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  1. Official System Requirement
  2. TRU demo technical problems and glitches!!
  3. Demo not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Problems with Demo on PC
  5. Agh!!!! Too Big!!!!
  6. Pleeeeease HELP!
  7. Failed to initialize Direct3D with current settings
  8. Tomb Raider : Underworld FAQ - Read this first!
  9. Why can't I map the Mousekeys? :(
  10. Help Me
  11. What the??!!
  12. I Need Help I Installed It But I Cant Find The Icon To Play It
  13. nothing is powerful enough
  14. Please help me !!!
  15. help me josh1122
  16. No TRU Demo for Me...
  17. Bigfile000
  18. Demo which works below official system requirements :):::
  19. PC demo seriously lagging!!
  20. Error With Demo!!!
  21. TRU Prob
  22. Things rendered at wrong depth!
  23. OK i Can Easily Say i have the Worst Problem!
  24. help with tr underworld demo
  25. Loading weirdness...
  26. I need bigfile.000
  27. Shadows on Lara even everything maxed looks crappy
  28. GeForce 6200
  29. Is this a demo or a beta? PDA broken.
  30. CRC Error occured while installing!
  31. Direct 3D???!!!!
  32. demo loads then reboots my computer. ??
  33. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
  34. Can't Find FModex.dll
  35. Direct 3D problems even with supported card.
  36. Help! Please!
  37. Help! Problems with Download
  38. Help!: Failed to initialize Direct 3D with current settings
  39. Question concerning Download
  40. Graphic card geforce 8800 gt
  41. Joystick buttons wrongly labelled
  42. Serious Graphics Problem with HD 4870
  43. installation
  44. TRU Demo in Mac OSX's Virtual Machines like VMware Fusion
  45. Why use Shader 3 in TRU?
  46. Demo crashes (overheated) Dell XPS1710 laptop
  47. Demo Gameplay Pics :rolleyes:
  48. Demo not working
  49. Direct3D "Debug" problem.
  50. Black Screen on start
  51. Drivers?
  52. PS3 Version Camera Control
  53. Xfx 8800 Gtx Works!!!!!!!!!!!
  54. Need information related to graphics setings
  55. pc shuts down after starting demo
  56. Really need your help guys.
  57. TRU demo error
  58. Invalid instruction
  59. looking for a driver
  60. really strange problem
  61. PC Demo too fast?
  62. ***** computers
  63. Control Configuration + Right Mouse button
  64. Texture filtering LOD problems.
  65. Post In Your Bugs Found In Underworld Demo (ATTENTION EIDOS AND CRYSTAL-DYNAMICS)
  66. PS3 controller on PC demo
  67. Xbox 360 vs Wii
  68. can i do it????????????
  69. Demo goes really slow!!!!
  70. I really really need help with this one!!!
  71. D-pad does not map
  72. will the game run smoothly on my pc?
  73. tru some Ideas with FOV for 3840x1024?
  74. Black screen problem
  75. Who has an Nvidia 7600GT and can run the demo smoothly?
  76. Unable to run the TRU on an iMac using bootcamp
  77. Demo stuttering...
  78. Only can see the outline
  79. Why is there no PSP Version of TRU?
  80. Running underworld
  81. No vibration-function in the game!
  82. TRU demo won't launch, crashes
  83. getting new sony lap top. any suggestions?
  84. help by downloading..
  85. I want an advise for buing a new graphic card for TRU!
  86. Can my computer handle TRU?
  87. Problem with in game texturing
  88. Mouse key mapping workaround
  89. Framerate issues.
  90. Long install time for Underworld
  91. Windowed Mode?
  92. TRU is running slow
  93. Tech Stuff..
  94. Wii Underworld problem
  95. Unplayable framerate!
  96. Game Crashes!!! Help
  97. Game Crashes
  98. Video Card info blah
  99. Serious game crashing!
  100. Game crashes in exact same spot
  101. Help.. getting CTD's
  102. It just won't start!
  103. Bug in the level Shiva's gate
  104. Bug? You can "lose" the motorcyle? (Mexico)
  105. Game ran fine but now says dont have the resources
  106. "Underworld" stops after Disc Check
  107. major bug....frame rate drops...
  108. Doesn't run smoothly
  109. unable to activate my game by download at eidos site
  110. Sound Problems on PS3
  111. Speed Demon Achievement Bug
  112. MAJOR BUG - Floating eyes?!?
  113. physics bug in the poison serpent room
  114. Crash after prologue.
  115. Savegames
  116. Self Shadow Lara Must Fix!!!!!!! PC
  117. how could they do this
  118. Game stalls even on lowest settings
  119. thailand problem
  120. FPS Issue
  121. NVIDIA 9400 -- Go or No Go?
  122. Problems with game, not being able to complete level... (PS3)
  123. Stuck in Mexico at the end
  124. PS3 bugs
  125. Wii game freezes, again even after power off
  126. URGENT: Patch for TR:U that fixes NVidia 7series lagging/crashing/freezing
  127. Crashing In Mexico
  128. Is Crystal Dynamics going to offer a patch to an unfinished game?
  129. constant crashing pc
  130. Underworld on iMac in bootcamp?
  131. Thailand
  132. CTD 2 turns into Yggdrasil
  133. Crash tomb raider underworld PS3
  134. Eidos have no time to fix PC frame rate problem???
  135. File Download Troubles
  136. Cannot save in TRU (PC)
  137. Grafic Problem
  138. Please help
  139. Wii version recall?
  140. CRC error occured while installing
  141. Loading screen freeze
  142. Crashes after about 1 to 2 mins of playing
  143. Playing TR on XBOX
  144. Stuck when trying to get back to xiba;ba
  145. USB Keyboard Not Recognized?
  146. Problems with Controls
  147. Ingame problem
  148. crashing-problem -help!
