favourite Mission
  33. I want the transdimensional teleport used by these guys!
  34. is Just Cause 2 unrealistic?
  35. anybody know how to locate the hidden skull, black boxes etc
  36. What is your favourite vehicle?
  37. Should be an online game
  38. Second spawn location for the Pocumtuck Nomad!
  39. Double Tethers???
  40. help linking game stats to web page
  41. The Dual-Hook feature is too weak in the full Just Cause 2 Game!
  42. are cheats included in this game?
  43. check out this glitch
  44. Getting out of the glass dome
  45. Heli Killing... Not quite what you would expect
  46. THIS is why dual lvl6 revolvers are awesome
  47. Easter Egg hunting group
  48. The Military Traffic is Way Too Aggressive
  49. Funny & Annoying SAM missile bug
  50. What if you got caught blowing stuff up? Excuses?
  51. Generators, I really hate you
  52. switching guns
  53. Suggestion: Vehicle Repair Kits from Black Market
  54. Couple of things that need to answered 8)
  55. Missing vehicle, and question about dlc.
  56. Panau needs a railroad
  57. why cant i get the stunt flyer achievement
  58. Areas with the most propane tanks?
  59. They should put the Pre-order items as dlc on XBL & PSN
  60. Homepage Gamestats
  61. My fellow panauans..
  62. 3d map
  63. a question
  64. I Finished The Game !
  65. an other question
  66. Landing Gear For Planes
  67. Moving city dot
  68. would this be a good idea?
  69. Official Monster Truck thread
  70. Cannot Compleate Mission
  71. where can I find the DingDong bus?
  72. Awan Cendawan Power Plant Stronghold Help
  73. new Just Cause 2 website containing everything you need to know!
  74. I'm not buying any DLC until this game gets patched!
  75. There is no mv command
  76. Is it possible to change vehicle models?
  77. All agency missions unlocked at the same time?!
  78. After the platinum trophy...
  79. I know what the game is missing (for me atleast)
  80. Monster Truck now available in Europe!
  81. The Best Community Ever!
  82. Heres my first montage i've ever made....
  83. Just Cause 2 - Xbox Live
  84. Saving the Whale
  85. Do You Think This Would Be a good Idea ? (Easter Egg Hunts)
  86. No Monstertruck on XBOX Live Europe
  87. why don't you get chased by harriers??
  88. How do I get all vehicles in Black Market (PS3)?
  89. Swing glitch homage?
  90. Where did they put the suns light source?
  91. Highest parachute climbing
  92. Two Glitches I Came Across...(submarine boats & invisible chute)
  93. Have long will you be playing for?
  94. Wierdest glitch evarr
  95. Just Caused a headache
  96. What's With This Oil Rig Business?
  97. Best Quote from JC2!
  98. Just Cause 2 Add on Support
  99. The slowmow series.. plz see
  100. What I love about Just Cause 2...
  101. How long did you take completing the 4 big cities on 100% each
  102. Can't find last faction mission
  103. Okay, Who Hexes Just Cause 2?
  104. Just cause 2 invisible building wth
  105. Something Fun, Though a Little Bit Dumb
  106. Suggestion: Playground Mode
  107. Should i buy this game today?
  108. agency missions
  109. the oil rigs
  110. mission locations? *possible spoilers*
  111. A few thngs I don't understand
  112. anatomy of a stunt
  113. Suggestion: Make attack jets more useful/easier
  114. Nod to Coddington?
  115. Suggestion: Si-47 Leopard VTOL Mode (with way to make it work)
  116. Help...need location for canyon jump and where is the monster truck???
  117. I did EVERYTHING, but I only have 97%? WTF?
  118. Please someone help!
  119. 100% on segment without visiting
  120. Another problem with the guns.
  121. For those who do not think the water is deep enough...
  122. Any performance differences with the DLC parachutes?
  123. Praise be to the Tuk Tuk
  124. A monster truck, a gap, and a fail!!!
  125. Is Gamestats down???
  126. The Flight of the Tuk Tuk
  127. unmarked mobile radars
  128. Monster Truck DLC will probably come to xbox....
  129. I've found an invisible mid-air structure :)
  130. New Patch!!!
  131. Just cause 2 vids
  132. i found this massive military boat!