  149. (Wii) The biggest disaster for a TombRaider game!
  150. Overly intense environmental "rumbling" sound from the subwoofer?
  151. Partial Solution Framerate Serie NVidia 6 & 7
  152. TRU for Mac?!
  153. Xbox: Ramp glitch in Mexico = Horrible
  154. i cant pull the statue...!!!
  155. more nvidia probs
  156. Pleading for a patch (lots of little problems)
  157. Known Mexico Ramp Bug = Libel?
  158. GeForce 9600GT Overclock 512MB PCI-E?
  159. News Flash: Disable ZoneAlarm To Avoid Issues
  160. problem in game starting
  161. valhalla section..
  162. valhalla section
  163. Valhalla Section..
  164. How to uninstall/reinstall Tomb Raider?
  165. valhalla hammerhall
  166. So who wants to know how to fix their stuttering? Solution inside...
  167. Crash after Level 4 (Wii)
  168. The Mid Guard serpent Ramp Gltich Fix
  169. demo won't run on supposedly supported graphics card
  170. Why does it run slow on my PC?
  171. Game freezed in one part of the artic level/ rebooted console, trying to exit game.
  172. Game runs too fast!! PC version (No joke)
  173. keyboard problem on Tomb Raider - Underworld
  174. PS3 - Games Testing - Tomb Raider Underworld
  175. PC help
  176. Is the Wii version different?
  177. taking a picture
  178. Missing Swan Diver Achievement?
  179. PC crashing when saving
  180. TRU instiallation problems for Vista
  181. slow demo
  182. Clipping Problems
  183. TRU Demo????Direct3D error! Help?
  184. I keep crashing to desktop on PC. Aggrevating.
  185. TRU doesn't start - System freeze
  186. Big problem. Eyes, hair, fire and smoke
  187. Anisotropic Filtering, DOES NOT WORK.. Pictures & Videos inside! FIX THIS EIDOS!!!
  188. More Wii trouble
  189. vista, programm stops ??
  190. Corrupted Textures
  191. Weird Mirroring effect with AA turned on
  192. Trophies for TRU for PS3????
  193. Graphics glitch / flashing lines
  194. Mexico ramp problems?
  195. Please help me:( Cant Load Save Games
  196. tombraider underworld
  197. Tomb Raider UnderWorld PS3 Southern Mexico Help
  198. please respond-will TRU work?
  199. No Textures Loading
  200. Severe graphical corruption/missing models
  201. Out of time help
  202. The game is lagging
  203. Crashing in the same spot(Mexico)
  204. tru perfect with nvidia 7300
  205. Demo Modding help??
  206. Camera (PS3)
  207. Serious Issue with TRU
  208. underworld problem!!
  209. Known Technical Issues and Solutions - [Please read before posting about your issue!]
  210. Hello can anyone help me!!
  211. Fps On Underworld
  212. revisit location PDA option unavailable after in treasure hunt.
  213. No intro music playing in menu
  214. Tomb Raider Underworld Bike Glitch
  215. TRU crashes in the burning house
  216. Stuck in southern Mexico
  217. Saved games RANT
  218. Refund anyone?
  219. Failed to initialise Direct3D with these settings
  220. Extras
  221. Can someone from EIDOS answer this???
  222. Wii freezing when loading Jan Mayen
  223. When will the patch be released?
  224. Lost items (Jaguars Head) PS3
  225. Wii Gets The Short End Of The Stick . . . Again.
  226. Help Me Pretty Please
  227. Philips SGC2909BB controller no vibration!
  228. Need help setting controls for Philips SGC2909 BB/27 gamepad controller
  229. Failed to Initialize Direct 3D with Current Settings
  230. PC-Patch released!
  231. PC-Patch 1.1 didn't work for me... What about anyone else???
  232. Framerate stuttering
  233. Not happy with patch 1.1
  234. (ALL) Ok peeps, lets redirect our energy to Nvidia
  235. How do you patch an Eidos downloaded Underworld?
  236. CRASH repeated incident
  237. stuck in thailand ds game
  238. Tomb Raider: Underworld, 1.1 Steam Patch ?
  239. Crash on first Cut-Scene (Always)
  240. TRU no sound (not crashing or lagging issue)
  241. Flashlight problem
  242. Help Me Please!!!!!
  243. PS3: Shiva gem -bug in Thailand
  244. What Gamepad for PC ?
  245. Smooth Cinematics Wanted
  246. Underworld Problem (PC)
  247. PS3 i can't pull the dang lever
  248. The bike fell down the spike hole!
  249. bug at Land of the death?
  250. ATI and shadows