  133. Completion Percentage Bug
  134. Basejump spot of trailer?
  135. Most vicious road kill ever?
  136. Sky Falls: My Second Video Attempt
  137. Gioteck PS3 Controller Real Triggers
  138. Can you upload more than 30 seconds?
  139. How do you get the collects????
  140. Possibly the best fan-site you have seen ! =O
  141. How do you get all the unique vehicles???
  142. This game would have been even bigger & better on Blu-Ray..
  143. VTOL? Why not Avalanche?
  144. Demo Reaper Hideout in Full Version?
  145. bungie cord diving
  146. Invisible Collectibles Glitch?
  147. What is on your Wishlist for the Patch!
  148. To the developers.
  149. $ i$land...
  150. Some fun with a tank and plane
  151. Tumble Video's >> HERE <<
  152. Gasping For Air!
  153. Help with last 3% of stronghold
  154. Best way to make montage video?
  155. Eidos, SE and Avalanche
  156. suggestion for patch/dlc
  157. tallest base jump?
  158. Single core workaround?
  159. Two SAMs chasing each other: Video
  160. :O multiplayer?
  161. my fav. new glitch!
  162. Question
  163. Once windmills are destroyed, do they stay destroyed?
  164. Stuck in a Mission
  165. what is the point of being a JC2 passenger
  166. Go back to Agency hideout at end of Story Mission 4?
  167. Nvidia Dekstop Colors in-game.
  168. It's a trivial matter, but...
  169. Official nitpick thread.
  170. Unlock travel to any location
  171. Framerate
  172. there should be bombs on aircrafts!!!
  173. Easiest way to get wrecking ball kills?
  174. No monster truck?!
  175. The Saving in this game is rediculous!!!
  176. please read this devolpers please
  177. Starting A New Game
  178. Can you view all your posts in 1 spot?
  179. funny lines across my screen while playing this
  180. Huge Rico will CRUSH YOU!
  181. Favourite part of island
  182. DLC helicopter anyone?
  183. never met the roaches
  184. Great Holiday! But now I must leave for Liberty City...
  185. Keys to the City Mode
  186. I want to be able to use my grapple hook while riding a motorcycle
  187. Whale gone
  188. Airpotrs/Air bases
  189. Totally emty Panau
  190. Where the xbox 360 DLC monster truck for EU and UK
  191. No exclusive DLC in my limited edition version?
  192. Is Avalanche studios giving us the brush-off ?
  193. The PS3 save game bug
  194. The grapple rope strength confuses me
  195. Army Jeep Tyres, made out of paper it seems
  196. Raise the roof stunt
  197. It seems all Vehicles in this Game............
  198. Odd glitches?
  199. Avalanche Studios Developers.. Come in here.
  200. Civilian Hamaya GSY 650S?
  201. HAR HAR HAR Her cause is unjustified
  202. Thinking of buying - some advice please
  203. Fan made commercial
  204. just cause 2 website
  205. The Bolo Santosi Appreciation Society (+Bolo Soundboard)
  206. What were you thinking yesh!!
  207. My Unofficial Trailer - "Flash"
  208. Agency must be low tech
  209. Grapple rope should effect the world!
  210. Mercenary Mode
  211. Just Cause Youtube Videos - Made by People Other Than in this Forum!
  212. Airport Trouble Mission, what am I ment to do? *spoiler*
  213. Just cause 2 (PC) FREEZING RESOLVED?
  214. running out of stuff to do
  215. Epic battle, epic fail!
  216. cheats and video capture question
  217. JC2MP Sync Test #1
  218. Dose anyone no?
  219. Armour Upgrades
  220. Any way to get the free pre-order dlc?
  221. Is it just me who thinks Multiplayer would be Aweswom?
  222. Having a bit of a problem with keyboard detection.
  223. monster truck sucks on water
  224. Dlc
  225. An Error has Occurred. (8002D023) <--- Huh?
  226. about the game
  227. Multiple Saves
  228. Awesome Rocket Dodge!
  229. Gamestats
  230. Unai's videos with weird bugs
  231. new idea - new ship, HydroFoil
  232. I have an idea for a DLC plane!
  233. Panau City - Residential District
  234. Waypoints dont work in the city!
  235. Coordinates, not Easter Eggs
  236. The Mile High Club
  237. Pause menu glitch
  238. how do u link 360 game to website
  239. Pre Order DLC Issue, plz help.
  240. New Stunt Jump Challenge!
  241. Rico Can fly
  242. Deeply Considering Buying
  243. you know your playing JC2 too much when..........
  244. In da city
  245. Best Vehicle in Just Cause 2 IMO.
  246. were can i find the rv
  247. Race Track is fun!!
  248. Speedster DLC Idea 56k warning
  249. Save your cars...sort of.
  250. Unlocking Milestones ingame